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Like group scenes? Come on by! (All combinations welcome) (NSFW)


May 26, 2016
Hi there. So I've been here a while mostly replying to other people's threads so thought I would start my own just to help find a few more rp partners to play with. Though those I've already played with have l been great so if anyone wants to jump back in then let me know!

About me!

I'm a 28 year old male from the UK. Don't be put off by timezones though as due to my work I am up at pretty much all times of day so it's more whether I'm at work that stops me replying rather than the time of day. I love detail in my rp's rather than being obsessed with length and am a big fan of foreplay in rp's. Having said that I do find it extremely difficult to stay interested in one liner rp's. I will play them if noone else is around but would rather substance so can get bored easily. In return I can post whatever length of reply my partner is looking for.

What I want....

Ok so as anyone that has rp'd with me knows, I'm a big fan of group scenes. Anything with more than two people is a big plus for me. I have spent most time doing more females than males however would be open to giving a few scenes a go with more males than females.i am not however interested in any male-male action so if there are more males involved then the female (s) would be the focus of the scene (lucky her). So yes any ideas that anyone has that involve more than two people please throw my way so I can take a look as I will most likely be interested!

Other kinks though that I like to incorporate but are not essential are:

Public action
Mother/daughter pairings
Step mum/step child
Couples picking up younger women (ALWAYS over 18)

Not into!

Ok so as I said any group scenes I will most likely be open to unless they involve the following:

Any bathroom related topics
Male-male action
Anime images as references
Characters under 18!

How I rp...

So how do I rp? I am very friendly so please if you have any ideas that fit the above or are even close as I am not too specific right now, then either PM me to tell me your idea or add me on one of the below:

Discord: crozzed14#0932
Kik: SamC0891


My current huge craving is for a roleplay which involves four people MMFF, however only one of the men takes care of the sexual needs of both females. Due to how big this craving is I will discuss practically any scenario you are interested in. Want a four person romance relationship where one gug deals with the sexual side and the other takes them out on dates and to fancy places? Done. Want a new dominant guy to come in and seduce both women adding a cuckolding element? Done. Want a double date gone wrong? Done. Anything you can come up with I will discuss and more than likely agree to as long as it involves four characters and only one guy is satisfied sexually. I am also open to all charavter sharing options though of course 2 characters each is preferred. Please let me know your ideas! I will also play against any gender.
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