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Post-apocalyptic BDSM Culture/Society Group OOC

great thanks for asking and wow krys you sure like that actor in your sigg you use him a lot in rps too.
I agree and yes yes I do love him ha ha Kurt Russell has played so many roles that I can pretty much use him for a number of RPs in a lot of different setting and Snake is just AWESOME! XD
yes i happen to like kurt russel as well he is such a talented actor not sure if i ever seen a movie where he played snake.
okay i will later look them up on netflix and see if they have them on instent streaming.
I am not sure if he should play Solid Snake though, I am probably partial to David Hayter playing the character he has voiced for years though there are various actors I could see play him in the Metal Gear movie.
Just a quick shout out...... IC threads are only supposed to be made by GMs. Says so in the posting rules. You are to request them and get approval and then the GM will post them for you.
You cannot. Only staff and GMs can. Just make the request accordingly and a GM will make it for you and the old thread will be deleted. Thanks. :)
I can't remember where I found that picture. Too bad you deleted it already. I'll have to search for it later but I need to go to bed now.
By the way, I am not being inactive. I am reading the threads, there is just nothing to respond to at the moment.

Yes!! I found Davien Uradel's Quarters again! I already sent it to Krys Snape so hopefully it gets approved and I can start RP-ing in there!
I have a question about time progression. It seems like it has been early evening on June 7th for a very long time. With lots of people leaving the festival to go have fun with each other in various other locations, wouldn't some more time have gone by and its maybe 'evening' now instead of 'early evening?' Plus the whole punishment episode for Brian happened in the afternoon. Well it seems like a lot of things have happened in a very short span of time is all. I'm not going to mess with the day/time in the RPs because I'm not a DM but I wanted to put it out there.
DA, I am going to post in the morning, I wanted to post before now but the muse was not there.
Dear, your posts are always fine, it is just that I was not getting my own personal brand of inspiration to reply to it.
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