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Fx Female Jenna’s Kinky Fxf thread


Apr 28, 2018
So I’ll actually put some structure to this eventually - but I was bored and came up with plots based on GIFs, because that’s fun for me

Most are set for FxF, but if intriguing enough then perhaps I could do MxF. I prefer to play F as I’m just more comfortable with it (though I enjoy a sub male plot periodically). So here are the random plots and the associated nsfw gifs.

Office Corruption
Simple concept - MC is caught doing some illegal activities that would get her fired/arrested. She has to do as YC says in order to keep him/her quiet. It starts simple - get me coffee, make these copies.. then gets dirty. Get under my desk, take those panties off under your skirt, put on these handcuffs, etc.

Her Pet
Could have been a playful bet gone wrong or something more sinister. One way or another, MC has to do as YC says, and it turns out YC has some pretty messed up requests. Treating MC like nothing more than her pet may have been funny at first.

The Club
It was supposed to be a fun bachelorette party. MC took the spot of the bride to be on stage when she backed out, but she didn’t know what she was signing up for. Or that she’d love it so much that she’d keep coming back to be treated like a slut by YC.

Mommy Daughter Time
MC (daughter) is living a wild life after dropping out of her freshman year of college. YC (mom) can’t take it, the late parties, the drugs found, the sex toys. She decides if MC wants to be a pleasure slut then she’ll teach her what it’s like.. she just didn’t know she’d enjoy it so much, wanting to keep treating her daughter that way even after MC promised to change her ways.

Mommy Daughter Time v2
This time MC (mom) is an unruly, bitch of a Mom that drives her daughter (YC) over the edge. She knows her Mom just needs to let go of that frustration and decides she’ll be a good daughter and help. It starts gentle, but awakens a hunger in the daughter as she learns she loves being pleasured by her mother, the taboo only making it better.

Taken and Trained
Showing up for an audition, MC is abducted after filling out her application. She noted she has no relatives and is new to the city, so she’s an easy mark for a new, upscale prostitution ring. But first she needs to be trained to become addicted to being used.

When MC wakes up, she feels something, moving and realizing she’s stuck. She tries to scream but is gagged, tied bent over with a hook in her rear. “Oh good you’re awake” she hears behind her. “Now tell me what you know about The Black Project.” The only problem is she has no idea what YC is talking about, but YC doesn’t believe her.

Getting into a sorority wasn’t supposed to be like this, but MC needs it more than any of the other girls. She is desperate and the sisters prey on it, making her do more and more demanding tasks before bringing her in but as the bottom pledge, where even other pledges can boss her around to release their frustrations.

The Motel
MC thought it was kinky when he tied her up in her lingerie, immobilizing her and leaving her blindfolded. But then she learned it was a revenge plot against her, that she’d be left tied there with the door wide open, waiting to see who, and how many, would answer the online ads advertising her being tied up and free for all comers.

Different Kind of Wet
MC is taken and forced into all kinds of humiliating situations, could be by her mother or a family friend. There’s a huge market for a cute girl being humiliated on cam that YC takes advantage of, the highest ratings coming from the more embarrassing activities, like public wetting or worse.
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