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To tame a Spider (for Kara Zor-El Kent)

Victor was sort of shocked by the hug but returned in. " I can see where Mary and Mae come from, but I guess I think slightly different," he said as he looked down into Peter's brown eyes. " I just need you to come back to me," he said moving down and giving Peter a soft kiss. He pulled back and smiled a bit,' let's enjoy this breakfast and get onto our work. We will make sure that make some time to explore this new romance," he said winking at him as he walked back to the table and sat down.
Peter looked down and sighed a bit. He then heard him and smiled happily. He then looked surprised as he kissed him but kissed back. He then looked at him. "I will always come back. I promise." He said quietly. He then nodded. "Sounds good. Only big thing I need from my apartment is my police scanner. Oh..and clothes." He then blushed brightly and smiled. "Never in a long time did I think I would be dating my role model." He said softly and sat the food out. He looked at his food thoughtfully and sighed. "I am glad to have you." He kissed him and closed his eyes smiling as he did so. "I have not eaten breakfast in a long time.." He widened his eyes. "Oh uh..I might need help with my college work. I am behind." He rubbed his arm embarressed.
" I can help you in most subjects,' Victor said smiling as he was glad to eat. After a few bites, he smiled at Peter," This is really good. Maybe I will have to keep you at times just so you can make wonderful meals," he said grinning as that was a fun little idea. For years he had had to keep his wild thoughts and plans locked away while he put himself through medical school. Even during his adult time, he still had to keep those ideas locked away since he couldn't find the right person. " Let's finish this meal as it's really good," Victor said quickly finishing it up and sighing happily. " Peter...where did you learn how to cook," he said getting up and taking the dirty plates to the sink.
Peter looked at Victor and smiled. "Thank you. I hate to ask for help but...well certain circumstances are inhibiting me to get a lot of it done." He blushed a bit. He then listened to him and that blush brightened up. "Thank you. I am glad you like it." He then chuckled softly. "You could if you wanted to. I would just need to get out to help people." He then nodded. "I will be sure to make it a lot since you like it." He smiled. He began to eat and finished it. As Victor asked him about how he learned how to cook he smiled. "I just try my best. I used to cook for MJ. Learned how to in high school. But besides Mary Jane. You are the only one I have cooked for." He said smiling while looking at his hands thoughtfully.
" I am honored to be that second person. I hope we can try some cooking together," he said. Victor knew Peter's role as SPiderman would make things difficult, but he wondered if being with him might change a few things. Once the dishes were cleaned up and drying in the rack he looked over to Peter," Let's get our notes out and start to work. We can do this for a few hours and see where we are at," he said hoping to make some progress. He really hoped Peter would have some fresh ideas to make this project the success he hoped it to be. Victor pulled out the notes he had been working out, things from a few years back were handed to Peter. (we can let Peter find some key points to make the project work)
Peter smiled at him gently and chewed his lip. He walked over to Victor and kisses his cheek. "We definitely will." He smiled at him. "I am glad you are a very kind and understanding person Victor." He said softly. "I know me being Spiderman will make things hard. But I can't stop being him. He is as much me as I am him. I enjoy saving people and I am glad you understand that." He said softly kissing him. He then smiled. "But science is also a big part of me. So let us get on to this project." He looked thoughtful. "One of the ideas I have is it makes cigarettes taste horrible. Another is one I am not much into. Which is it shocks them a bit. Not enough to harm them though."
" That would not be such a bad idea, but we would have to get the cigarettes makers to add something new to the cigarettes themselves for the idea to work. I am sure they would like to lose the business they spent years creating," he said. " Tell about your other ideas?" he asked.
" I was thinking about some type of pill or something that would help with the person's mental resolve. It sounds rather complex and I know it's a super long shot. Many want to kick the habit, but they need that little extra boost. It would work on drinkers as well, the human brain is so complex and I have been working on another doctor dealing with the brain and the neurons," he said seeing if this would spark more interest with Peter.
Peter looks at him and blushes as he heard him. A smile appearing on his face. He walls over to him and lays his chin on Victor's shoulder as he listens to him. He chews his lip looking thoughtful. "They definitely wouldn't. They only care about money. It is why they keep nicotine and other addictive substances in cigarettes." He sighed softly. "It's why they make over a million dollars." He runs his hamd through his semi long messy hair.
He then listened to him and furrowed his brows. "That definitely would work. Give it a nice flavor so they will not regret it. A catchy name." He said looking thoughtful. "Maybe it could be some kind of chocolate bar for smokers and drinkers. A lot of people love chocolate." He smiled at him.
" That is very true. We can break down the formula for nicotine, maybe there is some chemical we can use to help our cause," he said as he liked the feeling of Peter's chin on his shoulder. He carefully turned his head and gave the side of his mouth a small kiss before going back to his papers. He raised his head and turned himself around a bit and pulled Peter into his lap, kissing him again. He made sure that Peter could pull away any time he wanted to, but if he didn't show any signs of resistance he went back to kissing the man. He was not fully sure what took over but he had something built up for years.
Peter smiled as he spoke. "I do think that would work. I bet there is something we could find." He saud softly and cheerfully. He looked a bit surprised as he felt Victor's lips on his mouth. He blushed a bit. He then gasped as he pulled him down and kissed him. He smiled and gently cupped Victor's cheek kissing him back. His fingers moved into his hair as he kissed him back. He pulled back a bit breathless and looked into Victor's eyes smiling even more. "This is nice." He whispered softly to him and blushed more. He then looked thoughtful. "I will definitely have to protect you now." He said softly before kissing him again.
Victor smiled as he did like the idea of having his own personal bodyguard, he wondered if he could have some fun with Peter in his suit at times. He kissed some more and felt himself 'rise' to the occasion, but he pulled back slightly. " Peter...we should really get to work," he said as his eyes said something totally different. "Tonight, before you head out for your city rounds...we can go on a real date. See where that takes us," he said as he had not been on a date in a long time and was a real romantic at heart. He ran his fingers over Peter's bare chest and touched his nipples to see his reaction, exploring the hard body in front of him.
Peter looked at Victor and smiled softly. The young hero's cheeks were a deep red. He then felt him kissing him and moaned into the kiss. His eyes closing as he kissed him back. He looked at Victor as he spoke. His eyes halfway open as he blushed. He then smiled brightly and kissed his cheek. "Sounds good to me." He said happily. He then gasped as he touched his nipples. If Victor looked down he would see a rise between Peter's legs as he breathed shakily. He leaned back as he let Victor explore his body even more. Victor would be able to feel a bunch of raised bumps as his scars glistened as the light hit them. The huge claw marks puffed out and moved as Peter shivered while smiling.
Victor smiled when he looked down. " I see you can fill a pair of pants rather nicely. I bet that suit makes those muscles look even better," he said going in for another kiss but this was longer. Victor pulled Peter closer to his body, just enjoying the warm body against his own. He pulled back, feeling the scar. " You are a brave warrior Spider,' he said whispering softly into his ear. " We...I need to take a cold shower," he said carefully getting Peter out of his lap and rushing off to the bathroom. He jumped into the shower and gasped as the cold water hit his skin, it did help with the urge to drag Peter into the bathroom. He should have known all his hormones would come rushing back at once. Once he was down he moved to his bedroom and changed, stepping out into some normal clothes," Sorry Peter. We are men of science and we should get to this project. Tonight will be our reward,' he said smiling but still blushing under his glasses. ( I think their both cute blushing)
Peter smiled at him and laid his head on his shoulder breathing shakily. He then looked surprised as he pulled him closer. He breathed shakily as he laid his head on him. He smiled as he heard him and looked into his eyes. "I got that when I was 17." He said softly. He then heard him and looked surprised when he said he needed to shower. He quickly got off of him and looked around as if he was surprised they were still in the kitchen. He followed him looking worried. "S-sorry Victor. I should not have gotten carried away. And agreed. Science comes first." He rubbed his neck and blushed before rubbing his face. "My clothes are at my apartment. Besides my spiderman suit. Which is a bit...ripe. I need to wash it." He looked embarressed. "Again I am so sorry." He rubbed his arm.

( They are. :) )
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Victor looked at Peter and nodded to him," I can drive you back to your apartment and you can grab your things. While we are out, we might as well go shopping and stock up on things for the kitchen. If you need clothes or anything, let me know," he said as he might as well have Peter move in right now. The project will be waiting for them. " Follow me, Peter. You can use some of my clothes for the moment,' he said as he didn't mind. He opened the door and inside was a full-sized bed, a rather simple room. It was rather clean and on the dresser were some family photos, Victor came from a rather large family and had many nieces and newphes. " These might work for you, he said pulling out some sweat pants and a t-shirt," Come out when you're done," he said letting Peter change in peace.
Peter looked at Victor and smiled at him a bit. "You have been so kind to me." He kissed him with a huge smile on his face. "I need to do something for you sometime. Maybe pay for a movie. Whatever you want. " He then smiled a bit. "Are you sure you want to? I don't want you to spend so much money on me." He smiled at him and followed him. He looked at the bed and touched the bed. "It is nice." He smiled at him. He then looked at the pictures and widened his eyes. "You have a big family." He said softly then saw his clothes and smiled. "Thank you." He watched him leave and got dressed before going outside and looked at Victor blushing. "Does it look nice?" He asked softly and held his hand rubbing his hand.
" I think you look rather cute, well the blush gives you that cute look,' Victor said smiling as he couldn't believe that Peter was already divorced once. The man seemed to have some innocence about him. " For the family....yes. My family is big. My mom and dad are rather active and there are 6 of us. I am one of the older ones. Holidays are rather huge and I normally end up going to one of my brother's houses. It's still rather fun and the younger ones still try to set me up," he said laughing as it would be a shock to see him walk in with Peter if they get that far. He waited for Peter to join him at the door and soon they left," Let's worry about you for a little bit. You already have the wight of the city on your shoulders. Just let me help you and give you some small space to rest and mentally recharge,' he said as he made his way back to his car and drove off Peter's apartment.
Peter smiled at him as he called him cute and hid his face in his hands. He then looked at him and the picture and smiled brightly. "I would love to meet your family some day. They did very good with you." He looked at him. He then laughed a bit as he heard him. "How would they react to you dating Spider-Man?" He asked him softly. He rubbed his arm and looked curious while chewing his lip. "I appreciate it a lot." He said softly and followed him while looking around. "I can not believe I am going to be living here. It is such a nice place." He blushed happily.
" Well I am not about to tell them I am dating Spider-Man, I am just dating a handsome young man," he said as he would keep the secret for as long as he could. " I would not mind playing with the hero...once and a while thou," he said with a grin. It would be such a huge fantasy to have the webs-slinging hero in his bed...ass up. "It's a nice place for a couple just starting out, with us taking care of the bills it will be better,' he said as he drove to Peter's apartment so he could pack. " Ok... let's get into your place and pack. I hope the land lord will understand the need to move,' he said as he walked with Peter up the steps to the small apartment.
Peter smiled at him before moving close to him. He kissed his cheek softly and chewed his lip a bit. "Thank you." He said softly and blushed brightly. "I hope to meet them sometime." He then looked out. "We are almost there." He then heard him. "It looks great." He said softly. The building was grey with some broken windows. Inside the walls were slowly peeling. "Oh he won't mind. He has been wanting me to move out. I keep being behind on rent." He took him up the stairs to his apartment and opened the door which took a couple of pushes to open. He had a small bed that looked like something from prison and took up a whole wall. A sink took up another with a police scanner on it. And a closet took up half of another along with a window. He looked at Victor and blushed brightly. "Welcome to my abode." He chuckled nervously.
Victor looked around and his face really did say it all. He walked around and placed his hand on Peter's shoulder," The sooner we get you out of here, the better,' he said as he was glad that Peter didn't have many things. He walked to the police scanner," this how you keep your eye on the city," he said smiling. He helped Peter start to pack up the few things that he was told too and soon there was a knock on the door. It was the landlord who was, once again trying to collect rent. " Peter...where is your ass. Your rest is three months overdue," he called out banging on the door. Victor placed his hand on Peter's shoulder and walked to the door.

Victor opened the door and looked down on the fat and short pig who reeked of bad booze. " He will not be a problem of yours anymore. This place is nothing more than a rat hole and it's a crime to not have even basic things upkept. Just one phone call and I can have cops and all sort of inspectors to shut this place down," he said looking down on him. The man was a bit shocked to have anybody talk down to him and knew those facts rather well. He used fear to keep under his thumb. " Peter...get your things and get out. I will forget this debt,' he said turning around to fume about this jerk with the white hair and glass.
Peter looked at Victor and looked at him with a soft smile and kissed him softly on the cheek. He held him softly and cuddled him closing his eyes. He then heard him and looked at the scanner. He then nodded. "It is a good way to know what is happening. But when I saved you so long ago. I heard the shot and followed it.' He smiled at him. He then heard the voice and widened his eyes. "I do not have the money." He blushed worriedly.

He looked between the landlord and Victor and rubbed his arm looking nervous. Once he left he smiled softly and kissed him on the lips. "Thank you Victor." He looked down nervously. "I have lived here so long. Even with my marriage." He blushed. He then began to pack up and made sure to grab the police scanner.
" You...spent much time away from your wife," he said more than questioned. He could see why things fell apart between the two. Victor would try to remember how serious being SPiderman is and will always be to Peter, but he also had to put his foot down at times. He helped Peter with more of the packing and then placed a hand on his shoulder. " I know this is very important to you, but also remember I am here as well. I want this to work out but there are going to be times when you will have to make up your mind," Victor said trying to not sound like a total jerk but he would want some time alone with Peter. Once things were gathered he walked with Peter to drop off the key to the landlord and off they went to go shopping. " We mind as well stock up on supplies," he said with a smile.
Peter looked at him and looked away from Victor as he heard him. The young man grimaced as he heard him. He then hugged him tightly as he felt tears fill up his eyes. He then let him go. He rubbed his eyes and then smiled a bit. He then sighed. "I will try my best to be there for you. I hope you will not be ashamed to be my boyfriend." He said quietly.
He smiled as they finished up with his things. He walked out and looked at the apartment one last time before closing the door. He then smiled at him and went to him. "I will help. Do you like uh..spaghetti or do you want to eat out?"
"Spaghetti sounds great. We can get some meatballs and some garlic bread as well. Make is a nice meal...our first date,' he said smiling down at Peter. " If...there are times I can help you with a mission let me know? Even if it's having a nice hot bath or some warm oil to rub your shoulders down," he said as he was sure that would lead to other things. Victor walked around the market with Peter, seeing what the man would be interested in buying. " You pick out a few things. You did want to help split the costs," he said as he wanted to stock up on basic items so they could at least have simple meals together. " Do you get enough chances to eat...on your job?' he asked since they were in public.
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