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NBx F or NB Futanari Centauress Looking For Roleplay!

Sep 23, 2014
Hello there and welcome! I hope you are having a nice day and if not, may it get better soon!

Since this is quite the niche craving that I have, I'm going to keep this short, to the point and open so that we can tailor it to the liking of potential partners and hopefully get something going!

The only thing that is set in stone is that I'm looking to play as a futanari centauress, whether we are talking about a high fantasy setting with a long running plot and developed lore or if we are just going to play a couple of smutty scenes in a semi-realistic modern setting. I can go from 90% plot to 10% smut to the other end or anything in between. I'll throw out a few ideas to help with the brainstorming:

Plot 1:
After their fellow party members have betrayed a centauress and a human (or elf, halfling, whatever species you want to play as), they decide not to risk their future adventures ending in the same way, so they refuse to team up with other people. This of course makes venturing out into the wild lands even more dangerous, but they aren't discouraged, especially when they learn they might be able to take their revenge on those that robbed them blind.

Plot 2:
The centaurs and the humans (or elves, halflings, whatever species you want to play as) have been waging war against one another, but a new threat has emerged, so they decide to temporarily suspend hostilities. In an attempt to ensure that it actually lasts without one of the parties backstabbing the other, a political marriage is arranged featuring our characters. They have to put aside their lifelong hatred of one another and keep their people safe.

Plot 3:
Humans and centaurs live together in a contemporary realistic setting. However, there is plenty of prejudice going around and when your character falls in love with mine, she draws the ire of the bullies who now target her as well. Fighting back is not an option and there is a lot of time left until graduation, can they overcome the difficulties or will they be broken up by a society that cannot accept different people loving one another?

The usual suspects: no one-liners, no characters under the age of 18, no controlling my character, be able to spell and capitalize correctly (typos and occasional mistakes are perfectly acceptable).
Only interested in futa and female characters, but my partner's real life gender is irrelevant.
Don't flirt with me or call me hun/luv/darling/etc.
Communicate! Whether you want something changed or just want to end the roleplay, drop me a line, I'm super chill about stuff!
I aim to reply every day or at the very least every other day so please be patient if I don't write back immediately!

Kinks that can be included, but aren't mandatory
The big three (vaginal, oral, anal)
Size difference
Dirty talking
Public scenes
Slutty clothing and/or cosplay
Casual sex
Risk of pregnancy/pregnancy
Large cock
Lots of cum
Cum Inflation
Cheating, threesomes and groupsex in general
Certain activities falling into the BDSM categories: name calling, hair pulling, spanking, handcuffs/blindfolds, petplay.

Kinks I won't do no matter what
Toilet stuff, vore, gore, lactation, extremely large bodyparts, diapers, virginity, menstruation, bad hygiene and many more that I can't think of right now I'm sure. Don't be afraid to ask though, if I have to say no I'll be nice about it.

That is all, shoot me a PM if you have any questions or think we could get something going!

Have a nice day,
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