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Swinging Couples Grab Bag of Ideas (OOC Chatter)/(NSFW)

This is what we should be trying to arrange, if we will need three or more threads from the rules section. Do we have 8 players?

07) For group RPs requiring multiple threads (at least 3 or more threads ) or larger groups (at least 8 or more people), a Child Forum may be requested. Please PM an Administrator (red names) to determine if such a thing is truly needed. If deemed appropriate, an admin will create the Child Forum, and assign a GM to it. Please Note: A GM is NOT a mod. They merely run/organize the larger group RP. Think of them as the group RP creator, nothing more. All interest/coordination, profile and OOC threads will be moved along with the RP into the Child Forum.
Yeah we have 8 players and roughly 5-7 locations for threads. We should be all good
My big question at the moment is, what is the basic treatment at the party. Are we to mingle, sit at tables and eat and drink, hit the spa right away or what? I was under the assumption that there was going to be a photo session or stage show of sorts. If we are all going to the spa, everyone should know or be on the same page.
I think wanting to have a single event everyone takes part in at once is killing us. We are in a bit of a catch 22, we want to start the scene but without everyone, our active writers are just sort of killing time. Maybe we should just be a bit more independent and write among those that are active and shelve the party. We are going to start losing people if we haven't already. I haven't heard from Xavier's spouse in some time.
I think at this point we have our group. I'm hoping @small package is just taking a break so then we would have a even gender ratio for our group. That may create a few problems, but who we have now is it. If we find that someone has dropped out, someone may have to add a character and play as more than one. I've just reached out to another admin who will hopefully provide some help. Let's not wait around for other people to chime in. We have a good group of people who are active so let's move forward with them.
Well now that we have this. I mean the characters have all been introduced more or less. We could set up a few different smaller scenes in different threads without worrying about a timeline. Keep the party going if we so choose. At the same time the characters are involved in tomorrow's trip to the nude beach, or the next days pajama party, or the small reunion six months from now, etc
I don't see a problem with each couple attending a party as was discussed last week. That should have a thread or be contained in the main thread. I hope to be back with more regular posts by Monday.
I'll make a few different threads that will take place at different points in time so we can hop around a bit and not have to wait for as many people to arrive.
I'm fine with just continuing the party as is.

But that is a suggestion if we're concerned about the lack of momentum making us fizzle out.
We're only really missing @small package at this point. If anything, most of us are losing interest do to the infrequency of posts. I don't mean to rush you, but we're only really waiting for Kimberly and Harold to come down to the party. I'll have a post up soon to move things along.
Sup y'all. Had a busy weekend. Glad to see momentum's still good

@DonnaSalmer Guess we fell into a just chat and mingle setting while we waited for everyone to show.

Eventually the main event should be a fun little show where everyone has a chance to model their swimsuit. We talked about splitting the couples. I figured they could get scrambled and paired up with someone who isn't their spouse. Then they sort of go up in front of the group together in pairs and each give a fun flirty evaluation of the other's swimsuit. An excuse to model and compliment each other. At least that's what I understood.

We can have a photographer on hand too. Somebody mentioned that somewhere and that's a good idea. I didn't even consider it. People can take individual pictures, pictures with their spouse, and pictures with their partner for the swimsuit modeling. (Oh and I have something in mind for the odd woman out so don't worry on that detail)

So @Crimson Angel, just how big a kiss we talking? ;)
I assumed it was a quick peck, but looks like other understood it was a little more. Either way, I think I can work with it. Something quick but still steamy
Still no word on my end from @small package I can either BS my way around it or I can fade out and let you guys continue with 3 couples, or any options in between.
I wouldn't want to force you out, so I could either open back up the interest thread just for hoping, or someone could play an extra character.
Hmm looks like it's been over a week. Hope they're all right. But realistically it's probably a break from BMR. I know plenty of us need em from time to time. Maybe someone could bring in another character, with a new person or someone can write another one.

Or we could retcon our two newly-single people together? Josie and Xavier?

Edit: Yeah, basically what BikiniLovingM said
I kind of like the Josie story the way it is going. I think the group should run with the momentum it has and not wait to find another. I don't mind taking one for the team now and then and I have other stories and groups. If she shows up, I'll jump back in, but I'll just write him going to check on Alex and not come back unless she shows.

Fair enough?
Seems reasonable to me.

If I may make a suggestion, not necessarily as a solution to any problem but just as an observation I guess. The party would be a good opportunity for any new couples to be introduced if anyone is interested in playing multiple characters. That's not to say I am. I'm fine with just one character. That's just a broad suggestion lol
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