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[Z-Apoc.] OOC Thread + Info and Rules


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Jan 27, 2018
This thread will be used to discuss and exchange ideas, ask questions and just be silly. I'll do my best to keep all information and rules updated, and will have them gathered in the first post of this thread. Information and rules may be subject to change.

~Rules and Requirements~

- Communication: The OOC thread serves for that purpose, please don't be afraid to use it. If you have questions about each other's characters, or want to throw out some ideas to add to the story; plot twists, drama, add some npc's or villains, etc... You wish to pull a 'Negan', etc... Discuss it here and we'll help you out. There's no GM here, so everyone gets to have a chance to add to the story and make their mark.

- Post Size: NO one-liners. Try to at least write a paragraph to give us something to work with. If you are unsure of what to add (besides responding to a dialogue, or an action of another character) then considering the "5 senses method". Ask yourself; what does your character "see, hear, smell, taste, feel"?

- Kink Limits: NO Zombie-Smut/Necrofilia. No Pedophilia (teens can get it on with each other but no adults and -18 kids). Keep Rape-Scenes in spoilers as a courtesy for those who do not wish to see these details.

- Keep Smut Levels in Check: We all have characters of varying libido's and kinks, etc... But don't turn this story into a fuck-fest. This is the end of the world; being hungry, dirty, tired, and surrounded by death doesn't make a person feel sexy. However, sometimes...comfort sex and angry sex is just what the doctor ordered in these times.

- Military-Types: Although they are welcome, we encourage people to try and bring in some civilian type characters whether they're good or bad, rich or poor. That way the group of survivors has a more interesting dynamic instead of just a crew of military folk with heavy weaponry >.>

~Story Information~

The Story so far...


Our story begins in modern-day Earth, in one of the states of America called "Georgia", where it's hotter than hell and the girls are sweeter than peaches. The environment is versatile in that the state has populated areas such as cities and towns, touristic parks, etc... and has some wild places too! The further north you go the more mountainous the region becomes.

The cities are overflowing with dreams and business while smaller places are holding on to traditions with a variety of touristic places that can offer an escape of the hustle and bustle of the city and slow down for a while...

The story follows a number of individuals who come from all walks of life; rich or poor, old or young, law-abiding citizens or two-timing crooks,... They may not realize it but their lives are about to change forever.

For the past year or so, it was subtle...

A homeless person succumbed to the elements outside as his body ran high with fever. A resident at a local retirement home practically reached the latter stages of dementia overnight and bit a caretaker during a delusional fit before her heart finally gave up.

But whatever this's growing. Over the last few months violence seems to have increased. Some blamed it on a new illicit drug that may have hit the market while others blamed it as a reaction to the recent political changes in leadership. At the same time the rabies epidemic among animals contribute to the chaos while medical experts are reassuring the public about this years flu.

[OOC: people see stuff on the news, there's gossip about it and the public is a little bit wary when someone has a runny nose. But other than that there is no full-blown panic....yet.]

Pre-evacuation: Strange news reports, incidents in the streets, confusion and questioning authorities. The government is slowly loosing control as we see glimpses of the daily lives of our survivors before we get in the swing of things.

The following threads happen around the same time in the story.

The Alice Scholaighe Show
The Pink Panthers Club
Green Valley Farm, Forsyth, Georgia

~The Virus [Unknown]~


Where this virus came from, or when exactly it showed up is unknown. Even when the public turns to their medical experts they couldn't figure it out, or according to some were unwilling to share that information.

But here are the facts that we do know.

The virus doesn't discriminate between Human and Animal. And it spreads like any virus would; Saliva and Blood.

The symptoms of the First Stage can be easily confused with the common cold or flu. Fever, Muscle Aches, Chills, Weakness, Gastrointestinal Problems (nausea and/or the poops), Coughing, Headaches, etc...

Another initial side-effect is if the infection was spread through an injury; a scratch, a bite, or any wound that comes into contact with infected Saliva or Blood. The area around the wound will appear severally inflamed; feeling hot to the touch, red to purple-ish blue discoloration, in some cases one can experience pus coming out of the wound.

Over a course of about 16-24 hours the symptoms will worsen as the victim enters the Second and Final Stage of the disease.

The Second Stage causes the symptoms to increase in severity. Fever increases which causes hallucinations and behavioral changes (mood swings). The victim will experience pain while the body continues to weaken to the point where one will eventually become bedridden. They'll experience trouble breathing and a slower heart rate.

This will eventually turn into the Third and Final stage. Organ failure that eventually forces the victim to enter a deep coma until the body eventually succumbs from respiratory or cardiac arrest, and in some cases due to Toxic blood as the body can no longer filter it.

But here's the peculiar side-effect the virus has on a 'clinically dead' victim whether it's a Human or Animal. The body's decaying process happens at a much slower pace than normal. At the same time, for whatever reason, the virus seems to "stimulate" the brain stem enough to the point where the body reanimates itself. The simplest of motoric function enables the body to walk and grasp again. Lungs seems to force themselves to fill with air once more, creating basic sounds from their vocal cords while the body's most primal instinct kicks in: the need to feed.

~Zombiepedia: The individuals of the story have yet to encounter any of these~


- Standard Zombies: Just your typical undead. They’re slow and stupid and get distracted by the simplest of things. They are also known to follow a noise or movement, even when they’ve forgotten about it they’ll continue to follow that general direction of their last stimulus. Easy to deal with when they’re alone or in groups of 1-3 but very dangerous when they start to form herds as their numbers quickly overwhelm.

- Standard Zombies Type 2: Technically these are not mutations but differences based on environments and condition of the body. Very cold environments tend to create a “frozen” zombie type, they move slower than your typical one but they are tougher to penetrate due to their bodies being frozen. Bloaters are swollen zombies that have been in contact with water for a long time, they can be tricky as their bodies tend to turn to sludge making them difficult to grasp. Very hot environments turn them dry and leathery. These are a few examples of those small differences that can make them appear as unique.

- Infected Animals: Even your beloved pets aren’t spared from the virus. They sadly undergo the same suffering and changes when the body reanimates. But they tend to be more aggressive than Zombies and depending on the condition of their body can prove to be faster than you’d like them to be. Make sure you wash off any blood traces on you as they tend to be drawn by smell.

- Banshees/Shriekers: A mild mutation but still a nuisance nonetheless. Your typical zombie makes raspy noises and wet gurgles due to their vocal cords suffering too much decay and lacking a control over it. But Banshees seem to have a better control over their vocal cords, most likely due to less damage. Which results in them shrieking and screaming more loudly and high-pitched when they get excited. This may not seem like much but their voices carry and manage to alert nearby zombie to investigate the ruckus. When you spot one, kill them fast or run like hell!

- Crawlers: A mutation that affected the zombie’s skin texture and extremities. They have microscopic hairs in dense numbers that are riddled upon the skin. Invisible to the naked eye but upon touch feels like the skin is sticky and hook on things like a cat’s tongue. Their extremities (legs and arms) appear almost stretched and skinny, and the joints contorted. These two changes combined has granted these zombies the ability to crawl on walls and even ceilings. When you secure a room, don’t forget to look up!

- Bloaters/Spitters: Not to be confused with the swollen water corpses. Another peculiar mutation caused by the virus. Some zombies tend to swell overtime as the body fills with a type of acid. How of why is unknown but this effect even seems to bother them as the body tries to regularly purge itself of those fluids. When these zombies get excited they tend to spray their prey with these acids, causing severe acid burns as flesh seems to melt. But there are rare occasions where the body fails to purge these fluids, causing the body to burst. Stay clear from these zombies. And if you find suspicious molten or even sizzling marks on the floor, you’ll know one is nearby.

- Hunters: The rarest of zombies. To call them smart might be a big word but you’ll notice that they definitely have a certain “learning curve” with the way they react to their environment. A quirk they have is to mimic actions or noises that they pick up on. Per example: if a group of zombie are focus on a door to break through, after a while the ‘hunter’ will begin to ‘learn’ that several people banging on the same unmoving door isn’t going to work out. So they move away and look for a different entrance. Another example: after observing encounters with the living they might recognize signs of aggression towards -them-, causing them to flinch or back away upon instinct. These zombies seem to learn as they go, learn from observation. In an early enough stage they may be easy to handle but who knows how intelligent they’ll grow if giving them to time...
RE: [Z-Apoc.] The Extinction of Man

Okay: Some details that we still need to figure out before the roleplay can start.

Where will most of our characters be located at? I'd be more ideally if we were at least in the same state, no?
The first Characters that I'll be playing are typically girls from the South and were originally OC's for a Walking Dead fanfiction so I just had them start out in Georgia for convenience sake. But what do you guy think?
Or we can just invent a city/town/area for the start?

Also, about the infection strain. Do we want to go with a virus/bacterie type? Or the parasite type?

And are we okay with the Zombie mutations I've listed or do we want to add more or less? What do you guys think?
RE: [Z-Apoc.] The Extinction of Man

I'd prefer a virus over parasites for the zombie infection, and as for the location, my character is originally envisioned as a Northerner, but he could be laying low in Georgia hiding from his Mafia buddies up in New Jersey when the outbreak begins.
RE: [Z-Apoc.] The Extinction of Man

Infection-wise I can go either way, so I guess we'll wait for the others to see what their opinions are. As for location, I can totally see him trying to hide out for a while to escape the mob. depending on the others we can gather in georgia or we can try and move more north, maybe find a nice middle ground for everyone's character. :)
RE: [Z-Apoc.] The Extinction of Man

I like the idea of the RP starting in Georgia and then as the outbreak worsens, the characters try to head further north (maybe Marty is trying to return to New Jersey during the later stages of the evacuation to try and rescue his parents but he doesn't want to go at it alone, while other characters may have their own reasons for heading northwards).

Also, maybe one of your characters could already sort of know Marty before the outbreak begins? Like what if they are a customer at his bar or maybe they're drinking buddies? That way I've got some more plot hooks and story connections when the RP begins.
RE: [Z-Apoc.] The Extinction of Man

I've my character Lucille who's a stripper. He could own the place or work at the bar there? He might also know her little sister that way too, Roxanne. Lucille doesn't allow her to come to the club unless there's an emergency. Got to keep the youngster pure! lol
RE: [Z-Apoc.] The Extinction of Man

I could totally see Marty being a bartender at the strip club that Lucille works at. Maybe he wouldn't own the place, but I like the idea of him working there to keep the lights on while he is laying low in Georgia.

I might also create a second character if that is okay, a female who is Marty's girlfriend or wife who fled with him to Georgia.
RE: [Z-Apoc.] The Extinction of Man

I am also in favor of a virus/bacteria as opposed to a parasite. I think the fear of a zombie bite is a huge part of zombie stories, and while I would very much be okay with a bite/scratch not being 100% chance of conversion, I want it to be a risk.

I'm okay with Georgia as a starting point, and am probably leaning toward a state-level politician or something similar. I think of Georgia as kind of famous for its gentlemen's associations, making a Georgia politician a nice contrast and similarity to a northern gangster.

It seems Daisy or Alice would be the easiest ones for him to know from the beginning.

If the goal is to move north, then it could be due to simply wanting to move away from populated areas, or indications that the virus thrives in heat/humidity.
RE: [Z-Apoc.] The Extinction of Man

Okay then, so the majority want a virus. Yep, we can totally do that. And I also like the idea of 'risk' and the 'unknown' whether a person will be infected or not.

So, obviously the characters will probably not know where this virus comes from or how it works etc... Since the majority will be your average citizen. BUT, for our own sake and understanding. How would that virus work? Should we go with the same approach as the Walking Dead; one day the virus appears and infects everyone BUT it's in a dormant state which only activates upon death. Or do we want a more realistic Virus type; it spreads like a regular disease through blood contact? A cough, a sneeze, a scratch?

Personally, I like the idea of the virus being spread through a more traditional way instead of the dormant state. It can create a little more paranoia amongst the people: Are they gonna turn or not? And it will balance things out if we use the mutation zombie version. Meaning the virus infects the person, giving it a random chance to add those mutations before that person dies and revives.

And do we want a cure for this or not? Or some sort of prevention vaccine that will at least stop a person from turning if they do get infected?

So for location we can indeed use Georgia and then eventually move further north for [insert reason]. Maybe there's cure up north, or maybe a sactuary, or maybe the zombies aren't as frequent up north in cold and remote places?

I can definitely add other characters to my repertoire. Daisy could be more of a secretary type? And Alice tends to be a diva/celebrity so practically everyone will probably know her from either tv or the news, or other media.

Oh, about the mutations. Are we okay with those? Do you guys have any ideas or changes for them?
I also have a scientist woman that I think might be interesting in later stages of the story since she could be the one researching the virus? maybe even know how it all started?
RE: [Z-Apoc.] The Extinction of Man

I definitely prefer the regular disease version. I also like the idea of early symptoms being ambiguous, seeming similar to the flu, or some other more common issue.

I think whether or not there's a cure, the IDEA of a cure would be a powerful motivator. I think if we consider this something that works in stages, the first stage might be something we can learn to counter without advanced science. The rest...who knows?

I prefer to hold off on mutations until we are researching more in the story. Also, it makes sense that there would be one strain at first, the rest taking time.

Daisy can be whatever, but could see my char visiting a lounge more than a strip club. Public image and all that. As for Alice, maybe she interviewed him once?
RE: [Z-Apoc.] The Extinction of Man

Oh yea, I can turn Alice into a news reporter or some talkshow host. Maybe she could've interviewed him about the recent illness that is plaguing the state?
And I can keep Daisy as a lounge singer too.

Which reminds me, I need to add their profiles to the profile thread. If you already have a character then please add them to the thread too then. Face-claims are optional.

And as for the mutations, I'd prefer to keep them 'hidden' from the public for now. So for now just the standard zombie type until the survivors start to discover the more rarer forms [mutations] once they're further into the story. Makes for more shock value for the characters.

I definitely like the idea of a cure for them too. We can wait with that feature for the story. :)

Question: Would the virus be man-made? Or just be a fluke of nature?
RE: [Z-Apoc.] The Extinction of Man

Oh, that would be a good one. There's a good chance my char knew something about it before it was big news, maybe even was involved in a decision that could have saved a lot of people.

I am still working on the char, didn't have any time at work (rarely do, and can't access the site there).

As for the origin, I am undecided. All I care about is ironing out how it was first "noticed" and what my char might have been told that didn't get told on the news.
RE: [Z-Apoc.] The Extinction of Man

Hmm. Well, the first victims that fall to a disease that strong is usually the weak. So most likely the people with poor health; Elderly, homeless, drug-addicts due to body being ravaged by drugs, maybe the terminally ill...

People that won't be missed to be crude, for the majority. So at first people will probably excuse it to them either being old, and frail or the poor choices they made in life and the flu/poisoning/other was too much to handle for them.

The people that discover them in zombie stage will probably not initially notice something is off; at least not with drug addicts considering that their appearance is already questionable. And the fresh bodies don't look that decayed yet hence not looking zombie-ish yet.

Next level would probably be the more common folk, higher immunity, living in better conditions, etc... Which means the virus either found a way to jump from people of the "poor" category to the "middle-class" category. Or it evolved so it can attack people with a stronger immune system now.

Doctors and hospitals, even pharmacies will most likely notice this and again due to the unknown might probably write it off as a 'tough flu epedemic'. Victims might complain that their flu or whatever is lasting longer or seems to worsen, so the docs. double up the medicine which may or may not have an effect on the virus initially....until it starts to evolve again and growing resilient against current medicine.

Zombies will probably begin to be noticed in this stage, considering that the numbers of victims are increasing and caretakers will get overwhelmed at some point. Which will in turn create an opening for the 'unnoticed zombies' to start attacking people when that 'feeding instinct' starts to kick in.

And that's when the government will step in to create a quarantine zone and hand out instructions and curfews to the public to try and maintain the chaos. The next stage that the government will take (once the zombies truly get out of control, attacks everywhere,etc...) that's when they'll start to set up refugee centers to protect the public not only from the infection but also from getting attacked.

I think for the virus; how it works at least. Initial symptoms would be similar to the flu; muscle aches, headache, nausea, fever, etc...

Then the next stage would be the dangerous one because symptoms worsen because the virus tries to kill off the body in order to reanimate it and take full control (not that it's sentient or anything). Those symptoms will most likely be organ failure; trouble breathing, body can't filter out/process toxins so it's pretty much poisoning itself to the point where even the blood turns thick and muddled. Which eventually leads to death.

After death, it can be case to case. The body starts to go into that decaying process while the virus is slowly reanimating the primal parts of the brain. Mobility and feeding instinct. Because the body's instinct is to keep itself alive and by doing that it needs to feed in order to transfer nutrients to the organs, etc... BUT since the organs are dead so they can't satisfy that need which results in a constant non-stop craving to eat. And since that we're at our most primal carnivorous; we'll turn to prey instead of salads.
RE: [Z-Apoc.] The Extinction of Man

Oh man, with Lucille being a former addict, maybe working in a seedy area, she has gotta be scared as fuck.
RE: [Z-Apoc.] The Extinction of Man

You'd think she would be but she's a huge skeptic when it comes to the media. She believes media lies a lot and exaggerates everything. :p
"It's a goddamn conspiracy, I'll tell ya!"

I'm slowly working on a draft to add a more detailed information about what the setting is like, OOC info about the virus and zombies, etc... And I'll see if I can contact a staff to turn this into a child forum thing. Because I have a feeling that writing this entire story in one thread will end up being confusing and distracting at some point. Especially if people start having their romantic scenes or groups start to split up to do scavenging, etc...

Also, Hawkeye, got any more ideas or such to add with what Kolbe said? :3
RE: [Z-Apoc.] The Extinction of Man

I don't have too much to add other than I like the ideas being discussed so far and I am in favor of them.
RE: [Z-Apoc.] The Extinction of Man

managed to update the first post of OOC thread and Check thread. Just have to add the zombie types in it. But hopefully the info so far is something we can all agree upon.
RE: [Z-Apoc.] The Extinction of Man

Just so you guys know I'll be gone this weekend from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon. I'll be at an anime convention.
RE: [Z-Apoc.] The Extinction of Man

Char draft posted. Open to him having met Lucille, who may have been performing at a function, visited the lounge where Daisy sings, or been interviewed by Alice.
RE: [Z-Apoc.] The Extinction of Man

That's okay Hawkeye :) You have fun!

As for Lucille, she's not the type to go to private parties or events. She tends to stick to the club. But if your character is into it, she could be the one providing drugs for him. Politicians tend to have that vice every now and then.

Daisy could definitely be the lounge singer that higher-class folk go to. And Alice could've interviewed him about the current events happening in Georgia, or even Atlanta.
RE: [Z-Apoc.] The Extinction of Man

I'll pass on the drug hook-up for now. The rest sounds good.
RE: [Z-Apoc.] The Extinction of Man

Added the types of zombies to the info list. Just need people to read it over to see if we need to make some changes or not.
I need to go to bed now though. night all! o/
Are you guys okay with just waiting a little bit longer to see if we can attract more players before we start the roleplay? : 3
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