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To tame a Spider (for Kara Zor-El Kent)


Nov 2, 2020
Victor looked over at his notes and smiled just a bit as the formulas were coming together nicely. The older doctor was creating some buzz around just such formulas, if this all worked out he was going to make such a huge dent into the lives of drug dealers. It would also help so many families that have been ripped apart by the plague of drugs. He was also no fool about if word got out too early that the drug lords and even their lackeys would come and destroy his work, maybe even kill him. Victor took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes," Damn...another 12 hour day. I should try and go home and sleep the security guards might end up buying me another coffee,' he said laughing to himself as he got up.

The man stood just over 6'3 and could have gone into modeling, but his heart was in science and helping others. He locked his notes up in a small safe and grabbed his bag," Let's get home," he said to himself as he walked out of his office, locking the door. He yawned a few times as he waved to one of the guards who smiled. Victor was walking to his car when he suddenly smelt smoke and heard the sounds of a gun clicking. " Shit.... it's not really wise to try and do something with cameras everywhere.

The masked gunman smirked from behind the mask as he aimed his gun. "You're not so dumb for a blonde,' he said laughing a bit and fired off a shot, but Victor was quick on his feet and dodged the bullet.
Peter Parker was a young scientist. He had now hit his 28 birthday. He had not been in much of a celebrating mood though. His wife that he had been married to for 2 years had left him for someone else. The reason behind the divorce was not an ordinary reason.

Peter was not just your ordinary run of the mill scientist. No. The young could stop a train with his body. He could shoot webs from his hands and heal faster than any normal human could or should be able to. Peter Parker was your friendly neighborhood spiderman. Which is why Mary Jane left him. She felt he cared more about New York then her. So she had packed up and left. Leaving the hero in a slump.

Peter was thinking about the young redhead when he heard the sound of gunfire. His head shot up amd he went swinging towards the noise landing between the scientist and gunman. He looked between them.

He looked at Victor and his eyes widened behind the mask. "Oh my gosh!" He said excitedly. "I have read so much of your work." He smiled before remembering what he was doing. He looked at the gunman and cracked his knuckles. "I believe that belongs to the police." He said pointing at the gun before running at him and swinging at his face.
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The gunman knew about Spiderman, hell the whole city did but he didn't expect the hero to come so quickly. " It took you a bit quicker than I expected, damn hero," he said as he looked back at Victor. " Um...thank you...but maybe we can talk later," Victor said as the hero sounded like more of a high school teen. While the hero was distracted the gunman tossed his gun to the side and laughed as he injected a liquid into his arm. " So you want ao fight? I have been wanting to try this new junk out,' he said laughing as his body started to glow a bit. His muscles started to grow and his height increased at least afoot.

" careful," he called out to the hero. Victor watched as the man grew, but had an idea of what was going on. "It's more than likely a serum to increase his physical power, but it has a side effect of brain decrease," he said.
Peter looked as the gunman threw his gun down. If he hadn't had his mask on confusion would have been seen on the young man face. He then watched as the man put a strange liquid into his arm. He widened his eyes as he saw the other's transformation.

He looked at Victor. "Go and hide. I will distract him. It is you he is after. I will call you when it is safe." He said and turned back towards the now transformed man. " ever met my body the Hulk? You two would hit it off. Let me check your math real quick. Do you still know two times two?" He said looking thoughtful.

He then began to shoot him in the face 4 times with his webbing before running at him and jumping on the gunman's shoulders. "Whoo whee you need a bath. You are taking too much testerones." He chuckled wrapping his arms around his neck.
Victor didn't have to be told twice about running to take cover, he was no fool. He hid behind some cars and looked out to see just how the hero fought, he heard that Spiderman was skilled in a few different ways. He watched him and was sort of surprised by the wise-cracking but it was catching the one guy off-guard. " Stop your wisecracking and fight me," he said was able to catch two of the webbing but the other two nailed him in the face. " Damn you," he said harshly as he tried to pull off the webbing as he felt the extra weight on his shoulders. " Shut your face web spitter,' he said pulled away quickly as he wanted to make the hero stumble. He was able to pull off the webbing and threw some at Spider to use that against him.
Peter smirked as he got him in the face. He then gasped as he felt him moving quickly causing him to wobble a bit till he stuck to him again. He chuckled. "I have stuff that helps me stick to you. There is a reason I am called Spiderman big guy. You will have to do better than that." He tried to make his arms go behind him panting a bit as he did so. The big guy had him exhausted from his movements. He was surprised by how agile he was. But the guy's level of intelligence did make him feel a bit cocky as he stayed on him.
The man grinned as he saw how the hero stumbled a bit. " Yes....Spiders are always fun to catch. Catch them and then stomp on them with afoot," he said laughing as he rushed in at Spiderman and took a quick left hook and fooled the hero, then quickly used his right and scored a hit into the jaw. " It might not be afoot but it still worked out," he said laughing as he kept rushing in and making the hero guess which moves he was going to use. This man was not chosen for just his muscle size; he did have some brains which did increase as well.
Peter listened to him as he spoke. He chuckled. "Good thing I can't fit under a shoe." He said with a smirk. He then gasped as he punched at him dodging till he got him in the jaw causing him to stumble back. He felt another hit and fell down grunting with each hit. He put his hand on the ground and threw his legs at the gunman to kick him in the chin. "You like that huh?" He said a bit breathlessly.
The gunmen fell on his butt and wiped some blood from his mouth, but grinned. "Its tastes rather good Spider. Is that all you have to offer," he said laughing as he got back onto his feet and started to rush back at the hero. Unlike most of the thugs that fought the hero, his one had watched some of the former fights and had an idea as to the moves. He would try to use that to really beat up the Spider before he slammed him into some of the walls. The gunman jumped up a few feet just as the hero tried to get away and grabbed onto his foot, throwing him off guard and slamming him into some cars. The laugh became a bit darker but so did the man's skin, which Victor noticed right away. " Spiderman, get away from him. He is having a worse reaction to that drug he took than was expected," he called out trying to rush over to Spiderman's side.
Peter grunted as he felt him rush him. He widened his eyes and cried out loud as he felt his body hit the wall. He felt his body slump a bit. He could definitely tell his ribs were bruised. He then cried out as he felt his body hit some cars. He noticed the laugh and tried to stand as Victor spoke. He stood for a second but instantly fell. He heard Victor coming closer and his eyes widened. "No get back." He said shooting a web at him trying to block him with his webbing to keep him safe. He then stood up and rushed at the gunman trying to get him out of the streets. "You will not be hurting this man!!" He said limping slightly.
Victor was trying to get close to the hero but his foot became tangled by the webbing he shot. " Spiderman...Don't worry too much about him anymore. That drug he injected was an early work. I know that result," he said as the gunman's body was started to die. Before the person would die there was a chance of going nuts and the body started to explode. The gunman was now showing signs of losing his mind as he started to attack the cars and just throwing them everywhere. He wasn't even worried too much about hitting the Spider.
' Spider...he might end up blowing up," Victor called out and show enough the fingers started to explode leaving a nasty mess. " Damn....those guesses were right in the notes," he said to himself as those have been stolen a while back and it scared him a bit to think somebody really did create his drug.
Peter heard him and watched the gunman. He grimaced a bit and caught the cars with his webbing before running away from the gunman. He fell beside Victor and grimaced from pain. "Damn. What is in that serum?" He said breathlessly shivering a bit from shock. He laid on the web grimacing with each breath he took. "There was no way to save him was there?" He groaned a bit looking at Victor wanting to save his conscience. He could feel his vision darkening and shook his head a bit.
" No...sadly there is not. I created the notes and the formula for this I guess," he said feeling his heartbreak a little bit. " I....if he dies before his other body parts explode he will be lucky," he said to Spiderman. He placed a hand on the hero's shoulder. " I am sure you have questions and others will as well. I can tell you more once we get out of here," he said not sure if the other was well enough to move. He took a harsh beating in the fight. Sure enough, soon other body parts started to explode but luckily the man died from blood loss before his head exploded. " Can you get a blood sample and take me to a lab?" he asked as he wanted to make sure this was a result of his stolen research.
Peter listened to him and looked down. "Well...I guess that is good." He said softly. He then looked at the scientist's hand as it went to his shoulder. He then smiled a bit and looked as he began to explodw feeling queasy as he watched. He then looked at him and nodded grabbing his ribs as he stood up. He grabbed a piece of clean glass and after making sure there was no one else's prints or any other form of DNA put some of the blood on the glass. He then walked towards Victor and released his foot leaning on Victor. "There you go."
" Thanks," he said sighing as he looked at the blood pooling. " Do I stay here and wait for the police or should I run off with you," he said as he was not sure what to really do. He was sure that cameras were everywhere and he would have to answer some tough questions. " I can't let others get a hold of the newest notes. I am close to help the body kick major drug habits," he said as he was not sure if the hero would really care about the scientific sense.
He listened to him and looked at him. "I will take you somewhere. You need your lab right?" He said softly standing up shakily. He then smiled brightly. "That is good. I know a scientist who would love to help in anyway he could. He is also a scientist. He could come over in a few minutes. He lives only a few minutes away." He said happily. "He really admires you too." He walked close to him and picked him up groaning before walking away. He then got ready to swing quickly.
" Another scientist? Can he be trusted? I have not had the best of luck with others trying to steal my work or take the claim for themselves,' Victor said as he could see the hero a bit more in the lights of the parking lot. He couldn't help but grin a bit as saw the muscles the hero had, he would not mind taking the suit off, shaking his head he tried to dismiss those ideas. " That would be great,' he said as he looked at the hero," Are you sure Spiderman? You have been badly hurt. You need to rest as well," he said showing growing concern.

While the hero and the doctor talked and started to move away, the video camera's were also being watched by somebody else. " So that experiment failed as well. It looks like the good doctor gets to live another day," said a figure in the shadows in a secret office that was in one of those older buildings.
Peter heard his question and tried to not sound offended. He cleared his throat. "Do not worry. He is very trustworthy. He is the ome who helps me out. He makes the webbing for me." He said softly. His voice slightly faltering with each movement he made. He did not nention it but he was in a great deal of pain and he could barely keep his eyes open.

He heard his question and was silent for a second. He then nodded lying. "I am fine. Nothing I can't handle." He said taking Victor to a different lab. One that was in a building that said Stark on it. He landed and fell against the wall panting a bit. "You can use my friends lab." He said softly.
Victor couldn't help but cling to Spiderman's body as they moved through the city. Glad to be back on his feet he looked around. " Oh...your friend also works for Mr. Stark," he said as he looked over to Spiderman. " Your such a bad lier,' he said as he pulled over a chair and half forced the hero to sit down. " I hope your friend has some medical supplies here," he said looking around to find just that. " Here we go," he said as he found the kit. "It's the least I can do for you. You did save my life," he said smiling as he moved closer to the hero. " might have to remove that shirt. I need to look at the wounds and clean them," he said ( Victor is a gentle dom. That is just what Peter needs)
Peter nodded at his question. "Yep. His name is Peter Parker. You can call him that if you want. He won't be mad." He heard him and smirked under the mask. "You don't have to worry about me." He said falling into the chair. He pulled his mask up a bit. Not enough to take off. Just enough to uncover his mouth so he could breathe. He heard him and nodded grabbing his costume and taking off the torso part of it showing Victor his muscular and scarred chest and sides that was already turning a deep shade of purple. There was some areas that were bleeding and some of his ribs could be seen poking out oddly. It was easy to tell every breath was agonizing for the young hero.
" I will try to call this Peter later, right now let us look at those wounds,' he said. He eyed the hero's chiseled abs and chest, trying to not lick his lips as he looked at the wound. " I am sure you are used to pain, but this will hurt," he said as he carefully touched the area and nodded. There was also a little secret he had himself, he was a healer. " I don't feel anything has been broken. Your tough hero," he said smiling as he gently touching the area, right away the pain would be lessened.

"What can you tell me about this Peter? These are complex formulas that took a while for me to work on. There are parts that still a bit off, maybe he can look at them with fresh eyes," he said as some hope shone in his eyes. " I hope I hope I won't be taking him from any family or friends this late at night?" he asked as he knew nothing about the man's personal life.
Peter looked at him as he spoke and chewed his lip without knowing it. The movements of his mouth showing nervousness as he spoke. He then nodded. "Thank you Doctor Victor." He said softly. He then felt him touching his ribs. He groaned a bit and breathed quickly till he noticed the pain was disappearing. He relaxed against the chair and panted. His eyes closing a bit.

He looked at him. "He only has his aunt. His parents were killed when he was little. His uncle who raised him....died in front of his eyes." His voice cracked when he spoke of his uncle Ben. He then cleared his throat. "He and his wife just divorced. He went to a college for science and was the valedictorian. He lives in a rundown apartment though. He uses his money for his aunt." He looked at him. "Since his uncle died she has had trouble with bills. The bank has tried to repossess her home a lot."
Victor nodded to him as Spiderman spoke about Peter. " Well...this job can pay well. I know what it's like to careful family members, I lost a few to drug problems," he said as he pulled back from Spiderman's body. " I think we are all set,' he said having wrapped his middle section up. Victor stood up and walked back to the desk where his notes where," I have done all that I could do, please you should rest a bit before you go out and do anything else hero related," Victor said looking down and placed a hand on the hero's shoulder again. He did have that warm 'father/daddy' type of smile that would make one feel proud to have on them.
Peter smiled as he thought about his aunt having more money. "He'd have to talk with Tony Stark about it. He and Peter have a strong bond. He thinks of him as a father." He said softly. He heard him and smiled standing up. "Thank you Victor." He then shook his head a bit. "I can't do...There are more people that need my help. I can not let them down." He moved away and walked to the window. "Thank you doctor. Do not be afraid to give Peter a call. He lives about a mile away." He smiled at him and looked around.
" Thank you, Spiderman. Just remember to do take it easy at times. If you need more medical help I will be glad to help," he said smiling to the man as he went back to the desk. " I will call Peter soon. I want to sort a few things out before he gets here," he said as he figured that Spider did have more people to save around the city. He wished the man would stay and rest but he knew he has his own projects. Soon Victor called Peter up and asked for him to come over if he was ready, if not the next morning would be fine. With that over with, Victor sat back down and wrote out some more possible outcomes. He knew there was a simple detail he was over looking but had no clue what that might be.
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