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Fx Male Toss a Coin to Your Witcher ♫ A Search for a Geralt

Kinzie Kensington

Aug 11, 2015
Netflix's The Witcher, while in no way the best show ever, is still pretty fucking good in my opinion and revitalized my interest in the series. If you've clicked on this, clearly you hold some interest in playing the White Wolf himself, Geralt of Rivia.

Let's make a few things clear.

I have watched the first seasons of The Witcher on Netflix, and I have played the main story of The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt and the DLC Heart of Stone. Blood and Wine will come soon, but I have no plans to play the first or the second game. I've seen video recaps of the two games, so I have a mediocre understanding of what has happened. I also plan on reading the books that have been released for translation, but that won't be for a hot minute.

Below I have listed the characters I'd be interested in playing opposite to Geralt. I would really prefer to have our roleplay take place post Wild Hunt, with the exception of Yennefer, which I would like to play with directly after the end of season one.

Yennefer of Vengerberg

Brynhyldar an Valfreyja
(Valkyrie OC - FC:
Gal Gadot)
History: The Valkyrie were a group of superhuman warrior women, created by Freya herself to look after Skellige and usher in brave warriors to Valhalla. Once a proud, strong race, the Valkyrie have slowly been picked off by monsters after the Conjunction of the Spheres. Time and dwindling of faith took a toll, leaving just a few to remain in the thirteenth century. One of those is Brynhyldar an Valfreyja.

Bryn was the last valkyrie to be created, and also the only one to grow up. While the others were brought into existence as adults, with strengths, weaknesses, and personalities of their own, she was born as an infant and raised by the Valkyrie. This affected who she would become, taking on traits from those who trained her, those she idolized.

She grew up and lived on the island the Valkyrie called home until the first casualty came. It was shortly after the Conjunction, by the hand of a monster, that took the valkyrie's life. With it, they realized that the civilians on Skellige would need aid in fending off the beasts. Slowly, but surely, valkyrie began to leave the island permanently, until just a few remained. Bryn, who was still seen as the baby of the community, finally left with the survivors for good.

It was a rough transition, from a nigh utopia and minimal interaction with human to war fraught lands and being around humans on the regular. She learned quickly, and although not as cynical as some, grew wiser to the cunning scammers and malicious bandits that lurked about.

Bryn sought to travel the world, and so she left Skellige. Although this displeased her sisters, who insisted she remain with them, there was no stopping the youngest daughter of Freya.

(Bryn and Geralt could meet many ways, from ending up in the same tavern to encountering the same monster.)

Personality: Even with her age, relative to humans and even most sorceresses, Bryn is an inquisitive soul. It's gotten her into her fair share of troubles, but she has fought her way out every time. Her moral compass is seldom wavers, much like her resolve. She is judgemental, but considering the purpose of the Valkyrie was to judge the souls of warriors, it's hardly a surprise. She loves the thrill of battle, and can even come across as playful. In trying times, Bryn easily keeps a calm mind. However, she has no problem arguing with someone if her ideas conflict with someone else. She can be flirtatious, but is...picky. She's seen and met many a warrior and doesn't take interest in just any brave soul. It doesn't help that she has outlived each of the few lovers she's had, be it by sword or time.
Guinevere de Touissant (Sorceress OC - FC:
Amanda Seyfried)
History: Guinevere's life only had brief glimpses of happiness, having been torn from her family during a land seizure just on the border of Toussaint. Rather than being killed with her mother and father, she was taken in by the new Lord and Lady of the land. Nobody knows why they did it. Some theorized that they didn't have it in them to kill a child, but that couldn't be it as a few children were killed in the fight for this land. Others thought it was her beauty, but that seemed like a strange reason. Unbeknownst to anyone, even the Lord and Lady, Guinevere harbored power that had swayed the minds of the two just enough to spare her.

The roleplay could have one of two things occurring - we start the roleplay here, with Gwen and Geralt's first meeting, or where they reunite.

Guinevere didn't know much before she became a servant, but did know that she hated her master and mistress. She's made small attempts to sabotage them, although they always fell flat. This only emboldened her to up the stakes, one day nearly poisoning the Lord. The only thing that stopped her from doing such was a clatter in the kitchen as she unplugged the vial she had received from the local herbalist. She paused, paranoid someone might catch her, so she went to investigate. All she saw was a plume of black smoke disappearing through a cracked window. Poisoning forgotten and despite her best judgement, Gwen followed the smoke into the woods. Deeper and deeper into the forest she went, until the smoke began to take form into a man. She realized her error when he slowly turned to look at her, and multiple people revealed themselves. She stumbled back, accomplishing nothing more than bumping into a tree and cornering herself. When it seemed all was lost, the trampling of horse hooves was a glimmer of hope. She used the waver in their attention to high-tail it out of there. Gwen was lucky that she was fairly close to a road, as the creatures that very easily would have caught her chased for only a short while.

She ran into the road, nearly trampled by a horse that only stopped with a gruff command of its amber-eyed owner.

After hurriedly explaining why she'd nearly ran herself into an early grave, she wound up taking him to the creatures - vampires, he revealed - last known spot, but he was unable to track them.

The Lord hired Geralt to hunt these creatures, allowing him to stay in his own home so as to be closer and in case the vampires were to return. Although he had remained there for just a few days, Geralt and Gwen grew close. She was making plans to run off with Geralt, although he was unaware of her ideas, and was going to enact them when he returned from the vampire's den. However, things would not go according to her plan once more.

The Lord saw the way the two interacted, and having lusted after Gwen, tried to force himself on her while the witcher was gone. The room was chaos as she fought with every ounce she had to slip out of his grasp, but her muscles were too weak, reflexes too slow to escape him. It was only when she screamed and the candle flame in the corner exploded into a four foot tall inferno did he let her go. The flames licked the curtains, and quickly spread. Gwen was able to flee the house before she was trapped, leaving the unlucky Lord to throw himself out the window in an attempt to escape a firey death. The house was up in flames by the time that Geralt returned with several severed vampire heads, townsfolk telling him that everyone in the house had perished, even the Lord who met his demise just outside.

She ran and ran, further than she had when she chased the vampires. She stopped in a town, begged for coin, and that's where they found her.

The years pass and Gwen becomes a regretful memory in Geralt's mind as he never learned of her fate. He goes about his life, watching familiar faces grow old and wither.

(How these two reunite can go multiple ways, but here is one idea I had.) He stumbles upon a bounty, and being short of coin, he picks it up.

Brave monster slayer wanted. Must be competent and capable of following instructions. Arrive at Valor & Ale Tavern after dusk to discuss details.

He arrives, fully expecting a certain onyx haired sorceress, but instead, finds himself staring into all too familiar green eyes.

Personality: Guinevere is careful and precise. This conflicts strangely with her passion, particularly when it comes to Nilfgaard. She's difficult to get a read on initially, although she reveals herself to be a head-strong, tenacious individual. Other than this, she is more or less a blank slate. She could be more flirtatious or more stern.

I would really, really, really like to play Bryn. She's a valkyrie and based heavily off of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, history and personality wise. My second choice would be Guinevere.

And, everyone's favorite part - the rules. Please read this. I'm not inclined to reply to people who blatantly didn't read it.

Since this is a roleplay site revolved around smut, let's talk details regarding that. I am looking for, at most, 50% smut in a roleplay. That means a natural build-up between Geralt and whoever I end up playing, then involving sex once it makes sense. After that, I'm fine with regular romps, but I find that too much smut is actually boring. I need plot to keep the spark alive.

Nobody is perfect, and I will never nitpick minor flaws in your post. Hell, sometimes I type up your instead of you're, their instead of there, etc, so don't feel pressured to pump out perfect posts. However, please re-read over your post at least once before sending it. A lot of minor mistakes can add up to one massively disappointing post. It disrupts the flow and makes it difficult to concentrate on what's actually happening.

Although I hate myself for saying this, I'd really like a partner who could at least post 400 words. It's really not that much.

I'm not entirely sure how often I'll be able to post myself, but I would like to think I can whip up a post at least every other day. If you can post more often, even better.

Yes, I find Geralt wildly attractive, but really, I love his personality. The gruff, "unfeeling" wanderer slash adoptive father who is actually a bit of a softie and (be it unconsciously or not) seeks out affection? THE BEST TROPE. I'd really like my partner(s) to keep this aspect about him, even if he is more or less up to the interpretation of the player in the video game.

Oh, and I will consider changing face claims for Yennefer or Triss. I wouldn't mind using Eva Green or Rachel Weisz for Yennefer, or Emma Stone or Vittoria Puccini for Triss. Bryn's is set in stone as Gal Gadot. Guinevere should be Amanda Seyfried or someone very similar to her.

Ah yes, the bread and butter of this site. I do apologize it's not as comprehensive as some, but it just goes to show that I'm not looking for smut to be the focus of the roleplay.
>Some day I may organize this on an f-list page. Some day...

Limits: Feet, bestiality, dub-con/non-con, anything fecal or urine related, impregnation (thankfully someone is sterile...).

Maybe's: Blood (small amounts - biting and scratching enough to draw a bit), dom/sub elements, anal, incest (I could be convinced to play Ciri, but only post Wild Hunt).

Kinks: Rough sex, soft (romantic) sex, oral (receiving/giving), honestly nothing too outrageous. If it's not in my limits, chances are alright that I'd like it.

I don't mind the occasional conversation in ooc, but there is a line that I do not want you to cross. We may play characters who are romantically and sexually involved, but that's not who I am. Please do not refer to my character as me or your character as you. Example, "You will walk into a bar and I'll run into you." Get it?

I'm fine with you asking questions about me, but don't be offended if I tell you I'm uncomfortable with answering that. And really, I'd rather talk about our roleplay. I'm pretty goddamn boring, sorry to break it to ya.
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Kinzie Kensington

Kinzie Kensington

Aug 11, 2015
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