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Dagor Dagerath - OOC

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I've added a Northman character, of the Beornings/Woodsman region. Typical axe swinging warrior, a bit naive, foolishly brave, and an excellent cook.

Going to finish reading the thread and think about how to mix him in.
Welcome to the game!

I am also looking for a good spot to place my witch. Any objections to her possessing a moon shard and having a group come to her?
@Prince of Smut Great character! Ah the troubles of growing beards. Such a pain haha. A good simple way to join the group maybe is to just be found fighting orcs or claiming you know of orc movements? My elf would be interested in that information, if you want to join the northern group. The southern group is still sitting in an Inn I believe so it could be easy to just walk in and discuss the same intel.

@LeaT I'm sure you meant a sun shard right? We discussed one being to the far west of Gondor. You can police the wild men around that one or perhaps the one up in Angmar if you prefer?
Well I hope everyone has been having a good Christmas, or other winter tradition and welcome Smutty to the Rp.

@benny the southern group never did come to a conclusion on that.
I still say it should be with the group of orcs/wild men and or witches that attacked serenitys character. But eh we'll have to get outta the tavern first to even think about adventuring lol XD

Either way happy holidays!
I just waded in! It made sense for my character to meet up in Rohan given where he was starting.

I set him up as obviously being fresh from battle with orcs, so perhaps the group there could question him and he could share some knowledge of where he's seen them concentrating. If he learns there is something he could do to end this evil, he would gladly join in as his main mission (getting Rohan to help his land) is a failure.
@BennyQ I guess I was thinking since the sun and moon were 'broken' there would be both. I suppose if the sun were broken they wouldn't see much of the moon anyway. I am going to have my witch pursue the SUN Shard in Andrast for a start.

@Garrison If Andrast is too far for the Southern group perhaps I will bring it a little closer to them:p
I have placed my 'witch' into the story. I wasn't sure who exactly she should be meeting. My reading suggests the 'Wild Men' are basically good so I'm thinking she would need to deceive them to get their cooperation. It could also be an orc band as well, sent to help her acquire the Shard. If anyone wants to play either type of group that would be great, otherwise I will just wing it for getting the shard and heading towards another group.

I'm obviously new to the group, so defer to others if they have a differing opinion, but I think Andrast may be hard for the southern group to reach quickly. There are no passes over the white mountains except the path of the dead, so it would be a journey around them to the cape.

Alternatively, we could take the Path of the Dead. The curse was lifted by Aragorn, so perhaps that way is haunted (with more ordinary wights and undead left), but passable now by mortals not scared by its legend. That would exit us at Erech, in which case it may make sense to have the shard be in the mountains nearby and have your Witch travel up the river and then overland to the East to meet us?

@artemis - We could have Elerondiel with her scholar's knowledge help them navigate and suggest the Path of the Dead?

Regardless of where the shard is, since I have only one character right now, I'm happy to create an Orc Chief to meet her and escort her to find the shard. Sexy Witch/Savage Orc fun time is always hot as a bonus! ;)

You don't need to play out the journey itself. Just time skip your characters into the region and go from there. I don't think crossing the White Mountains is necessary. Go through the Gap of Rohan and south from there?
@Prince, welcome to the group, nice to have you join us!

I think at this point distance is less an issue than getting players to write. If you are up to do some writing in the next few days we could probably get the shard and deliver it to the group at Rohan before they finish a tankard of ale at the inn :rolleyes:

Sarcasm aside though, the location was already discussed and I simply inserted my witch there to help move it towards the other groups. So I'm happy to have your Orc Chieftain join her (more as a bit character than a main one, he likely won't have a 'happy ending') for a dash to the first Shard. I don't know much about the 'Wild Men' but I'm not opposed to playing more deceptive and perhaps seductive to mix things up. I do think we are doing most of the sexy stuff via PM or separate thread if that works for you. Keeping the group thread more PG-13 I think

@All I'm happy to do some offline smutty fun with our characters as the story progresses.

Ok, Andrast sounds great then!

I can whip up an Orc Chieftan minor character and write some stuff next week to move along that plot.

Thanks for letting me know about the PG-13 rating for the main thread. That might have saved one of my characters an embarrassing moment, haha!
Groups do tend to move slower then 1x1 roleplays. Real life always comes first, and it is the holidays. Im sure things will pick up once everyone is recovered from their holidays, the extra work they bring and the family obligation.
Alright! Holidays are finally done and I am free at last!
An actual response should be incoming this time!
I am sorry, the holidays have been really kicking my ass!
Free at last as well~ I apologize for being slow, but as Serenity said, RL comes first, and the holidays had me in a grapple. My muses also decided to take off for the holidays, so... xD But here I am too~~!!
Sounds like I'm up next then. Welcome back Artemis! No need to apologize, just good to have you back :) Looks like the northern group is going to Angmar.
@Prince, I replied as well. What mode of transportation? I doubt she could run and keep pace with them but we could play that out as she is rather athletic. I'm not opposed to her being carried and it might be kind of fun, that or perhaps clinging to Jukha on the back of a Warg.
I was going to suggest they have a stolen mount for her tied up, although Orcs are poor at tending horses so if it dies she may have to get carried!

Is she going alone, or are any of the guardsman coming with her? No preference on my side, but i'll incorporate it into my response.

I was going to not include Wargs with this Orc band to keep it simple, but I think it may sense to include them when we cross horns with the adventurers coming from Rohan.
The stolen mount would work well enough, though I already feel sorry for the poor beast.

I was planning on her going alone with the orcs, to show her confidence.
@Serenity, Artemis, LeaT So northern group, I've pushed us towards Angmar so we can get into the nitty-gritty of the RP. It's what we agreed on but if there's any issue/problem, please let me know.
@LeaT - got the Orcs moving!

@Serenity/Garrison/Artemis - I can have Durwood post and give them some info he heard from the Riders that rescued him. That a piece of the sun crashed down towards Andrast. Elerondiel is probably best to suggest that we go find it to save the world?
@Serenity / All :

Should we create a separate thread in Group Roleplays for 1x1 asides/sex scenes? Or just have people create one-off threads in the private roleplays section if needed?

I'd vote for one separate thread for all the R rated and above content that is fun, but not necessarily plot relevant.

Here you all go!

Scratch this communal group thread, just use PM's or semi-private RP threads!
So, I was thinking of just inserting a guy into the northern group. A guy you people just picked up on the road, anyone have any objections?
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