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On Playing Multiple Characters...


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Jan 10, 2021
So I’ve played multiple characters before, lately it has become necessary to my muse to do so. Generally I want a thinker and a doer/sweet and a spicy. I enjoy starting out with the differences and bringing them closer and closer into a even circumstance and more rounded characters.

That said I notice it brings me more fappers; my term for people who smut rp primarily to get off which is a whole other convo on workable versions for me and not. Some people are just interested in the harem element and a good example is a story now where the co-writer only has the excitement to build new faces vs building out the character.

? for the crowd - if there are multiples in the story. How about the convo on who controls who?

I like to define a main 1-3 as “my” characters. And if there is more we switch back and forth power of them as we need them.


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Jan 8, 2020
In my latest femdom RP, I just got another character to control and I love it, was a great idea by my partner to introduce them and looking like they are permanent. Don't mind in the slightest, definitely going to be great for the sex scenes and the story both!


Aug 30, 2014
We generally control most character except our main(s). I rarely have more than two mains, generally one. We ask each other before doing something too out of character. We might have some Scs we do not "lend" or just as a mention.
Jan 12, 2021
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It's good. I have the Game of Thrones mentality; if you have a lot to get invested in, you can afford to lose a few (or more) in the plot. Although I like single-character playing too. All about what the scene needs.


Feb 13, 2021
Actually I enjoy it greatly. Also I tend to have one main character, I feel to do proper „world building“ it is fun to add a support cast and make them meaningful and develop them properly. Basically doing the GM part of the whole thing can be as fun as „pure playing“ I think.

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Oct 5, 2020
My attitude changes a bit over time. Overall it sums pretty easily though. I think 2 mains + whatever NPCs is a widely accepted minimum on the site. People are generally willing to give a little effort to sides as they need. The nuance I feel comes with multiple side characters and/or mains. Be they sides with depth who can become POV or regularly used POVs. I can do several of the latter, sometimes it's much more fun that way - as long as it fits. Because some ideas really do work best with just two mains to explore the scene/story at hand. Grand adventure's cool, but there's a lot to interpersonal dynamics.


Apr 12, 2018
I've played multiple characters many, many times. In a League of Legends roleplay I'm doing, my partner and I are using as much of the cast as possible for the story. But, we realized that using so many at once would make story progression take far longer--mostly my fault, lol--so we're working on doing two pairs of people at a time, with supporting characters able to chime in during conversations but not have the primary perspective for the replies.

I tend to only to 1-on-1 for one-shot's unless my partners and I really show some excellent chemistry in the plotting stage, which is becoming increasingly rare. I'd like to try dungeon master someday, maybe for Star Wars, but I'm just not finding enough women requesting that sort of thing.

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Feb 14, 2021
I like it at times, the extra character(s) are supporting roles so to speak and just help the plot along. Other times the extra character might be played by myself and my partner as required. Or not directly played at all but just mentioned if that makes sense.
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