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My Girlfriend Cosplays Supergirl (w/KiraMusani)

Frozen Princess

Frozen Princess

Sep 21, 2019
Kara moaned erotically at the attention, with one leg involuntarily lifting to the position of an inverted V, sole of the foot going flat onto the bed covers. This was followed quickly by unintelligible, yet obviously pleased murmurs.


May 27, 2019
Station #18
Noel‘s confidence grew as she heard Kara and felt her movement. She smiled and adjusted her position slightly, wrapping her arms around Kara’s thighs. She lifted her bottom and brought her lower half to her knees while still keeping herself horizontal. Noel gently moved Kara’s legs so they would be over her shoulders and resting on her back.

This whole time however Noel didn't want to end Kara’s joy so she continued her all-covering licks. Noel licked up ending with a gentle tongue flick on her clit and started with a gentle prod of Kara’s entrance with her tongue. Noel was not sure what Kara wanted and didn't want but she was going to give Kara a chance to stop her before every advancement.

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