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Mx Male Plot With Porn Thread


Aug 25, 2018
Far Far Away
Whuddup my dudes, I'm Val.
I'm gonna section this post up so you can find what you're looking for without reading walls of text.
If you have any questions, shoot me a PM.

Information About Ya Boi:
+ Currently I'm only interested in writing bottom characters.
+ I'm not into Doms that are mean/abusive/cruel.
+ I write a minimum of 300 words per post, or match my partner, but I'm not a sentence-by-sentence kinda person.
+ Third person narration is awesome!
+ I am not a strong dom, this is a flaw I'm willing to accept, and currently am not accepting plots with this requirement.
+ I prefer PMs but I'm chill with threads. I won't go off site.
+ My F-List is here, it's pretty vanilla but I'm open to a lot of things if they aren't in the 'no' section.
+ My smut only (Porn Without Plot) thread is here.
+ These days my job is keeping me extremely busy so my availability is weird, I could be on all day or gone for a week. I rarely just up and disappear though.

always feel free to send me your original plot ideas - you can find my yes/no's below for that
I also have some ideas myself~
Hit me up baby:
+ Drug dealers, sex workers, mafia, thieves, so on - both characters can be in the life, one can be a normie, one can be a cop, don't care I'm into it.
+ Werewolves, vampires, zombies (for apocalypse-setting purposes not sexy purposes) or witches.
+ Low moral situations are always a go.
+ I am so into Master/Pet. This will make me love you forever. It can also be supernatural (hit me up with them werewolves or vampires)

Absolutely not:
+ Rape. I'm chill with force play and safe words, but if one character says no, it's a no. Consent is sexy.
+ Daddy kinks - if I hear the word 'daddy' i think of my father. Please don't.
+ Pregnancy - just not into it, so no breeding please.
+ Treating a male sub like a female - again, just not into it. This includes crossdressing.
+ Bathroom play - you do you bro, but not me, alright?
+ Incest is cool as long as it's not with their parents/grandparents.
+Beastiality - because I'm against noncon, that means I'm not okay with sexual activities involving anyone/thing that cannot consent.

I have no plot ideas but here's some stuff I'm down for if you need a partner:

+ The Dream Pack (from The Raven Cycle): I'm absolute trash for Kavinsky and will write this Kavinsky/Proko/Skov/Swan/Jiang or K/Proko. Skov/Swan. Jiang/Henry. Jiang/Declan.

+ Harry Potter: Down for Harry/Draco. Blaise/Ginny. Wood/Flint. Sirus/Remus. Seamus/Dean. Bill/Charlie. Harry/Scorpius. Draco/Albus. Harry/Teddy. Teddy/James. Scorpius/Albus. James/Scorpius/Albus. James/Albus. (Also willing to write orgies with the fictional verse of the 8th year kids)

+ Teen Wolf: Stiles/Derek. Stiles/Peter. Peter/Stiles/Derek. Scott/Isaac/ Scott/Allison/Isaac. Derek/Stiles/Isaac. The whole pack pleasing their alpha.

+ The Walking Dead: Down to age Carl up to about 16 and have him please everyone and anyone

+ My Hero Academi: Bakugo/Deku. Bakugo/Todoroki, Bakugo/Todoroki/Deku.

-feel free to make edits or submit your own ideas based on one of mine, but let me know what changes you want to make.
-if at any point you're unhappy, let me know and I will gladly change things, rather it be the direction we're going in, or a specific scene, or a sexual situation.
-In all plots listed below, I will prefer to have the sub character, but can do switches if we're not specifically D/s.
-These plots include, well, plotting. To do smut only, visit this
thread. I'm cool with starting out with the smut and growing from there, but I really enjoy characterization and relationships.

The Makings of a Family
When MC, 20yr old Nicky Hemmick, gets custody of his twin five year old cousins, his life suddenly changes. A Mexican-American gay boy with only a GED and a weak bank account to his name just knows the Government will take those kids away from him at any time, but he also knows he's their best chance, so he's trying his best.
+The twins are absolutely not meant to partake in any sexual activities, they are sweet baby angels and no one will touch them.
+This is very plotty but can easily be just as smutty
+Mostly a slice-of-life RP where we see how many shenanigans a pair of guys can get into while trying to raise a couple of kids
+We can build the relationship from the ground up or begin the RP with them established

My Idea for YC - NOT a requirement
*This is based loosely off a fanfic, so while I have an idea here by no means should you feel pressured to follow it*
Matt Boyd, 22, college Lacrosse player (one of the twins is also very interested in Lacrosse). He and Nicky share a job at a coffee shop near the college campus during the day. Matt has had a bit of a rough past with drugs, but got clean with the help of his coach and a few of his teammates. The Foxes are known for being a "second chance" team of misfits. Matt is an uplifting dude, who faces challenges head on.

Little Prince
A powerful Kingdom rules over much of the land, with a heavy handed King who rules in battles and a compassionate Queen who is adored by the people. Rarely others try to dethrone them, and rare even still do outsiders come. The couple has a total of seven children, and as they get younger, the less responsibilities they have. Down to the youngest child, who is really in charge of nothing. Small since his birth, Prince Liam is the prettiest and softest of the royal family. Submissive in every way, with no rules against who he chooses to take as a suitor...

His Pet
In this world owning a sexual pet is just as natural as owning a cat or dog. They're legal, protected and cared for companions. They're bought by single college kids, busy business men, or couples who just need something to take care of. Pets are required to cover their genitals and wear a leash in public spaces, but any private events are left to their owners wishes.
+ Pureblood pets are humans who were specifically bred to be as soft and submissive as possible and have been raised to know their place, they can be bought from a Pet Shop.
+Volunteer Pets are humans who entered training programs to become pets at a later age and not specifically bred for the job, but are cheaper buys and can be found at any local shop. Some of them are unruly and uppity, some of them behave perfectly fine.
+Adoptable pets are pets that were pre-owned and abandoned for whatever reason. Some of them are used but happy and healthy while others can be damaged. They are often free, and can be found at Shelters.
-This is a MxM only plot though female pets can be brought into play for sharing times
-Per site rules, pets must be at least 15+

[This plot can be made supernatural with A/B/O dynamics for werewolves or vampire/human or anything else you think of.]

A play of 'His Pet', only with werewolves. All Alphas take in an Omega to please them in any way they see fit, but as both Alphas and Omegas go into sexual heats, that is usually their main purpose. Sexuality isn't a concern within the lycanthrope community, so pairings are not based on reproduction needs but based on desire.

Something Stronger
Vampires are known, but rare. They can usually be found in big cities where night life is popular. They're burdened by heavy laws and of course there are humans that want them gone, but they abide to what they're told. They feed on animals or donations, getting their food source from butchers or hospitals that have bad blood. Well, mostly. Some underground operations run things a little differently. Vampire Bites are an extremely powerful drug and aphrodisiac, and MC is a highly addicted human.
-Can include multiple characters on either end and multiple scenarios
-willing to write male or female or both (will write female side characters)

A Hell of A Good Time
God’s been MIA and Lucifer has been bored, what’s a King to do other than unleash his favorite sons into the world? Pride, Greed, Gluttony, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, and Lust. Earth is they’re oyster, and they’re hellbent on having a good time.
-Denomic creatures so the smut can get s little crazy ;)
-We can choose 2 of our favorites or shuffle between all 7 as we fill fit
-Down to plot this out or just let it be crazy sex and chaos
-I'd like the main pairing to be male, but I'm okay with any side pairings including females.
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