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Scout's Lustful Desires (NobleLance and Angel-chan)



Weirdo on the Internet
Jun 30, 2019
Reiner would be looking down at her and grinned a bit more in pleasure at the notion as he had some plans to deal with her directly if she kept arguing with him. "I'm well aware a brainless omega knows nothing but intimate encounters that's fine with me. You see you'll need to do something about that for later won't you?" He asked her as he held her close and kept her from escaping too much while she was ass to crotch with him.

"So if you agree to my terms the easy answer is going to be this, you agree to my terms to help me get what I need and I won't out you to your Alphas and the others." He warned her with a lustful tone as he kept her still while he was there. Though as he had some ideas he'd consider a few other options in the meantime.

"Unless of course you have something else to offer to protect them?" He considered as he figured he could have at least having some fun.


Tony grinned between the two of them. "Yeah yeah yeah, I'll look forward to your soft hands on me later on then." He teased Sasha affectionately with a playful grin before continuing on. He really did enjoy being with both of them as he sighed contently. "And your soft breasts my darlings." He teased as he sighed contently once more getting their scent in his nose and his scent on them.

It was another few days later as things had been growing a bit more tense. Tony had promised his Omegas he was fine but he was certainly getting more aggressive, as they had went on patrols and he'd be even outspeeding the incredibly talented Mikasa in slaying some Titans. The murder had been keeping in control but after another day or two things would be going a bit sideways. There was an emergency mission being called as two, two man squads had went missing and didn't return from a patrol. Krista, a beta and two Alphas had went missing. Pairs were usually assigned by their type. So Tony would never be paired with one of his Omegas, but his Omegas were paired together. He'd be with some Beta as everyone was sent to check for the missing pairs to see if Titans had caught them.

Patrolling the area they were going to be looking for any signs of the four of them. In reality they were assuming the worse but as they started to arrive he'd look to his partner and direct him to an abandoned farm. "I know this area, used to belong to my family... something looks off, maybe they went in for shelter?" He considered as he stopped his horse and tied it off. Sure enough he had been right as there were horses by the barn in the distance. There were three buildings and the abandoned farmlands. He'd approach the barn and try to look inside. Inside would be Krista tied up in oxen yolks one for her hands and head as she went bent over with her ass held in the other. Her top was opened and breasts exposed, her pants and underwear had been removed. The two Alphas were at either side of her looking her over. "Heh, you are gonna get knotted today. Took me long enough to stalk you." One of them stated.


Dec 14, 2016
Celeste slightly glared at him when he had called her a brainless omega. “Well that’s uncalled for I hadn’t called you any names but I sure can think of some now....” she mumbled. The way she worded it did sound bad though. She didn’t know of just her Alphas sexual desires but she also had been getting to know them personally too. Despite having such a little time. She admits Levi can be a a little harder to crack though.

She had continued her struggling against his strong hold, listening to what else he had to say now and what he ended with made her stop struggling and freeze making eye contact with him once again. He was a alpha after all so she shouldn’t have been surprised by him suddenly proclaiming something like that. The way he held her so close to his body and how her ass was basically plaster his his crotch was a good sign. Not to mention his alpha scent.

She had nothing but fear before but realizing the situation they were in made her omega instincts rear their ugly head.It would also be the need to protect her alphas too. She gulped. “I-I didn’t think youthought of me in that way Reiner....” she whispered. She wouldn’t usually go in this route but if it was for Levi and Erwin’s safety then maybe she could seduce this dominate alpha. She heard that even if a alpha was the dominate one an omega can easily seduce a alpha, making them crave the omega more. This was adangerous game she was about to play.

“Is it my body that you desire Reiner? Is that what you want me to provide if I can’t give you information?” She asked being boldnow as she let her body secreteher sweet omega scent to lure this alpha into desire. She would be lowing to though if she was falling into it either. She always thought Reiner was attractive too, a lot of scouts where but he was quite the specimen. “I gues it wouldn’t be so bad...offering my body up to you.”She whispered moving her hips slowly, teasing his clothed cock. “Can I be honest then?” She asked, her hands creeping up his muscular arms in awe. “I always...thought you were quite attractive and well built, sturdy. Full alpha.” She whispered her arms wrapped around his neck. Her scent basically burying itself On his nose as she gave a feather like kiss on his lips seeing if maybe he would kiss her back.


Krista was a kind girl who usually put others before herself because that was just thetype of person the small girl was. It seemed to that since she was so much smaller they would take advantage of her and her kindness at times. This time was no different it would seem. She was really minding her own business thinking about what she could do to get stronger and train up some more before a man came up to her out of the blue looking frantic. Hehad told her that his friend was hurt and that they needed help.

Being the soft hearted beta Kirsta would stop what she was doing and rush to help one of her fellow scouts. Oh how wrong was she to just rush instead of finding others to help too. It was strange at first because when they came up to the barn she didn’t see any blood or signs of a injured man before her. Confused looking to the man who had brought her. “Where is he?” She asked hoping that nothing bad happened to him. The moment she turned around though a hand with a clothe closed onto her mouth and nose and quickly darkness took over her.

This was a trap. Two alphas targeted her and she probably knew why. Ruts were a dangerous thing and came like seasons for alphas all around and they had targeted her because she was a easy fuck. It wasn’t hard to over power her. If only she had an alpha herself or some maybe these men wouldn’t have caught her so easily.

when she came to she realized that her body was restrained, wrists bonded, and her body bent over for the whole world to see. “W-what is the meaning of this?!” She calledout as she frantically tried to break free but it was no use because they had her tied down tightly. The musk of alpha filled the air making the poor girl cower. “P-please...what did I do? Did I somehow upset you two?” She asked. They had stalked her but she wanted to know if it was for a particular reason. “Y-you can’t!” She helped out when they mentioned being knotted.

It would be a painful experience for one who wasn’t willing. It would hurt and definitely be blood if they were to force their knots into her.


Weirdo on the Internet
Jun 30, 2019
Reiner would be looking her over as he held her in that position to make sure she was still held up and not getting too held there in that place. "I'll admit, you are attractive, I want the information because it's going to be useful to me and my desires for survival." He stated looking at the woman and then admired her form and body as he gave an approving growl as he held her there close.

"Oh you'd rather fuck me than betray them?" He asked curiously and was surprised but he decided as his Alpha urges were growing around her that he'd start to indulge a bit more as he teased her a bit more with a grin on his face. "Very well then if you are willing and going to go ahead and surrender your body to me then I have to know you are serious about all of this." He explained to her with a growing lustful look on his face and a hard on between his legs as he grew more aroused at the sight of her.

He would give her a bit of a laugh as he considered the options with her as he pinned her against the wall with a grin. "You are going to be a good girl and show me why I shouldn't expose your two Alphas to one another so the pair would start fighting to the death over fucking you." He advised her with a bit of a grin and then when she kissed him and held him, he'd be responding back with a hard, rough kiss of his own and grabbed at her body and ass to enjoy her a little more. "Better show me all you got there Celeste."


(Sorry I should have been clearer there were 4 that went Missing, Krista, her beta partner, and two Alphas. Krista is still an Omega.)

Tony had grimaced looking at the two Alphas with the Omega in Krista, her bare ass on display her breasts exposed and her body ready to be violated by these men as they teased her a little more by fondling at her. "Heh, you walking around being sweet and fuckable. You don't get it do you, you are the woman, the omega every Alpha in the barracks wants to mate." The one behind her stated as he rubbed her loins to prepare her. It had been on the fuck, marry, kill list that Krista was the one when she came up no one didn't say marry to, she Mikasa and Sasha were very popular among the men.

"Not only am I gonna knot you and breed you, but here in that bastard's property. The Alpha who has fucked the untouchable Mikasa and that bimbo brained Sasha." He stated squeezing her ass. "So I'm gonna make you all mine damn it." He warned her as he grabbed her hips but he'd find as he went to penetrate her he'd be struck and they'd all smell the other Alpha. Tony was glaring at them. In the back corner now in sight had been Krista's partner badly wounded and possibly dead.

Tony had attacked them with his blades and then started to growl and get more aggressive as he did so and then struck them down. He didn't kill them but he did break the locks on Krista's stocks to let her get up and dressed. it had been quite violent in his attacks against them and his partner who had brought up the rear. "Hey.. I'll go find..." The partner stated as he got intimated by Tony's Alpha scent. "Get the Scouts here, and find my Omegas... tell them I'm in my rut." Tony grimaced and gritted his teeth as he hit a table trying to calm himself and his urges. "I'm glad you are okay Krista..." He managed to say in between heavy breathing.
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