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Post-apocalyptic BDSM Culture/Society Group OOC


.:The Vampiric Fae:.
Jan 26, 2010
Why do you care?
Notice that this group now has it's own subforum... hehehe.... and OOC thread. Discussions can take place here from now on. :)

Go forth and discuss, lol.
Hey Darkangel76, I noticed that all the subs you've created are totally against having a Master who has other subs. Is that a subtle hint that I should ret-con Davien's 3 girlfriends in order to give him a chance to interact with your characters?
No. It's merely coincidental that my characters don't like multiple partners as my own ons/offs will tell you that I'm not a fan of that. So more or less, every character I create won't be either. :)
Okay I ret-conned 2 of my slaves to be more realistic and in order to be able to RP with your characters, darkangel76, I think I'd like for my last slave to die during one of the attacks on the town. Once Davien is single he will be available to any sub, even the ones such as your own who want to be in one on one relationships with a Master.

Oh and when are we going to start the actual RP?
IC posts should be springing up later today. I have stuff this morning going on, but once lunch time rolls around, I'll be free to post for a bit and will be. So, definitely expect to see posts then. At least from me. :)
The main basis of the plot can be found in the first post of the interest thread. But basically an asteroid hit in the year 2080 wreaking havoc and all sorts of crazy. A good number of people die, etc. And in the year 2085 new towns and such start popping up. One of which is the town our story takes place in. The year is now 2088.

Anyway, the town is a BDSM society and the laws follow the fundamental basics of morality as well as those of what you find in most real life BDSM lifestyles. Yes, we're TRYING to keep this semi realistic. Of course, it isn't totally, but the aim is to try and keep it that way to a decent extent. So no outlandish nonsense. lol.

If you have questions, feel free to throw them out there. Things have started already and opened up with a girl running away from a neighboring 'vanilla' town who found out she was a masochist so they more or less ridiculed her until she finally escaped. And there was a slave whose Master was an asshole and got a public punishment and banishment because he took his rights as Master to places he shouldn't have. In other words, he abused them. There's a festival that'll be occurring soon where all the subs and Doms get together (it's a once a month occurrence in the town) so that should be fun times for everyone to mingle and meet and maybe even get collared. :)
I'm enjoying this RP! Really got to go to bed now but I look forward to getting back into it tomorrow evening when I get home from work.
yes this has been fun for me as well and wow can't wait till tomorrow but i feel the bed calling my name so after shower and this movie i want to watch i think i will hit the sack as well.
Please keep OOC chatter in this thread only. There's no reason for it to occur in the IC threads. It disrupts the flow of the game and is sort of distracting.
i did it only to get it going again haha. because there are alot of threads going, and it seemed that one got a bit lost. sorry :p
It's ok. Just next time, PM the person you are doing the scene with or bring it up in here. Trust me. Things won't get lost. I promise you. :)
sorry all can't post yet till urderal i think his name is posts and he wont till tonight
Not for whatever, but it IS just a sexy scene, lol. Which does make it easier to leave for now and play 'catch up' with even easier. But since we're using time tags in the header.... just put something in there indicating.
I could do that hold on i will put crystal back in her room then up to the festavel
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