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To tame a Spider (for Kara Zor-El Kent)

" Oh...Mr. Stark. What is he teaching you?" he asked as he knew Tony Stark the billionaire but he also heard the man was a bit of an asshole. " Oh all the food you can. It's the best," he said smiling as he liked how Peter seemed to be eating everything up. " Oh...your aunt. Did you want something to go with her," he asked as he had no problem at all. It was nice to be wanted and helpful. Once he was done with his meal Victor sat back in the seat and smiled," damn that was great. I wish I could cook like this myself,." he said laughing as he was totally relaxed in talks with Peter. Soon the bill came and it was no problem for Victor to cover it,' My treat after all. I should get going, but I will be heading back to the lab later tonight. I hope to see you at the lab,' he said. " Unless you wanted to do something else?" he asked.
Peter heard his question and chewed his lip. "Oh to invent things. He helped me help make Spider-Man's webslingers. I bet you and him would work well together." He said with a bright smile. "If you want to come with me you can. I gotta paint her house amd clean her garage. She has a bit of a flu though. Just a warning." He rubbed his neck. He looked at him with a bright smile again. He pushed his bangs out of his eyes and blushed a bit chewing his lips. He then blushed a bit. "Thank you so much. I should pay you back later." He then looked at him. He rubbed his shoulder. "I will definitely stop by."
" I would normally get back to my empty place so this will be a fun change of pace,' he said smiling. " I do feel save with Spiderman watching over me know, it was rather nerve-wracking having to watch over your shoulder all the time,' he said as he stood up and waited for Peter to join him. " Just tell me how to get to your aunt's place," he said not sure if Peter had a car or if he used the public train system. " Will she welcome a stranger into her home?" he asked knowing some people get really 'funny' about having strangers in their place.
He looked at him and smiled a bit. He then blushed a bit as he said that Spider-Man made him feel safe. "I think he will be glad that you feel safe with him. It is hard for him with how many people hate him." He rubbed his arms. "You can rest easy though I promise." He said softly blushing. He then looked thoughtful. He gave him the address. "It should also be easy to find. She has a small white house with a tiny yard." He bit his lip. " you um mind giving me a ride?" He rubbed his legs nervously. "I ride a bicycle around." He looked around.
" I have read the papers enough to know why some might think that. I think some just lash out at those they can't control, it seems Spiderman is just that type of target for them. I don't know how older Spiderman is but he also should be careful as to not give them much reason to see him as a target," he said not having a clue that Peter was the Web-Slinger himself
"It's not a problem at all Peter," he said as he started to walk back to the dorm. It was no surprise that he was a bit cautious about going into the parking area where the first attack happened. He looked around and sighed as he didn't want to freak Peter out. " Let's get to your aunt's place," He said once they were all buckled. Victor soon drove all, listening to Peter's directions.
Peter looked at him and nodded softly. He then looked at his hands. "Spider-Man once told me his age. We are about the same age. Also I will be sure to let him know to be careful. I owe him anyways. He saved my ex-wife more times than I can count. Although she was not too thrilled about things. She broke it off with me because I was giving him more attention than her." He rubbed his arm. "Enough about me though. I am sorry."
He followed him and looked around keeping his eyes on the lookout while trying to not give off that he knew what this spot was. When they got to the car he buckled up even though he knew he did really need to. He smiled as he showed him how to get to May Parker's house. The older woman would be sitting on her porch sneezing a bit.
Victor looked at Peter out of the corner of his eye as he spoke. He didn't say much as he wondered if there was more than just that going on. " Um....if you need more time to talk about any other problems...we can always grab dinner or something,' he said as he hoped that would help. It seems that Peter had a lot to get off his chest and he had nobody to really talk to. He pulled up and parked carefully into the driveway and saw an older lady sitting on the porch. "Let's do what we can for her," he smiled as he got out and waited for Peter to talk to his aunt first.
Peter looked at him and smiled softly. "It is nothing to worry about. I uh...can't really talk about it too much. I promised Spider-Man that I would not tell anyone." He said chewing his lip a bit. "Although I would not mind at all having another meal with you. You are very nice to be around. I would not mind being with you again tonight." He said and chewed his lip. He then got out and looked at his aunt. He walked up to her and hugged her gently. She looked at Victor and waved a bit. They talked for a few minutes then Peter waved Victor over. May looked at him. " are Victor?" She said with a smile.
" Oh...I am Victor. It's a pleasure to met you, ma'am,' he said smiling and gently shaking her hand. He knew how to charm the older ladies and hoped this would go well. " I hope it's alright that I came by. Peter said that you have chores to be done," he said
" Oh...the yard needs to be taken care of and just basic cleaning and some meal prep," Aunt Mai said as she looked over to Peter and smiled too him. " I hope Peter didn't bother you too much about these problems," she said laughing lightly.
" Oh no, ma'am. Peter said he had to come here to do some chores and I offered to help. I had wrapped up work in the lab and both he and I are taking a break," he said.

' Let's get inside of the house. I will have you take care of the yard," she said smiling as he started to enter the house and started to cough again. ( I hope you didn't mind me playing Mai)
Peter looked between the two of them as they spoke. He had a soft smile on his face. He walked over to his aunt and hugged her kissing her cheek. "You should be inside by the way. With you being sick. It is not good." He looked a tad bit worried.

He then chuckled. "I will gladly cut the grass as long as you promise to stay inside. You need to take care of yourself." He said softly.

He then took her arm and helped her inside. While he was very kind towards everyone. There was an evem more gentle and loving face as he helped May. He would help her sit down than run to make her some tea.
"It's alright Peter. I am fine just...sitting out here," Mai said but started to cough a bit more as the cold air started to blow in. She started to shiver and looked at Peter with a sad face but she nodded and went inside with him as she knew she couldn't argue right now. Victor watched the two and walked up to the door. " I will head out back and find the garage," he said thinking that would be the best place to find the lawnmower.
Mai sat down in her chair and looked at Peter. " That young man seems nice," she said wondering if there is more to this story. " Tell your friend the lawnmower is a bit older, but should still work rather well," she said watching Peter in the kitchen. (should mai know that peter is at least bi?)
Peter shook his head as she spoke then heard her cough. He looked worried and brought her in then covered her up with a blanket. "You should not exort yourself so much. I know you want to help but can not get worse. You are all I have left Aunt May." He kissed her cheek. "I love you."

He looked at Victor. "Thank you." He said and made May her tea. He then looked at May. "He is. We just met. He is a famous scientist." He said softly blushing brightly. "I..I am helping him with a new project. Spider-Man recommended me to him." He said softly.

"I am going to offer him a place at my apartment. There are bad men after him. So me and Spidey are going to protect him." He looked at his hands before nodding. "I will. You stay here and rest. Please. If you need me to. We can stay here until you feel better. Unless you got someone to take care of you."
"Peter...please take care being around Spiderman," Mai said. She had changed some of her minds about the hero in her city but she was still uneasy about him. The villains the hero had to deal with always caused so much destruction. " The doctor looks like a nice man. He could be somebody to make you smile," she said wanting Peter to find somebody to take care of him and to love him. She knew that Mary Jane was a good girl but Peter needed somebody older and wiser to help him.

Victor was pulling out the lawnmower from the back, the sun was getting high in the sky and the warm weather was starting to unfold. Victor was not used to being in the sun this much but it wasn't so bad. He took off his outer jacket and placed it on the back poarch. The shirt really showed off his muscles under neither as he started up the machine and started to work on the back first.
Peter looked at her and smiled softlty at her. There was a bit of sadness in his smile though. "Do you still not trust Spider-Man?" He asked her softly trying to not let her know about his little secret. It did get to him but he tried not to show it.

He then blushed as he heard her. "Wh-what do you mean?" He asked softly looking away. "He is a good friend." He said quietly rubbing his hands. He then looked at his feet before looking outside. His face turning a deep shade of red as he blushed.
Victor was busy mowing the lawn and started to work up a light sweat. He was not sure if anybody was looking but he lifted up his shirt, showing off those rippled abs. The shirt came down and he finished up the mowing and looked over to see Peter looking at him, smiling he waved. He placed the mower back into the small garage and started to walk up the back steps. " Hey Peter...want to see?" he called out.

" Peter.....why is Spiderman such a hero to you?" Mai asked. She wanted to know just why so many people thought that he was a hero. Carefully the back door opened and Victor stepped in. " everything alright?" he asked. (I think Mai's mind could start to would be nice for Peter)
Peter looked over to Victor and just stared at him smiling a bit as he saw him mow. His mind thinking of his abs. He then saw him look at him and jumped before blushing a deep shade of red and waved back to him. He looked down a bit shyly and rubbed his thighs a bit shyly.

Peter then heard her question and looked down to hide the tears that had begun to form. He spoke silently. "I know who is under the mask aunt May. He is a good man too. If you knew who it was. You would know he would not want to be a bad guy. He feels bad for all his failures. He feels bad for Gwen....for Gwen's death." The tears had finally poured down his face. "He just wants to do what is right." He quickly wiped his face so she would not see the tears. Peter heard Victor and looked at him. He spoke with a hoarse voice. "Yeah. It is all good."
Mai looked at Peter as he started to tear up slightly. " I...Peter....He takes so much into his hands and others suffer," She said but when he brought up the part of Gwen's death, she sighed."Deep...down. I know it wasn't his fault but...Peter," she said. "Maybe it will take some time to rethink my ideas of Spiderman. He needs to get somebody to help him out once and a while. Maybe....if he had help things would be different,' She said.

Victor placed a hand on Peter's shoulder, not totally sure about all of this but didn't want to see Peter cry. " Here...take a seat and rest. I sort of agree with Mai on Spiderman having somebody to help but it's never easy," he said. " Is Spiderman rather young by chance?" he asked.
Peter looked at her and looked down wincing as she said that others suffer. He sat down and held his knees tight to himself. He listened to her and nodded softly. He closed his eyes tightly trying to think. He breathed shakily in and looked at the floor.

He then looked at Victor's hand and heard his question. He looked between them slowly and swallowed a bit harshly. He began to shakily unbutton his shirt. Underneath a black spider with a red torso covered in black lines. He looked at May speaking hoarsely. "Not the way I want you to find out..."
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Mai gasped as she saw the suit under Peter's shirt. She really didn't know what to say, but it did explain a few things over the past few years. " You....have been....what happened to Gwen," she said in a state of shock.
Victor was also in some shock as well, he never would have guessed that Spiderman was so young. " I read about that report. It was around the bridge. It wasn't Spiderman's fault. He was trying to save her...sadly it didn't go as planned," he said placing a hand on Peter's shoulder not sure if Mai would really lay into Peter about this.
" I....I am not sure what to say, Peter. I see all that through with the villains you fight. You are going to get yourself killed,' She said becoming more like a worried aunt than anything else at the moment.
" Miss. Mai.......I am....I don't even know what to say at the moment. It took Peter a lot of courage to come out like this to you. I am sure he was worried sick about how you felt, seeing as how you didn't like Spiderman so much," Victor said.

Mai looked at Peter," Peter.....I am sorry for what I said. I guess things change once it's closer to home,' she said not sure how Peter handled all the bad talking she used to do.
Peter looked at her and wiped at his face again. "She...died in my arms. I thought...hoped she would make it. But....the...the blood came out of her nose. I knew." He shakily started tearing up. "It was my fault. If I had put her somewhere else...or even webbed her up." He looked at them. "I failed her and Captain Stacy. That is why I pushed her away. He said to keep her out of it. I failed." He shook even harder. "I never wanted you to find out. It has been hard." He breathed shakily and rubbed his neck a bit. He then looked at Victor then Mai. He blushed at Victor and rubbed his fingers. "It is why MJ left me. She was mad that I was always leaving her to save someone. But I had to. Uncle Ben would be disappointed otherwise." He sat back down and put his face in his hands.

"I understand why you didn't like....Spider-Man. I wanted to make Uncle Ben proud. I wanted to make you proud. I did not expect to see so much death. But...I can't stop now. They need me. I know it will most likely get me killed. is what I have to do. It is why I was given these powers."
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Mai looked at Peter as he spoke about Ben and wanting to make him proud. She really started to tear up and moved over to hug him. " Oh, Peter...Ben would be proud of you no matter what,' she whispered. Her mind was racing with ideas about all the times Peter loved to be with Ben and how much Peter looked up to Ben. She pulled away and wiped some tears," Peter....I want you to be happy in your life. I still don't know why you want to be Spiderman, but....just be careful please," she said as she didn't want to hear about Peter/Spiderman being killed.

Victor kept quiet during this time as he also tried to process what was just told to him. " I will do all that I can to keep Peter save," he said smiling as he hoped this would ease some of the pain that Peter had to be carrying around all these years.
Peter looked at him and then to Mai. He gently wiped her tears away. He looked surprised as she hugged him. He hugged her back and rubbed her back before burying his face in her shoulder. He then looked at her smiling. He gently moved back from her and looked down as he heard her speak. "When Uncle Ben died he said with great power come great responsibility. Saving people is my responsibility. That is the reason I was given these powers. I have to try." He said softly taking her hands into his. "I have tried to push you away to keep you safe. I did not want you to ever find out. I knew you would be worried. I never wanted to be your stress." He said softly. "And I will." He kissed her forehead.

He smiled at her genrly. He heard Victor and looked at him. "But I promised to keep you safe." He looked curious but smiled and blushed a little.
" Nah...You already have enough to worry about with the city. I will try my best to keep myself out of trouble," he said looking to Peter. " You could use a place where you can rest and relax, be a college student instead of a superhero with the weight of the world on his shoulders,' Victor said as he could know see that Peter was jsut over worked. Mai nodded as she knew more about Peter's past time,' Yes, please Peter. Do try to try and find time to relax. It would make me feel better if I know your able to rest,' she said smiling and giving him a bit of the ant guilt.
Peter looked into his eyes and gently shook his head but sighed a little. "Does that mean you don't need me with the experiment anymore? I will admit. It has always been my dream to work with you." He said softly with a frown. But he then smiled a bit. "You have given me something I had not had in years." He said quietly. He then looked at Mai and nodded a bit. He hugged her closely and kissed her cheek. "I will. But first. I need to finish somethings. You still need stuff done right?"
" I will still need your help with the experiment. If this works like it is supposed to.....maybe Spiderman will not need to work so hard. It would be nice to take down a lot of those drug dealers and makers," he said. Mai nodded and looked to Victor. " Yes....please take care of Peter,' she said. Mai laughed a bit as she nodded," Yes...I had a list of things to get done around here, the main one was the back yard and the front," she said looking to Victor. " I need to have the basement cleaned out as well and some other things," she said handing Peter the list. " You to can stay for dinner, or rather lunch if you wish," She asked wanting to have Peter to stay longer.
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