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On Playing Multiple Characters...

The Snuggubus

Nov 15, 2019
So the problem I have when playing DM is that my players feel like that's an excuse to play an absolutely bland character, making me have to create the fun for myself as well as for them, which is why I've done it less and less. Playing multiples is a blast though, having the characters interact with themselves as well as the partner's is pretty fun, so long as they aren't doing the same thing I mentioned above. Either way, both are fun, you just need a partner who is not waiting for you to make the fun for both of them.

Lady Red

Is this easy mode?
Jan 20, 2013
Always played with multiple characters if I could. Even if we had a play where we were the last two people alive, I'd make a dog or cat or something to play as.

Hillbilly Queen

RP Drama queen 👸 The more drama the better!
Dec 14, 2017
I think I’ve said it before I myself love playing multiple characters, absolutely love love triangles where a couple is going through a hard time or just out of the blue they become swingers etc.


Just push play.
Mar 30, 2020
Planet Earth
Multiple characters are for me, the most important thing when I want to keep a rp interesting over time. They can be used to add drama, laughter or to just advance a situation. They are like a fresh breeze of air after the main characters spent too much time with each other.


May 15, 2020
In theory while I love the idea of playing multiple characters, I find that in my (limited) practice multiple character RPs have a greater chance of crashing and burning.

Even though I'll honestly say 50% of those crash and burn RPs have been on me, it's something I'd love to try again with a chill writing partner!

Skald Father

May 16, 2020
I really enjoy playing multiple characters for a sort of wide array of reasons. The best thing that comes from this, in my opinion, is when a side character gets their own story, becomes something bigger, and maybe even spins off an entirely new RP with that partners! I have run the gamut from RPing in the GM style against one persons singular character, or have run multiple main characters against a partners main character, or been in worlds where we both RP a large number of characters! For whatever reason though I think it tends to drift towards me actually writing the majority of these characters, though I don't really mind it. It can be quite fun!


Aug 30, 2014
Me too. Most people who "demanded" I play two ran. I do it only with someone I trust.


Oct 17, 2018
I can't think of an RP where I haven't played a minimum of two characters, and quite a few where I've played at least two in smut scenes, as well. The issue mainly comes in when my RP partner isn't capable of that. I'm pretty imaginative, but it takes a lot of creative energy to play every single character in an RP besides one. I usually RP because I enjoy the surprise and novelty of what another person comes up with. When they're limited to just one person, I tend to get burned out trying to generate enough idea to keep me interested. If I only wanted to write on my own most of the time, I'd just write what I wanted and skip all the hassle of trying to generate ideas that keep my partners interested.

However, I have developed a newfound fascination with playing crowds. A group of people has a different dynamic and character than an individual, which can be a challenge to model realistically. Knowing which details give the crowd verisimilitude without getting distracted from the focus of the RP can be a challenge.
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