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Post-apocalyptic BDSM Culture/Society Group OOC

Ooofff... I apologize. I had meant to post a question in here actually, but the holidays had sidetracked me some. I was wondering if this group is even active any longer considering that only Swords and I are posting and the primary GM isn't even posting. I don't really feel comfortable going too far in the story without the primary GM being present and accounted for since I know I don't like people doing so for the groups I primarily run. So, I was wondering what the deal was there. :)
I am so sorry guys I was actually gonna post today I've had a lot going on lately and I'm finally getting back into the swing of things and getting back into writing so I will be posting very soon again I am really REALLY sorry :(
I'm guessing so....... I know that Krys (now Snake) is going through the process of moving and such and it's a big move, not a small one. So, I know that's been taking up time and whatever. Hopefully we'll all be finding out what's up soon since I like this group and would like to see it move forward. But I don't want to do so without Krys since Krys was the one who created the group.
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