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Discuss fetishes and why they interest you?

Mar 19, 2019
Gender transformation would be it for me. My reason being, is that at a young age I figured out I had some gender dysphoria hanging around in my brain. Roleplaying provided this magical escape where I could be the gender I wanted to be, and now it helps me think on what my next step in the real world will be. Whether that's HRT, or something else. It definitely has helped me figure out where I am on the transgender spectrum. Plus, it's super hot to me now, which helps tremendously with emotions like guilt and shame that run pretty hard in most transgender folks.


Mar 22, 2019
I am somewhat of an exhibitionist, in theory, of course. And it just occurred to me that I haven't explored this in roleplay-- if I had to pin the interest down on something it would be the potential of being a sexual object in what would otherwise be a neutral space, not about power over one person or a display of some strange romanticism, but a stance against civilization and all it keeps us apart from. I could see this working as a big "fuck you" in some forbidden love deal.


Latex Kinkster
Mar 21, 2019
As my name implies, tight and shiny latex. I don’t exactly know why, but I have always been attracted to bodies in tight clothing. At first it was “leather” in a generic sense as I had no frame of reference to what I was seeing. Eventually super glossy and highly polished latex became my weakness. My attachment only grew when I actually purchased my first articles of latex clothing and the feel, sound and smell solidified my attraction to it.


Feb 28, 2015
South Carolina
I would say my main kink is violence, which manifests itself in many forms. I am a sadist and I would be a masochist in the right circumstance, so the violence can be given or received. As far as the intensity, in real life, I wouldn't want any long-term injuries. Just a half or fully naked boxing match will do it for me or some appropriately performed S&M play. I'm not about to go assault someone just because I feel like it. That's both immoral and has a high chance of turning me off. Outside of that, my taste for violence gets turned up to 11 in the right context. The no long-term injuries rule still applies, but when in a setting with magic or advanced technology, some things that would be long-term injuries would be short term. In a high magic or an extremely advanced setting, even death can be considered short-term and in those scenarios, I become very bloodthirsty while still keeping my moral stances. As with a lot of kinks, context is everything and in the context of such a setting, why not go the extra mile and bend that arm until it goes snap if you already like pain and so does the victim? Why not snap that neck with your thighs if death no longer lasts forever?

Now as to why violence turns me on? I chalk it up to being about power play. Whether it be in a fight or in sex, causing the other pain doesn't just inflict agony, it reminds them of who has the power. Imagine one individual standing over the other victoriously. The victor has cemented his authority as the dominant and the loser must be submissive. It adds more flavor to BDSM. The dominant now has a reason besides "because you want me to be in charge" to be the dominant. Aside from that, there is a certain rush from both giving pain and causing pain. That rush could also be the reason why I like it.
Aug 19, 2013
I dont really have many fetishes in RL. I haven't had that much experience. But I did get cheated on one time and I handled it so poorly i had to go to therapy. and that's probably i dont like to do anything like Cheating or Cuckolding and NTR.

Though in terms of more roleplay kinks I do have a ton.
The one I always gotta have in some capacity is excessive cum. I love the image of a ton of the goop pouring out of someone's orifice after some good Dickin' down. This also counts in Cum Inflation.

I guess if I wanted to try this in real life I could splurge a bit on one of those Bad Dragon thingies but fuck they're expensive.

I've got a few more I could go into. But they're kinda base hentai shit.
Mar 18, 2019
I'm unsure why, but I have an unhealthy attraction to big, strong characters, especially if they're non-human. Mostly like, anthros and stuff. The problem is that it isn't often you find people who are willing to play monsters or characters of that archetype, while also being open to play with a man, since most of those are either men or futa.
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