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Fx F or NB Yaki's Gauntlet (FxF, FutaxF)

Yaki Ciara

Nov 30, 2016
Welcome to my request thread. I am Yaki Ciara. I have no interest in being friends or social with anyone on here. I'm here for smut and maybe engaging plots, though the latter is clearly in short supply around these parts. I have been roleplaying for over a decade, and I prefer to write FutaxF pairings, though I do FxF from time to time as well.

What I offer
- In terms of posting length, I tend to mirror my partners. The sweet spot lies somewhere between 100 - 400 words. I rarely write longer posts as I don't like to waste my time on roleplaying when I could be doing something more important.
- I can provide a writing sample, if asked.
- I am a switch, and most of my characters are too. I'm more interested in playing a sub than a dom for the thousandth time, but if your idea is interesting enough, I might be convinced to play a dom for you.
- If the RP has my interest, I can post once a day or more.
- I'm fine with writing in first or third person.

My F-list with all my kinks: F-list - Warning

Here are some of my favourite kinks, for those that don't like to click to links or read:
Ahegao, Anal Sex (Giving), Belly Fucking, Breast / Nipple Play, Breast Smothering, Choking, Clothed Sex, Clothing Play, Blackmail, Degradation, Dirty Talking, Tightness, Face-fucking, Face-sitting, Femdom, Femininity, Oral Sex, Wrestling, Fingers In Mouth, Flexibility / Contortionism, Food Play, Foreplay, Piercings, Hair Pulling, Impregnation, Intercrural, Interracial, Leather, Licking, Massages, Muscular Characters, Dubcon, Role Reversal, Saliva, Smoking, Strap-ons, Stockings, Strip Tease, Sweat, Scissoring, Taller Characters, Tattoos / Body Art, Teasing, Titfucking, Tomboys, Uniforms, Vaginal, Verbal Abuse.

Stuff I don't like:
- People who don't read my threads before contacting me.
- People who push their threads on me. Don't do it. Don't contact me and link to your own thread. (Linking your F-list is perfectly fine though.)
- People who think they have a grasp of basic grammar when their messages gives me fucking headaches to read. If you don't know how punctuation works, leave me alone.
- People.
- People who feel the need to clarify their real life gender before anything else.
- The usual suspects like vore, bathroom stuff, scat, and such. It's listed in my F-list.
- Subs. Not all subs, mind you, but still the majority. Anyone who can't drive an RP or discussion forward, and just expect their partners to do everything.
- Lazy and demanding partners. I know, I know, that technically falls in the previous point about subs, but I felt the need to mention it twice.
- People who disappear for weeks or months, after starting an RP, without a word. Don't bother me again. Not even to apologize. I don't give a shit about your excuses.

Some Rules
- Basic grammar. This apparently does not mean what most people seem to think it means. So, in an effort to make it clearer, when I say basic grammar, most people online should think advanced grammar. (And probably return to school too.)
- Don't bother me if all you can come up with in your first message is "I want to rp." Bring me your ideas, your characters, or your kinks.
- Do not approach me in character. I want a discussion first.
- No one liners.
- No wall of texts either. Seriously, I value my time. I'm not going to read any first messages that offend my inbox with their length.
- I prefer images of characters over written descriptions, so keep that in mind. I always ask for faceclaims. (If you want, I can find a faceclaim for your character. No problem. I already have millions of them.) I'm not interested in roleplaying against characters I find unattractive.
- No anime faceclaims.
- PM if interested.
- Don't be a creep.
- Write the word "tits" somewhere in your message, so I can see who reads my threads and who doesn't.
- No characters under the age of 18. I don't even know why I have to clarify this, but apparently I do.
- No male characters. (Why do I even have to clarify this when it's in the title of the thread..?)

Some of the pictures I link may be NSFW.

I have a constant craving for someone who can write compelling characters, scenarios, and dialogue. This, however, has proven a pipe dream. I'll never find my dream girl.


Tattoos, piercings. Punk girls are fan-fucking-tastic.

Some examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

Vampire: the Masquerade. I'm in love with this setting, the clans, and the political intrigue. I'd love to write a plot with someone in this setting.

Draenei/tieflings. Yummy.

Some examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Dungeons & Dragons. I would love to play a D&D campaign with someone else as the dungeon master. I already have a tiefling sorcerer in mind, which I haven't used in too long.

Cyberpunk/Shadowrun. Same thing as the D&D campaign, but with a cyberpunk setting.

Romance. I haven't done anything involving romance in a very long time. I'd want the RP to have conflicts with fairly high stakes, but anything with some type of romance would be nice.

Harems. You play multiple characters for me, not the other way around, unless you're fine with playing a female against multiple futas. I can double though.

Impregnation. My futa character knocking a female character up.

Doubling. I can play two characters against two or one of yours.

Interracial. Self-explanatory. I do tend to play asian girls in these types of pairings though.

Current Cravings

I'd like to try playing a female against a futa. I'd be up for most kind of settings, or ideas, as long as they adhere to my kinks.


Furore's Adventure
My sweet tiefling girl Furore met an unfortunate end, and I would very much like to continue her adventure in some way. She's a wild magic sorcerer. Originally, she was played as a futa, but I might be okay with playing her as a regular female too, if someone has an interesting enough story. Her wild magic tends to get her into all kinds of trouble, and she's the kind of person that would fuck anything, whether it's human or monster. I even have pictures for her sister, so incest could be a thing. Of course, it all comes down to what my partner may want to include.

I already have a starter for this since I've been ghosted before while trying to start it.

Kira's Binge of Mayhem, Sex, and Rock n' Roll.
It would be the same general idea as Furore's adventure, but it would have a cyberpunk setting instead. Kira is a musician, a rocker, but she could still accept missions and such that could lead into cyberpunk adventures. (She'd probably be something close to a rocker boy from the cyberpunk 2077 setting.)

Your suggestion
I'd quite like to try being the GM for someone else's character in something similar to Furore's Adventure. If anyone is interested in this, I'd like to see suggestions for characters that you would play, and what kind of setting you'd like to see them in.
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