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Roleplaying Memior [No posting please]
08-14-2011, 11:29 PM (This post was last modified: 08-14-2011 11:48 PM by Camryn Draik.)
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Roleplaying Memior [No posting please]
*[Idea swiped from Master Raven who was inspired by DarkAngel76]*

Looking threw some threads in here and found something interresting that looked like a pretty good idea. Especially since my memory seems to be alittle on the shit side of things as of recently. Feel free to read along if you like.

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08-14-2011, 11:48 PM (This post was last modified: 12-14-2012 08:16 PM by Camryn Draik.)
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RE: Roleplaying Memior [No posting please]
Active Thread Roleplays
A Rival Captain/het -Anansi

Active Private Message Roleplays
A Magicked Life /Het -InsertNameHere
It Should Be Me (HumanxAnthro)/het -Fenrir
Where There Are Heros There Are Villians/Het -Wikwik
Appearences Aren't Everything/ Yuri -Gashnaw
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08-16-2011, 12:56 AM (This post was last modified: 09-06-2012 06:26 PM by Camryn Draik.)
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RE: Roleplaying Memior [No posting please]
Inactive Thread Roleplays
*Note- I am willing to pick most of these back up.

Can It Really Happen? ~ Crazyfun
Plot: Original Custom
Roles: Pianist / Bartender
Precis: Karik was a bartender that had his mind set up about how things worked and what he wanted to do. He was over all content with how things worked for him. One night though his boss decided to hire his nephew to Zane to play piano. Especially since this was a high end bar that only the wealthy typically went to. Will Zane be able to suduce Karik into coming out of his shell?
Spoiler!: nothing. Didn't get very far. Would love to pick back up.
Setting: Realistic Modern

Lost in the Pale Moonlight~ Benen Eachann
Plot: Were's Custom
Roles: Weretiger/Werewolf
Precis: Leah is a bartender for a local bar. One night during the full moon she runs into a weretiger that she's unfamiliar with. She invites him to her work to get to know him better and welcome him to the underground were community that is working on coming out. Luke however is looking for a mate and has his eye on her.
Spoiler!: none currently.
Setting: realistic modern / fantasy.

A Damned and Forbidden Hunger ~ Lord Darkol
Plot: Incest
Roles: Fraternal Twins
Precis: Lucius and Kiara are fraternal twins, one with a secret. There mother, a vampire, fell for their human father knowing that if they had children that there would be the possibility of hiding part of their ancestry. Since she found out that she was pregnant with twins she new that, that fear would become part of their new life. Eighteen years later the twins have just graduated. Kiara wanting to celebrate invites her brother to come with her to her first club. What happens next will change Kiara's knowledge of her family.
Spoiler!: After having a guy hit on her at the club, Lu's bloodlust starts kicking in higher than before. He manages to get the guy to back off but also has an interesting night with his sister. After dancing and kissing her they head home to and to the bathroom. While in the shower Lu unearths there families dark history.
Setting: Modern Fantasy

Dead Private Message Roleplays

Title: Fur High ~ Fenrir
Plot: human/anthro - High School
Roles: New kid in an all anthro school
Precis:Fred has just moved to a area populated by anthros. Being the only human in a brand new school has it's challenges. What will he do when a fox girl named Kilara tries to show him that things are as shitty as they seem?
Setting: Reaistic modern - fantasy.

Title: FxF ~ confused billiam
Plot: Taboo / coming out / high school
Roles: Artistic / Popular
Precis:Cassidy a.k.a Chance, a third year art student, is shocked when one of the most popular girls enters her first period. After trying to ignore her for the first few days she goes out to see Amy at the same club. Amy's boyfriend had arrived with another girl which led Chance to take on a slightly heroic approach that Amy wouldn't let her soon forget.
Spoiler!: Amy and Chance start dating and have a nude photoshoot so Chance can try to prove that Amy means more to her than any of the girls that come into her apartment to get drawn. Later Amy get's 'voted' off of her cheer leading squad and is forced to tell her mother the news.
Setting:Realistic Modern

Title: Punishment is Fair Game ~ Lexzira
Plot: Lexira's Original Plot
Roles: Punisher / Punishee
Precis: "At first glance this small town university is like any other, but if you manage to dig far deeper then even the police you would find that this place holds a dark secret. The school as elected a group of students to punish others who break the code of conduct. Those students have permission to do what ever they want in the name of punishment and all are okay with it. Now Aden didn't think much about the rumors of this punishment counsel till he was caught breaking the drinking rule. Now the next day his punishment is due." ~Quoted from Lex's search thread and edited to fit our rp since minor things are different.
Spoiler!: none currently.
Setting: Realistic Modern touch of fantasy.

Title: Freddy/Lex ~ Fenrir
Plot: Anthros
Roles: Couple dating online for a year meet in real life
Precis: Freddy and Lexington have been dating online for the past year. Now Fred's come to America to meet Lex. Now he's staying with him. Will things work or will Lex give him the boot?
Spoiler!: None
Setting: Realistic Fantasy

(Not dead just a note)
Title: Cheater Cheater
Plot: Modern
Roles: Allison&Nova / Sean&Salem
Precis: Allison and Sean are together and so are Nova and Salem. Salem like his best friends girl though and his girl likes his best friend.
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