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Westbrook OOC

@Frozen Princess before I forget, can you write in your reply that Erin hears thumping coming from behind her, from the trunk behind the passenger seats? Since Schro had lied to her and Captain Fizpatrick's face about letting the hostages go: the gang had taken the original owner of the vehicle hostage too, bound him up and stuffed him in the trunk.

That way Schro figured they would have more leverage in order to get away from law enforcement and stuff.
I can add that, but she can't voice the observation to her captain. It's only something she can confront Schro with, later.

Edited as third paragraph, last section.
I'm getting stoked to find out in what manner the Powers that Be will try to fetter Amaya in order to have easy access to her... maybe she should include an ancient venetian-elective type lottery to determine who gets healed in the hospital and such.
I had an idea, in that Schro's power goes haywire when he has nightmares due to stress and people who are responsible for said stress, if his subconscious blames them for the stress, they will experience super weird trips in their cognition, until the nightmare ends. Something like... Come a Little Closer.
It would be connected to his subconscious, not something he has control over and be completely dependent on how much stress he's in at any one time. So, practically, if he is stressed out because a random mugger shanked him and is drifting in and out of consciousness, sleeping and recovering from the wound, said random mugger would get a really bad trip if any nightmares featured him in Schro's mind.
Hmm, I'm usually pretty naughty to my own characters sometimes, and since Windy is willing to do just about anything to get back in the Captain's good graces, like go after Schro and the others.... If she stresses him out by going after him as a big pink tornado (which she's already proven she's capable of)...? Would that mean she'd go on a wild stress infused Schro trip? I'm planning on answering tomorrow and was about to until you said that.... Why I'm rethinking... And since we've already established south-central Iowa, a tornado isn't out of the realm of possibilities... It'd just be pink because she doesn't have her new suit. Shouldn't mess her suit up if she keeps her wind speeds under 200-225mph (Indycar speed)
If Windy ran around Schro, as a speedster might do, then he would yell at her and subsequently blind and deafen her, by way of an illusory something sitting on her shoulder and holding its hands over her eyes, while a disembodied voice from all around screams as loud as an ambulance siren's wail directly four feet from her. She would not be able to see or hear until she knocked Schro unconscious or killed him- I don't know about you, but running while blind and deaf is not a great proposition, it is arguably worse than running with knives or scissors.

If he was knocked unconscious by Windy, then he wouldn't dream for a bit, but eventually, yes, she might have a Cage the Elephant-like trip if and when he dreams.
I'm also trying to think of a name for the farming community where Blair grew up (because that's where they are headed. Blair wants to get revenge on their family as well as on Erin.
The only ones I can think of have already been done to death, and my classic wouldn't work in today's world, "Hooterville" from Petticoat Junction (1963-70)
Farmer's Creek even sounds like it belongs somewhere in the Midwest. I actually like it. Windy could prove she's a native of Westbrook (Iowa) by name dropping it once she learns the direction the car went, stating it's the only actual town south between Westbrook and the state border.
Wait. I just realised that you don't really have villages over there the way we have here. We were talking abut the same thing right from the start, I think.
I am curious where you both would like the Bank robbery to go: I am game for either option of Blair and Schro escaping with the hostage(s) and for someone or something stopping the getaway and things happening from there.

Schro will have to drop concentration on two of the perspectives he was watching and listening over, to concentrate on driving and things could happen- and he is only human. And we all know how vulnerable humans are to traffic accidents, which is the leading cause of death in our modern world.
My idea with Blair guiding Schro to his family's farm is for him to exact revenge on them as well as on Erin and possibly also the commissioner if they can get him to come down to Farmer's Creek under threat of killing Erin.

Not sure if and when Ginger intends to drop a car on them though. It wouldn't be advisable to do so with Erin in the car, or Schro for that matter as he doesn't have metallic skin like Blair does. It could be a real mess with the authorities, the public and the press if the first action of the team of metahumans is to kill a detective held hostage by two bank robbers. Especially not when you consider that they are actually operating with consent from Captain Fitzpatrick.
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