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RE: Heroes RPG

I'm thinking really hard about my character sheet. Not sure I'll get it done this evening - it's 10:30 PM here in Europe.
RE: Heroes RPG

Ah, it's ok... Just so excited to have more players. Take your time, get it done when you can. Also, you're under no obligation to play with Elizabeth, I just wanted to offer RP :) If you'd like to discuss things further we can do it here or in PMs.

Take care, sweetie.
RE: Heroes RPG

I'm still thinking of a way to introduce my character into the game. I think I'll first have to work out a back story with Daniel (Currently working on that with Traveler). Sorry if I take time to get her into the story :p
RE: Heroes RPG

Yes! The character profiles and IC are listed under "Heroes: Emergent". Feel free to browse around and once your character is accepted you can post in the IC thread.


RE: Heroes RPG

@Red Demon

Great first post! I really got a feel for who your character is. Your CP is good too; I appreciate the background and knowing a little bit about who we'll be interacting with.

*General note to all* I'll be able to post today and tomorrow but Friday-Monday (8/29 - 9/1) I'll be gone for the holiday, and possibly only able to answer short questions during that time.
RE: Heroes RPG

SithLordOfSnark said:
Yes, I agree, very nice first post. :)

Sorry about not entering yet - I've had some serious writers block. :/

understandable... Want to talk about your characters, maybe we can help you get your creative juices flowing.
RE: Heroes RPG

Yes. Please tell us what you need and we'll do some creative magic here.
RE: Heroes RPG

Red Demon said:

Huh... I saw that little guy up there and I'm so tired that I just stared at him for awhile...

Guess I should have some coffee before getting on the freeway, hm?
RE: Heroes RPG


Well, James is a good guy, a cop actually, possibly the leader when the Heroes come together.

Jasper is the main villain, able to copy mutant powers.

Like I said..Writers block. Even in describing my characters. heh.
RE: Heroes RPG

I find that looking at the "why"s behind a character always gets my creative juices flowing ... Why is James a cop? Why does he feel he can serve and protect when there's a despot ruling from the White House.

Why does Jasper do what he does after waking up in the morning? Is he Sylar-like, working to understand the truth of the world by climbing his way up the food chain? Why can he copy powers vs. having just one of his own...

... Basically, think about what makes them tick ...

Also, James is easy to work into things... He could be one of the bobbies who arrested Beatrix... Or the cop assigned to look into the dude who got jumped near Julia Heart's bar (he's groggy and lied to protect his rep)... Or a fan of exotic food and is one of Reem's regulars. A villian is always harder to add to the story :)

and oooo creepy guy cometh. Welcome thatguy
RE: Heroes RPG

... Basically, think about what makes them tick ...
lol - isn't that exactly Sylar's thing? He want to know what makes people tick....

And to the characters:

Try to work out a rough sketch of their history and think of the defining moments for your characters. For Julia there are several moments that have changed her in the past. Being left by her mother and growing up without parents, the threat of adult prison, moving to LA. All of these have instigated some change in the character and are all contributing to who she is now.

When I make characters for roleplaying (unless it's some short term RP) I usually do it by having a rough idea of what my character should be like, both mentally and physically. Then I try to build their history. It can be very helpful to start all the way back at the character's parents at times - after all the parents do have a huge influence on what the character becomes. And then I work my way up towards present time. It can be as detailed or not as one wishes and the more I write the better understanding I get for my own character. The funny thing is to look at your rough idea afterwards and realize that it's nothing like the character you have created.
RE: Heroes RPG

So I've made a character, and he's a bad motherfucker, but I can't for the life of me decide on a backstory. Any help?
RE: Heroes RPG

I might be able to help with things.. Let me think about it.. A question... What sort of scenes do you envision him in?
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