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  1. PoisonLips

    Fx Female Kiss my lips and pick your poison(Gentle Femdom)[NSFW]

    Closed for now
  2. xCourtofDreamersx

    Fx M or F Scenarios and RP Ideas

    Hello Everyone! I want to do some more RP's on here and want to explore what others would think of the scenarios and ideas that I have made along with Roleplay Forms that I have spent hours and days even weeks on. Of course, I have rules that I go by when I am looking for a partner that is...
  3. havense

    Fx Male Domme LF Sub Male [Sadism / Humiliation]

    .... smutty scenes! And plot is good, but more smut is more fun! After all, who's here not for the smut? To roleplay with me, I'll require to include min. one of the three kinks listed below in the roleplay. Otherwise, I'll be too uninterested in a span of a few days. We're here to have fun...
  4. Dr. Pox

    Dead Heart: DigitalSiren X Pox

    How long has it been? Three years? Four? It probably doesn't matter. The World ended. No more. No less. Everyone that cared as to how and why is long dead. It's not something you could fix. It was just that one new fact of life became the norm. If you died by anything other than a...
  5. Eido

    GURPS 4e Campaign (New Player Friendly!)

    Looking for some people to do 1 on 1 campaign to get more acquinted with the system as a GM. I am more than fine with teaching the system to the people who don't know much about it, although it would be fair to say it can be a little complex because of the variety of choices you are given! For...
  6. Venfer

    Fx Male Switching It Up (consensual, switches, enemies to lovers, hatefucking, and more)

    Hello everyone, I find myself craving an adult story with (preferably) elements of romance, something with the smut coming (not far) behind the plot itself. If you're looking for very heavy violence/gore/pure smut/dub or nonconsensual, this will not be to your taste. Below you can find some...
  7. Catalyst

    High Profile (ShadowOfDesire and Catalyst)

    Vrrt vrrt. Vrrt vrrt. One bright gray eye opened lazily, as he tilted his head toward his side, glaring at the little black flip-phone with an immediate and intense urge to chuck it with all of his might right off of this 52nd story balcony. His right arm emerged from the hot, bubbling waters...
  8. L

    Fx Female Lume's Ideas and cravings(NSFW)

  9. amaya

    Fx Male ღ Amaya's General Request Thread. ღ﹝Please! Do not click! ﹞

    Hello! ^_^ I'm Amaya. ﹝For those who are confused, No, it's not my real name.﹞ I hope you landed safely. Welcome to my General Craving Thread. Don't let the artwork confuse you. I have added in this thread I variety of ideas and pairs and I am adding more soon. So, this girl ﹝I mean me 😁﹞ is...
  10. runningwild

    Fx Any i really just want to write something smutty. { nsfw }

    preferences: ♡ read the whole thread! i'll know if you haven't. ♡ ♡ our characters are our characters, not me & you. third person only. ♡ ♡ at least one paragraph of quality writing. spell check is your friend. ♡ ♡ i actually really love shorter replies right now. (not required, though.) ♡ ♡ i'm...
  11. GuiltyTiffany

    Fx M or NB Tiffy's Request Thread (Innocent & Uppity Girl) [Temporarily Closed]

    Hello!! This section is under construction 90% complete and I will be adding any new ideas that come to mind. Consider what you read below as a really rough near-final draft!! Very Important Note!!! If I don't reply to your PM in a day or two, I may have a forgotten about it because ... LIFE...
  12. TheBandit

    Mx Female TheBandit's search (NSFW)

    Closed for now
  13. GirlOfTheMoment

    Fx M or F Julia is a Genius!

    Third Person | Modern Realism | Private RP Julia Marano Sex: Female Age: 21 Species: Human Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Height: 5' 3" (160 cm) Weight: 113 lbs (52 kg) Cup Size: 32 B Location: Boston, MA Occupation: Doctoral Student Orientation: Bicurious Relationship: Single Early Years...
  14. crony

    Fx Female Looking for long-term stories

    Hello. I’m Crony. Thank you for stopping by my thread. I am always searching for active and long-term partners. I’ve been roleplaying for five years but writing for many many more. I am back and looking for co-writers who write F x F pairings. Having constant long pauses between replies kills...
  15. jenniferjones

    Fx Male >>Seeking Long Term RP partners >> Calling All Genre's

    Hey You. Thanks for clicking my thread link. Sit down, take your shoes off, beverages are in the fridge. About Me: I like to write. I am not a writer per se but I love spinning and weaving tales. I am looking to find a long term writing partner/collaborator to craft stories with. Typically I...
  16. Yurina

    Fx Male Rawr! >:3 RP?

    ◆ Good day to everyone who dropped by! :3 ◆ ◆ I'm Yurina ◆ ◆ I stay in Malaysia and English is my 2nd language ◆ ◆ I am a literate to semi literate kind of roleplayer ◆ ◆ BOLD is what character I play ◆ ◆ Strike is a plot I sadly do not want to RP at the moment ◆ ◆ RED TITLES are what I'm...
  17. Thedawn

    Underworld: The other World

    I would like to rp underworld or a underworld themed rp I just really like modern day werewolf's vs vampires just don't pull shit about not wanting to rp a werewolf or vampire I mean you can rp a human as long as your rping one of them my only limit is bathroom stuff
  18. AmeliaRP

    Fx Male Modern Mixture often compromising situations (F/F F/MM and FF/MM welcome too) NSFW warning

    Latest ideas later in post Do most genre but at the moment feel like doing more of a slice of life with a bit of realism. So many scenarios and story lines to delve into and experience situations otherwise never ever likely to. Love putting myself in the mind of different characters out of...
  19. Dommet

    Mx Female Detailed plots inside! - Romance - BDSM - Story Driven - Modern - Medieval - Fantasy - and more! (UPDATED! - July 24th)

    Hello! I am Dommet! Welcome to my thread! I am looking for a (hopefully long term) roleplay partner. What I am seeking in terms of RP is to explore the intricacies and delicacies of power exchange both in and out of the bedroom. I like the story to have an interesting ratio between smut and...
  20. NightmareSam

    Fx M or F A Year Later

    A year later after two friends of Max's group of friends they decided to revisit the cabin where they were last seen. Secrets are uncovered and true feelings are revealed. -Character Sheet- Name: Maxyne (Max) Payten Trueheart *Nicknames- Max (everyone), Maxi* (HATES being called Maxyne) Age...
  21. NightmareSam

    Fx Female First Impression, First Love *Sub Girl Needed*

    You would think being one of the most popular girls in the school you would assume that she wouldn't need to resort to online dating... Think again. Due to several warnings [Your Character] ignores them all even when her 'enemy' warns her. Despite the warnings she goes to meet the man behind the...
  22. NightmareSam

    Life is Strange: AFTER the Storm *Sub Max Needed* :)

    As it is probably obvious I am a fan of Life is Strange. More specifically Chloe so it is natural I would need a Max. -Plot- Since I am aware the second second season doesn't have the original cast I wanna make my own sequel for Max and Chloe's romance and life after the terrible storm that...
  23. NightmareSam

    Fx M or F Feral Sin MxF/FxF *Sub Girl needed for FxF

    Rival wolf packs are common among the werewolf cultures however two packs take it to the extremes. Two leaders (soon to be) are expected to hate each other's guts however it is proven to be quite the opposite the moment they actually are destined for one another... Will their intense bond bring...
  24. NightmareSam

    Fx M or F Forever Bonded MxF/FxF *Sub needed for FxF!*

    A tragic event had effected Max and her group of friends when their best friend Lia takes her own life on the university roof. Neither of them expects the bizzare events that take place after the messy suicide. Max and [Your Character] are probably effected due to the fact that they attempted to...
  25. Bryce

    Mx Male Seductive Blackmail MxM *Sub Needed*

    They have a frienemy like relationship. But what happens when they are forced to become roommates due to some problems. Will they learn about their true feelings or will Jace tell people about his new roommates secret life of cross dressing? -Character Sheet- Name: Jace Elijah Blue Age: 23...
  26. Christine

    Fx Male Too smutty Requests (Furry M x Human F)

    Hey everyone! This is Christine! Finally, back, I'm going to make my permanent RP request 'call'! Please take your time and read it below. And let's try not to ask me things that I have already listed below. PM me if you have questions/concerns or are interested in RP! My F-list. Basic...
  27. Nymphadora

    Fx M or F Slow but Steady Writer- Dark and Twisty

    I have this brewing idea that I am starting to really crave. It will need some discussion and development with a creative partner. Quite a dark and trigger laden concept involving abuse and strict control. A long-term story written either in the forums, PM or Google Docs. For now, I will...
  28. Christine

    Fx Male Enter on your own risk ^,...,^ (Human F x Furry M) Pairs ~ Plots

    Few fast notes (before i set some pairs or plots, right.) About the RP, written in 3rd person, one small paragraph or more (depends what its given to me to work with), no spell or grammar mistakes , and I prefer pms. But if the roleplay is long-term thread works as well. Now my dislikes, scat...
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