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  1. wolfsujiyama

    Dimensional Heroes(Character Creation)(NSFW)(Private)

    This is a private roleplay, only those I have invited are allowed. Must be able to write long posts at least the number of lines required in the Rules or a paragraph or more. Story In the city of Ikanburo the people lives their lives normally, but things aren't always as they seem within this...
  2. Karasuhime

    Digimon Roleplay (Slight Cyber Sleuth Inspiration?)

    Yes, I am doing this despite there being 2 Digimon Roleplays here already. So basically, the idea is that there are a bunch of teens around Tokyo who have, through one way or another, acquired a Digimon. They exist in an application in a Digi-V.I.C.E.(more info on that later, it's a piece of...
  3. wolfsujiyama

    Pogimon Heroes - Akota Region(Roleplay)(NSFW)

    I've have decided we will no longer be looking for other people to join the roleplay. The link to the character creation is below. Pogimon Heroes Ikori Village Trainers Buildings Roads North - Rout One - Linsor Fields __________________________________________________________ Kiki woke up...
  4. wolfsujiyama

    Pogimon Heroes(Character Creation)(NSFW)

    Pogimon Heroes is a group rp that has both Pokemon and Digimon within a story roleplay, i no longer need any more people. Rules and other things will be located Below. Story Pokemon and Humans have always lived together for as long as they could remember, but no-one knows very much about them...
  5. Princess_Kaylin

    Digimon: Conquerors of the Black Gears Interest Thread.

    DIGIMON: Digital Monsters Conquerors of the Black Gears Interest/History Thread In Character Thread Character Sheets Thread Out of Character Thread Welcome to the world of Digimon, Digital Monsters. Unknown to many but cult followings and internet conspiracies, Digimon...
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