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Mx Male M x M search (plots, taboo, very open) Lit., multi-para, <3!

May 18, 2018
Hello! I'm new here so if I get anything wrong or make any mistakes I apologize in advance! We're all just trying to have a good time, aren't we?

My current cravings are below: doctor x patient, client x prostitute or ageplay! But I'm also open to a ton of ideas, so I hope to hear from you soon :)

1. So I'm mainly interested in male x male roleplays, no groups (Note: I can play multiple characters, I just don't like group roleplays with multiple players, for clarification). I'm not into slice of life at all so any plots we come up with have to have a hint of drama or some fantastical element in order to draw me in.
2. I can roleplay over emails, discord, skype and might be inclined to docs as well. I'm open to rping over PMs here but I'd love if we could take OOC over to skype or discord if we do.
3. I won't ever post one liners and I expect my partners not to either. If we ever reach that point then I'll assume neither of us are interested in the roleplay anymore and it would be easier to just move along to other games.
4. That being said, I typically post from 2 to 8 paragraphs per post, depending on the action scene. I like to give what I am given and I think it would be fair to expect the same in return.
5. I can post multiple times a day if time allows me, but I do sometimes need time off from role playing in order to deal with real life stuff. I won't pester you for posts but I won't mind if you give me a reminder every now and again :).
6. My characters can either be younger more feminine boys or older, bulkier men. It really just depends on the type of setting we agree to and I'm overall very open to whatever you'd prefer. I enjoy playing both, so don't worry about me turning your ideas down!
7. I like to use face claims for my characters!
8. I don't mind smut or gore, but I'd like our roleplay to have some sort of story line as well. I absolutely adore character development, for example!

Things I am totally not okay with:
  • Being forced to play a certain character or given face claims to use. Sorry, I'm sure your ideas are wonderful and that the pictures you chose are just as good, but I'd prefer to come up with my own characters.
  • Anyone pretending that I am my character. I am not, I am my own person and I am separate from them. I will not call you 'Sir' or 'Miss' just because for our roleplay I'm playing submissive boy. If you can't separate yourself from what you write then I am not interested, sorry!
  • First person, present tense. Sorry, it's just not my cup of tea. I prefer third person, past tense, thank you!

I think that's enough for general ideas! Onto some of the stuff I like to roleplay. These are general themes and I'll get into my last item on the list further down this post:
Fantasy settings
Reverse cliche roles
doctor x patient

I'd love to explore this right now. I'm very interested in playing mature men, paired with innocent boys, preferably virgins but either is fine. Any pairing you can imagine in which an older man might take advantage of someone, let's do it! Perhaps a student missed a health ed class and the teacher decides to get a bit handsy in person with the kid to teach him the birds and the bees, or a dance teacher putting his hands in all the wrong places to help with 'posture', or even a babysitter catching a kid in some compromising funtimes. I'm not interested in characters that are too young, though! Teenagers are fine by me.

I know, not a very big list but chances are if your plot is somehow connected to these then I'd give it a shot! I don't currently have any plot ideas for the more general settings on the list, so I'll just move on and describe some plots that I'm currently interested in instead!

Doctor x patient

This roleplay would probably start out pretty smut heavy, but I think if done right it can develop in a nice story that focuses on character development and relationships. I have two ideas for this, that are somewhat in the same vein. I'd like to play the doctor in both instances but if I get too many requests for this (finger's crossed) then I'd probably like to switch things up a bit.

1. Real doctor x patient. In which a patient with essentially zero sexual knowledge is being taken advantage of by his new doctor. They go along with the 'procedures' because they think the doctor is serious and believes that what's happening is in their best interest. Think along the lines of a shut in finally showing his face to the world only to find himself in this awkward, sexual situation with a stranger he's supposed to trust. I like the idea of him eventually confronting the doctor and I'd love to see how this weird relationship would develop from there!

2. Doctor x patient roleplay within a roleplay! In this I'd like for my character to be offering sexual favors to clients, his specialty being playing a doctor in a believable setting. In that setting/ office the patient character would be playing the same role as stated above, but they're actually clearly very aware of the reality of the situation once the session ends. I like to explore how their relationship might develop as they talk and get to know each other, probably discuss their kinks, etc.

Money for love (client x prostitute)
I'd like to play a dominant, newly heartbroken character that has taken to seeking out prostitutes for attention. He'd pay the sex worker to help him with different fantasies of his, most of them involving cross dressing and feigning innocence. I'd love for them to develop some sort of relationship- not necessarily romantic, they can end up being friends outside of their sessions. Ideally, I'd love to play with the idea of him being rather desperate for companionship and how that might affect the two of them along the way.

New dom x experienced sub x experienced dom

This is a roleplay that would involved three characters, and for this I'd like to play the experienced sub and the experienced dom but I wouldn't mind switching things up a bit either, if you're interested.

The basic plot for this is an inexperienced guy wants to test out what it's like to be a dom and meets an experienced sub, probably at a party? They hit it off and it all goes well for a bit but the experienced sub can't help but notice the areas in which his new friend is lacking, so he contacts and old dom of his to try and coach him? Gosh I hope this makes sense! It would essentially be a love triangle of sorts in which the new dom would find himself either playing with the sub, with the other dom or both of them at the same time. Again, I'd also love to focus on the more personal aspects of the story, so I don't only want a heavy smut roleplay!

Lost prince plot.

I'm leaving this one fairly open. This idea is inspired by two things: the story of princess Anastasia and a visual novel game I'm currently playing: The Arcana. I'd like for this to be 50/50 on the plot to smut spectrum. I'm very interested in world building for this and I'm more inclined to go for a fantastical, oriental type setting mixed with magical elements such as tarot reading, incantations, the likes. The story could focus on a pairing or a group of characters. Of of us would play a lost prince that comes back to a capital city of some sorts, he could either known about his heritage or not but these details can be further discussed in private. The other character could be a merchant, perhaps? A suitor at the palace? Just about anything!

The Naga loner

A former Naga warrior has either abandoned or was abandoned by his clan. In this roleplay I'd prefer to play the Naga because I have a character in mind for this but I'm open to switching too. He lives in a delta or swamp currently, when he comes across a lost human. Said human could either be younger or older, I don't really mind either. Turns out they both have something in common: they're alone for one reason or another. The Naga sees that the human is having a hard time surviving in the delta and reluctantly helps him out by hunting or protecting him from other dangerous beasts. I'd like for this to be a bit more plot heavy with a slow transition towards a relationship between the two. I'm leaning more towards consensual for this, but if you come up with a good idea or two I wouldn't mind non-con. That being said, I'd prefer it to slowly transition towards a consensual relationship as the roleplay progresses. This isn't so much a 'he grows to love it' sort of scenario but more of an understanding from the human as to the Naga's nature. He is, after all, half beast.

The blackmailer

Two men, working for the same company/ in the same environment. There's an obvious power difference between them, think manager x employee or something along those lines. One of them is in a committed relationship (preferably married to a woman) but is obviously not happy with his status. The other catches on and devises a plan. For whatever reason we come up with the two end up drunk and things eventually get frisky but unbeknownst to the married man, their adventure is being filmed. Shenanigans ensue as he'd blackmailed to keep their 'relationship' going otherwise the video would be released. I'd love to explore the blackmailed character coming to accept the fact that he's not straight, that his whole marriage is a sham, etc.

Now, I think I've left that pretty open to interpretation but here's what I'd really, really love: the married man is the one in the dominant position in the company; the blackmailer would be a more submissive type sex wise, but nonetheless feisty and arrogant, aware of how to pull strings and the likes.

Well, I think that's it for me? I might come back to edit stuff out or in as I see fit. Please PM me if you're interested! Have a nice day everyone!
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