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Fx Male Modern Taboo [nsfw]


Sep 17, 2018
Hello bluemooners!

I am allways looking to improve on my thread, so feel free to send praise or critique my way :)

Around these parts i go by Tania! I am a primarily plot based roleplayer, smut is all good but it is the story that keeps me invested.

Things i am looking for:

- Plot based stories
- Multiple character plays
- I have a prefrence for dark / scary settings
- I have no limits, but will abide by yours.
- I only play by PM
- I will allways have one female character but i am not against doubeling as a trap.
- I prefer being submissive or a switch, but will gladly double as a dom
- I like varied characters like a mom/dau, and dislike playing similar characters like twins
- I consider myself Semi-literate

Special notes:

Please approach me with an idea in mind, if you open by saying "hey i see you like facefucking what would you like to do with it?" Will jusy make me decline right of the bat.

What i am looking for:
So as the title suggests i am looking for modern taboo, this could include the following:

Incest pairings:
Dad x Daughter
Dad x son(trap) x Daughter
Grandpa x Daughter
Brother x Sister
Brother x Brother(trap) x Daughter
Dad x Daughter x Family dog

Other pairings:
Teacher x Student

Important note:
Something i feel the need to highlight, i am looking for Taboo. This means i am not too interrested in competly consensual pairings, mainly beacuse if everyone in the play just assumes this is lovely and normal, then i personally view it more as Wierd instead of Taboo.

This means i would like some form of non-con or atleast cohersion involved.

I'll include some possible scenarios below.


The young asian prostitute next door
Required kinks: ageplay (15-17), prostituion.
The idea:
I would like to explore the life of a young girl threading a 'normal' life, with some added side activites she should not be indulging in.

Now there are numerous ways to go about this setting and options for who you would play, and i am open to suggestions aswell.

The ackward teen friend:
So for this option i think it would be fun to explore a romance between a normal, potentially nerdy guy, and a young whore. Fun things to explore would be the likely entirely diffrent relationships between the parents of both characters.

The 'nice' customer next door:
This one would be exploreing relations between a pair of neighbouring familys, this could include you cheating on your wife as you learn about MC's extra 'activitys'. Now i will say i am looking for someone who enjoys exploreing the moral dilema of the situation.


World building:
I love world building but it can also be daunting, i tend to overthink and try to figure out how every detail works, as you will see later i like fandoms and enjoy drawing inspiration from some of the numerous worlds thst has bden created throughout fiction and media

Current Craveing: Fantasy Setting

I would love to do a play based on either a pair of characters or a group going on an adventure.

This can eeither be a dandom adventure or an original setting, for original settings a big appeal for me is developing and exploreing cultures of various fantasy races.

Fandom list:
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Sep 17, 2018
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