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  1. AbbyBreeder

    Fx Male Rp Ideas. Sex robot/android, Pokemon, and Daddy & Daughter

    I’ve got a couple rp ideas I’d like to play out. If multiple interested you and you’d like to combine them in some way, I’m down to hear it out. Sexbot: the basic idea to this one is that I’m an android you ordered that is fully customizable. All physical and personality traits can be changed...
  2. Mr. Vyce

    Mx Female A Wild Request For a Pokemon Line Appears!

    All characters must be played/aged up to 21 years old if they are not already older. I also like to alter the setting so a trainer has to be at least 18 years old before beginning their journey. CURRENTLY: Open (1-2 slots available) Hey there! As ever, I'm looking to do a Pokémon RP or two...
  3. Sunset Drifter

    Mx Female Trainer x Gijinka roleplaying!

    If anyone is interested in some pokemon gijinka x trainer roleplay I have a few ideas. A magikarp or feebas gijinka x her trainer- mc is a kind trainer who had been given a magikarp or feebas, YC, and is being made fun of for it. Could have the drama or tension of what it's like as travel...
  4. Blazorna

    NBx Female The Futa Gym Leaders (Pokemon longterm)

    There's a region that is kept quiet, known to only the adults. The gym challenge there is one where only women are allowed to participate, but there's a catch. If they lose anywhere, they're to be ravaged, whether it's by wild Pokemon or the victor of a battle. Though repeatedly losing (Five...
  5. Karasuhime

    Monster Girl-based Pokemon-esque RP or just Pokemon RP?

    Eh, got a few ideas up my mind, but beforehand, I wanna clarify stuff. All player characters will be 15 years old and above. Non-consensual sex can occur (though this will be integrated in the character application, so you can say whether you want your character to be at risk of such or if you...
  6. Kinky_Kitty

    Fx Any 27F Seeking longterm Pokemon adventure roleplay

    Message me to discuss :) I would like to play as a trainer, and you can play my pokemon and the other people or pokemon we come across on our journey. No humanized pokemon, only their actual forms. Would prefer to play with someone around my age.
  7. AbbyBreeder

    Fx Male Rp Ideas. Sex robot/android, Pokemon, and Daddy&Daughter

    I’ve got a couple rp ideas I’d like to play out. Sexbot: the basic idea to this one is that I’m an android you ordered that is fully customizable. All physical and personality traits can be changed by a simple voice command. Something like, “android, make your hair red and increase the length...
  8. Blazorna

    Mx Female Lustdawn Region (Pokemon)

    I have set up the region, but what happens is to be discussed. Want me to be one of the Gym Leaders who travels with yours? Or the opposite, and your character becomes a willing slave? (I'm dominant, fyi) What about a Former Grunt of a team that wants to accomplish their own goal? Or will it...
  9. AshleyTheNarwhal

    Pokemon: Galar Reigon

    I've been playing Pokemon Sword and was wanting to gauge interest in an open-world Galar region rp? I'm not gonna put a ton of work into making a thread unless people are into it!
  10. H

    Team Skull Grunt Craving

    A little specific but I'm looking for someone to plat a female Team Skull grunt. We can discuss who I would play in this RP. Another grunt? The current Chapainon? Random bystander? Pokemon? All these possibilities and more! I'm also open to other pokemon scenarios as well. All I ask of you is...
  11. wolfsujiyama

    Dimensional Heroes(Character Creation)(NSFW)(Private)

    This is a private roleplay, only those I have invited are allowed. Must be able to write long posts at least the number of lines required in the Rules or a paragraph or more. Story In the city of Ikanburo the people lives their lives normally, but things aren't always as they seem within this...
  12. lesbianlovebunny

    Fx Female Inexperienced lesbian

    It's been a while since I've RPed, let alone ERPed, so please bare with me! My name is [name withheld], you can call me Cynthia; she/her, 22, living in the US. I get bored and horny. A lot. And I love writing, although it's been quite a while since I've actually written...well, anything. I'd...
  13. OpenHentai

    Fx Female Long Time No See

    Hello ladies, It’s been a long while, but I’ve felt the urge to come pack for some steam, sexy roleplays. My name is May, a full-time worker, wife, and mother of two baby girls. So why the fuck have I decided to come back? Simple, a love of steamy wordplay. Call it a fun hobby or escapism, it’s...
  14. VixenEvermore

    Pokemon Au (MxM, FxM, FxF, FxFu, FuxM all are welcome, anthro and or not, trainers or pokemon)

    Rules and things: 1.) No god-modding or Mary Sues 2.) Not a fan of purely smut rps, I like 50/50-60/40 smut/plot ratio 3.) No one-liners (I love a minimum of 3-4 sentences or a paragraph per posted reply) 4.) Not a fan of roleplaying in threads, so pms are my go to. 5.) I won't use premade...
  15. SnakeOfSeduction

    Fx Any Snakes Nest of Ideas

    Heya! My name is SnakeOfSeduction, but Snake is fine :) I've been roleplaying for too long to count now, but my estimate would be 6 or 7 years in total. Lengthwise, I tend to mimic the length of my partners posts, though I never dip below a paragraph, and I would prefer that any partner does the...
  16. VixenEvermore

    Vampire, Werewolves, Beasts, and Dragons.... Let's rp. (MxF, MxM, or FxF)

    Rules and things: 1.) No god-modding or Mary Sues 2.) Not a fan of purely smut rps, I like 50/50-60/40 smut/plot ratio 3.) No one-liners (I love a minimum of 3-4 sentences or a paragraph per posted reply) 4.) Not a fan of roleplaying in threads, so pms are my go to. 5.) I won't use premade...
  17. Zeth

    She Betted Her Ass. (Princess Kaylin x Zeth)

    After a fierce trainer battle n the woods, DEREK STEEL stood the victor. He was a rising trainer who had met Jennifer on the road to Vermilion city. But after the fight it turns out this cute girl trainer had no money to pay for her loss. Well this was Awkward. "So you have no money? How are you...
  18. Zeth

    Mx Any Pokemon Themed Oneshot: Bet your ass!

    In pokemon when trainers battle the loser pays the winner some money. There exists a hentai scenario where the girl trainer loses to a guy trainer, has no money, so she pays him with sex. Sometimes t the end it i reveled she took a dive because he liked the guy. I am looking to play that. The...
  19. PhilRP

    (Futa only!) Dawn X Delia X May car commercial fetish

    You are Dawn as a muscular dark blue car called White Tiger 2019 and you will also be my mother Delia as my model for posing around the car while I am going to be May as your daughter and car dealer at the same time. I only accept role playing on private messages and not on public forum.
  20. Sunset Drifter

    Guardian's Journey

    Legend of the Guardian's Journey Centuries ago, Humans and Gijinka lived in separate worlds. War broke out between the races leaving nothing but bloodshed and tears in their wake. Deciding she had enough, a Human woman ventured out to stop the war. Along the way she encountered Gijinka that...
  21. Sunset Drifter

    Guardian's Journey ~ Character Profiles (All spots filled!)

    The Character profiles for the upcoming Pokemon Gijinka & Human Trainer roleplay. Three slots have been filled so far, so there are still three more slots open for the full six (female only since this is slight harem themed), party. Name: Age: (18 or older) Gender: Personality: Appearance...
  22. Shrimp Deity

    Mx M or F (Pokémon) Zoroark Looking For Long-Term RP Over Discord or F-List

    Note: I know this is already a thread, however for some reason that I don’t know I could not bump (aka reply to) said threat or otherwise edit it in any way, shape, or form. Sorry ‘bout that. My F-List Page is where you can find all of the information for the character, my interests, etc. Zach...
  23. cdra

    NBx Any Craving monsters and more... (scene-by-scene, flexible roles, porn with plot)

    Hi there... I'm Cdra and I want to write characters getting railed by monsters and mindbroken and stuff. o`uo Style stuff about me! I am currently looking to plot one scene at a time, not a whole story. It may take me a bit of time to complete just one scene between my job and my mental...
  24. baeleaf

    Adventures of a Novice and a Myth | [ Kɪᴛᴇ & Bᴀᴇ ]

    The bushes and trees of the Eterna Forest were rustled by many Pokémon who inhabited the lush greenery, but certainly none like her. Baeleaf had no recollection of how long she had been wandering the forest for— or even how she got there in the first place— but the odd, feminine shaped humanoid...
  25. LR-Studios

    Pokémorph: Hunters vs. Outlaws (Interest Check)[CANCELLED]

    Idea: So, here's how this will work out, this is where you can play as the Hunters, the Bystanders, or the Outlaws. It will take places in a world similar to ours, but it is inhabited only by Pokémorphs (or anthropomorphic Pokémon). Hunters: They serve as an obstacle for the Outlaws, as they...
  26. Azecreth

    Pokemon Research [Azecreth & Rosina]

    It was a sunny day, the perfect time for one to begin their Pokemon adventure. Many would set out with starry eyes and a Pokemon at their side, eager to challenge the many gym leaders and collect the badges that would mark them as experienced veterans of the Indigo League. A few would be...
  27. Karasuhime

    Pokemon Roleplay (Fantasy/Older Setting as opposed to Modern?)

    So basically, the premise of the roleplay is that it's a Pokemon Roleplay that takes place in a setting with low technology levels. The setting has more similarities to a Fantasy RPG than standard Pokemon. There will be 6 different playable legions. The Sky Clan, specialising in Pokemon that...
  28. wolfsujiyama

    Pogimon Heroes - Akota Region(Roleplay)(NSFW)

    I've have decided we will no longer be looking for other people to join the roleplay. The link to the character creation is below. Pogimon Heroes Ikori Village Trainers Buildings Roads North - Rout One - Linsor Fields __________________________________________________________ Kiki woke up...
  29. wolfsujiyama

    Pogimon Heroes(Character Creation)(NSFW)

    Pogimon Heroes is a group rp that has both Pokemon and Digimon within a story roleplay, i no longer need any more people. Rules and other things will be located Below. Story Pokemon and Humans have always lived together for as long as they could remember, but no-one knows very much about them...
  30. Lemon Lime Light

    Mx M or F The Things I Wish From My Favorite Games (New Content)

    I really love playing with video game characters, or just established characters in general. I guess the reason being that I know these characters and already have a connection with them, and thus find it more fun to play as them. So here are a couple of scenarios I made for those who would also...
  31. Rosina

    Fx Any Non-Con Impregnation Adventure (LF Narrator/GM) [NSFW]

    Hello everyone! My name is Rosina. What am I looking for? I am looking for someone to play as the narrator (GM) in an adventure style rp where MC (my character) faces a variety of beasts, monsters or people that try to rape, coerce, or seduce her. In this world human females (or just MC...
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