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Swinging Couples Grab Bag of Ideas (OOC Chatter)/(NSFW)

@Oddlot I'm still more than happy to humiliate your character if and when the opportunity presents itself. Have you heard from @ShyRPer lately?

If we need to regroup quick we can, but frankly I feel like this things works well with 'left over' spouses, all the more motivation to find a new friend right? In the wise words of another generation, "if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with"! (Stephen Stills)
@DonnaSalmer it's cool, no big deal I wasn't expecting MC to fit for all or even a single one of the female characters (or I guess the male ones just as not leave them out). For me, how the different characters were going to interact or not interact was just going to be part of the story itself and wholly expected by me. Anyway, I still figure it best for me to leave the group so if someone else comes along that is a better fit then all the better for everyone else. @xavierrol thanks I just saw your message pop up while I was typing. Thanks for the thought, much appreciated but I'm still out.

All the best again to everyone. Take care.
Hmm well that's unfortunate. Was looking forward to messing more with Harold, but if you're out I guess that's that. Take care.
It's pretty straight forward. Sometimes it's a little hard to go back and back fill and keep it the same as others intended. FYI I will be off for 17 days starting October 6th.
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