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***THE SITE RULES*** (updated on 04/26/17)
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Information ***THE SITE RULES*** (updated on 04/26/17)

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The Rules of BlueMoon Roleplaying have been REVAMPED. Most are the same, just streamlined and hopefully laid out a bit better for everyone to understand. Some have been updated or will soon be updated. Regardless, this thread is and always will be very dynamic. So, be on the look out for announcements in the 'Rules & Announcements' section for times when updates, tweaks, etc. to the rules may occur.

Thank you,




Welcome to BlueMoon! Now that you’ve found us and are reading the site’s Rules (also your guide to both etiquette and conduct on the boards, chat and the PM system), your FIRST TASK is to go to ‘Introductions’ and introduce yourself, if you haven’t already. Go. Now.

(Not doing so MAY result in your account being deleted since a post count is one sure fire way to let us know that you aren’t a spammer.)

Ok. You’re back. Great! Now that you’ve made an Intro for yourself you may proceed and read the actual RULES (yes, we have them) for this site. As a contributing member, it’s your job to read and adhere to these basic guidelines since going against them will more than likely result in some sort of consequence (details will follow, so read on). Also, the tips provided should prove helpful and give you guidance on how things are done here and where things belong, etc.

Dark Red: Head Administrator (aka Supervillain)
Bright Red: Sub-Administrator (aka Anti-Hero)
Green: Global Moderator (aka Superheroine)
Pinkish-Purple: Sectional Moderator
Purple: Welcoming Committee
Pink: Design Team
Orange: Recruiter
Dark Blue: Supporter
Yellow: Superposter (top 12, non-staff posters for BMR)
Light Blue: Site Members

There are also GMs, who appear light blue (the same color as Site Members). These members are those who run their own Group RPs and have the ability to do basic thread management for THEIR GROUP RP ONLY! They are NOT mods and should not be treated as such nor act as such.

With that now out of the way, let’s get down to business and discover how BlueMoon ticks.

I. You agree to obey the rules and laws of the United States while within these forums. This includes, but is not limited to, advocating illegal behavior, posting photographs or videos of bestiality, and making threats.

II. Do not post real-life identifying information about another member.

III. You must be eighteen or older to be a member of this site. If we find anyone who is younger than that, it will result in an immediate ban. Do not make accusations of being underaged without proof.

IV. No lolicon or shotacon, in art or role plays. All characters involved in sex must have entered puberty and be at least fifteen years of age or older, or whatever appropriate equivalent for your fantasy. Underaged sexual photos or other evidence of the exploitation of minors will be reported to the authorities.

V. No nude photos of yourself unless you can reference a 2257 document off-site.

VI. Do not be an idiot. The staff reserves the right to ban morons at their own discretion. This includes, but is not limited to, harassment, forcing yourself on other roleplays, and an inability to string a coherent sentence together.

VII. Respect the staff and their time. While trolling in general falls under being an idiot, trolling or attacking staff for doing their jobs will get you kicked even faster.

While the above rules are a great guideline for all to know and follow, the following paragraphs in this rules thread are the ones of MAIN IMPORTANCE as they go into finer detail and expand upon the above.


If you see a member, or even someone on staff, breaking either 'guideline' site rules or any of the rules listed here in this thread, please contact an administrator (presently, darkangel76 or Vekseid).

If you have issues with another member, or even someone on staff, please try to solve things OFF THE PUBLIC BOARDS. That means, please keep it to PMs or IMs. If you find that you are unable to solve the issue in this manner, contact an admin (red name) or mod (green name) to assist you in mediation. We want everyone to have fun here, so let’s do our best to keep the place POSITIVE and work out our troubles quickly and quietly so as not to disturb the other members.

Also, since this has been an issue in the past, if staff or members bring up touchier subjects, be it in the chat room, via PMs or on the boards, meaning topics where it is clear that a counselor really ought to be sought out, then the user bringing up said topic shall be issued a formal warning. If they persist, they will immediately be banned. No questions. We are not a counseling service and such topics can really upset people, be they staff or a regular member. Again, we’re here to have fun.

If you are found to be under 18, you will be banned from the site immediately without warning and labeled as Jailbait. Any threads started by you shall indeed be closed. If you are found to have joined the site while underaged, even if you are presently of appropriate age, you shall be notified of a week temp ban. If you choose to evade ban, for any reason, those accounts will be permanently banned and you risk your original account possibly being permanently banned as well. If you choose to assist someone who is underaged on the site (and it is clear that you are doing so with the knowledge that said person is indeed underaged), you too will be banned.

Harassment comes in a few forms. It can be pestering a member via PMs or IMs or emails. It can be public and done by posting remarks in one’s request thread. In general, harassment is anything that makes another member feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Any time such instances are brought to staff’s attention, staff will do their best to listen and gather as much information as possible. They will also get info from the member in question, since it’s only fair to hear things out from both sides, especially if it’s a first time offense. Staff will do their best to assess the situation and let members know if they’re being too sensitive or not and/or what to do to remedy the situation so that they feel both comfortable and safe once more. We want BMR to be a fun and safe place for all members. So, if someone is having a problem, PLEASE inform staff as soon as possible. This cannot be stressed enough.

If you are reported for having harassed a member and it’s indeed found that the accusation is justified, you will be given both a verbal/PM warning along with an official warning. If you continue to make trouble, you will receive a week temp ban. If more trouble persists (thus giving you a track record), you will receive another verbal/PM warning along with another official warning (which may or may not increase your warning level depending on the offense) and a month temp ban. If the behavior continues after such measures have been taken, you will be permabanned. End of story. BMR is meant for people to escape and delve into their creativity for a while, to have fun and feel safe while enjoying what the site has to offer. That said, harassment will NOT be tolerated and no amount of begging will change the way in which staff proceeds in handling such cases. If there’s an extreme case that’s brought to staff’s attention, with proof, etc. then harsher actions (eg. permabanning) will be instated without warning.

Loli/shota is NOT allowed. All characters in RPs on site that engage in any sort of sexual activity MUST be at least 15 years old and have entered puberty. That is, females must be fully developed and menstruating and males must be fully developed.

While we understand that the terms loli/shota can take on different meanings depending on what country you are from or what fad you are referring to, we are talking about what BlueMoon says. You are here on BlueMoon, so therefore we are asking that you respect our rules and thus definition even if it might differ elsewhere or from your opinion.

What is BlueMoon's Definition?
BlueMoon's Definition of Loli/Shota is anything (yes, anything) younger than 15 that is pre-pubescent and also looks pre-pubescent (again, use common sense here, we get that some people prefer smaller breasts to larger, etc etc).

The reason we use the word anything is rather deliberate because it is all encompassing and all-inclusive. It includes males, females, gender neutrals, gender-everythings, alien species, beasts... you think it up, it applies. We don't want to witch hunt, so zero tolerance of this rule will be a way of the past. However, we expect common sense and respect to be used here. Thus there is expectation for people to not push the limit of this rule into territory that is clearly meant for the sake of pushing (so, for the sake of simplicity, KEEP ALL MAIN CHARACTERS AT 15 OR OLDER... DO NOT CARE WHAT THEY ARE!). Such behavior won't be tolerated or allowed and will be considered hostile and a means to purposefully skirt the rules as they are meant to be taken. Thus, staff reserves the right to handle such cases as they see fit since adults should know better and use common sense. If anyone is uncertain, it is expected that members will inquire BEFORE posting.

Also, when it comes to fandoms where the cannon characters are used. If they are underaged characters, the ages need to be specified in the request threads, RPs, profiles, etc. so as to make it clear that they are of the appropriate age condoned by this site.

As for linking to outside sites that condone loli/shota, BlueMoon does not support this. So, all links to such things must not be tacked on to members profiles, threads, signatures, F-lists, etc. Be sure that they are not there or you risk consequences and thus your time here on BlueMoon.

When it comes to PMs, loli/shota is STILL not allowed. Just because you are keeping things to PMs, we expect this rule to be upheld.

As for those who are all right and/or condone loli/shota, that is your deal, however, it is NOT BlueMoon's. We are not here to service your advertising needs and thus are not here to allow you a means to advertise the desire to RP outside of what we condone be it on your Request Thread, via PMs or anywhere else on this site.

And finally, seeing as this is a writing site and we all understand that as writers we do sometimes need to add depth and color to the stories we create and that this sometimes means we need to include underage SUPPLEMENTAL/FILLER characters in our stories OR have our main characters have a FLASHBACK about their past. These instances, are deemed fine. The main thing in these situations is just that these filler characters or flashbacks (assuming your main character is under appropriate age in the flashback, but NOT for main portion of the RP) is that they are NOT engaging in sexual situation. That is, NO sexual activity, NO sexual abuse, NO sexual objectification, etc. So long as this is followed, it is fine to have such things included to help enhance any RP.

A single person is allowed NO MORE THAN FIVE ACCOUNTS ON SITE. If you do indeed need more than five, please contact staff FIRST before doing so. Disregarding this rule enough times will result in jeopardizing ALL accounts per person on site. Members who are banned via one account will have ALL associated accounts banned as well.

Since a single person is allowed up to five accounts on site, this is considered a privilege. Abusing this privilege will NOT be tolerated. What it means to abuse this privilege is at the discretion of staff and, depending on the abuse, that single person not only risks their account in which the abuse has taken place under but all other accounts as well and thus their overall time here on site.

Examples of Abuse (not a complete list):

01) A member/person is a known male. For some reason, said member/person creates an alt account that is a female persona and doesn't let anyone know about this super secret alt account. Using this female persona account, they specifically target members who have explicit rules in their Request Threads stating that they are uncomfortable RPing with male members. They lie to these members and pretend that they truly are female just so that they can RP with these people for some unknown reason. THIS IS ABUSIVE AND A VIOLATION OF SOMEONE'S RIGHTS! (This can go for females pretending to be males or just about anything... but the idea is one in the same).

02) A member/person has an account where they are decently known by members and/or staff (not to mention visible on the boards and in chat) and then create an alt account and try to dupe members and/or staff into believing that the alt is truly a unique individual. It is made worse if the original account has a track record of some sort while the alt, technically, does not.

03) A member/person creates more accounts than the allotted five. As it is, five is WAY more than enough. In all honesty, people really shouldn't need more than ONE. However, in wanting to keep an open mind and thus allowing the ability for people to explore creative freedom, people are granted the privilege of up to five. So, by purposefully exceeding, you are abusing that privilege. By ignoring staff when called out on this, you are abusing it even more so.

A lot of us like to use graphics in our request threads be it for visual representations of a character, a scene, a pairing, anything. Others still like to use them in 'General Discussion' or other various sections for a slew of other reasons. The point, however, is this:

01) If you are creating a thread that contains graphics (this includes links to such graphics) of any kind that are explicit in content (and compliant with site rules), you MUST label the thread NSFW (not safe for work) or something along those lines so as to warn members that the thread contains such images.

02) If you are posting to an already created thread and your post contains graphics (again, this includes links to such graphics) of an explicit nature (and are compliant with site rules), you MUST place them behind a spoiler tag. To create a spoiler tag -- [spoiler ]text or image goes here[/ spoiler] (just remove the extra spaces and if there are questions, contact an admin (red name) or mod (green name). If a link is used in place of an image, a warning is MUST be used to let people know what it is they will be linking to.

03) When it comes to avatars and signatures, we ask that you refrain from nudity of any kind all together. It doesn't matter if this is an image of a model, anime or digital art. If there is nudity, DO NOT USE IT! If you do, it will be promptly removed and you WILL receive a PM along with a 1 month temp formal warning. The reason behind this decision is to help tamp down needless trolling and to protect members since avatars are the first thing people see as a representation of YOU, the user. If there are any questions as to what levels of clothing and/or 'covering up' are considered 'ok' or not, please contact staff and we will let you know and help you out.

However the gist of what is acceptable vs not is this:
No female breasts/nipples
No genitalia
Bare backside is fine so long as the cheeks are NOT spread such that the anus is revealed
Nothing tasteless/pornographic

04) When it comes to any kind of graphic (ie, avatar, sig, images for an RP, etc etc) do NOT use real images of your friends, family, anyone who could possibly become a member (celebrities and thus anyone with a recognizable face are the ONLY exceptions). You may post images of yourself on site, so long as they are NOT nude, pornographic, etc. And please restrict posting self images to either your avatar/sig, the PYF thread and your journals should you make one (posting location exceptions can be made, but ONLY if appropriate).

Limit yourself to ONE ACTIVE/OPEN thread in the Long Term & General Requests for Male, Female and Uncatagorized Others. You can make an unlimited number of Request Threads in the Short Term & Quick Connects for Male, Female and Uncatagorized Others. For more information on the Long Term and Short Term sections please go to the main rules page for them. [Long Term Section Rules / Short Term Section Rules]. We understand that sometimes members like to revamp their threads and make a fresh start. This is fine. Just send staff a PM to lock down and/or to delete the older Request Thread for you. If you are found to have more than one active thread in a particular Long Term request section, you will receive a warning via PM and if no response is heard, they will eventually be deleted/locked without warning. Additionally, NO DUPLICATE THREADS IN A SINGLE SECTION (that is, Male, Female, or Uncategorized Other) FOR BOTH SHORT TERM AND LONG TERM. These are two unique sections. Treat them as such. You will receive 3 verbal warnings before it becomes an official warning and your warning level raised.

Bumping Policy: You may bump your thread only ONE TIME PER WEEK in the Long Term & General Requests section and we ask that you keep your bumping to ONCE A DAY in the Short term & Quick Connects. So NO ONE should ever be bumping their thread more than once in a single 7 day time period in the Long Term & General Requests section. And NO ONE should ever be bumping their thread more than once in a single 24 hour time period in the Short term & Quick Connects section. You will receive 3 verbal warnings before action is taken and you lose Request Thread privileges for ONE WEEK.

Do NOT bump a friend's Request Thread. Do NOT post in any Request Thread that is NOT your own. If you have an edit to make, go ahead and make it, but REFRAIN from bumping your thread until your time is up. In other words—WAIT YOUR TURN! If you are creating a Request Thread that requires multiple posts, from the start for the sake of organization, you MUST notify staff BEFORE hand or else it will be treated as an over bumped thread. No exceptions.

Any member over bumping (thread creator OR accomplice, that is, a friend bumping another's thread) 3xs or more will lose Request Thread privileges for ONE WEEK. If behavior persists, privileges are lost for two weeks. If behavior still persists, they are permanently removed. We will have an appeal system in place, so any members who have permanently lost Request Thread privileges will need to speak to admin. However, if appeal is granted and over bumping is found to remain an issue with said member, subsequent actions will be swifter and harsher.

Also, ALL over bumped posts that are caught and/or reported WILL BE DELETED BY STAFF! This is to place all Request Threads back in line. Again, everyone waits their turn. All thread creators will be notified. If another bumped the thread, they will also be notified.

Another note, several members also find it helpful to make F-Lists so that they can link to them via their request threads or in their signatures. This site can help you categorize your kinks and other such things so that members can click and see the bigger picture in one place and in full.

Spamming can take on a few different forms within the forums. It can be multiple consecutive posts in a row in a single thread, necroing several threads at one time in one or more sections (see also #V in this thread) or posting in threads over and over in a way where it's clear to staff and members that your goal isn't to truly participate in the thread in which you are posting. Such behavior will issue you a verbal warning, continued behavior will issue you an official warning. If you still continue to spam after such measures have been taken, a week temp ban shall be instated. This will hold regardless of whether you are staff or not.

It is highly inappropriate behavior to solicit members for RP. Offering cash or other services just to get them to RP with you borders on the idea of prostitution and such behaviors will not be tolerated. They make members uncomfortable and it gives the place a negative vibe and feel. As such, if it is noticed or reported (with proof) that members are engaging in such unacceptable behaviors, they will first receive a PM along with an official warning. If it continues, such actions will indeed escalate and can even result in a permaban. There will be similar consequences to those who accept such payment. BMR is not a brothel... only can such a thing exist in an RP.

For members who truly do not understand the seriousness of why such harsh consequences are being put into play here is because people who solicit like this can possibly be seeking out your contact information. Yes, not only can such behaviors make members uncomfortable, it can really threaten your safety. So, if anyone is approached by a member in such a fashion, do not hesitate. Report the person immediately.

There's a moon sliver (with the word OPEN on it) located at the top right-hand corner of the screen. Clicking ‘OPEN’ will bring you to the chat-room. Please note that while this is an adult roleplaying site, to please refrain from cybering in the chat-room and please follow the Chat Etiquette guideline. If the pop-up window is too laggy or glitchy, you can also visit the chat-room via the Raw Chat. This will allow you to open chat in another window for your viewing pleasures.


All main characters in the non-sexual RP section MUST be at least 15 years of age and have achieved puberty.

Now for the explanation of 'why'.

01) There is the possibility that people will look for loopholes that will allow some form of loli/shota.

02) There is the possibility that people will use their requests as a means of communicating their interest in loli/shota even if their RPs do not broach the topic.

03) There is always the chance that an RP will become 'sexual' and need to be moved, why place the RP at needless risk for loli/shota characterization.

04) Better to avoid confusion by not making extenuating circumstances for a single section involving something that is quite serious.

05) There is the possibility that reviewers and other guests/members might frown upon the fact that a writing site which allow mature themes is condoning minors as main characters regardless of whether or not the nature of the RP is loli/shota.

Disregarding this rule will result in a formal warning. If it is continuously ignored, harsher consequences will follow.

BMR is a writing site. It is not a porn site, cyber-site, meet-market (this includes asking personal questions of any kind of members), cam site nor a place to advertise things at will or want without express permission from administration. Please do not treat it as such. Doing so will result in any and all posts being deleted and warnings being instated. Thank you.

Plagiarizing is a crime that every author, be it for play or for a career, hopes to never endure. It's violating and horrible to experience. As such, if you plagiarize another member on site (proof will be needed here), you will be given a verbal warning. If it's determined that a member has plagiarized another and issues are made, formal warnings will be doled out, followed by temp bans depending on how much trouble is made.

Basically, if you are accusing someone of plagiarism, be sure to have proof. If you have none, there's nothing we can do. If you are being accused of plagiarism, we will do our best to make sure that the accusations are indeed justified and not someone being overly sensitive over a similarity. We will try to make sure that both parties are treated fairly and that the proper actions are taken. So, if such an instance occurs, both sides will be listened to objectively prior to judgment and proof will be needed in order to even remotely do anything. And if you are accusing and it's determined that you're being sensitive, please understand that we aren't making this call lightly. Just as if you are accused and it's determined that you have indeed plagiarized, again, we aren't making this call lightly.

BlueMoon also takes plagiarism into account with artwork given that we do have Recruiter Artists on our forum team. So the above applies to art just as much as it applies to writing.

DO NOT DO IT! Please, no one wants to read negative comments in someone's request threads. It's rude and really destroys the fun and light-hearted atmosphere of the site. If you have a problem with your partner's lack of commitment, PM them. If they ignore you, just move on. This sort of thing happens all the time and has to pretty much every member at one point or another, if not several times over.

So again, if you have a problem along this vein, PM your partner making an inquiry. If they choose to ignore you, just move on because if you badger them too much, you'll be considered to be harassing said person.

Posting negative comments in someone's request thread will cause you to receive a verbal and more than likely an official warning. So, again... DO NOT DO IT!

Not everyone RPs on a single board since not everyone's cravings can necessarily be met on a single board. Thus, several tend to RP on various RP sites so as to meet their RPing needs. Given this, we support and encourage this expansion of options. However, if you are going to indeed advertise another site (this includes posting an advertisement thread, posting an advertisement in your profile, posting a link as your homepage, posting an advertisement in your signature and even PMing others about other sites), we request that a link back to us be placed on this site you are advertising. Refusal to comply with this will give us reason to assume you are either a spammer or member poacher. As such, if compliance is not met, a formal warning will be issued and all advertisements will be deleted without warning. If noncompliance continues, harsher actions will ensue.

Again, avoiding problems is very easy as you need to only do TWO things -- PM either darkangel76 or Vekseid asking for permission (though the site you wish to advertise needs to be something BMR can support based on our own rules and conduct, etc) and make sure the site you are advertising has a link back to us. Very simple.


If you are engaging in a bestiality RP, for the sake of simplicity (and it doesn't matter what the actual age correlations are for human years versus beast years, etc.), when you specify age, do so for the age as if it were a normal human character.

Example: Your character is a dog of any breed. It MUST have hit puberty. It MUST be at least 15 years of age.

It doesn't matter if 15 years in dog years is actually ancient. PRETEND that it is different and that 15 is actually a teenager. This is for the sake of simplicity and to keep things at a standard. Going against this will cause staff to assume you are using loli/shota in your bestiality RPs. End of story.

Also, for all bestiality RPs, let it be stressed yet AGAIN that we do NOT link pics, vids or other links/sites promoting bestiality, showing animals engaging in bestiality acts or even the animals themselves (especially if they are baby animals) if they are being inferred in such a manner as this will be considered animal abuse. All of these go against site rules and will be dealt with accordingly.

Now we all understand that some of you have indeed been here a while and thus feel a need to step in and mediate and/or answer a question or two. And, sometimes this can be a good thing. However, sometimes this can also be a very bad thing. Using common sense is a VERY big deal here and, more often than not, it is appreciated that members push a report button and/or send staff a PM reporting an incident of behavior as opposed to trying to step in. Why? Because sometimes members aren't always aware of all the nuances of the rules and their interpretations (which can sometimes cause the release of false information causing massive confusion), they certainly aren't able to thread manage (and sometimes negative hate spam can occur if people let their emotions get the better of them) and when it comes down to it those who should be making the final decisions on things are staff. So, please, make the report. We will handle it. Leave the negativity behind and let's make sure the place has a peaceful and fun atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.


Spam. What is it? The purest definition is:

Stupid Pointless Annoying Mail.

All of us receive this in our PM box at one point or another. It can be in the form of, "Hey." or "Wanna RP?" or a slew of other one liners that most of us find rather annoying. When we find such PMs in our inbox, rather than getting testy about it--because, again, EVERYONE gets these--just click the delete button and the PM will magically disappear from your inbox. Such messages do not warrant a report. Why? Because the person hasn't harassed you, hasn't stepped over the line. Was it pointless? Sure. But they hardly did anything to warrant a report.


Now, occasionally these so-called 'spam' PMs can take on the form of what some people term 'cold calls'. Some cold calls actually make sense in that the person doing the sending took the time to look over your request thread, to do their research on YOU--the receiver of their PM. However, not everyone does this. Unfortunately, there are some VERY socially awkward people out there who do not get any kind of etiquette and thus do not bother doing the research and are too wrapped up in meeting their own RP needs. Annoying? Yes. However, if the person sends you something well thought out/scripted, this doesn't warrant a report unless the request itself is not site compliant. In these cases, you have three options if the cold call bothers you in any way and you wish to not 'deal' with it ~ ignore the PM, politely respond to the sender telling them not to bother you and perhaps why (key word POLITELY) or place the sender on block/ignore. Any of these options will give you amazing results since 9x out of 10 the person won't bother you again if you either don't respond or tell them nicely to leave you alone.

For the extenuating circumstances where those who repeatedly pester you with cold calls (or any other type of PM) AFTER you've told them to leave you alone (again, you must have told them to leave you alone because you cannot assume they 'get it' unless you've specifically spoken up at least once)? Those warrant a report since that starts to get into harassment territory.

Typically, if a thread is dead for a month or more (the exception being Introductions, where if it’s been dead for a week or more), it's best to leave it as such. This especially goes for topics in Introductions, Questions & Suggestions and Bluemoon Academy. There can be exceptions at times. For instance, if a topic is appealing and you feel you have something profound to add to it and thus truly revive into a back and forth conversation, go for it. However, if you merely wish to add something like 'that made me lol', it's better to refrain from posting in that thread at all. The one section where necroing shouldn’t matter at all is in Forum Games. If you see a game you’d like to play, have no fear of jumping in and possibly bringing that particular game back to life, however don’t expect your post to add to your post count because it won’t.

Members who are 17 and younger are not allowed to join the site. Anyone found to be under the age of 18 will be temp banned until they reach the age of 18. If they are found to be under the age of 16, they will be banned permanently (though they are welcome to return under a new account once they are of appropriate age).

Members who break site rules will either be temp banned or permanently banned depending on which rule(s) has/have been broken. Frequency of rule breaking and other factors (such as track record, behavior, etc) will be taken into consideration when a ban is instated. A ban will very rarely occur without warning and almost always after some sort of process or history has been established between the member and staff regarding rule breaking and/or behavior issues, etc.

Spammers will be banned without warning by mods, their accounts later deleted by admin.

All bans (including chat bans) may be appealed!

To do so, please contact So, please, do NOT evade ban as that will render you an immediate notice upon discovery followed by swift action once the notice has been read. All appeals will be read by administration, the final call made by the head admin. Though we do ask that regardless of outcome that the final judgment is respected if it is not to your liking. Note that we do our best to do what we think is most fair as well as best for the site overall.


Q: "Can I change my username?"
A: PM an admin and if you're nice, they might do it for you.

Q: “I can’t login!”
A: PM/email/IM an administrator and your password shall be reset for you. Log back in with your new password and change it to something only you will know.

Q: "What are titles under the usernames?"
A: Everyone has a default title which is merely your default user group (staff have special titles while registered members have titles based on post count/rank). You are free to make yourself a custom title if you wish, however, something unique to you.

Q: “What are the post count ranks for the site?”
A: The ranks are as follows (all members will have pretty badges corresponding to their rank as well):

Dust - 0 posts
Space Junk - 1 post
Mini Meteoroid - 50 posts
Solar Eclipse - 200 posts
Lunar Eclipse - 500 posts
Milky Way - 1000 posts
Collapsed Star - 1500 posts
Bonefin Galaxy - 2000 posts
Super Nova - 3500 posts
Event Horizon - 5000 posts
Singularity - 7500 posts
Big Bang - 10000 posts
Minor Demigod - 15000 posts
Member of the Pantheon - 25000 posts

Q: "PM Limits?"
A: Members and staff currently have no limit on their PMs. This includes what is in the inbox, sent box and trash. If a limit is placed, an announcement will be made first.

Q: "How do I know whether my message has been received/read?"
A: Your 'inbox' is where messages that are sent to you are stored. Your 'sent messages' is where all messages sent by you are stored. To check whether they've been read by the recipient, go to 'Tracking'. Here you can see what messages have been viewed and what messages have not.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered! - A more comprehensive FAQ.

BMR: Did You Know? - A resource of some of the lesser known, but helpful, functions on the site.

BBCode Functions :: - A resource of all known BBCode for the current forum platform.

Reporting Guideline - A resource on when and when not to report along with how to do it.

***Be sure to check back once in a while for updates. All updates will be preceded by an 'announcement'.

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01-20-2017, 01:12 PM (This post was last modified: 04-13-2017 04:47 AM by darkangel76.)
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RE: ***THE SITE RULES*** (updated on 01/20/17)
Updated the bumping policy in accordance to the thread discussion here:

As of this post (1-20-2017): There is a grace period on adjusting to the new rules, everyone has until Monday (1-23-2017) to sort out the kind of schedule they want on their request threads. This was enacted to let everyone have a chance for their threads to settle and people have more time to browse more than just the first page for the good stuff. This will allow staff an easier time to enforce the bumping policy as we know people have been abusing the system to keep their page at the top. We will be making sure people are following the rules, and we're giving everyone ample time to formally bump once a week, but we really want to try and get this going as soon as possible.
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