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OOC Thread

We should push on to the next day with all the still active characters. Otherwise we'll let the prolonged absence of a few people keep the rest of us from playing.

If you are still active and want to play, let us know in this OOC thread and we'll coordinate interactions for our characters.
Me! Still thinking about having Katya relocate to LA if that's where the most peeps are gonna be.
Do we want to bring everyone active to LA and make it the focus? It seems like right now LA and England are the places where most of the active characters are.
I think we have a consensus! Shall we move our characters all to LA? (Gotta start searching for a condo, LOL!)
I'd just say to post in the LA thread and summarize what brought you to it. I'm hoping to do the same this weekend. Let's start the thread timeline in October a week before Halloween.
Thinking about rejoining, but I cannot post very regularly. An intense new job and family obligations keep me from indulging in BMR like I once did. What do you think?
I'm going to keep this OOC thread as is without redoing it. I just wanted the character profiles to have a new thread because of all the character's that no longer apply to the game.
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