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Discuss fetishes and why they interest you?


Jul 3, 2019
I kinda have a blood kink as well. Also into some very light guro. For me though, besides the aesthetic of it, it just makes me instinctively sympathetic/protective. Probably also something to do with vulnerability.
I totally get that!

Although, for me the whole sympathetic/protective part usually kicks in during aftercare, or just generally when sex isn't involved - if I see my partner with a nosebleed, I'm obviously going to prioritise helping them rather than having sexy times.

I definitely think the aesthetic plays a huge part as well, probably more so than everything else.


Sep 1, 2019
Castle Rock
I totally get that!

Although, for me the whole sympathetic/protective part usually kicks in during aftercare, or just generally when sex isn't involved - if I see my partner with a nosebleed, I'm obviously going to prioritise helping them rather than having sexy times.

I definitely think the aesthetic plays a huge part as well, probably more so than everything else.
This is why I'm always hesitant to call it my kink because it's not particularly sexual but still is something sort of regulated to people I find attractive.


Jul 7, 2017
After finally getting into the show Grimm last month, I sort of get why blood is a kink for some. Many times characters on the show bit off parts of another to draw blood for sport or pleasure.

I found myself getting into shape shifting and body swapping again because of Grimm.


Poorly Tamed
Sep 17, 2019
A high horse. Nice, wooden, sharp horse.
Bondage and themes that play into it stick out for me the most. There's dynamics, especially when getting into domination and submission, power contrast, the emotional change of a character, building acceptance, unlocking desires and humiliation that are easier for me to write for than anything else. Things I personally get something out of are things I can more easily parse through a character. There's plenty of other things I enjoy, but I guess this piece stands out.

I don't like to involve blood - at least, in any real detail - until I reach a really dark point where I can get into gore, straight up torture, mental devastation and other themes. They all lead into each other for me and go way into a particular dungeon of my imagination. To a limited extent I will involve it in anything less, but I get nothing but plot merits out of it.
Futa - While it's not an exhaustive reason, there's a good number of people in kink who want the 'best of both worlds' to give a good dicking/get a good job done to them with it/get a good licking/get filled there too. Basically, it's a very flexible interest. Me, I think a boy's a boy and a girl's a girl on a pretty fundamental level, so I don't play them at all. But I don't care if others play them, and I think I'd be fine with a partner using one in my own game. But I wouldn't play one myself.

Incest, like rape, adultery, and other dark/taboo things, are stuff people often just like to explore, either from curiosity or just wanting to get a taboo feel (and probably a set of other reasons too). First and last don't really do anything for me and the middle is a different level entirely. I can write it, but without a predisposition on the part of the victim, I can get super dark with it.

For the gender thing, I think an ability or at least effort to understand and play both is another tool in a good roleplayer's toolbox. Ok, so I have a vagina. Doesn't mean I can't try to understand and present how a guy works. I haven't had complaints when I do, even though I do it rarely in kink because most of my fetishes I don't really like to apply on guys anyways.

Loli is a big nope, count me out. I don't care if she's 3000 years old and in cartoon detail, I don't want her.

Public sex is a fun thought for me in roleplay and something I could absolutely never actually do. But in roleplay, yeah, it's fun. Be it a sexually deprived college campus where that's how it works or a 'what the hell is that over there!" response to that one scene in the alley, I'm pretty cool with it.

I find some tasteful outfits more appealing than straight nudity could ever be for the same thing sometimes, be it dress up, natural with a kind of upskirt thing going, or just something really nice to wear.

Mindfuck pretty much goes right into my darker side, the kind of stuff that accompanies an especially dark scenario. There's lighter meanings too that I can indulge before then though, if you mean that.

Handcuffs. Despite my bondage fetish, meh. They're a little too 'cheap' to me. My tastes in bondage are in good part influenced by the setup as well as the experience. Good ropework has an intimacy that the (literally) cold expedience of handcuffs never catch, thus making them less appealing.

I do not agree with the assertion that especially taboo fetishes or fetishes in general are born of trauma or personal experience. They can be, but they by no means have to be.

Gas masks, meh.

Does being grabbed by a man upon his arrival and backed up against the wall and being taken constitute as a fetish?
Yep, and it's cool. Done right it can give tingles in the right places on the spot the moment it's being attempted, and lead to some very nice shenanigans.

Blood, beatings and torture don't excite me. I will roleplay them for their plot value, but that crosses the kinky line for me. The general idea of powerplay is fun, though.

I don't have any special interest in mind games, but I have no issue indulging them.

I like MMF as an idea, but my thing against guy on guy kills me for that sequence. For full partner funsies I'd lean strongly towards FFM.

I don't tend to be appetized by things that are traditionally hot about fashion. Like, makeup, I've always been probably the laziest person you meet towards that. Call me plain, but there's something about the natural approach I feel is hard to meet. A lot of modern fashion instantly turns me off, too.

I'm totally down for stronger characters getting domination slammed on them, either by something larger, their own size, or a lucky/rare win from someone lesser.

Restraints. Yes. I totally haven't said this for the third time.

Mild size play is kinda fun to me, something that works on a different scale, eeeeh... maybe in some monster scenarios? Other than that, nah, if they can't fit up against each other reasonably, then the gap doesn't really work for me.

I have a dark guilty pleasure for interrogation, both through the 'goddammit you got me' lighter hearted sexual methods and the actually dark shit. It turns my mind in a dark direction, but I have a morbid fascination that replaces my usual emotional interest.

'Training' isn't especially my kink, but it does play in with some harsher levels of bondage that I indulge, so I don't mind that. Bondage in general is an extreme plus for me. Suspension is kinda cool, though it's a little tricky (for me) to write it out properly, especially in more elaborate cases. Roleplay in roleplay is fun and I'm totally game. Some role reversal is nifty too.

I have a very guilty pleasure for kidnapping scenarios.

Kudos to the guy who goes lengths to face his fears.

Furries, nope, not happening.

Golden showers, nope. Yes, I agree, everyone should do as they do, and I expect plentiful agreement and disagreement alike from anyone running through this list. All in good faith. Support on a submissive play with some light bondage, now, that's tasty.

On one hand I do very much enjoy magic, but conventional 'modern' supernatural doesn't often do much for me.

Exhibitionism and voyeurism are both quite fun ideas for me. As an online thing especially I have a taste for exhibitionism. Psychological manipulation and breakage of trust certainly introduce a level of angst and emotion that are very solid roleplay fuel.

Same on the person around to explore the character dynamics. Do I get something from all this? Sure, preferences for a reason. But a lot of what I write is because I want to know how my character feels with stuff.

In a roleplay sense, starting something up from a disagreement/argument is very nice plot fuel. On the OOC level, I guess it depends on the kind of disagreement. Some will make me just not want to know anything more about you. A reasoned approach, though, and we might get along splendidly.

Oral is wonderful. 'nuff said.

Pregnancy no thank you, underage definitely no thank you. In my book it's underage for a reason, and while I don't fully discount pregnancy in a scene, it's a topic serious enough to me that I'm only going to consider sharing detailed words on it with you if you're really the kind of partner I can get on well with. I know, it's weird with some of the subject matter I am otherwise open to exploring.

I'm all for women with dirty minds. At least, I'd hope so. Lip coloring is meh to me. Boots, gloves, that kind of thing are quite fun to me.

Yep to the idea that all of this is really at its best as a natural chemistry, an actual construct, rather than bits and bobs with little substance to them on their own.

Guns? I lean towards no thank you, but I'd listen to a pitch, I guess.

Breasts are great, having a good dom is great, but on rare occasion I do like to have a nice sub below me, but that tends to be a rarity as my tastes have shifted and I get too stressed when writing dominant. Even as a thing in real life I'm paranoid of getting it wrong.

Orgasm denial and edging, gimme, I love that stuff.

So, yeah, naturally I enjoy offering submission, but I do find the idea of being 'convinced' into it quite appealing as well (don't think about those 's too hard, I'm not making an implication this time). I haven't done much with nagas and otherwise snake people, but the idea is intriguing.

Vanilla is just really vanilla to me. I've always gone for the chocolate.

Dirty talk is nice.

Some biting is a nice immersive touch. I'm not into anthro.

I enjoy latex and pet play, to some extent delving into the pet play psychology, but you lose me if it's to the point of representing/becoming an animal beyond the usual devious sense.

Interracial themes, particularly playing upon stereotypes, intruges me. I saw a roleplay doing just that with a master/slave scenario (which subverted the first thought that would probably come to mind with this, and the execution of it was pretty inspiring). Yet to do it, interested in trying it. It was really the subversion that tickled me, being as I derive nothing from the traditional exercise of a master/slave setup on conventional racial themes. Maybe for the sake of exploring the emotional side of characters involved.

Some breast on breast action is fun. Really, there's a lot of things the girl on girl dynamic does that guys don't really have the ability to cater to... but, conversely, there's dynamics of guys that tend to be best approached by guys too. I guess I'm pretty bi that way. Only combination to that end that does nothing for me is female dominating guy, and guy on guy does nothing whatsoever but turn me off.

That scenario with the alien was interesting. I'd be picky who I indulge that kind of thing with, but a parasite working into the roleplay somehow is a perfectly valid thought.

I'm not really into anal, but I have no problem with it in roleplay and as a concept in general.

"the 'can animals consent' debate." - Not my thing at all, but while in many cases it's probably a no, there's some that make what they want pretty clear. But again, just, no.

Death tends to go right into darkness with me, but I do indulge it, explicitly and kinda disturbingly if the setup is all in order. I may put quite a bit of stock into my characters (the ones made for one-shot I then use elsewhere when things are wrapped up one way or another), but if they die, that's their lot. Rest in peace, and given the circumstances that would probably happen almost exclusively on this site, they definitely deserve the peace.

I honestly don't even mention rib cages unless something's happening that would specifically involve it, and if I have to mention rib cages in a scene, it's probably not for a good reason. Interesting fetish. Big dick's great, but it's a tiny part of the story, tbh. If the only thing I'm getting in a scene is a good dicking, my character is probably not going to find a meaningful climax. A good tease, buildup, foreplay though... that could help out a great deal. Choking I'll indulge, it's even something I can dig to an extent. I only go so far before it gets dark for me, though. While I don't influence the scene with the fact, I have rather weak lungs, so it's the kind of thing I can certainly imagine easily. I'm game for romance, but only if it's natural. If we have a combination I don't think would work, I'm not going to break immersion to try and make it work. Kinda a thing I want to trust a partner with before I make that a premise of the game. Female dominance is great. To be honest I don't care too much who does the job, most possibilities have a good suite of appetizing strengths.

I'm not into transformation at all. Femboys don't appeal to me either. Humiliation and degradation are both really good sells for me.

Personally, I don't care what gender you are, it's what you do that's of concern. If you seriously fuck up a piece of female biology ("wait, the clit doesn't really do anything, though, right?") I will probably drop you for that, sure, but there's a lot of red flags that will probably show up before an opportunity for that kind of nonsense. But I digress. I could probably go deep into portrayals and stuff. Probably merits its own post. Or maybe someone will actually read this far and pick up the conversation. That said, there's nothing sexist about FledgelingBoy's take, it's perfectly valid. People have called me sexist for some really silly shit, with irony sprinkled on top. The word means nothing to me outside of a serious analysis.

Fetishes being impractical to explore in real life is something I definitely get.

Since by this point the use of the word fetish has come up a few times, yeah, a lot of what I call my fetishes probably don't apply very well in a technical sense of the term, especially since a lot of what I do I do because I enjoy the mental dynamic they bring rather than a personal desire to get off on the content involved. But, I call them that anyways. It's easier. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I do get very carried away about the quality of my writing, if I let myself. I know that the medium I'm taking right now - indirect replies on a post by post basis - is mildly confusing and that all this isn't very well written. I also know if I go back and edit, I will never get to posting it. The same applies to roleplays. Plenty of times I look back and go 'well shit, I could have gone into that more', but what I write's already posted and replied to - the value of editing at that point is lost for me, and doing it before leads me down a crippling road of self critique that destroys my ability to roleplay. Hypnosis is a nope for me because the point to me is exploring the functionality of a character's mind, not having the mind's operation overridden by someone else. My reason for enjoying non-human entities slightly differs from that I'm replying to; I like to explore them because I like to see things beyond my own frame of reference, be it a female or a male, or something entirely inhuman. My extensive interest on demons is born from attempting to understand the dynamic of a being based on energy (basically, magic and soul) rather than biology.

I like strapons, don't get me wrong, and I'd totally use them. I guess there's just a dynamic to actual futa that turns me off.

Never liked cartoons much, so that source of 'furry acceptance' for me never panned out. I don't hold anything against them, but I do think that's one of the last things I'd ever indulge in. That fundamental 'meh' towards cartoons probably helped with my total dismissal of anime. But I can enjoy hentai. I'm weird as fuck.

I can totally agree that the penis is super textbook simple to get off. That said, just because a new car revs right up doesn't mean an old car doesn't run pretty simply too. Sure, they all have their quirks, but in my experience you basically just need to let it warm up and treat it nicely, and it will take you just as far, and perhaps last longer. But that's just me. I don't even know why I figured cars were a good example.

Nudity is fun and free, and I'll easily go for it - but I find a good outfit for stripping purposes or even to have all the way in a steamy scene is underappreciated.

Bondage picked up at this point of my read. That's one of the few things that I let bleed through in a kinky scene regardless of my take in a character's dynamic. It just resounds so well with me. Ironic since I'm a terrible rigger.

Part of my post got eaten here. Hooray for length, I'm not going to go back and rewrite.

I have a really dark interest with interrogation themes. The lighter side is the sexual 'goddammit you got me' of that being the main system for interrogation. Morbid fascination and a sometimes pretty dark imagination take over for serious interrogation. Same goes with horror themes. There's an emotional depth that really drags down my state of mind, but that I can get into anyways. Usually at the cost of speed when handling lighter, playful things or even 'dark, but not truly dark' roleplays.
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