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Batgirl Begins (dbspock/WendyTheRed)

She blinked at Ham's reply and gave him a dubious look. "I was being a smart ass. Of course my dad doesn't have a limo. And even if he did, I was coming into town, so I had to get here somehow. A bus seemed like the easiest way." She shrugged a little but smiled when he seemed impressed by her breaking the nose of the Ghost Dragon. "Everyone thinks that's a big deal but it's because no one stands up to them. Admittedly, I broke his nose and ran off of the bus, but I still did it."

She shook her head. "Sam's a very nice girl. As for Duella...I don't know her well but I do think she might be trouble." She looked thoughtfully at him. "Jury's still out on you."

She looked at him, trying to decide if he honestly hadn't noticed or was simply playing dumb. It could be either really and she decided trying to call him out on it wasn't worth the hassle so she merely shrugged and let it go. "Nothing. Forget I said anything." She glanced briefly around the dance floor then back to him. "You also left off my friend Chloe, the blond I was with earlier."
"And just how smart is your ass?" Ham challenged her. It was a stupid comment, yes, but when she brought her ass up he couldn't resist commenting on it. And now that her dress was back in place and she'd reminded him of it...his hand dropped a bit closer to said ass. "And next time you need a ride...just call me." Ham offered. He could certainly think of worse fates than being stuck in a car with a hot red head. His grin faded at the talk of the Ghost Dragons. "Yeah, well, people who stand up to them get their businesses burned down. It's a risk not many are willing to take."

"Sam damn near broke my wrist last time I danced with her." Ham blurted out, then realized that probably wasn't the best admission to make to someone he was trying to undress on the dance floor, and he quickly moved on...just as his hand moved from her shoulder to her back, in search of the zipper of said dress. "And you don't WANT to know Duella well. Not unless your dad can keep you out of jail like hers does." He raised his eyebrow a bit when she admitted she hadn't made up her mind about him. "And just who is on this jury?" He asked, nodding gratefully when she moved on from the wardrobe mishap he'd tried to cause.

He frowned when Babs mentioned Chloe. "I thought she was part of the staff." Ham admitted. "Dad didn't mention anything about her. Who is she related to?" Babs had just arrived, after all, so it made sense he didn't recognize her. But the circle of people his age who attended these parties was very small, and he should have heard about a new addition to the guest list.
She felt that hand dropping and remembered Sam talking about Bruce Wayne's wandering hands. She smirked slightly. "My ass is probably the smartest one in this room." She said, figuring he was so cocky she might as well return some of it back to him. She raised an eyebrow at that offer. "Oh? Do you often offer rides to girls you barely know?" She nodded her understanding when he mentioned why people didn't stand up to them. "Yeah, no one on the bus helped me. They just sort of looked away. I was, thankfully, able to help myself. Mostly." She flushed as she remembered how in the struggled they'd managed to strip her.

She raised her eyebrows when he told her Sam nearly broke his wrist. She suspected he'd gotten handsy like he was on the verge of doing with her and Sam had reacted. She felt his hand on her back and noticed it almost felt like his fingers were searching for something. She looked up at him once more. "No, Duella wanted me to follow her to a wine cellar here and get drunk. It didn't take a genius to know that was a bad idea." She shrugged slightly at his question about the 'jury'. "Well myself and my friends I suppose. I'll have to ask them about you." She was pretty sure Sam, at least, would tell her to stay away from him.

She smirked at his question about Chloe. "She's not part of the staff. She's my friend and that alone makes her important. In my world at least." She stepped back then and smiled at him. "You should open your eyes to the possibilities out there Ham. Not everything is related to status. Thank you for the dance." She turned then and walked back over near her friends, assuming they were somewhere on the sidelines still.
"I think Professor Crane might disagree with you." Ham told her, though truthfully he wasn't sure if the Professor was still at the gala or not. He just couldn't resist arguing with the red head, especially about her ass, which he did manage to get his hand on, at least briefly. "And no, not often. But I'm pretty sure the daughter of a hero cop isn't going to try and steal my limo." Ham attributed the flush on her face to the progress he'd made in feeling up her ass, so he didn't associate it with her talk of the Ghost Dragons. Which cost him some good fodder for his imagination that night. He snorted a bit when she mentioned Duella's plan. "Yeah...that sounds about right." He admitted, then shook his head when she said she was going to talk about him to her friends. "Don't bother." Her told her. Sam was the only one who had really interacted with him, and he knew damn well what she'd say.

Ham had just found her zipper and had managed to tug it down about an inch when she suddenly pulled away. Damn it. His timing just sucked today, though he did get a pretty good look at her ass as she walked away.

Chloe and Dave, at least, were still standing on the sidelines, though Chloe was certainly acting like one of the help at the moment as she transferred the items from a tray Dave was holding to the table, totally oblivious to the view it was giving him down her dress as she bent over. Dave might have been oblivious as well as he turned his gaze from Chloe to Babs. "H...hi." He said, still a bit uncomfortable after their last interaction. Thankfully he had something to distract himself with as he turned to place the tray back on the cart. He froze for a moment as he saw the back of Bab's dress. " it supposed to do that?" He questioned as he saw the zipper move down another inch. He was far from an expert on dresses, but he didn't see how this would end well.
She arched an eyebrow when he mentioned someone named Professor Crane. She shrugged slightly, not really interested in arguing the point, she was already embarrassed she'd bragged about her smarts, she didn't usually do that kind of thing. "No, I have no intentions of stealing anything, let alone your limo." She stiffened slightly when she felt a hand on her ass and smirked when he told her not to bother talking to her friends. That told her all she needed to know. As she was walking away she felt a tug on her zipper and frowned slightly, pretty sure he'd tugged on it, which likely meant the strap was somehow his doing as well, she remembered the feel of his fingers on her shoulder and bicep.

She watched Chloe putting items on the table and smiled. "Chloe, we're here to have fun, not organize things. I'm pretty sure Mister Wayne has that covered or more accurately, Alfred does. I suspect he runs this manor like a well oiled machine." She smiled at Dave when he greeted her. "Hi Dave. You're a sight for sore eyes." She looked at Dave when he asked his question and saw his eyes on the back of her dress. "Can you fix it?" She had a sneaking suspicion what might be happening because she felt the dress loosening up.
Chloe's cheeks flushed slightly at the mention of Mr. Wayne, and the memory of how she'd met the most powerful man in Gotham. "Alfred had some sort of issue with the staff to deal with. It looked like he was being pulled in a few different directions, so I offered to give him a hand and he accepted." Chloe explained. "And honestly, this is more fun than trying to dance with the Mayor's son." Chloe had clearly heard about Bab's dance partner as well.

Dave looked at Bab's, a bit confused about why she'd be glad to see him. They'd just talked a moment ago, but before he could decide whether to express his confusion, she asked him to fix her dress. "Uhhhh...." Dave began as he glanced over at Chloe, but he just saw her back as she headed towards the kitchen. He turned back to Babs, and he could have sworn the zipper was another two inches down her back. Clearly this qualified as an emergency, and she had asked him.

"I hope your dad doesn't see this." Dave muttered softly as he tentatively reached out and tugged at the zipper, but of course it didn't cooperate and her whole dress just shifted up. "Ummmm..." Dave hesitated again, but the only thing he could think of was to use his other hand and grab hold of the dress under the zipper, and try not to think how close he was to her ass. He began to pull the zipper up, and while there was progress, it wasn't smooth, and he found himself yanking at the zipper more than he liked, unaware of just what effect he was having on the front of the dress as the fabric over her boobs shifted again.
Barbara nodded to Chloe, smiling at her with a look of pride. "That's my Chloe, always helping other people. And yes, I'd suggest you avoid dancing with him, not that he'll ask you probably. He thinks you're the help." She gently patted Chloe on the shoulder. She took saw Chloe retreating to the kitchen and sighed softly.

She had seen the look of confusion on Dave's face before she turned. "You're a genuinely kind and nice man Dave. And I needed that in this moment. That's why I was so happy to see you." She sucked in a breath as he yanked on the zipper, doing her best to help him. It was only when her breasts came dangerously close to popping out that she realized how precarious this all was. She looked around, hoping to spot Sam who probably had experience with a dress like this. In the meantime she reached up and placed her hands over the front of the dress, trying to hold it and her breasts in place before she humiliated herself at Bruce Wayne's gala.
"Good." Chloe said firmly, quite pleased to be out of Ham's line of fire, and only blushing slightly at Bab's compliment.

Sam was about twenty feet away, talking to an older gentleman Bab's hadn't met yet, but her back was to the pair and she had no idea the difficulty Bab's was facing. Dave was oblivious to the danger he was putting Babs on in front as he was focused on the zipper. It was a problem to solve, and he was going to solve it. "I see what happened." Dave finally told her. "It looks like one of the teeth came out of alignment. I think I have to lower it a bit to get it back on track." And lower it he did, almost all the way to Babs ass, as he tried to get the zipper to cooperate.
Barbara grinned as Chloe only slightly blushed at her compliment, maybe she was getting used to compliments from her. Of course Chloe might simply be focused on her "job". Barbara couldn't help having mixed feelings about her friend coming to a fancy gala and working instead of enjoying herself.

Barbara sighed when she saw Sam was distracted. She'd be getting no help from her. She glanced in the direction Chloe had gone and saw she wasn't back yet either. She let out a breath in relief when Dave informed her he'd found the problem but she sucked in a breath when he told her the solution. She blushed when she felt him lower the zipper and clutched the front of her dress. "Maybe we should've done this in private" She whispered as her eyes darted around, hoping no one saw her predicament.
"What?" Dave asked, not quite hearing her mumbled comment as he was focused on the zipper, a task he would have fumbled a lot more with if he realized just how close his hands were to her ass. He finally got the zipper free and began to pull it up, but it was still only progressing about half an inch at a time "Damn it." He said as the fabric kept bunching up on him.

"Here...let me give you a hand." The lady who had been talking with Sara earlier suddenly breezed in, and without even asking for permission all but shoved Dave out of the way before she easily zipped Bab's dress up all the way.
She shook her head with a bit of an amused smile as Dave focused on his task. She was glad he was helping but was definitely realizing this wasn't his strong suit. Still she was grateful he was making the attempt. She would definitely prefer that he made faster progress though and she continued to hold the front of her dress to prevent any mishaps from occurring.

She blinked when she heard the unfamiliar voice but let out a breath of relief as her dress was finally fully zipped up. She looked over her shoulder to see Dave standing a bit to the side and shot him a grateful smile before she turned to the woman who had come to their rescue and beamed a smile at her. "Thank you for the assistance. I am Barbara Gordon, it's a pleasure to meet you." She realized that this was the woman Sara had been talking to and found herself quite curious about who she might be. After all, if she had Sara's attention she must be someone worth knowing.
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Dave returned her smile awkwardly, realizing he'd failed miserably at his attempt to be helpful, but thankfully Babs didn't seem to focus on that as she turned to the newcomer. "Agent Johnson." The lady said as she eyed Babs dress critically, then without asking for permission she grabbed hold of one of the straps of Babs dress and centered it on her shoulder. Only after she was sure Babs dress was secure did she extend her hand to shake. "Your welcome. Pleased to meet you as well."
She saw how Dave seemed to feel bad about how he'd struggled and hoped she'd get a chance to let him know that just trying had meant a lot to her. However all thoughts about that fled from her mind when the other woman introduced herself. She was so surprised she barely noticed the woman adjusting her strap.

She shook her hand, doing her best not to look as surprised as she felt. "Agent Johnson. I must admit I'm curious. I didn't expect an agent of, well, anything to be at this charity gala. May I ask what you're an agent of?" She found herself even more curious now about what this woman and Sara had been talking about.
"What? Government employees aren't allowed to have fun?" Agent Johnson chuckled as she firmly shook Babs hand, then dropped her hand to her side. "Besides, Bruce skipped the last three meetings we had, and I really need to get his signature. Sara assured me this was the best way, and the food certainly beats what I'd get at the hotel."
Barbara smiled. "Well since my dad is a public emoyee I hope they do get to have fun, he deserves it. And I'm sure you do too." She hadn't missed that the woman hadn't answered her question or that she called him Bruce and not Mister Wayne. "I'm sure he was just busy though I must admit, I had no idea that Bruce had connections with government agencies that have Agents." She smiled at the other woman as she too called Mister Wayne by his first name. "The food here is quite good as is most of the company."
"Well, if he ever gets a chance to visit the ballroom again, I'll be sure to ask him to dance. So at least he'll have a bit of fun." She promised, then shrugged. "Waynetech has a few government contracts." She said. It was hardly a secret as anyone checking their financials could see the paper trail. "And yeah...busy partying or sleeping, from what I could gather." Of course, her sources had been mainly the tabloids and whatever excuses Alfred had offered her. Daisy chuckled a bit as Bab's mentioned the company. "Does that include your former dance partner?" She asked with a smirk.
She smiled at the agent, deciding she liked her in spite of her evasiveness about her agency. "I'm sure he'd like that, as far as I know his only dance so far was with me." She nodded along with the agent when she gave the reasons for why he missed the meetings. She debated asking when the meetings were so she could cross reference them with Batman sightings but she couldn't think of a way to do it. "Well, I'm sure you'll be able to get some time with him tonight. I'm hoping to myself, I want to get a job at Waynetech."

She smirked at Daosy's question and glanced around before shaking her head. "No, there's a reason I ended that dance early. He was giving me...bad vibes I guess. I get the feeling he's one of those entitled boys it'd be foolish for me to trust. Though he did offer to give me rides if I need them." She couldn't keep the skepticism put of her voice when she mentioned it.
"Your probably right. From what I gather, he spends most of his time walking the perimeter.' Daisy agreed, then did a little spin as she showed off her dress. "Sara helped me pick it out. Said it would guarantee Bruce wanted to dance with me. I figured I'd agree, but only after he signed the contract." Daisy giggled, then nodded. Babs dress was almost as revealing as hers, but Daisy still couldn't resist teasing the girl. "Maybe I should have waited until after your interview to zip you up." She laughed, then shook her head. "Yeah...I have no doubt he'd be willing to give you as many rides as you want."
She nodded her agreement with the agent, knowing her dad took his job seriously. She watched as Daisy did a little spin and smiled. "Your dress is beautiful and so are you. I doubt you'll have any trouble getting a dance with Bruce Wayne. I was hoping I might get one but with the competition I'm not sure that'll happen."

She blushed at the teasing and cleared her throat. "I'm not sure struggling with my dress the whole time would've impressed him. I'm hoping my demo will. Sara seemed impressed by it which I take as a good sign." She blushed even deeper as the other woman's teasing continued. "I suspect he offers a lot of rides. And is used to girls swooning at the offer. I'm not really the type."
"Why thank you, darling." Daisy said in an exaggerated southern accent as she did a little curtsey, she then turned serious as Bab's expressed her concern. "Well, it you promise to get his signature, which shouldn't take too long, I'd be willing to give up my place in line." Daisy offered. After all, she didn't really need to talk to Bruce to accomplish her mission, and it seemed that Bab's did. She then shrugged, her boobs moving enough with the gesture that it was clear she wasn't wearing a bra. "Perhaps not, but I think what's under the dress would," Daisy teased her, then nodded. "And if Sara is impressed, it must be something indeed. So what is this little demonstration?"
She smiled at the woman and then raised her eyebrows at the offer. "Well, if you trust me with something that important, sure, I can get him to sign those documents. I can ask, at least." She smiled at the other woman and blush brightly at both the obvious lack of a bra and the woman's comment about what was under her dress. She flashed back briefly to Batman and how he'd seemed not to react, but he was also deeply focused at the time. Assuming her theory was correct, even if Bruce Wayne reacted to seeing her it'd be part of his cover. Wouldn't it? She wasn't so sure based on the things she had heard.

She nibbled her lip, debating then shrugged. "Well, it's merely a recording of a program I created. It uhhh...was a way to partially track the Batmobile. See, the Batmobile cloaks itself on streetcams to keep the GCPD from tracking it. I found a way to 'decloak' it. I have no intention of sharing the program with anyone and will be deleting it but I did take some footage of it in action to show that it worked. I figured it would impress Mister Wayne enough to get me a job at Waynetech." She realized even as she said it, that telling this woman was probably a bad idea, but then again, the woman wouldn't be able to get ahold of her program.
"Well, I got a note from Lucius that he put on top, pretty much ordering him to sign them, so once he sees them I don't think it will be a problem. Unless you don't have a pen?" It suddenly occurred to Daisy there might be a small logistics problem, as the herself didn't have a pen.

Daisy raised an eyebrow as Babs explained her program. "Well, if the Waynetech thing doesn't work out, let me know. I'm sure we could find an opening for someone who could pull that off." Daisy reached inside her dress and extracted a small card and presented it to Babs. All it had on it was a phone number...clearly Daisy expected that to be enough.
She laughed as Daisy explained about the note. She knew who Lucius Fox was based on her short research of Waynetech and she'd heard his name before. She was getting the feeling Lucius was more important than most people believed. "No, I don't have a pen but I'm sure Alfred will find one when it's needed. He's the most efficient man I've ever met I think."

She raised her eyebrows as the woman seemed to offer her a job at whatever agency she worked at. She took the card and looked it over, noting that it was warm from being next to Daisy's skin inside her dress. She bit her lip and looked at the other woman curiously. "That's tempting though I notice you never have told me who you work for and all this card has on it is a number." She slowly flipped the card in her fingers and tucked it into her own dress. "Does your agency have an opening for a girl who hasn't graduated high school yet?" She shrugged, thinking back. "I actually have the credits and could test out at anytime to get my degree, I had just planned to stack up on AP courses to front load my college 'resume'."

She found herself fascinated by this woman and for a brief moment she had a mental image of herself in a fancy leather catsuit sneaking into a building to steal some information from a criminal mastermind's servers or something. The Mission Impossible theme music briefly played in her head and she shook her head, smiling a bit at her own foolish daydreaming.
Daisy frowned for a bit. "I'll have to ask him next time I see him. I don't want this deal to fall through over something as silly as a pen." Daisy declared, then shrugged. "A number is all you need really, right?" She pointed out, still leaving a gaping hole of who exactly she worked for. Daisy hesitated for a moment, then shrugged. "That's how I got started." Daisy told her. In fact, she still hadn't gotten her GED. It was on her to-do list, but other things, like supervillain attacks, kept getting in the way. She nodded at Bab's plan. "Sounds like you have a few options." She said with an approving nod. It must be nice.
She laughed quietly in response. "Somehow I think it's safe to say there is a pen somewhere in this manor, I wouldn't worry about that." She smiled when the other woman said a number is all she needed. "Perhps so. Is this a number for a switchboard or is it your number?"

She smiled at Daisy again and nodded. "I do. Though in some ways path is already decided. By me, I mean. I was attacked by Ghost Dragons on my way into town and no one helped. I told myself no one else would have to experience that, at least, not if I was able to prevent it."
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