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The Vampire Hunters Mistake (LunarWolf and GuardianAngel)

This had Shayne just looking for a moment before he was stating that it was rather odd. Never before had he seen a new born like that. And for the most part the door hadn't been unlocked, until Chrissanth was stating she wanted to go into the room. There had been hesitation but in the end the guard was opening the door and allowing her to enter. "Rose. Do you remember when we first decided that we wanted to protect the light eyed vampires?" She questioned.

As this happened, the traveling group would find themselves getting attacked by some dark eyed vampires. A planned attack with a separate group attacking the carriage, not realizing that it wasn't just Circe there. Nope they found themselves being knocked away by Jayde. Jayde was pulling Circe out of the carriage, and easily fending off a few of the attackers.
Rose looked at her and nodded for the moment she wans't speaking as she didn't trust herself she was still hungry and even though Chriss was her closest and dearest froend she looked so good to her and she was struggling to keep herself in control.

Kyle was fighting those who had come after him while he had Ren on his shoulder and holding tight
Chrissanth was looking towards her before she was speaking "You need to control this. Because of you don't... You may become like one of those dark eyed vampires. Do you want to have that happen?"

Ren was just chirping a bit before he was moving and fleeing over to the girls, landing on Circe's shoulder. Not that Jayde was having a hard time defending, and for the most part the enemy was being dealt with by the others.
Rose snareled at her shaking her head she didn't want to. Rose moved back from her friend as she didn't want to put herself to close and put her friend at risk.

Kyle swung his sowrd and managed to take a vampires head off with one clean slice
Chrissanth was just looking for a moment before she spoke "You can control this." Although she was beginning to feel her own pain beginning to kick in.

Circe was just staying close to Jayde although it wasn't long before the other female was abandoning her weapon in exchange for pulling Circe with her. Closer to the soldiers.
"out, get out" Rose oculd feel her control slipping and she wanted her friend out of there incase it did slip.

the guards moved and surounded them both while Kyle finished wiht the remaining vampires
Chrissanth was just leaving the cell, never turning her back to her at all. Soon enough she was out of the cell and the door was being locked behind her.

Circe was just looking around for a moment and Jayde was just sweeping her closer. "Don't look." She was speaking and sweeping her cloak over the female, pulling the hood up.
no sooner had she gotten out hten Rose lost control and slammed in to the cell door this had one of the guards letting his partner know that htey could use the prince down there and see if he could calm her he also asked for some of the tablets and a glass of water.

Kyle moved quickly killed those who kept attacking and soon those attacking fled
Soon enough the dark eyed vampires took to fleeing away from them, although they were promising they would be back.
Kyle looked at his men and then at Circe "we need to move and fast we will have to abanddon the carraige" Kyle looked at Crice and her handmaiden "this is going to make you sick Circe but its the fastest way to the manor"
Jayde was just standing with Circe close to her at the time but she was looking towards Kyle. "Kyle.... Remember she is injured. We could make it worse if we aren't careful." She was speaking in a low voice.
"I know but this is the fastest way and safest I dont want to risk us getting attacked again" Kyle pulled his glove of and sliced his palm open and then carefully drew a design on the near by rocks creating a portal right to his home "take her through first and get her in to a bath with some warm soup that will help the sickness"
Jayde was just looking for a moment in time before she spoke, "Safest for everybody else.... But in her condition...." Yet it was just Circe that was stating that it would be fine; but Jayde was just giving a frown before she was stating that she didn't agree with this at all. Circe was already sick on top of being injured.... going through a portal could cause everything to just become worse. One never went through a portal when injured; that was the dumbest thing that a person could do.
"Jayde I wouldn't do this if I felt that we could get to the manor any other way with out being attacked again. since this portal was opened with my blood in answers to my will she will get a little sick at most but we have to move" Kyle hated having to do it but he knew they had to
Jayde was just giving a breath of air before she was looking towards Circe and was giving a nod before she was passing through the portal with the other female. Ren was just clinging to Jayde's shoulders at that point in time as they walked through, and once they were out of the way of the others, Jayde was just going down her knees with Circe.
the medic in his home raced over to them and picked Circe up "come we will tend to her in the medical room" the doctor then hurried off he could smell the sickness on her and would get her well.
Jayde was just getting to her feet and following after as well, Circe more or less telling her to come with. She was around new people.... people she didn't know at all. And at the moment Jayde was the only one she knew, the one that she trusted. Yet the handmaiden couldn't blame her for trusting easily, a lot of people had deceived her man times. "Be gentle though. She was injured prior to us coming here. Stab wound to the side by a hunter."
the doctors head snapped in her direction "any poison or toxins on the blade?" it was clear that this doctor took great pride in his work and making sure that his pacients were well cared for and healthy
Jayde was shaking her head before she spoke, "No. It was a few days ago but we had an incident with an attempted assassination. Herbs to thin out her blood and it caused her to almost bleed out. Almost. But it is out of her system now. But her body is still in that recovery state." She was just looking towards Circe, who looked like she was about to be sick and was clearly a bit uncomfortable with all of these unknown people around her. Yet it seemed to calm her a bit when Ren was bounding off of Jayde's shoulders and making his way over to Circe, just chirping at her in a reassuring manner.
the doctor settled her on one of hte beds and then handed her a trash can "if you feel ill use this we are gonna set up an iv and get some fluids in to you and then I am gonna start the healing process that is my gift miss I can heal those who are in need but I need to know her medical history the more I know the better"
Jayde was just looking over for a moment in time before she was just questioning Circe if she had her permission to tell this man her medical history. This had the other female giving a nod and soon enough she was getting sick in the trash can. The other female was going over and closing the door before she was stating, "You should know first that this is Princess Circe so the information you learn stays with you and you alone. No other doctors are to know unless her express permission is given."
"of course lord Kyle would take my head if i did that" the doctor then gently rubbed her back before offering her some water not even caring that she was a human princess to him she was someone who needed healing and he wanted to do that for her
Jayde was giving a nod before she was giving him a run down of her medical history, making sure to add that if she was at any point ever needing a blood transfusion that vampire blood was no good at all. Her body rejected it; so that would have to come from a human or even a half-breed.
the doctor nodded his head while listening and once she was done he turned to the princess "my lady I am going to need you to lay back and close your eyes as if your taking a nap when I tell you you can open them again once I am done you should feel a lot better"
Jayde was just commenting with a faint chuckle, "There is no promises that if she closes her eyes she won't actually take a nap." Yet it probably wouldn't be a terrible thing at all either. And she was in a safe area there; and Jayde was reassuring her that if she did decide to just sleep that she would be around; as would Ren.
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