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Fx Female Taffy's Request Thread - Umbrella Academy Fandom added 7-28


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Jan 1, 2015
No Longer Somewhere Frozen
Hello, fellow RP Enthusiasts!

I'm Taffy (RL nickname), I'm an avid roleplayer in her late 20s, who prefers to play scenes via PM, 3rd person, 3-5 paragraphs (but flexible, quality is more important than word count). I generally play submissive roles. I prefer to play with dominant women, but if you have a great scene, guys are welcome.

NEW IDEA 7-28 - I HEARD A RUMOR (Umbrella Academy Fandom)
I don't do many fandom scenes, but after watching Umbrella Academy, I have the biggest crush on Allison from that series and would love to find a partner to write her.

The scene in my head involves the early years of Allison's acting career, MC would be another actress/celebrity who is perhaps curt or catty with Allison, or merely in the way of Allison's success, until Allison tells MC about a rumor, and they become fast friends (and more).

I'm willing to play a real-life celeb or an original character for this role, and I'm open as far as how dark we go, and what kinks we involve (My f-list is in my signature).

I don't do this often, but I just had a weird craving, so I want to run with it.

I want to play a couples counselor who has individually turned both wife and husband into her sex pets during their private sessions. Separately, they have both submitted to her sexually, and are only staying together because of their therapy sessions. I'd like to start the story where this has been going on a couple of months, and MC is getting ready to reveal to them that she owns them both. Pretty much just femdom smut, with a big focus on the humiliation of the two of them. We can talk about kinks etc. I'm looking for a female partner to play both the husband and wife.

NEW IDEA, 4-23- Reprogrammed by TikTok
I've been thinking about TikTok, and how you see the same sort of memes/Dances over and over, and how it makes you want to participate in them, what if that sort of power was used to reprogram women into eager little sex pots, with them receiving updates to their programming with ever new viral trend. Maybe MC starts as a reporter trying to investigate who's starting the trends, and why?

Looking to do a scene where YC is a popular cam girl/Adult Streamer who hires MC to help with some of the tech aspects of her stream, Cameras/sound, moderating chat, social media pushes etc. Then one day MC is forced to make a brief appearance on cam, like walking across the camera to fix a Mic or something simple, and of course, chat latches onto her, as does YC who sees MC as an untapped resource she can use to spice up her stream. YC then goes on to seduce MC, pressuring her to come on camera and say hi, do an AMA with the audience or something seemingly benign, of course that leads to pressure from chat to kiss, and more. Big bonus if YC is into kink/bdsm, but it wouldn't be necessary. Faceclaim for MC

Potential Faceclaims:
Red Head
Dark Short hair

Major Kinks:
Mind Games
Forced Clothes wearing!!!
Bimbofication/body mods

No thanks:

Rough Scene Ideas (all can be modified):

Babysitter builds a better mommy: Kinda bored with this one
MC would be a 35-45yo successful (I'm thinking on the geeky/techy professional spectrum) single mother, either recently divorced or widowed, who hires a younger woman as a full time, live in nanny(YC). MC would start plain, nerdy, not wear a lot of makeup, not dress flattering etc. YC would be young, popular, attractive - I hate the term alpha, but kinda that vibe. Basically what I'm hoping for in the scene is YC notices how MC stares just a little too much and starts to take advantage, eventually bullying MC in her own home (things like taking over the master suite), taking advantage of MC sexually (the more humiliating the better) , and maybe if you're into it, turning MC into a bit of a stepford wife/bimbo or really any other look you like, I LOVE when my characters are made to dress up/style themselves to someone else's taste (Love being made to wear skimpy lingerie around the house too)

Sugar Mommy Domme:
I'm looking to play a scene where MC is a 20-30 year old college student or young professional type, who enters into a relationship with a slightly older woman (YC). Things start out fairly normal, but as time passes YC begins taking authority in small seemingly sweet ways, getting the door, covering the bill, buying me clothes etc. methodically making MC more and more dependent, becoming more assertive sexually, emphasizing the age gap between us, telling mc to call her mommy, in bed at first, but latter in public. Eventually I see this leading to spankings and her treating MC like a teenager (dressing me as one, on the extreme side even forcibly enrolling me in high school). Looking for a mommy who can be both sweet and cruel.

Lawyer x Hippie:
MC would be a bit of a crunchy/hippy chick who inherited a large piece of land from her parents years ago and maybe does some organic farming or something on the land, but the land is in a location where a big development firm wants to buy it (maybe it's against a lake they want to make into a tourist destination or something similar). MC has refused all proposals, so the company sends YC in to get me to sell (YC would be a ruthless, but well put together lawyer). During the meeting, YC catches MC paying a little too much attention to her, and then she's like a shark when there's blood in the water, seducing MC, getting MC to sell, getting MC to move in, getting MC to wear expensive fashions vs natural clothes, etc. (and also enjoying spending all the money MC made from the sale). Basically getting MC to abandon her values to be YC's toy.

Tattoo shop (idea borrowed with permission): CRAVING!
MC would be a college aged art/design student desperate for an (mandatory?) internship (I picture her as a goody-twoshoes type, but I'm open), but she finds herself unable to find one at a traditional company, so she applies at YC's Shop. YC would play a well known/well regarded tattoo artist who specialized in high end tattoos to affluent clientele. MC works essentially as a receptionist, greeting clients, making sure stations are clean, etc. and between clients she's allowed to draw up designs, which YC critiques. Sometimes she might ask MC to take off your shirt and hold a piece up to your body to see how a piece is going to lay, but it seems totally innocent (She may even offer to let you do it alone and just photograph it). The only real hang up would be that she pressures MC to get her first tattoo, after a few weeks/months (depends how close you want them to get), she gives in.
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