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Calling for an editor for Hawks old Nest


Oct 16, 2018
Hello there! This is a more general world that I and a friend made, or well I had the idea and he helped refine it. I wanted to get more thoughts on this idea and ways to improve it. I feel like it's missing some things but I wondered how people on here would feel about it.

The world that exists today is extremely different compared to the world we know. Just one little change made the worlds diverge completely - that little difference goes back to when humans were a young race way back to the just formation of Homo Sapien Sapiens. They destroyed all of the other Homo races in the world we know but in this world, one decision of kindness changed it all. They didn’t mass murder the Homo Contrarium’s they spread almost like a virus so they weren’t too different than humans. The difference is they evolved to use their surroundings to their advantage, whether it be feeding on the blood of humans or becoming religious figures. They were labelled mythical creatures, but they were no myths. It was only a mere 397 years ago that humans found this out.

In the year 1620, George the First, the king of England, announced he and his family were Lycans. He sent a lot of the subjects he thought would have a problem with this across the ocean to what he would think to give him money and soon die. Little did he know they would rise up and revolt against him. Creating a Country that not only enjoyed but actually encouraged diversity called the United States of Homos. So now Homo Alium Contrarium’s and Homo Sapiens Sapiens live together in relative peace. Not many things are different some new laws. Buildings like blood, banks for ‘vampires’, and terrariums, for the ‘wood nymphs’, all being government funded. The police are also different they are extremely heavy duty for any ‘creature’ that gets out of hand. This causes some problems with overestimating the powers and using to much force but that’s not too different than our world.


Oct 17, 2018
This is an interesting idea for getting fictional creatures into a historical narrative. Which era would you like to build to? Modern Day? 20s?

Also, how much impact will Contrariums have on the world? If they’re involved in politics, then wars will look far different if there are vampires and werewolves on either side.

On economics, any long-lived creature would have a massive advantage in business and trade, since they’d be able to accumulate far more capital than a normal human. Socialism will be extremely popular among the Sapiens, while the Contrarium would generally favor Mercantilism/Oligarchism.


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Apr 23, 2013
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There are usually 2 main factors driving a world: money and religion. 1st, follow the chain of currency. In older times, it was fur pelts, food, water and land. Then it was how to go about obtaining these. What makes the powerful, stronger? rich richer? and the poor poorer? 2nd, Religion is a term, not necessarily denoting a deity, but rather a commonly shared way of thinking for the government to control the general masses they rule. Is it political correctness? Is there a creature hierarchy that has more status than another? Do they value money over power or are they one and the same? What is the general currency and what is it tied to in order to define your economics? Do the have an oligarchy or socialism? Just a few things to think on.
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