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Mx Female Just Another Request Thread (Always Looking)

Apr 27, 2018
My favorite place to play is Discord, so if you have it, I'd love for you to add me there. (My discord is hidden in here somewhere)
2-4 paragraphs is my comfort zone, but I'm capable of writing 7 fair paragraphs as well.
Also, read through my f-list before trying to start a roleplay with me.

Disclaimer: Even though I prefer discord, I'm still open to roleplay on this site as well.

+ = Craving
- = Will need some convincing to do

I can write straight into smut, or create a world and then get into it. I'm normally always ready to attend to you, and if I'm not responding off the bat, (contrary to what I previously wrote, I am not always around as much as I'd like to be now. Still willing to give anyone who DMs at least a response within a day or two if you DM me here. Discord is my favored method since I'm on there far more.) If I haven't responded in a reasonable amount of time, it's likely because something came up, I fell asleep, or I just genuinely missed your message, or confused you with having read my message, and never responding. If you feel this happens do NOT be afraid to send another message my way. But if I had to say something, I'm almost always going to reference your character promiscuously. And I also understand that I'm fairly vanilla. Despite this, I feel I have detailed writing for what I work with. And if you'd want to RP with me, don't post here, just start a conversation with me, I don't care.

I prefer dub-consensual sex or consensual sex.

I wanna hear what scenes you wanna do, and all that stuff. Some of my scenes have been done, they're enjoyable for me, but that doesn't mean I can't do new ones either.

If you write a good amount in the opening sequences, I expect that to continue. If you magically go from 2 paragraphs per post to a one liner several posts later, don't expect me to stick around for long, I get bored very quickly with those. If, by chance, you find you're bored by the RP, and as such, your writing has gone down, please tell me so we can do a new RP or just stop roleplaying together in general and wasting each other's time.

I like to describe my characters, whether you choose references for your characters or describe them is entirely up to your discretion. I am willing to accept a reference photo from you for my character, but I am sort of picky.
Game Of Thrones
Deadly Class
Star Wars
Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia+
One Piece
Mass Effect (Humans/Asari only)
Tyranny (Game)+
Hunter x Hunter
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Dragon Ball Z (Maybe)

I'm down to discuss your own fandoms and things of the nature that I mentioned, I have a fairly broad taste.


(And also further elaboration)

I like modern fantasy, in the idea of witches being a presence in modern society still, or other things. Usually, the more 'fantasy' things are hidden from the general public via powerful magic that encompasses the world, that kinda shpill. I also don't care if this magic that encompasses the world doesn't exist, it's just a different atmosphere, which is always welcomed.

Medieval fantasy. Same as above.

Sci-fi. Not really sure, but if you got something that's sci-fi for me, I'm willing to hear you out, brainstorm and modify, and do a scene in it.

Medieval. You know, all the Knights and stuff.

Ancient Greece. Gods, Demigods, weird ass mytho creatures. Plenty of adventure to be having in here, to go along with such a romanticized era.


Slice of life. I like an outside element that heavily influences and changes the way our characters interact with each other versus how people would normally interact with each other in the real world.

I dunno, present a genre to me (and maybe a plot if you like) and we'll see what happens.

The first one will be MC, the second will be YC.
HumanxGod (Minor Greek God, preferably)
GodxHuman (Refer to last one)
BrotherxSister (Open to twins)
Criminal x Police Officer+
StudentxTeacher (It's usually the other way around, but I want to try this)
OCxDaenerys+ (Can be convinced to play canon characters, provided I like them. I also don't mind if we both play OCs in the GoT world. I just like the idea of making Daenerys submit in particular.)

More to come hopefully.

Discord: Some Dude#3584

Notes about some pairings; for the ones involving Gods, I'd like it to take place in a Percy Jackson-esque world./SPOILER]

Pretty typical stuff. Except it's erotic, there's a private booth for each customer to enter, and the maids are varying in everything, size of their breasts, ass, skin tone, even their race. Some are nekos, humans, or elves. I'd love to do a scene with myself being a customer, and you playing a maid or multiple maids that attend to MC. I'd love to see if we could possibly get a threesome scene going.

I've found myself particularly craving this although I have a few RPs of it. I love teachers that are interested in their male students.

Can be that YC finds themselves in some form of a predicament, where they find MC to be attractive and things go off from there. If you have any further ideas on this, I am willing to elaborate upon it, or create a different scene with the same concept.

Though MC doesn't actually need any form of therapy, his family insists that he goes, and YC is his therapist. He often just spends time on his phone, but you've noticed when you've been bent over a few times, that he seems to point his phone at you, his gaze shifted from the screen. Maybe he needs a different type of therapy?Modern/Sort of One-off-ish

Any fat-assed celebrity works for this, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, list goes on. Or you could make up a celebrity, background not required, only a big behind. I'm dictating as to what clothing YC wears, but as the session wears on, MC's urges need to be satisfied, as evidenced by the bulge in MC's pants. YC either helps MC take care of it, or MC takes care of it by force.
Modern/Slice of Life

In this scene, MC would be a Mercenary, and your characters would be various women from the poor village his company was sent to raid. All of them thick, but they can all be different races, species, etc. There's still some restrictions on that, though.

Not quite as sinister as it sounds. I'd like a modern scene for this. A girl is attending a Witch High School/College of sorts, and decides to practice her magic publicly, but she isn't always the greatest at it (thus the practice), and sometimes messes up, making fun, possibly erotic, accidents.
You get to determine what all the spells do, while hopefully keeping in mind our mutual likes and dislikes.
Modern/Slice of Life/School Life/Fantasy
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