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Special evenings for couples (Foxy Lady with GenderBender)


May 29, 2017
Pol’s heavy thighs trapped my head and pulled my mouth onto her pussy. She kept up a continuous commentary, but I was only able to catch some of it, what with my ears muffled by her legs.

‘Guys always cum quickly when they are with me. Trevor is the same, although you’d think he’d be used to be by now. Before we started coming to this group, I always thought he must one of those premature ejaculators because he came so soon, but now I know that all guys are the same and they can’t all have the same problem, so it must be something about me that makes them lose control.’

I managed a sort of nod to show I was listening but she was soon off on another topic. It was only when I choked on a huge glob of my own cum that she relented and released the pressure on my head sufficiently for me to come up for air.

‘That was an enormous load for a second drop of the night,’ she remarked and I wondered if she was dropping a hint that she didn’t believe me. ‘Trev is different, but then he has quite tiny balls so he can only manage one big load and a few dribbles, but of course that huge cock is a compensation I suppose.’

‘How big is it?’ I managed to ask before having my head pushed back to work.

‘About 10 inches, or something like that, we measured it once, but I’m not really bothered about size.’

I choked again, but this time not on my cum. Was she serious?

She sat up this time and gave me a mighty thwack on my back.

‘I like Trev’s cock, honestly I do, but I don’t need one that large to get off. What I need is a big one, like yours, and an ability to produce sperm to give me babies. Trev just fires blanks.’

I wondered if Trev knew what personal information his wife was only too happy to pass on behind his back.

It was then that I realised, the guys in the group didn’t use condoms, except for anal, and they all trusted that the women would take care of their own contraception, like Annie did. Had I just impregnated Polly? Was that why she was concerned about how many more loads of cum I could produce?

Which was when a change came over me. Annie had never been interested in kids, so I had never thought of them as a realistic possibility. But now it was different. I wasn’t fucking for pleasure, well not just for pleasure, but to impregnate. And that made me feel very potent all of a sudden. I could feel my cock stiffening as I scrambled onto my knees and pushed Pol onto her back and pushed her legs open.

‘Let me back into that juicy cunt,’ I shouted in her face, ‘and I’ll show you what it’s like to be fucked by a real man with a full set of balls.’

I gave it all I had got, thrusting as fast as I could, bouncing off her stomach as he thrashed around beneath me, as she yelled to pump her full of babies. It was like riding one of those bouncy castles, with her throwing me this way and that, as I struggled to stay inside her cunt.

And then she did it, all of a sudden, with one swift flick of her hips, I was the one on my back and she was riding my cock like a pole dancer, swivelling and twisting around, her tits flying, her belly bouncing and crashing into mine each time she landed. Cursing me not to cum before she did, gasping for breath, bellowing between gasps. There were moments when I thought she was going to break my cock as I prayed for her to cum so that I could release my load.

It must have been ten minutes or more before she let out a howl and began to shake like an enormous jelly.

‘Now,’ she screamed at me, ‘now Josh, now, make me babies, make me babies.’

I strained and heaved against her weight, willing myself to cum and finally managing to pump myself dry.

She sat astride me for a long time, clenched onto my cock, letting her body settle. Her hair was matted and there was a river of sweat running between her tits. Finally I was too flaccid for her flabby cunt to keep hold of and I slid out. But she stayed where she was, staring down at me, until she finally collapsed on top of me and began to snore softly. There was no way I could move and I was barely able to breath.

Fuck. I hoped that was it for the night. My cock felt like it had been peeled and my balls as if they had been put through a ringer.
Foxy Lady

Foxy Lady

Jan 30, 2014
United Kingdom
We both lay on the rug, gasping for breath.

‘Fuck,’ I managed eventually, ‘that was like being screwed by a fire hose.’

Trevor grinned at what he evidently took to be a compliment.

‘Let me help you up, Annie. We can rest until I’m ready to go again.’

He eased himself out gently and graciously offered his hand to get me on my feet and onto the bed. But, I noted, no offer to attend to my needs while he recuperated.

We sat propped on the bed, listening to giggling and moaning through the wall.

‘There’s been a wedding,’ Trev explained.

I checked the clock. It wasn’t yet 7.30.

‘Could the happy couple wait?’ I laughed.

‘That’s not the bride and groom,’ he explained, although I didn’t know how he had acquired the information. ‘The bridesmaids have trapped the best man and are giving him a thorough going over before they let him out to make his speech.’

We lay companionably side by side, not talking, just amusing ourselves at the sounds from the next room, each of us imagining what was causing them.

‘Right,’ Trev announced, ‘I’m good to go again.’

Without more ado, he grabbed my ankles, pulled me down the bed, and pushed my legs wide open.

‘Careful, Trev,’ I warned him, ‘slowly does it, please.’

But he wasn’t listening.

‘No need to worry, Annie, no need at all. You’re used to it now and there’s no need for lube with my load of spunk inside you.’

He took aim and rammed home, in one swift thrust.


My scream must have got the attention of the bridal party next door, because everything suddenly went quiet.

‘Bastard,’ I hissed, ‘be more careful, I don’t want any damage.’

Trev was poised over me on his arms.

‘Shut up, bitch. If you can’t take it, you shouldn’t mix with the big boys.’

The first thrust was at least slow, but the second was like a piston firing up in an engine.

‘I’ve know all about Josh and about you fucking with Rob before he smashed Josh’s nuts for him. Damn, I’d have liked to see that. And Josh getting his ass fucked, I bet that turned you on.’


Another fast thrust that slammed me into the wall. I raised my arms to protect myself.

‘Nooooooooooo. Stttoooooooopppppppppppp’

More shocks to my body as each thrust was harder than the last.

‘None of the guys can compete with me. That’s why they don’t want Pol and me around.’ He was carrying on talking as if he would just on a casual stroll rather than an energetic workout. ‘I’m the only one with what the women want and the guys know that and it makes them feel inadequate.’

I was winded and my legs were aching, my cunt stretched with each thrust.

‘Pol is the only one who can really take me at full force.’

‘NOOO, Trevor, stop now please, I want to stop. I want to t-t-talk.’

That was the code word and, to my surprise, Trev obeyed immediately.

‘I hope you aren’t expecting anything from Josh tonight, or even tomorrow. He’ll be worn out after Pol has finished with him. All the guys think they can take her, but once they’ve tried and failed, they’re afraid to come back for more.’

I wondered what Josh was enduring at that moment. He certainly was nothing alonside this guy and, if that is what Pol was used to, Josh wouldn’t stand a chance of satisfying her.

‘Ready again?’

Perfect manners now.

‘OK,’ I sighed, ‘get on with it.’

‘Don’t worry about me cumming too soon like I did before,’ Trev’s tone was conversational despite his frantic pumping, ‘after the first one, I can keep going pretty much indefinitely.’



May 29, 2017
I lay there with Pol atop me like a thick snug duvet, happy to relax and pray that I had done all that she required for the evening.

Time to think about what had happened, about my balls. Those eggs dangling between my thighs were the centre of my potency and virility. This woman wanted my sperm and had drained me to get it. It felt like the first time I had sex. I remember saying to myself then that I was now a man. Now I know that was wrong. because this was the night I became one.

It was only a few minutes of thinking like this when I started to feel myself again, of my cock stiffening. I lay still, not wanting to disturb Polly and face enough work out and the ignominy of not being able to produce any sperm. I mean, how could any guy do that so quickly. As my cock reached its max, I felt the warm wet flesh of her pussy against the tip. Not wanting to wake her, I shift my position slightly, only to find that this allowed my cock to slip inside.

‘Uuummm, yeah, um’ She stirred, apparently unaware of what was happening. I held my breath. She shifted her position now, pushing downwards and I was in my balls. She opened her eyes and smiled. ‘Couldn’t wait, honey?’ Slowly she made her cunt muscles clench and relax, then began to ripple them.

‘Hit me, hit me.’ I wasn’t sure what she meant. ‘Go on, lover, smack my ass, give it to me hard, I like it rough. Come on, I’m doing the difficult bit for you.’

So I slapped her, gently at first, teasing, and then as she purred louder and louder, I hit harder and harder, watching her buttocks wobble in response and feeling her moving faster along my cock.

And then she pushed me off, but only to kneel beside me.

‘Come on, take your bitch while she’s on heat, come on, give me another load, give me, give me, give me.’ She was shouting now, at the top of her voice.

I did what a man has to do, took her like the bitch she was, eager for it. I slammed into her and she pushed back on each stroke, shaking like a jelly on a washing machine with each collision. It was only a few strokes before I felt my balls tighten.

‘Fuck, no,’ I groaned, ‘no, it can’t be.’

But it was. I shot, like a teenager with his new girl, totally lost control. Pol didn’t seem to care, she just wriggled away, pushed me onto my back and settled down on my face to eat her pussy. I chewed and gnawed, snapping my teeth on her clit and biting her soft flesh. My cock was shrunk to a mushroom before she began to shake and then to moan and then she rose on her knees over me.

‘YEAH,’ one final loud scream and a stream of spray that hit my full in the face.

‘Fuck,’ she was looking down at me, ‘that was good. Way better than Trev. I’m glad you’re going to be my baby’s daddy.’

Foxy Lady

Foxy Lady

Jan 30, 2014
United Kingdom
I don’t want to complain or anything, Trevor, but are you planning to cum at all? I mean, you’re humping away, but you’re not actually doing anything for me, except make me sore. So what’s the point.

You get full marks for stamina, full marks for lack of consideration, and zero for achievement.

Is it because of those balls? Is that it? They’re pretty tiny, so I guess you shot your load into me when we fell on the floor, right? Any chance of any odd drop or two later, say before midnight?

How does Polly feel about you fucking her like this? Does she care about being satisfied herself or does she just faint at the size of that poker you’re using? Not much use as a poker if it doesn’t stir up a fire. Am I supposed to go all weak at the knees because you’ve got your ten inches up my fanny?

What does she do to encourage you? Put your over her knee and spank you? Twist those cute little balls and try to rip them off? Yeah, I bet that’s what she does. I’ll give that a go.

Oh yeah, that got your attention. Now we’re in contact, what about doing something to get my clit tingling? Something like maybe sucking me for a while and giving that poker of yours a rest. And my pussy too. Right, well thank for you taking up my suggestion. Now let me just settle back.

No, wait, hey, what are you doing, you cannot get at my pussy if I’m face down.

Let me turn over again, come on, stop tormenting me, I’ve told you what to do, do you need a diagram or something. I bet you know where to find Pol’s cunt, even in that mountain of flesh. Bet you can just smell it out.

No, no, no you don’t, that is off limits, way off limits.

Stop, right now, stop.

Are you fucking deaf or what, I said STOP, that’s S-T-O-P if you can spe-el-eeel.

Look, OK, you’ve had your fun, but it hurts even more than in my cunt.

Please, just stop will you. I won’t tell anyone if you stop now, promise, not even Josh.

Do I have to spell it out for you again, this is R-A-P-E, which letter aren’t you familiar with?

Oh my god, oh shit.

Yea faster. Are you going to cum? Let me get my hand on those balls, I’ll only need one.

Of course, it’s hurting you, it’s meant to hurt you.

Yes, that’s it, pinch that clit, pull it, rip it out, go on, hammer me, right up my ass, as far as it will go.

Slower, slower, just gently now, let me cum, let me, let me.


Have you cum, I thought you did.

So you want me to let go of your balls, well I’m not sure about that. You need to be taught some manners, young man, and I am the one to do it.

Ad while I’m doing it, I’ll give your dick a good working over too with my spare hand.

So it’s tender is it, well you know what, I don’t give a fuck how tender it is. We’ll just see how long it takes to get you hard again.

OK, I’ll tell you what, I’ve got your cum dribbling out of my ass hole. I’ll stop this if you lick if up for me.



May 29, 2017
Polly lay on her back her head to one side looking over at me.

‘How about it, honey, fancy another ride?’

There comes a point when honesty is the best policy.

‘Yes, Pol, I fancy one but I’ve not nothing left, you’ve drained me dry. Sorry.’

I expected a scene or at least a burst of ridicule but she just rolled off the bed.

‘OK, lover, understood. You can help me dress.’


‘Pass me that girdle.’

I look around and found a blue satin belt with thick suspenders dangling from it. I held it up and she nodded. I carried it over to her and she fastened it around her waist, by which I mean somewhere in the vicinity of her waist that was buried beneath a mound of fat.

‘Stockings now.’

I found those on the table. Black with red lace tops. I passed them to her one at a time and watched as she rolled them up over her thighs and pulled hard to reach to end of the suspender strap. God damn, I had to admit it, she looked good. Annie never dressed like that, she said it made her too self-conscious. But the satin and the lace framing the white flesh of her crotch made me wish I had held something back, not that she had given me any choice.

‘Now, was I wearing a thong or did I decide to come commando as it was going to be hot in here. Hotels are always so overheated aren’t they. No, yes, no I know now, I did in case it was cooler later. They’ll match the belt.’

I found them on the other side of the bed and knelt down to allow Pol to step into them and even helped her ease them up her legs.

I didn’t wait for her to tell me to find her bra. It was so large it was impossible to miss it on the foot stool. I passed it over and she lifted each breast delicately in the cups before fastening it at the back. She gave me a swirl and her tits bounced invitingly.

Her dress was over the back of a chair and I expected her to ask for it, but she didn’t. Instead she stood with her head cocked.

‘Can you feel that, honey, the disco has started.’

She was right, I could feel the throbbing base of the band playing at the wedding through my feet.

‘Let’s have a dance.’ And off she went, surprisingly light on her feet, dancing around to the rhythm, her body swaying, with every so often a more violent movement that set her tits wobbling or her ass shaking. And all in perfect time with the music. She waved me towards her and I slipped behind so that she could not see my cumbersome moves. She immediately pushed back against me and seemed to carry me around the room with us as I held onto her hips.

‘Naughty boy, so you have got something left after all. Were you hoping to keep that back for Annie?’

‘No,’ I protested, but I could not deny that my cock was stiffening again. It was a complete surprise to me, honestly.

‘Quick, before the music stops.’ She leaned forward resting her hands on the bed. ‘Push my pants down.’ I got them as far as her stocking tops before she was pushing back against my cock that slid inside her. she immediately began pulling away and then ramming back against me.

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck,’ she moaned in time with her thrusts, ‘fuck me once,’ one thrust back, ‘fuck me twice,’ two thrusts back, ‘fuck me over and over again,’ a flurry of short sharp thrusts. Now she wiggled, now she clenched and released by cock. ‘Yeah, I can feel those balls banging into me, lover, those sperm machines, pump me whenever you’re ready, I ready to pop.’

And she did, just as the music stopped, she shuddered and I forced myself to cum with her. I collapsed onto her back.

‘This time, I really am done,’ I managed to gasp eventually.

She was putting on her dress before she spoke again.

‘Josh, Iook, I don’t want it to be just this evening, can we meet up again, have some more fun together? Why not give me your number and I’ll get in touch. I don’t want you to be just a fuck, I want you to be my lover. Will you, please?’

I gave it up.
Foxy Lady

Foxy Lady

Jan 30, 2014
United Kingdom
It had been Simone’s idea. Instead of the girls staying in one room and the guys coming to them in turn, the guys would stay put and we would move around. They wouldn’t have much choice but to stay where they were, because their hands would be tied to the beds. There were six couples in all, so that meant each girl got five partners to play with.

I was on my way to meet Tyler. A young guy, barely in his twenties, recently shacked up with Wendy, barely in her fifties. She enjoyed showing him off and, no doubt, having someone with some energy after her husband ran out of steam. Why he wanted to be with her was something else, because she had not, as they say, aged well. Josh was waiting for her at this very minute, but I wasn’t thinking about him, my mind was on Tyler.

Gayle was just walking away from his room when I met her.

‘Take it easy on,’ she grinned, ‘he’s struggling.’

‘He’s managed four has he?’ I asked with a grin. Often the guys can’t manage all the women and often perform orally to give themselves a rest, with a mouthful of the other guy’s cum as the price they pay.

‘Three, or so he says. Says Simone gave him time off for good behaviour. Whatever that means.’

Tyler was a looker, no doubt it. Muscled, fit, toned and tanned, tattooed too with eagle wings over his pecs. Tall and sleek with tightly cropped curls. Bald down below and with a decidedly average looking set of tackle. He also looked tired. His cock was lying to one side with Gayle’s juices encrusted on it. Looked like, after this time out with Simone, he had cum with Gayle early in their session. Leaving him time to recover for me. Thank you, Gayle, very considerate.

But had he recovered, that was the question.

‘Hi, Tyler, I’m Annie,’ it’s difficult to come up with something original on these occasions, so I tend to go for the obvious with a guy I’ve not met before.

‘Hi, Annie, how’ya doin’?’

‘I’m doin’ good, Tyler. The question is, do you have anything left for me?’

He didn’t answer. I took that as a plus actually. Bragging can come back and slap a flaccid guy in the face.

‘No false promises, that’ good, so let’s see if I can get you into gear.’

I sat on the bed beside him, my hip brushing his thigh, my right hand playing with his balls. He grinned and stretched, pushing against me as he did so. I was quickly getting the impression that he was a guy who was willing to lie back and let someone else give him pleasure.

‘Let’s see what Gayle tastes like.’ I picked up his cock and licked it clean, a few strokes, efficient and after being in this group for a while one that I had had plenty of practice with.

‘Nice,’ I smacked my lips theatrically, ‘fruity, a bit like apricot I’d say.’

Another grin. I popped his cock into my mouth and tickled under his balls. He responded, nothing dramatic, but definitely a reaction. I sucked a bit more and he began to come to full mast.

‘Right, let’s see what the view is like from the top deck.’

I climbed astride and slid slowly down his cock until my bum made contact with his balls. I was well oiled so there was no danger of making his cock sore. I perched there and looked down at him.

‘So, what contribution do you plan to make to these proceedings, Tyler? I’m not going to do all the work, my thighs are aching after the others.’ Just letting him now that I had not allowed anyone time out. I dropped down onto my hands, which landed either side of his head, my tits dangling over his face. See how helpful I was.

‘I’m not unreasonable,’ I spoke quietly with, I hoped a hint of malice, ‘so I’m not going to expect much more than a dribble, but I would expect an orgasm if you can manage it, I’ve only had two so far and the second wasn’t earth shaking.’

Another grin. Not a man for many words. But he pushed up and snapped at my nipples, biting and sucking in turn, then the next one. I purred appreciatively. It makes you realise how important a guy’s hands are when he can’t use them.

‘So,’ I came back upright, still with a tight grip on is dick, ‘I feel like a ride, just like when I had lessons as a girl, riding lessons, but not this sort of riding’

And off I went, bouncing as I had been taught in rhythm with my horse.

‘You’re a sleek stallion, so let’s ease you into it with a gentle walk.’

He smiled at the gentle relaxing movements.

‘Before we move into a trot.’

A different rhythm now but the same smile. I was pacing myself to fill the time as best I could, for my enjoyment and to give him longer for his balls to refill. See what a considerate person I am.

‘And now the canter.’ My tone conveyed more urgency as my pace increased and I rose higher up his dick. He was feeling the strain now. The physical strain on his weary cock, I suspected Wendy was easily satisfied at the sight of this stud being turned on by her, so today had put an extra strain on him. And mental strain too at the pressure to perform for so many women, something he wasn’t used to.

I let this stage last as long as a dared before shifting without warning into a gallop. I was working my clit now and feeling those lovely waves building in my belly.

‘Cum with me, cum on Tyler, we need to cum together.’

His face and chest were purple as he strained, bucking, willing himself to cum. And then I blew, shaking as I sank onto his cock and fell forward across his chest. He moaned and muttered something that I didn’t catch.

‘So,’ I asked at last, ‘how did you do?’

His face gave him away. He couldn’t lie.

‘Nothing,’ he sighed, ‘I’m dried out.’

We’re agreed among the girls and the last one would release the guy if they were satisfied, but otherwise to leave him for his partner to collect. I didn’t hesitate about what to do.

I walked out., leaving him for Wendy to collect later.


May 29, 2017
Wendy was wrapped in her robe when she came in and, unlike all others, she didn’t cast it aside immediately. Instead, she perched beside me on the bed.

‘So, you’re the man I’ve heard so much about. I’m not bothered about size myself, so it’s going to be interesting to see how you measure up against my young stud, performance-wise that is.’

I just smiled. He had stamina on his side whereas I had experience. When it came to endurance he would outstrip me, but when it came to performance, I reckoned I was around 8 or 9. Not a perfect 10, sure, guys who attain that are out of my league and get big respect. But for most normal guys, I was up with the pack.

‘Word is that you’re screwing around with Polly. If you can fill that loose cunt, you’ve got to be large, coz she says you stretch her open.’

‘Polly?’ I tried to sound like I didn’t know what she was talking about. Obviously word was getting around, probably from Pol herself, bragging about having a lover.

This time, it was Wendy’s turn to smile. ‘You certainly tore little Jenni open, judging my all those screams we heard next door.’

My turn to smile again. Jenni certainly put on a good show, although without being modest I think a lot of it was just that, put on for show.

‘If you can service that slob and satisfy your little lady, I’m guessing all the girls you’ve had so far left this room well satisfied.’

‘No one complained,’ I confessed.

‘So, why aren’t you hard yet? Is it because you think I’ve gone to seed. That’s what the other girls say. That cute little wife of yours was saying so only the other day in the Mall. Or so I’ve been told. Well, that stud of mine manages to get hard at the sight of me getting my kit off, so let’s see how you score on that.’

She pushed her robe off her shoulders and left it in a heap on the floor. It was the first time I had seen her close up and the only time I’d seen her naked. And what Annie said just wasn’t true. Yes, she had aged. But she had been a stunner a decade ago and you could still see the basic structure in the shape of her thighs, her hips and her tits. And the way she displayed herself to me, casually but with confidence in herself and her appearance, told me about what she was going to be like in bed. Despite the working it had had so far, it began to rise to the occasion.

She climbed astride and rubbed the head through her labia, lubing it up on the other guys’ spunk. Her thighs were caked in dry sperm.

‘Nice, very nice. Biggest I’ve seen. But like I said, I’m not going to go weak at the knees at the sight of that thing approaching my crotch on full throttle. And,’ she tilted her hips to give me a clear view of her glistening pussy, ‘as you can see, I’m not tight like Gayle, or dry like Karen. I sloppy wet, so I don’t suppose I’ll feel you.’

Always one to rise to a challenge, I was now at full cock. She lined me up, spread her thighs and slide down my shaft.

‘Phew!’ She couldn’t contain her reaction. She sat there for a few moments, clenching her cunt muscles, savouring the sensation of me filling her.

‘How does that measure up with your Tyler?’ I couldn’t resist tormenting her with the comparison.

Her response was to retaliate. ‘At least he doesn’t play balls games, like the ones you and Derek play.’ She laughed as my face gave away my surprise that she had heard of our encounter, but chose to ignore it.

‘OK, so you don’t want to talk, well that’s good, because it means you have all the more breath to fuck.’ And off she went, riding the pole, pushing her up on her knees until I almost fell out and then sinking back down. Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow. Just like that old time dance rhythm. I lay back watching her enjoy the ride and see her tits bounce around. They may sag while she’s still but once she was in motion, they flew all over the place.

But all this activity was making her breathless. She was obviously used to less activity than she was having this afternoon. She suddenly sank down onto my balls and began grinding in circles.

Being the gentleman that I am, it was obviously my turn to keep the conversation going.

‘Good, eh? Having long cock filling you, having a thick dick stretching you wide open. Feeling those heavy balls full of cum just waiting to shoot you up. Admit it, your young guy may be good to look at but he doesn’t make you feel like this. Now you know what it’s like, you’ll never be satisfied with that pencil that Tyrone has tucked away in his shorts. Time to trade him in for a real man.’

She was lost in fantasies or memories. Her eyes closed, her hands stroking her body and pulling at her tits.

‘I could do that for you, stroke you, rub you, anywhere you wanted, so much better than doing it to yourself. I could do that for you. All you need to do is untie my hands. No one would know, just the two of us, and I’d give you a good shagging, better than all you’ve had today put together. This is the last one for both of us, so you’ve be setting me loose at the end anyway. What do you say? Go on, why don’t you.’

She was tempted, I could see that, but would she dare, could she trust me not to tell anyone, not even Annie? In the end, it was one of those what-the-hell decisions. She lent over me and pulled the knots until my arms fell free and I was able to rub life back into my hands.

‘Prepare for take off,’ I shouted and pushed up to topple us off the bed, landing with a thud, fortunately with me in place.

‘Fuck, yes,’ she shouted and I felt her flood over my balls.

We lay in a heap for a while, surprised at the suddenness of her orgasm.

‘I guess you were right,’ she gasped eventually, ‘about that size thing. Sorry if I put you off your stride, finish yourself off if you want, we’ve still got a few minutes left.’ Well, if there was time still to go, it was a pity to waste it.
Foxy Lady

Foxy Lady

Jan 30, 2014
United Kingdom
I was nervous, no point denying it. My legs were actually trembling as I walked towards the door. It wasn’t that I was embarrassed of being seen naked or of being alone with naked men. But this was different. The invitation came from Simon, but it was delivered by Simone, to reassure me that it had her approval.

‘It’s Simon’s bukkake club next Thursday. A group of his friends come around and play sort of last guy standing as they jerk off, but they like to have someone to wank over, get them aroused, help them stay hard and keep on cumming. They get dressed up, like it’s some sort of fraternity or something. Whatever, it helps turn them on and they can pretend that they’re not going to be recognised. So what do you say?’

Obviously, I said yes.

So here I was, walking naked along Simon’s landing towards the master bedroom where this would happen. Simone wasn’t sure how many there would be, somewhere between 5 and 10 was apparently the usual sort of number, but guys either turned up or they didn’t. It wasn’t a definite commitment. I might have met some of them, but not all probably.

Simone’s advice had been to do whatever I felt like. There was no script and no details, except one. The winner of the bukkake at the last meeting had to wear stockings and suspenders – that was the club rule.

I braced myself at the doorway. I hadn’t mentioned what I was doing to Josh and Simone had assured me that he wasn’t a member of the club.

Deep breath, and I burst into the room, shouting, ‘Ready or not, here I come.’
Foxy Lady

Foxy Lady

Jan 30, 2014
United Kingdom
I took them in at a glance. Six in total, all wearing hoods of black, brown or red, probably signs of rank in the club. With one guy, the previous winner, in pink stockings and suspenders, with pretty black bows.

‘Hi, and how nice that you are all so pleased to see me.’

They were all at full mast, looking expectantly towards me as I bounced over to them.

‘Let me just check what sort of loads you’re carrying. I hope you’ve got plenty of that lovely creamy cum just waiting to spray me with.’

I fondled each of their balls in turn, watching their reactions as I squeezed them and pulled them. A couple of the guys reached out to fondle my tits, but I brushed their hands playfully away.

‘Naughty, naughty, boys, no free gropes, not yet anyway.’ It was good to give them some hope for later.

I stood back and checked them out. My eyes went first to the muscular black guy, who looked very like Derek but with a much bigger cock. I homed in on him and stood so close his cock was rubbing against my belly. I scratched at his nipples and felt it jump.

Next one along was Simon. I’d recognise him anywhere. He was definitely a one shot a day guy, so it puzzled me why he was there. I gave his cock a vigorous rubbing, getting him closer to the edge and out of the way for the serious competition.

I winked and moved along to the guy in the stockings. ‘Yeah, pink suits you,’ I told him, standing so close I was almost whispering in his ear. ‘So, you’re the man to beat, well I’m going to milk you like a cow.’ I took a firm grip and began to pump them hard. I heard a soft moan, but no sign of even an drop of cum on his cock lips.

The fourth guy was so like Rob, I thought at first it was him, but closer inspection showed that he wasn’t. He topped him easily, my Josh too for that matter. He must be new. ‘Hi,’ I purred, ‘well aren’t you a big boy.’ His chest swelled. Obviously modesty wasn’t one of his qualities. ‘You want to take me, I bet you do, fill me with this monster, tear me open. Well, maybe I’ll let you if you come out on top.’ As I moved on, I dragged my fingers across his cock and they came away wet. Looked like he wasn’t going to be on the podium.

I deliberately passed the next one in line to make for the thin guy with a longish but narrow cock and tiny balls. ‘This looks more like a pencil than a cock.’ I knocked it playfully with my fist. ‘So you think you can compete with the big boys do you.’ I heard a soft chortle. He knew what I was playing at and wasn’t going to rise to the bait. I turned back to the last of the guys.

Stout and hairy, I ran my fingers through his hairy chest and then down over his belly. He shivered a little and breathed deeply. I had just reached his balls, when I felt a hand on my ass and fingers delving in to my crack. I spun round, my hand raised to slap the offender, just in time to see the Rob-look-alike jerking off a jet of spunk that landed on my left breast.

That seemed to be the signal, as all the others began rubbing frantically, like they had something to prove. The spunk flew at me from all directions. Simon, like I expected, came with one shot and was done. The black guy’s first shot was so powerful, it caught me in the face. I looked for the guy in stockings. Just I like I expected, he was taking it more steady than the others, and his shot almost missed me completely. I held his gaze through the eye holes of his hood; we both knew what he was doing. The others came almost at the same time, from opposite sides, trapping me between their jets.

‘Well,’ I looked around at their fast descending cocks, ‘it looks like you’ve all short your loads. Now which of you will be ready first. Anyone need a hand, just let me know.’

I had been wondering how they occupied their time while they were waiting to recuperate, so it was no surprise when they pushed closer, each rubbing my body, spreading the spunk over me, massaging it into my tits, belly, bottom and even my hair. They kept clear of my pussy, though. Maybe they were saving that for later.

So, that was how they were going to occupy themselves. Now they could find out what I planned.
Foxy Lady

Foxy Lady

Jan 30, 2014
United Kingdom
I moved round the guys, licking the spunk off their flaccid cocks, checking each for any sign of life. Simon’s, naturally, showed no sign of activity and he soon withdrew into the background, keeping the score and making mental notes for reporting back to Simone later probably, unless of course she was watching via a concealed cam.

The black guy was my favourite and his reaction to my tongue on his cock was to stiffen slightly. I stroked his chest and held his gaze, sending a signal that I was on his side and didn’t want him to get aroused too quickly. He seemed to understand and I moved on to the guy in stockings, the winner of the last contest. I spent more time working his cock as I stroked his balls. He tried to pull away, but I dragged him back by his balls. His eyes told me that he knew what my game was, and I just smiled as I slide a finger up to prod his asshole. That set his cock twitching, which I stored away for later use.

Rob-lookalike was next. I gave him a good working over. Time was passing now, so it wasn’t long before he began to stiffen as I dragged my teeth along his cock. As his cock rose, I ducked underneath and sucked at his balls. I has the left one in his mouth when I heard a groan and I muttered ‘No, please, no.’ But it was too late for me to do anything before a flow of sperm ran down his cock and over my face. ‘Damn,’ he cursed as I crawled away. I wasn’t too bothered; he’d shot first before, so he was obviously ready sooner than the rest. They were all jerking themselves now. It was like they all had to cum once one had got off.

Pink Stockings was taking it slow and steady, so I wandered round and stroked his ass. Had my other hand on the hairy guy’s ass as well, just so it didn’t look like I was picking on one of them. But Stockings got my full attention with a vigorous ass fuck and, to my delight, and I suspect the rest of the guys, he shot off a geyser of cum before throwing me a vicious stare. And, to my surprise, in the background Simon was frantically rubbing, although he had only managed a semi stiffy. The hairy guy came soon after and the rest followed, except Simon who had just given up.

Time to check the guys out. I wandered around feeling their balls and found, to my surprise, that the guy with the thin cock was still semi-stiff despite the cum dripping from his cock. Those small balls certainly filled up fast. The black guy, thank goodness, felt like he had a tanker load still, and hairy guy too. Rob-a-like and Stockings tried to keep clear of me and winced as I gave their balls a thorough examination. I was tempted to make some cutting remark to Simon, but everyone knew his problem. He didn’t need the extra humiliation.

The guys were crowding me again, and less gently than before, pushing and gabbing me, a hand slid between my thighs but I wasn’t sure who’s it was. And then another, that began fingering my pussy, while another worked down my crack. Large back hands folded around me from behind and fondled my tits. It looked like I wasn’t here just for target practice and my witty conversation. But then I realised. They weren’t trying to make me cum, They were just using me to get themselves hard again.

And it wasn’t long before I felt a cock pushing into my hip, but it was the last one I’d have expected.
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Foxy Lady

Jan 30, 2014
United Kingdom
All the guys had cum at least once. All except Simon had cum twice. Now a stiff cock was already prodding my hip. To my amazement, it belonged to the pencil cock guy. His left hand was pinching my tit while his right was massaging his cock vigorously. He suddenly let out a loud gasp and a jet of sperm hit me on my side.

‘That’s me done,’ he sighed and wandered off to join Simon.

The remaining four were now left to catch up. They were all hard, but seemed to have been caught before they were ready to cum again. The Rob-alike needed only a few quick strokes, but his stream was weaker than before, which was only to be expected. It was an exceptional guy who could manage three full loads so quickly and have more to cum.

The hairy Gorilla took his time, slowly working to a climax, not hurrying, conveying an air of confidence that he would succeed and move on to the next round. It occurred to me that the guys were waiting their turn, tactics no doubt to allow them to restock before stepping up. It seemed like a game of chess now between the remaining contestants. The first sign was a heaving chest and gasping for air, followed by some frantic pumps and a single jet of sperm that shot straight into the air and came back down on the guy’s pubes. And that was that, apart from the usual dribbles at the end.

The black guy now came and stood directly in front of me. He didn’t touch me, although his hand occasionally brushed my belly as it worked along his shaft. I saw him begin to ooze and desperately wanted to bend down and flick my tongue over his cock to lap it up, but that would have led to his disqualification, which is the last thing I wanted. Our eyes locked as he came, two jets over my tits and one final one that hit my navel. I looked down at the thick cream sticking to my body.

Pink Stocking was last to cum. He had been working less vigorously than the others, but the pressure was now on him. His eyes were closed and his chest red from the effort, his hips were tilted as he was straining to evacuate his balls. As his hips bucked in orgasm, I thought for a moment that he was going to cum dry but in the end a thin dribble worked its way out and hung off his cock. Pencil had forced him to cum sooner than he was able and he now had to accept defeat. He hung his head and slumped to the floor to tear off the stockings. No longer the champion, he cast them aside and hurried from the room. The other men exchanged glances. Their faces were hidden, but I could guess that they were gloating at his defeat.

So now there were three.
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Foxy Lady

Jan 30, 2014
United Kingdom
Three alpha males, that was all that was left standing. Well, not standing exactly, because they were all dangling at the moment and no one seemed in a hurry to start the next round, each one knowing that every minute delayed gave them a better chance to produce sufficient spunk to qualify as an ejaculation for the competition. Time to enjoy myself. The three had spread out around the room, so I was able to sidle up to each in turn and whisper some words of encouragement.

Rob-a-like was closest, so he got my attention first. I moved behind him, up close enough for him to feel my erect nipples brushing his back.

‘You’re big,’ I told him, ‘bigger than Rob, bigger even than my Josh. I like big men, I need them, to overpower me and control me, fill me with their cocks, rip me open as they take me, pump me full of their sperm. Big men are the only real men, the only men who can satisfy a real woman. My cunt has been dripping at the thought of you inside me.’

I walked across the room without looking back, but something told me his eyes were fixed on my bottom as I put on an exaggerated wiggle for him. A girl gets a feel for a guy who likes anal, and I was sending him a message, or perhaps an invitation.

The Gorilla was next. I ran my fingers through his chest hair and down his belly, careful not to tough his cock that was protruding through the forest.

‘You’re an animal, just look at you, a savage. I bet you like it rough. All girls like it too even when we pretend we don’t. We like a guy who can take control and show us how virile he is, someone who can protect us. These other guys know that, secretly, and they are jealous of you because they can’t compete. I want to buy myself in this hair while you bury yourself in my pussy. I want to see your hair matted in your sweat as you ram me hard, and deep and fast.’

His cock was twitching as I walked away. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Rob too was coming to a stand. The black guy, though, was still swinging low as I walked slowly over to him and round to press against his back, my arms round him with my finger tips resting on his nipples. I knew what I wanted to say, had known from the moment I saw him.

‘You’re the one I want. You know that, you’ve known it from the moment our eyes met. I don’t care if you win or lose. I want to see this lovely dark skin against mine. I want that thick cock inside me. I want to hear you cry out as the heat of my cunt scorches your cock. And you feel the same, I can sense that. Nod if I am right.’

He nodded, not enough to be visible to the others.

‘As soon as this nonsense is over, we’ll find somewhere, it doesn’t matter where, but I can’t wait too long.’

His nipples were twitching under my gentle touch. He removed my hands, slowly but firmly and stepped forward. The others accepted the signal and came to meet him in the middle of the room. All three were hard now. I imagined my words playing through the minds of each of them, urging them on as they rubbed themselves vigorously.

And then it happened. In a matter of a few seconds, the contest was decided.
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Foxy Lady

Jan 30, 2014
United Kingdom
The three left standing moved together to form a triangle, their cocks pointing to the centre. I moved forward to get a closer look and the other guys watched from the edge of the room.

All three were breathing deeply and concentrating hard. soon they were all moaning and groaning. They were all staying hard as girders, but each was struggling to cum, willing their balls to empty for one more time. It was difficult to see with the guys so close together, but it looked like every one’s testicles were pulled tight into their crotch. They were ready. If they were going to cum, it would be soon.

It was Rob-a-like who was the first to buck his hips and start to wank furiously. I saw a drip form at the tip but then his cock noticeably slackened. He cursed loudly. He was done.

Now there were two.

The Gorilla was working himself hard but with no sign of any spunk at all, until there was a dribble that just fell to the floor with no power behind it. His shoulders slumped and his head dropped. He’d done better than Rob-a-like, so it was down to the black guy. My favourite. I so wanted to see him in the pink stockings.

He knew what he had to beat, anything better than a dribble. But he didn’t hurry, taking his time to let his sperm production line work away before he came. I so wanted to help him, work my tongue over his body, getting him so aroused that he would blow like a jet engine. But that would mean instant disqualification, so I had to restrain myself.

I didn’t have a watch and didn’t dare take my eyes off him to check the bedside clock but it felt like five minutes of steady effort, before he let out a long sigh. His hips bucked and, at first, I thought he had given up when nothing appeared, but then suddenly a spray of white cream shot out and landed on the Gorilla’s chest, followed by a second weaker stream directed at Rob-a-like.

I couldn’t resist screaming ‘YES’ and punching the air.

Simon came forward and handed a clean pair of pink stockings to me to present to the black guy. I knelt before him and eased his stockings over his feet, then up his calves and over his knees until the tops were snuggling up against his balls. His cock was now swinging in my face, so I took it in my mouth and sucked in the dregs of his sperm.
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Foxy Lady

Jan 30, 2014
United Kingdom
‘Well, Walker,’ Simon was swaying at half mast now, when it was too late, ‘it looks like Annie may have a special award for you. We’ll be downstairs having a drink whenever you’re done up here.’

And off they went, leaving me to climb astride Walker’s hips and settle down with my wet pussy resting on his flaccid cock. First thing, to get rid of the mask. I whipped it off, to display a bald head and sparkling eyes. I put my arms around his neck.

‘Fuck.’ The word drifted along my breath into his left ear.

Was it an expression of my desperation or a desire or a plea or a demand? It was all of those and more.

‘Fuck.’ The same word softly whispered to float into his right ear this time.

He sighed as I lowered my head and dropped light kisses on his neck.

‘Annie, you really are something. No wonder all the guys in the group are hot for you.’ His voice was higher than I had expected, but it had a nice drawl to it. ‘I don’t think I’d have won if it hadn’t been for what you said to me. It was like you really meant it.’

‘I did mean it.’ My mouth brushed his as I spoke and my tongue slipped between his lips. I pushed him back onto the bed and slid down, tracing his nipples with my tongue, sucking them and then blowing on them to dry my saliva. Walker stretched and arched his back, but nothing stirred under my pussy.

I slipped onto the floor and pushed his thighs open to get at his crotch. I lifted his soft cock aside and began to suck his balls, taking each into my mouth, almost chewing them. He moaned but nothing stirred. I slithered up his body, rubbing myself against him, my flesh on his, until I was astride his hips again. as I dropped my face to his, he broke out into a grin. I glanced down to see his cock twitching. Not hard, not even stiffening, but definitely growing thicker and spreading over his belly. He tried to push me over but I held him down.

‘Easy, boy, don’t rush, we can take as long as we want.’

He lay back and put his arms behind his head. ‘OK, Annie, you’re in charge – for now.’

I worked my way back down and began to lick his cock, barely touching it, just to give him the sensation, nothing too stimulating. He was breathing faster now, his face and posture trying to appear casual, but unable to conceal his reaction to me.

I climbed astride and lifted his cock. Still not completely hard, but stiff enough to slide into a sodden pussy. ‘You’re getting there,’ I encouraged him, as I settled down clenching his cock to stop it falling out, ‘just take your time, darling, take your time.’

I could feel him growing inside me, so I rose slowly to let him see my juices sliding down his cock.

And then he was ready, flipping me onto my back and pinning me down as he began to pump me. There was no way I could hold myself back, so I let myself rip, shaking and screaming. I don’t know if he came; I was only aware of him collapsing onto me and breathing hard in my ear as I clung to him.


May 29, 2017
‘The problem, Josh, is that you are a disruptive influence.’

That was Simone’s way of breaking the news to me gently.

‘Annie has fitted in really well, so we don’t want to lose her, or you either,’ she added quickly.

I didn’t really understand what the problem was and told her so.

‘It’s not your fault, Josh. You aren’t responsible for being so well hung. There is always one guy who stands out from the rest. In fact, to be honest, you aren’t actually the biggest. There’s a guy called Winston, or is it Windsor. I can’t remember. Something beginning with W anyway. He doesn’t attend very often because he and his partner separated and we are strictly for couples, but he is still able to attend men-only events. But for some reason your arrival has unsettled the group. Rob has more or less opted out and others are jealous of you because, well, they don’t measure up to you and their partners are letting them know that.’

What could I say? Fortunately I didn’t need to think about it, because Simone kept talking. She had invited me over for a quiet chat and I thought at the time that this might be a prelude to some action, but it looked like I was wrong.

‘It hasn’t helped that you’re breeding with Polly. No, don’t look surprised. It’s an open secret. That isn’t what this group is supposed to be about. The point is to enhance the members’ relationships, not destroy them, which is what you’re doing with Pol’s and maybe even yours if Annie finds out.’

‘So,’ I managed to get a word in at last, ‘what do you think I should do about this, er, problem?’

‘What you need, Josh, is someone to stand up for you, someone prominent in the group to put your case and to smooth out any potential conflicts before they erupt. Someone,’ she pretended to hesitate, but I knew what was coming, ‘like me.’

‘Would you do that for me, Simone, really, I would be so grateful if you would, because Annie and I have enjoyed your events.’

Simone smiled.

‘It will be a pleasure, Josh. Honestly, it will.’

I waited, sure that there was something behind this. I didn’t have long to wait.

‘Now we’re friends, I wonder if you would mind doing me a favour.’

‘Of course not, Simone, anything, anything at all, just ask away.’

Some little fetish of hers that she wanted to indulge no doubt. But I was wrong.

‘It’s my mother. You see, she’s coming to stay next week and it’s her birthday, so I wondered if you would mind spending some time with her. Dad died years ago and she’s got a couple of guys who pay her visits, but I’ve mentioned you and, well, I think you are just what she needs to perk her up.’

‘Well, Simone, I will certainly do my best to perk her up. How old will she be, by the way?’



‘And, Josh, I wonder if you’d mind doing it on her birthday, as a kind of present. You’ll really make her day.’

‘Of course, Simone, it will be a pleasure.’ What else could I say?


May 29, 2017
I told Annie about Simone’s proposition – about fucking her mother Yvonne. I had to really, although I didn’t mention the bit about me being a disruptive influence obviously. She saw that I had to do it. Although she wasn’t happy, but to my surprise she was concerned about me rather than about her own feelings.

“Please be careful, darling, women of her age can be seriously horny, if not desperate. Make sure you rest up before hand. Let me know the date and I’ll not make any demands on you for a few days. You probably won’t find her that attractive, so the more desperate you are the better.”

That sounded like good advice, until the morning when I was meeting Yvonne. I woke to find a text from Pol: I’M ON HEAT TODAY, COME OVER LUNCHTIME. She had been monitoring to pick the days when she was at the peak of fertility to give her the best chance of getting pregnant. Just my luck.

She let me in and rushed ahead of me upstairs to her bedroom, her naked butt swaying and bouncing. She was on the bed with her legs wide by the time I reached the doorway. I just pushed down my jeans and shorts – now was not the time for any romantic gestures. Annie had kept me at arms length for four days, pushing me away and even suggesting that she sleep in another room, which I refused, so my dick sprang out hard and ready for action. There was no way I could restrain myself and hold back, not with Pol on heat. Thank goodness, she didn’t expect to cum, all she wanted was my sperm, but the thought of that got her aroused and her pussy was sodden when I slid in and began pumping. I usually like to last long enough for the lady to climax, but this time I could just let myself go, which I did.

‘WOW.’ Her face glowed as I shot my load. ‘You were ready for me, lover, you’re as eager to be a daddy as I am to have your baby.’ She flung her legs around my hips and pulled me close to her, gripping my cock to drain every drop into her womb. Then she fell asleep. I slid out and lay beside her. I knew from experience that there was no chance of slipping away. She’d wake just as I was ready to go again, which is just what she did half an hour later. It was more of a struggle for me to cum this time, so it took a while working away before I felt my balls tighten and a much smaller load headed off after the first.

‘Sorry, Pol, really, but I have to get back to work now, really I do. You know I’d stay for another shot if I could, don’t you?’

She didn’t have a chance to reply before I was gone and, even after rushing, I was late for work and had to stay later to finish what needed to be done. With no time to go home for a shower or change, I hurried straight to Simone’s house and rang the bell.

I heard footsteps approaching the door and braced myself for what would face me when it opened.


May 29, 2017
I could barely see Yvonne when she opened the door because she was wrapped in one of the large robes that we used for our evenings at Simone’s. She was short and thin with short-cropped white hair and, my eyes went straight there to check what she might look like under the robe, a scrawny neck. She caught my glance and stepped back.

‘You must be Josh, hi, come in. Simon and Simone have given us the place to ourselves.’

She shut the door and set off up the stairs.

‘I’m glad they’ve taken themselves off the for the evening, I was afraid that Simon wold be creeping around us. He’s weird. Oh.’ She paused on the stairs and turned round, ‘and I made him turn off the camera in my room. I don’t want him wanking over me later. I suppose you must be used to knowing you’re being filmed.’ Then she was off, leading me to her room at the back of the house.

Actually, I knew about the filming but I never let it bother me.

Meanwhile, Yvonne was still chattering away.

‘I see you checked out my neck. No need to be embarrassed,’ she grinned over her shoulder, ‘it’s only natural. But my cunt is still nice and juicy, so you won’t have any problems in that Department.’

We reached her room and she closed the door behind us, throwing the bolt. Was this instinct, for privacy when she was engaged in intimate activity, or was there a reason why she might want to lock me in?

‘Right,’ she came right up to me and began pulling my shirt over my head, ‘let me get a look at you. It’s been a long time since I saw a nice slab of fresh meat. The guys who come around to be are all as shrivelled as I am.’

With me naked, she dropped to her knees and pushed her face towards my crotch.

‘Is that Annie I can smell? That is her name, isn’t it, Annie, your wife or partner or whatever you call her? She’s marked you with her scent has she, just to let me know?’

I confessed it wasn’t Annie.

‘So, it’s got to be Polly, this woman who can’t get pregnant.’

I blushed and began to stammer an apology about not having time to shower. But she brushed it aside.

‘I don’t mind, never have, actually I like men to smell like men, not bubble bath. And it turns me on to know a guy has been servicing someone else. Shows how virile they are, unlike that drip my daughter married. I told her to find someone better, but she wouldn’t listen.’

I was still standing like I was being examined by a doctor when she burst into laughter.

‘Silly me, I was expected you to pop out of your shorts ready for action. But why should you. You’ve had a busy day. And you’ve no idea what I look like yet.’

I had been wondering what she had concealed beneath that voluminous robe. Was it her body that she was reluctant to expose or maybe some fancy lingerie that she was wearing? Normally I would have made a move to take that robe off by now, but with Yvonne I felt that she wanted to be in control, at least for now. It was just that I was on the point of reaching out to untie the sash that she stepped back and threw the robe over her shoulders.

I stared at what she displayed to me and then I looked at her face. Her expression was hesitant waiting for my reaction.
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