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To tame a Spider (for Kara Zor-El Kent)

Victor smiled as he looked at the chef start to work his magic on the grill. " I think we can do that. Check on her and see if she needs anything. Does she have days where she does clothes or needs shopping done?" he asked him as he moved his hand over Peter's thigh. It was clear he wanted something else once they were does checking in with Aunt Mae. Victor watched as the chef did some tricks with the eggs," He is such a total show off," he said but smiled as he was enjoying the show. " I am lucky if I can make eggs with toast, "he said as he was glad Peter seemed to have more skills in the kitchen. Soon the bowls were handed over to them and the chef bowed before taking care of another couple having dinner.
Peter looked at him with a gentle smile that was not all there as he looked thoughtful. He then heard him and held his chin looking thoughtful. "I think she could today. When we visited she was kinda low. I know she probably needs clothes done." He said softly. He then blushed and laid his head on Victor's shoulder. He then held his hand and smiled as he saw the tricks. "He is really good at this." He said happily. He then laughed as he heard Victor. "I think you're a good cook." He said looking a big happy. He closed his eyes as he hummed.
" We can take care of that when we visit. Why don't we pick one day a week in which we can take her out for dinner," he said. He hoped that would also get Peter to take some time off his duties as Spiderman. It sounded a bit selfish, but he couldn't help that. " I do try to make simple meals," he said. He started to eat and drink, just enjoying the time that he spent with Peter. He poured himself another glass of wine and gently swirled it around before taking a sip. " I don't think I will have any leftovers. Should we get something for Aunt Mae and then head to her place or get something once we are done with the museum trip?" He asked. (We don't have to have Aunt Mae pass away just yet)
Peter looked at Victor with a smile on his face. "Thank you." He hugged him and nuzzled his neck blushing. "Fridays I only have one class at my college. The professor does not like me either due to my....many absences. But what is important is keeping everyone safe. Even if my grades suffer." He looked out the window looking thoughtful. He then heard him and smiled. "Maybe after. Aunt Mae loves spaghetti." He laid on his shoulder and smiled. He drank some wine and grimaced. "It is an interesting taste. Imagine a drunken Spiderman." He whispered and laughed smiling brightly.
Victor reached over and gently squeezed Peter's hand," Don't give up on your education. At some point you will need to turn over the reins to a few new people," he said. It hoped that Peter could do that with in the next few years, he was sure that Peter would be a grate trainer of new heroes. He took another sip of his wine and nodded," It would be rather fun to watch, but I would be out there watching you. Making sure you get home in one piece,' he siad. Victor was not fully sure how he would do that, considering that Peter had the superpowers, and he didn't. " Let's not worry too much about that, you're a responsible man and you have a lot to live for," he said as he finished up his meal and laid back into the chair. " I have not had such a great meal in a while,' he smiled. " SHould we get something for Aunt Mae?" he asked.
Peter looked at Victor and smiled before leaning over and kissed him. His hand squeezing Victor's back before he sat back down. "I know...Im hoping it'll be a while before I do." He looked at his thoughtfully.

He then heard Victor and smiled at him. "I promise. I will always come back for you. I feel as though I was made for you. I never want to disappoint you." He whispered softly to him and held his hand rubbing his arm.

He then nodded as he spoke looking thoughtful. "I'll definitely be as responsible as I can." He said softly. He then nodded smiling. "Some soup would make her happy. She's never had sushi."
" We can order some of Japanese style chicken noodle soup. I think the noodles are those Udon style," he said. " I think the sushi might be too much, we can try that next time. We can bring her with us,' he said. It was rather nice to be doing these types of things, since his own parents here dead. " Let's head off to see her know, drop this off and finish our date," he said hoping that Aunt Mae was well enough that Peter would want to go. He was not sure how much life the lady still had in her.
The bill was paid soon after and a nice tip was left. He grabbed the soup they ordered, and Victor walked out. He grabbed onto Peter's hand and gently squeezed in. " Let's go handsome," he said and gave Peter a quick kiss before waving down a cab to get to Aunt Mae's place. (we can hold off on having aunt mae die. I think she needs some happy times with Peter)
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