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Heroes: Emergent (Character Profiles)

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Character Name: Katya Komova
Age: 33
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual ("If you are buying, I am selling")
Brief Description: While not very tall, Katya is a lusciously curved woman. She enjoys dressing in expensive clothes that flaunt her body. Originally from Volgograd, she speaks English with a Russian accent while she works in London as a high-end prostitute.


Power: Nerve Manipulation (very useful in her line of work)
Actually, it's a so close and yet so far... The girls are either on the west coast of USA or across the Pond in England :p

but... That will change I'm sure.

Name: Angela O’Conner
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Orientation: Pansexual
Power: Animal magnetism (ability to mesmerize anyone and anything with a simple look or pheromone)


Name: Marie O’Conner
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Power: Healing and Reverse Healing (able to cure any sickness as well as make them deathly ill)
Character Name: Elena Nureguchi

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Orientation: Straight


Random Number Generation - If something has a numeric value, Elena has the ability to modify that value randomly to any other possible value by looking at the object. If, for instance, a coin flip would end up heads, at a glance, Elena can change that value into tails (or in an oft chance, turn the coin to its edge). She can also change the value of currency randomly, capable of changing a $10 bill into a $20 or $5 as long as the note is existent. Numbers are completely random, and Elena cannot transform anything more complex than a computer program scripted in java.
LA NPCs interacting with Elizabeth Gordon

NPC Name: Rosa "Rosie" Maria Santos

NPC Appearance:


NPC Age: 25
NPC Gender: Female
NPC Orientation: Lesbian
NPC Brief Description: Rosie is Elizabeth Gordon's current assistant/mentee. She's as quick witted, insightful and ambitious as she is beautiful, graceful and vivacious. She is eager to face the challenges set to her and to enjoy all life has to offer.

NPC Power: None yet

London NPCs interacting with Beatrix Davies

NPC Name: James "Jimmy" Graham

NPC Appearance:



NPC Age: 34
NPC Gender: Male
NPC Orientation: Straight
NPC Brief Description: Jimmy is Elizabeth's driver/bodyguard. He's ex Military with a quick, tactical mind and quiet, loyal strength she's come to rely upon. There are all sorts of rumors about the depth of their relationship, including some about the parentage of her youngest daughter, but Elizabeth has never dignified them with a comment. He comes off as utterly professional and so efficient he sometimes comes off as cold.
NPC Power: Forcefield Generation and Manipulation

Character Name: Caleb "Cal" Moody


Age: 24

Gender: Male

Orientation: Straight

Brief Description: Cal is a proud resident of New York City, working as a bike messenger. Despite his enhanced mental capacity, he chose rather to do a job that required him to think quickly and use his reflexes, not just think much to his father's dismay

Power: Cal has the power of hypercognition. This implies that he has a perfect mind to body connection, giving him complete control of his mind and everything the mind controls. He's able to control everything that his mind can control and work his body at peak efficiency, only being limited to what his body is capable of. He's also able to learn anything at a glance and perform it with ease. This ability also gives him full control of the cells in his body which gives him a variety of other possibilities.
Character Name: Chloe Lovinson
Age: 24
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue/gray
Measurements: 34D-24-34
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight/Bicurious

Brief Description:

Bio: Chloe is rich. She uses her ability to win in casinos in Las Vegas and the San Diego area, usually taking enough from them over the course of several days under a few different disguises to manage her affairs for several months before having to repeat the process. She only ever plays games that seem to rely completely on chance, such as craps or roulette. She's smart enough to occasionally lose money, and she does so (on purpose) quite often more than she wins, but her wins are always much larger than her losses.

Choloe lives in a three million dollar home in Los Angeles County's Rolling Hills area, where she can see the city from her house.

Power: Probability Acceleration. Ability functions as a sort of precognition, where the event that she is focused on is accerated and she can see a fairly certain result. It isn't 100% accurate, but it is very, very reliable. The event must also be about to occur. She can't use it to get tomorrow's winning lottery numbers (though once the balls start to fall, she can predict them), but if a roulette croupier has the ball in his hand, she can get the number in time to make a purposeful bet.
Traveler's Character (Let's bring this guy back from the dead...)

Character Name: Daniel Owen Anderson
Age: 38, looks 28
Gender: Male
Orientation: Hetero

Brief Description: Daniel stands at about 6'3", and is around 195 lbs of lean muscle. He has blue eyes and brown hair and looks like your typical clean cut professional.

History: Dan had to pick either go to jail when he got caught pranking his high school principal (by breaking into the school's computer frame and accidentally erased all the senior's grades for their entire four years... permanently) or join the military. He opted for boot camp since it was less likely to entail being a boyfriend to a 300lb. cellie named Bubba.

The unit he is in is blind-sided when a 'friendly' officer from the ground unit blows up their officer's tent, killing all 10 of the soldiers inside. After being recorded as DOA the bodies are airlifted to a central base for processing when their helicopter is shot down. Daniel, suddenly finding himself alive when his power activates and his body regenerates, crawls away from the crash site and observes what happens. He figures out that the military thinks that his body is burned to a crisp and opts to go AWOL rather than be tied to his post in the crazy war for another two years.

He returns 'home' to find that his wife has accepted his 'death' and has seemingly moved on, making a better life for herself. Rather than mess up what he thought was a good thing that she had going on he disappeared, and has since been living incognito and moving around the globe to stay hidden.

Power: Rapid Cell Regeneration, a la Claire.
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