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Fx Male Tania's pantie den[NSFW]


Sep 17, 2018
Hello bluemooners, and thank you for checking out my little thread. This is currently a quick draft so i'll likely be expanding upon it in the coming days ^.^

Small note about me:
When you approach me with a message i will allmost allways follow up by reading your thread. This helps me get a feel for who you are and what you generally look for, so i would prefer if you don't link me your own thread and instead try to think of other ways to catch my attention. Ofcourse if your profile is private i can't do this.

A few things:
  1. I am not looking for system driven plays, i prefer narrative.
  2. I like praise & critique, allways fun to hear peoples opinions!
  3. I don't like smut driven & smut centric plays, but i do like naughty stuff
  4. I have no limits - i enjoy darker themed plays - but i will allways follow your limits :)
  5. I am here to have fun, i hope you are aswell
  6. I am NOT here to flirt
  7. I only RP on site
As stated above i do not really have limits, but i do realise that people tend to prefer having something to go by so here's a list of some favorites.

Big cocks - i do enjoy it when it is a tough fit, and it is cute when a man is a little self-concious about their size.

Rough sex - a little pain makes it more exciteing.

Public themes - be it exhibitionism or being sneaky and doing something in public.

age-gaps - i prefer to be the younger character in the play, but i do usually double so milfs will also be present.

Oral - reciving and giving



Friends - now this might be confusing to some people, but i do like story and that usually means i enjoy it when your character doesn't want to fuck every character i create.

This also means i really like the idea of your character having male friends, i have done a lot of plays lately where basically only one man excists and i'm a little tierd of it. So if you only want to play one male character i am not a potential partner for you

Current craving : Sci-fi themes

I don't have a specific plot in mind, but right now i would like to do something involving a ship crew of some sorts. I will probably update this in the days to come as i form some more specific ideas.

But you are welcome to look below if there is something that appeals to you in my old ideas.

Lately i have been playing around with ideas off a character being brought to a secluded village, and being nursed back to health by them.

Now either character could be the one being nursed back to health, and i am open to both variations, but. I do prefer the version of nurseing a man back to health.

A few variations on how the setting might be setup:

Wounded monster hunter:

You play a character who has the unlucky proffesion of hunting down big bad beasts, during a contact you bite of more than you can chew and you wind up wounded. My character finds you and brings you back to her village.

Merchant in harsh times:

This idea would see your character being a merchant who trades with my village, but during a time of war tensions are high, and maybe someone doesn't like you trading with outsiders like me. You wind up wounded and we take you in.

Wounded soldier:

This one is more of a classic setting, from nunerous tales. But you belong to kingdom XXX (uhh how naughty) and in a fight with kingdom XXX (this is sounding like a kinky battle) you ended up wounded and alone. Perhaps my tribe goes to scavange or we find you on the side of the road, and we decide to help you out.

This one could include elements of hiding your identity.

The diplomats son:

This one is slightly diffrent, but it would see you and your father visiting my tribe, clan, city, people? And due to circumstances we can discuss would have you stay for a while, leverage? You would essentially be held captive, but not in chains. And the idea would be about having our characrers explore the backgrounds of each other.


Your ideas, my ideas are hardly the only way to go about a setting such as this one, and as such i would love to hear yours.


The main theme of the play that i really want to explore is - culture clash. This could be due to diffrent races or cultures, an example of a more exotic option would be my tribe being Kitsune.

More to be added here.


Well i would have to talk a bit about smut i suppose ^.^ but i am open to most thingd, i have very little in terms of limits, but if you have a more perculiar kink i do ask that you do not make it the sole focus of the play.

A list of potential includes:

Harem - warning below please read
Casual sex
Skimpy outfits
Rough sex
Selfish sex

I am reluctant to include harems due to the people that it usually atteacts. But i think it fits for this potential play. But do note that if you do ask for a harem to be included.

Then it is up to you to insure that i am interrested, there is a chance i will loose interrest. If so i will not ghost you but i might say i have lost interrest and if so it is hard to rekindle my interrest.

A few pit falls:

I will not do settings where your character is the only male that excists, i'm just not interrested.

I will not play a harem of super model virgins, if i am to play numerous girls i want to play a varied cast. So i am sorry no super model quintuplet virgins who worship your every action

I tend to favour story focused ideas, and this thread will be no diffrent, so if that is not your thing i apoligise :).

My current craveing is something Isekai inspired.

Now there is a lot of ways to go about an Isekai setting, and likely some i am not even familiar with. But i'm allways excited to hear some more ideas so don't be shy about shareing your own spin on things.

I will say that i am expecting to write a atory here, not just smut. Something along the lines of 70/30 or 80/20 ratio of story/smut.

Group setting:

One of the settings i would like to explore is the idea of a group of characters being dragged into a world together.

This setting has one none negotiable requirement: we both play multiple characters

The main theme i want to explore with this one is how the group adapts to the world they end up in, i would prefer if it was a more 'serious' world and not a goofy one, as i feel that encourages them to work and stick together.

Inspirational anime settings:
Shield hero

But it doesn't have to be fandom related :)

One character being swooped away:
i'll add this one soon, but if you know isekai i'm sure you have some ideas ^.^

My current craving is something Resident Evil inspired, i enjoy the settings from 2 & 5 the most, but i'm open to ideas!

Resident Evil 2:

I find the setting of the Racoon outbreak to be quite an engaging premise, cannon or OC.

The main theme i enjoy in this variation is a pair of survivors trying to get out together, but a reimagination of the games plot could also be fun if you feel like exploreing 'evil corporation' overall it's a pretty open idea that i prefer discussing with someone as opposed to an idea set in stone.

Resident evil 5:
This one is leds about civilians and more about 'mercenaries' with one being an outsider and the other being a local.

Now i would like something more grounded than the game, it's a little too actiony. But i really like Sheva being a more tribal character and i think that'd be fun to explore.

Still slightly a work in progress - i still need to spellcheck, my apoligies.

Dungeons & Dragons - Baldurs gate 3 inspired.

So i have been watching something called Baldurs gate, and i think that is pretty fun ^.^! So i figured i would do a thread based on something of the sorts, but i want to lay down a few bits of information first.

  1. I do not understand the rules - i have never played D&D.
  2. I do NOT know the first two games - i simply watched the third one and found myself drawn into the world - apoligies if i butcher your fandom.
  3. I have read some things through my time on this forum.
  4. I am not looking for system driven plays, i prefer narrative.
  5. I like praise & critique, allways fun to hear peoples opinions!
  6. I don't like smut driven & smut centric plays, but i do like naughty stuff
  7. I have no limits - i enjoy darker themed plays - but i will allways follow your limits :)
  8. I am here to have fun, i hope you are aswell
  9. I am NOT here to flirt

I am not sure how i really see this rp playing out and as such feel like right now it is more fun to creatively write an opening for the character i wish to play, and it will be added below and updated over time :).

So below i will write some backstories for some characters i would like to play, for now it is just the sorceress, but i do have some potential ideas that will be added later.

The idea for RP's based ln these characters are essentially to entice you with them and then seeing who you could imagine as potential partners for them. It is a bit of an experimental idea, so i will have to adjust depending on how it will go.


Character : Drow sorceress - draconic bloodline
Potential faceclaims : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Introduction chapter:
Nendra ran the tips of her fingers across a loose brick in the wall as she turned the corner to the village. As her bare feet touched the first stones of the village road she paused for a brief moment to look around the wreckage of the once promesing trading post that now lay in ruins with walls busted down, large bloodstains coating the walls in places left covered from the rain, walls busted down, furniture dismanteled and empty bottles could be seen in every building.

Nendra stood out like a sore thumb in the wreckage of a village. The crimson red eyes, the ashen skin and her pale white hair being only some part of it as the female drow had been strolling about the forest bed stark naked, her tiny frame, the hairless sex and a bosom that seemed all too large for her own good as if she had been sculpted in the image of lust.

Her nipples stiffend as a cold breeze washed over her body, but she remained unfazed as she proceded along her path, she walked slow and seductively up the barren steeet. The windmill slowly rotating in the distance just past the city well despite no one being there to man it.

She paused by the building at the end of the road and turned towards the worn down double gate that seemed to be on it's last legs only to hold up a single hand covered in a gentle blue shimmer as the hinge on the lock could be heard coming undone only for a snarky voice to be heard from above.

"Heh! Who thinks dey can just walk into gobo village!" The voice spoke barely understandably in the common tounge as it pointed a crossbow at her.

Her eyes shifted into a deep azure hue and her pupil into that of a reptillian predator as she eyed the creature with contempt.

"M-m-mistress drow" the creature stuttered and seemed to stumple and tremble as it gawked nervously it's head darting from side to side only for hil to be shoved of the building with a scream as a femalr goblin appeared with a bow.

"T-the idiot won'tbe disturbing you again! A-and neither will i! We still keep watch over your building.

Her eyes reverted back her usual crimson as she slowly opened the door paying no further attention to the goblins as she walked into the room with the door swining closed behind her.

Being a Drow she had no quarrels with the dark, it was easier on her eyes and allowed her some form of confort.

The room itself was dark and dreary, spiderwebs littered the corners of allmost every room with boxes scattered everywhere as she proceded down the stairs towards a large open room that contained a now abandoned forge, she ran her finger across the dusty rail.

"Hmpf.. it would appear they've stayed out atleast" she said with a sigh as she rubbed her finger tips clean of the dust. She procede across the room towards a crack in the wall next to the forge, the path through the broken wall was narrow but it eventully opened up into cave with a small flower bed in the center illuminated by a small hole in the ceiling allowing in the sun.

The cave had a gentle breeze which would lead one to believe it was connected to a larger network lf tunnels, the flapping of bats could be heard as she stepped into the room briely overshadowing the sound of running water as she crossed the flower bed her eyes darting around the room takeing note of the eerie coffins and wooden desks and broken down chairs lineing the sides of the cave.

She turned a corner of the cave only to be greeted with a brick wall with a pair of creaky wooden steps leading up to a slightly elevated walk way which ended with a mirror, that revealed a pair of eyes as she stopped before it. Neither of them said anything the eyes just took in her form before becoming transparent revealing an elaborate room.

Nendra's lair was not a collection of seperate rooms, it was bust everything piled into one. A vacant bathtub in the corner next to a cauldron, a large princess bed on a small alcove in a diffrent corner with a dresser and closets. The rest a mere collection of tables with scattered alchemy components and research notes and books scattered on the floor.

She walked up to a book stand on the corner of her research table and ran her hand across an elaborate grimoire. The book belonged to her old mentor who had gone missing some years ago. Her fingers traced the etchings on the leather bindings on the book as she stared at the magic seal of the book missing the amethyst gem that kept it's secrets concealed even to her.

She had barely started to reminice on her old master when a male voice echoed throughout her hideout.

???: "you're still trying to get into that old thing"

She snapped to attention and instinctively channeled the weave around her into her palm swfitly sending a pair of scorching rays in the direction of the voice as she hissed in response.

Her rays hit the wall leaving a burn mark as she glanced frantically around the room, but no one appeared to be there only for a figure to shimmer into excistance next to scorch mark.

???: "is that really a way to greet an old friend?"

The figure then turned and approached her. Nendra was having none of it, still overcome with rage as she was on the defensive she shifted her stance as she cast a spell of hold person, the weave formed around the figures feet taking the form of chains, but much to her surprise the chains flowed through the figures legs.

"Che-... an illusion" she cussed in low breath as she eased her stance, no longer acting on instinct she viewed figure for who he was, a 'companion' she had traveled with some years ago.

"Show yourself.. trickster" she called out as she leaned against the table, keeping the grimoire behind her as she watched the illusion disappear and a brief moment later the same male figure stepped out of the shadows, hands held high in a sign of surrender, dagger in one, amethyst in the other.

Trickster: "have you calmed down?... this is why i prefer dealing with wizards"

The man would sigh and hunch over dejectedly only to swiftly snap back to attention eyeing her carefully, though to her the point of fighting had passed and she simply rolled her eyes at his theatrics.

"What do you want trickster?" She sighed and crossed her arms underneath her voloupterous bosom as she watched him approach carefully, though she couls tell at a glance that it was all a preformance to him.

"Trickster... is that really an approiate name for an old friend?" He replied with a hint of sadness in his voice. She exhaled audibly as this was pne of the reasons she really hated humans "yes.. trickster suits you" she allmost snarrled back at him.

"Oh well.. names are a formality not fit amongst friends.. and see! I come bareing gifts" he replied suddenly sounding all chippy as he approached the other end of the table and puy his dagger down slowly only to approach her amethyst held high in her eye hight.

She reached out with one hand slightly reluctant to agree as she was uncertain as to what she would use a gemstone for, it wasn't until he dropped it in her palm and pointed behind her that she realised.. this was the key she had been looking for. She spun around and quickly attatched it to the open slot in the grimoire, and tl her surprise it fit perfectly and the sound of magical chains echoed throughout the room and she swiftly flipped the book open and ran a hand across the parchment.

She lost herself for a moment taking a glimpse of pager after page, not even careing for the sound of his hand landing a smack on her rear even if he did misty step away immediatly as a precaution to not be struck by lightning.

Eventully she flinched and turned around looking at him intently "how did yo~" she was interrupted by his finger being planted on her lips as he shushed her and slowly approached and she allowed herself to be pushed back as her rear touched the table she climbed a top it as she felt his hand on her thigh guideing her legs apart as he stopped, his head mere inches from hers and she could feel his hand caress her inner thigh slowly but surely approaching her crotch.

"My gift from me... to you.. but first for the reason i am here" he chuckeled and she could tell he was leaning in for a kiss, and to her surprise he was brazen enough to find his finger tip on the tip of her puffy pussy lips slowly traceing along her slit with her moaninh in surprise.

The trickster was a handsome man, handsome to the point of being girly. His rear really emphatized in his all too tight pants that no straight man would be caught wearing, he was slightly taller than her.

She was well aware of his prefrence clearly being that of other men and as such called his bluff as she leaned in towards the kiss and he in turn pulled back, but what came next caught her by surprise as she left out a soft moan as she felt an object with rough edges slowly start to enter her now glistering sex.

"I.... i have a favour to ask" he said with a smile and rested his forehead against hers, and she could feel a small crystal being slowly inserted into her pussy.

She would breath and pant heavily as she felt his hand give her pussy a few gentle pats like one would a dog. "See.. it fits" he would smile with a grin and step away from her allowing her a moment to slowly dig and push the crystal out of her and she held it up now coated in her fluids as she listend to him explain.

"I would like to have you.. smuggle this into Baldurs gate" he spoke in a serious tone and she gave him a bit of a puzzeled look as she replied "and i suppose leather bags are out of fashion?"

"Well I clearly don't need help with fashion" he replies bragging and strikeing a pose, but Nendra qould appear unimpressed and glancwd over the crystal once more. It was becoming quite clear that this was not a regular crystal as she could feel heat eminate from it as it pulsated much like a heartbeat.

"Why not do it yourself? I mean you have a flesh pocket of your own.. your rear must be quite trained by now" she taunted back at him even if he appeared unphased as he extended a hand and she dropped the crystal into the palm of his hand and he swiftly raised it to his lips.

As the crystal was pressed against the mans lips a large ringing screech echoed throughout the room growing louder and louder until he pulled it away as they both flinched in pain.

"Oof... well.. as you can see it clearly doesn't like men" he winced and panted slightly, and the two of them took a moment to rub their ears before either of them spoke up again.

Nendra: "Then use a human whore"
Trickster: "unreliable"
Nendra: "then pay her better"
Trickster: "makes them less trust worthy as they assume it to be of higher value"
Nendra: "you have to know someome other than me"
Trickster: "there is another issue"

She shook her head confused and shrugged her shoulders, how could this get any wierder she thought to herself as she listened to his explenation.

Trickster: "recently the city was under attack now no one comes and goes without being checked by court wizards and city guards.. portals.. going through the gates it doesn't matter.. and they are on the lookout for anything magical.. and well i would need someone who radiates more magical energy than the crystal"

He smiled and motioned towards her and then bowed. She put a hand to her forehead and sighed deeply "and what would be in this for me?"

"I have something that i am sure will not disapoint!" He had barelt finished speaking before an orb of fire had formed in the palm of her hand and her eyes had once more shifted to a deep azure as she once more eyed him as an invader.

"H-hey now! I'll tell you once you get to the city.. for now just assume the crystal for you book as a sign of good will... right.. right? I even disarmed myself.. be reasonable" he stuttered slightly and she closed her eyes and extinquished the fireball, and as she opened her eyes they were once again a deep crimson.

"Fine.. but don't think me a fool.. the dagger you out on the table is your mundane one... you never part with your other one" she sighed and caressed her neck before nodding in agreement "fine.. i'll do it i just need to get it into the city right?"

"Yes.. within 14 days" he nodded with excitement.

She lowered her head in disapoinment as she could only begin to imagine what this quest would entail.
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Sep 17, 2018
Bump~ craving something gantz inspired if anyone happens to be familiar with that fandom :)
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