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OOC Thread

Should I split up my last post and drop the IC info into the "right" thread.

Also, don't forget our fear killer psycho is somewhere down south.
Sure! Then you can be the first post to set the scene if you'd like. I'm going to try to give people about 3-4 days to reply before I make more moves with my PCs and NPCs.

If anyone out there needs a catalyst for their character let us know. We're all here to help everyone move in the story and to be included, so don't be shy. Speak up. ;)
Heheheheh... I could have Elizabeth give Jimmy the night off and drive herself... James could be manning a speed trap or something as she whizzes by...
Cora von Fotze said:
Yay! That's great Sithee!

Awesomist... I'd be happy to have Elizabeth meet Reem and see what comes of it... Or if you want me to make up an NPC to RP with Reem I'd be happy to... Heck Rosie could be a regular at the restaurant Reem works at... With a crush on the hot waitress... That could be Reem's foray into the dark aide, drawn into it almost by accident.

Hmm.. who's Rosie? :blush:

Elizabeth is a good candidate, though you have her as a heterosexual character and I didn't want to ruin that. How about Rachel? I can see a lot of drama in that ;)
Awesomist said:
Hmm.. who's Rosie? :blush:

Elizabeth is a good candidate, though you have her as a heterosexual character and I didn't want to ruin that. How about Rachel? I can see a lot of drama in that ;)

Rosie is Elizabeth's highly ambitious assistant. I mentioned her in Elizabeth's opening post in the first IC thread. I'm glad you like Rachel, but the girls are off in boarding school so not near LA... I was going to hold off on bringing them into RP for a bit.

Like I said, I'm totally up for working out an NPC if you're not into Rosie :)
Ah, I didn't find a Rosie in the biographies thread hence my confusion. Yes, Rosie is a wonderful choice, let's give it a go ^,^
Cool... And I'll set her up (and Jimmy) as NPCs - partly a misnomer of course :)

I'll have Rosie show up at the restaurant after a frustrating day so she can spend some time with her favorite waitress. Traveler, you can either have Peter contact her to meet with Elizabeth or have him appear at the beach... Maybe he uses Molly's power to fins her?
Sorry, I totally missed that this had gotten its own area. I get another post up before too long.
I'm going to bring Peter Petrelli to LA and give James a chance to interact with him, before he tries to contact Elizabeth.

I'll also look over the Character Profiles list and see what other interactions I can create. It'll be a bit of catch-up for the next day for me.
Did you see the opening I put in there for James? I think I remember reading that you might make him a cop based in LA?

Are there any other characters you'd like me to tag to bring them in?
Not on my end, really. I'm not posting Jasper until a villain presence is required. And yes, he's a cop in LA - So I'll reply as soon as I can.. probably in the next day or two.
What's going on?

If you're busy or you know that you're going to be gone for more than 3 days please let us know in this thread. Otherwise the story will lose momentum pretty damn quick.

Also, if the threads go for 2 weeks without any post or notice, such as "I'm still interested just super busy!" then I'm going to take it off my role play list so I can add a few more 1x1s. I don't want to leave the game so long that I forget all the ideas and subplots we've come up with.
Thanks for your responses, guys. I'll wait and see what the others are doing. If it continues to drag, perhaps we can arrange other characters to interact.
@Hidden Dreams

That's a great power for Elena! I love the limits and the possibilities, it makes her a character who will be fun to play against. Decide where you want to place her and you're free to post in the IC threads. If you want to coordinate any of her interactions feel free to do it here. Also if you need help with motivations, her bio, etc. then we'd love to provide it so that you can slide right into the story/game.
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