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Swinging Couples Grab Bag of Ideas (OOC Chatter)/(NSFW)

@Red Day I think we are too late or beyond the bikini show now that Nathan and I are in the hot tube. Maybe the rest could join us? That is why I wanted clarification last week. I'm will to just move forward and stay positive. I suggest we forget about the bikini show.
That's fine with me. Honestly I don't think the idea works as well when it's down to 2.5 couples.
Lmao, without that whole thing I guess Javi has that much less work to do. For professional reasons he'll need someone to explicitly invite him into the hot tub though lol
@Red Day That will be easy if he brings cold drinks to the hot tube. I plan on periodically referencing other couples generically in the spa. We can use them as examples of what we might do.
One suggestion to get things going is for Josie to join in the hot tube. She could divulge to the other men and women she is a stripper. This could lead to all sorts of stuff like her teaching the other women or getting them to skinny dip. Maybe teach us how to strip properly and even give a lap dance. Just thoughts to get this going.
@BikiniLovingM Now that we have our own sub-forum, how do you feel about spinning off some threads so we can explore some relationships while the big group event is going on? Scenes with 6 or so people can take a long time to progress, it will give everyone a chance to write and develop their characters in a smaller, quicker scene?
Sounds good. You are the moderator of our sub forum, but any of us can start a thread with your consent, it is more a curtesy thing than a technical one.

I can set something up like the "The Rollins' Room" as a thread but if you would rather do it yourself that is fine as well.
I see swinging as something either side of a couple can initiate. That said, I think I can also play Kimberly as a wife who tries to make the first move on Ethan and his wife. If they aren't into yoga, she might change their minds pretty quickly when giving them different kind of yoga lessons.
I'm writing the spa as if it were fairly good sized and more generic couples are joining and getting naked. I think Kimberly could be a big influence on Joelle and getting her to open up.
Hey everyone. Obviously some of our players have decided not to continue, so I'm wondering about condensing our group to anyone that would like to continue and play with Joelle solo or as a small group. Let me know if your interested and I will set something up.
Alright then if my character doesn't fit... he doesn't fit... so I'm out of here and make room for another writer then or whatever. I just feel bad for @ShyRPer but I guess another husband can disappear into the void and if she stays she can make due.

Take care all, it's been fun while it lasted.
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