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Heroes: Emergent (Character Profiles)

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Feb 5, 2014
Here is the basic template for the Character Profiles. Please check the OOC thread to see if any additional items are required by the GM. Updates to CP requirements will also be listed here as they are needed.


Character Name:
Brief Description:
(One line minimum or picture link.)
Power: (To be approved of by the GM - SithLordOfSnark)
Name: Monica Valdez
Eyes:Emerald green
Powers:Telepath(like Matt Parkman)
Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Personality:Shes always been a tech geek regardless of her socialably acceptable physical beauty she found herself into the nerdy geeky aspects of life. Shes charismatic arrogant and confident. History: She lived a normal life until her power manifested at 16. She kept it to herself until one day she inadvertantly read her teachers mind and replied to her teachers thoughts. Unlike other Telepaths her power fully manifested with in a couple of weeks. Shes had her run ins with Prima tecj and does her best to stay off their radar while persuing a career as a intern at a local psychologists office attending college to earn her psych degree.
Character Name: James Madison
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Orientation: Straight
Powers: Creation and control of fire
Brief Description:

Reem and Monica are approved.
Character Name: Beatrix Davies
Just out and about...

Party Time!!!!

... 'Brilliantly Mental'...
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Orientation: "I just love who I love."
Brief Description: Beatrix Davies is a slender, leggy blond with a madcap, anything goes air about herself. She's outrageous and funny, quick witted and brash, living utterly in the moment looking to suck the marrow out of life. The thick Britsh accent that colors her speech marks her as aa West End Girl.

Beatrix loves fashion and partying and dreampt of the day she would be one of the Glitterati. Coming from no money, not qualifying for her A levels, and generally being one in a million made that nothing but a pipe dream... Until the day she bumped into Keira Knightley, literally, who came to Victoria Secret Beatrix worked at as she was heading off for a break.

On her break, she was smoking a fag and mentally lamenting her life and how she wished she had Keira's life when PAIN hit her suddenly and HARD as her body obeyed her will and changed. When the agony subsided she felt... Different... and as she went back to work people were treating her different, gawking at her and twittering, pointing and staring. It wasn't until some school girls begged to take selfies with her that she saw her new face and body and felt like her dreams had all somehow come true.

Beatrix milked the transformation for all it was worth, letting people fawn all over her, offer her all the perks of stardom and access to all the best London had to offer. It wasn't a long ride as by the end of the night her path crossed Keira's again who had her people get the cops to handle the imposter. She ended up whisked through the judicial system to keep things from being a big scandal. She's now on community service, working off her crimes under the semi-watchful eye of her caseworker.

Power: Shape Shifting
This ability allows the shape shifter to alter his or her body to match that of another person, even changing gender if desired (She hasn't realized this yet ). Drastic size changes are possible using this ability; it is not yet clear whether this involves a mass change or just density. The act of shape shifting is painful and requires at least a few seconds to complete. A form taken using this ability is not an illusion, and the user does not revert to his or her original shape if killed or knocked unconscious. This power also does not seem to alter the user's base DNA; blood and brain matter taken from James Martin continued to show Martin's DNA patterns when tested, despite Martin having taken on Sylar's form.

A shape shifter needs a tissue sample from the person he wants to impersonate. This is usually accomplished by touch, although other methods are possible. Shape shifting changes the user's voice to match the person he or she impersonates. A shape shifter can alter his clothing to suit his new form (I Am Sylar); this is presumably a type of ability extension (which she hasn't evidenced yet).
Traveler's Character

Character Name: Daniel Owen Anderson
Age: 38, looks 28
Gender: Male
Orientation: Hetero

Brief Description: Daniel stands at about 6'3", and is around 195 lbs of lean muscle. He has blue eyes and brown hair and looks like your typical clean cut professional.

History: Dan had to pick either go to jail when he got caught pranking his high school principal (by breaking into the school's computer frame and accidentally erased all the senior's grades for their entire four years... permanently) or join the military. He opted for boot camp since it was less likely to entail being a boyfriend to a 300lb. cellie named Bubba.

The unit he is in is blind-sided when a 'friendly' officer from the ground unit blows up their officer's tent, killing all 10 of the soldiers inside. After being recorded as DOA the bodies are airlifted to a central base for processing when their helicopter is shot down. Daniel, suddenly finding himself alive when his power activates and his body regenerates, crawls away from the crash site and observes what happens. He figures out that the military thinks that his body is burned to a crisp and opts to go AWOL rather than be tied to his post in the crazy war for another two years.

He returns 'home' to find that his wife has accepted his 'death' and has seemingly moved on, making a better life for herself. Rather than mess up what he thought was a good thing that she had going on he disappeared, and has since been living incognito and moving around the globe to stay hidden.

Power: Rapid Cell Regeneration, a la Claire.
Character Locker (WIP)

Antagonist NPCs & Characters

Progtagonist NPCs & Characters

Neutral Parties

Character Name: Elizabeth Gordon
Age: 36
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Brief Description: Elizabeth Gordon is the CEO of a consortium of companies that span the gamut from commercial real estate and construction to HR and Accounting services to cutting edge high tech firms as well as a slew of up and comers through her venture capital/business incubator firms. Frankly, she's the epitome of the "Self Made Woman", having pulled herself up from her bootstraps when the War brought tragedy to her family. She'd been working as a freelance accountant after her two daughters Gwendolyn (15) and Rachel (17) were enrolled in elementary school and as the Global War went from something in the shadows to bloody, open battles where President Petrelli sent in troops to defend the American way of life, Elizabeth's husband enlisted in order to defend the family he loved so dearly (or so she told their girls). She was devastated to learn that he died in the line of duty a few months after shipping out. NOT only had she lost the love of her life but dying as he did in a plane crash with his remains were never recovered, the insurance company denied her claims on his life insurance leaving her destitute after using their paltry savings to cover the cost of his funeral. Had it not been for the generosity of friends and family she would have been homeless.

Suddenly thrust in the role of sole provider for her girls, she made a move that most called crazy, Elizabeth turned her freelance business into something special by recruiting PTA and playground moms to work for her in their spare time as she focused on finding open minded clients looking for a high level of service at a fair price. Excelsior Extras was born and Elizabeth found she had a talent for not just exceeding her clients needs but in finding just the right person for every job. She grew with her clients, providing them all they needed no matter how bug or how small that need may be. Now she's well on her way to being a Billionaire and a darling of the Monied set.

Elizabeth's true secret is that her power which, honestly, she didn't realize she was using at first, allows her to see the possible outcomes of her decisions and the reactions to them by those around her. This power also helps her glean the meanings behind facts and figures giving her keen insight into which clients needed to hide their embezzlements better, which ones had funds they could leverage for growth concealed behind inefficiencies. It was her fiscal wizardry rather then her special ability that brought her to the attention of the Company who saw her as a useful project manager and consultant for those things even they didn't want reaching the light of day.

Elizabeth carefully studies the information her power brings her in a way that is outside of time itself and then takes the most advantageous action available to her. She found her return on investment improved once she took moral and ethical concerns out of the picture and allowed pure self interest to be her guide. She's neither cold nor "evil" nor cruel, just... Selective... Perhaps predatory ... but does one fault the lion for the gazelle she takes down or the eagle its salmon breakfast? The world is changing around her and it is her intention to be ideally positioned to take advantage of all that's coming to pass.


Power: Accelerated Probability power which she uses to keep ahead of her competition and be at the right place at the right time to achieve the most success possibility

New Primatech Co. (NPC)
The COMPANY (NPC) has branches in the USA and in England, with many of their employees working to recruit raw talent through their interaction with the universities and hospitals internationally. It's likely that they have their tendrils in just about every aspect of people's lives.

Character Name: Angela Petrelli
Age: 75 (b. 1945)
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Brief Description: Although she is senior in her years, Mrs. Petrelli still has a commanding presence. She is beautifully stern, her dark hair streaked in silver and her eyes still sharp and all-seeing. She dresses like the powerful, classic woman she is, and heads turn when she enters a room.
Power: Enhanced Dreaming

Character Name: Peter Petrelli
Age: 35 (b. 1985)
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual
Brief Description: Peter is dark haired and polished, his goatee only making him look more like a long-lost nobleman and less like a lost little brother. He dresses like a businessman now, focused on the goal of NPC to drive their plans forward and to SAVE THE WORLD.
Power: Power Mimicry

Character Name: Noah Bennet
Age: 76 (b. 1944)
Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Brief Description: Some men never seem to age, and with exception to the grey that he has, Noah Bennet is every bit the man in glasses he was all of his life. He has a strong drive to protect the ones he loves, and sometimes that means rewriting the rules to do so.
Power: None

Character Name: Gabriel Grey, AKA Sylar (in the guise of Nathan Petrelli)
Age: 50 (b. 1980)
Gender: Male
Orientation: Any he pleases to take
Brief Description: Sylar has taken on the appearance and personhood of Nathan Petrelli. President Petrelli, that is, and it is uncertain if he is on the side of 'good' or 'self'. Whatever the outcome, he has been both the debonaire villain and the lost hero, and his final legacy will be determined by whomever wins the battle inside his intricate psyche.
Power: Too many to list
London NPCs interacting with Beatrix Davies

NPC Name: Mr. Bernard (Bearnie) Thompson

NPC Appearance:

NPC Age: 41
NPC Gender: Male
NPC Orientation: Straight
NPC Brief Description: Mr. Thompson is a gross little man who had big dreams of serving the Royals but only ended up getting a dead end civil service as a Case Administrator within the Ministry of Justice. THis means he's mostly a paper pusher locked away in his office in the Community Center assigning meaningless jobs to a group of go nowhere youths adjudicated into his care. He's not bitter per se, more, comfortably resigned to lord it over his charges and getting his rocks off where he may.
NPC Power: None, atm.

NPC Name: "the hot asian chick"
- Stage Name: Xai Xun Xin aka Triple X
- Birth Name: Ming (Mindy) Fung

NPC Appearance:

NPC Age: 21
NPC Gender: Female
NPC Orientation: Bi
NPC Brief Description: Xai is drummer in an up and coming band and has a wild side that matches Beatrix's. They had a night of ardent passion and conspiratorial scheming that Beatrix can't quite remember. It's coming back to her in flashes and she likes what her mind's eye is showing her.
NPC Power: Technopath

Character Name: Juliane Hertz, but since she moved to LA she changed her name to Julia Heart
Age: 22
Height: 5'10"
Weight: I dare you to ask
Hair: Blonde (at least that's how she dyes it)
Eyes: Brown
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Brief Description:


Bio: Juliane was left as one of the first babies at the baby hatch at St. Joseph Krankenhaus in berlin. She was just wrapped in a white blanket with a heart on and the name Juliane written on a small note. She lived most of her childhood at orphanages and in foster care. Whenever a family saw the blonde and cute girl they thought that she was a princess with a princess' temper. But Juliane was anything but. She had a temper of a wild cat. She stole from the families that took her in, she fought in the schools she went to and got into all sorts of problems. The only place she didn't do those things were when she was at the orphanage.
When she got older that behaviour got her into troubles with the police. And from she was fourteen she began to spend more and more time on police stations.
As she closed in on her 18th birthday a social worker finaly got through to her. If she didn't change her way of living she'd end up in an adult prison pretty soon and the reality of prisons were that they didn't rehabilitate people just made them more criminal. That made Juliane get her shit together. She got a place of her own and with the help of the social worker she even got a job as a waitress and bartender. She wasn't that good at keeping her job however. She got fired a few times for getting into fights with customers or colleagues.
Then one year ago she hit the jackpot. The job she worked at that time was a sleazy place and the manager did a lot of work as a middleman for the less legal part of Berlin's underworld. On night Juliane found herself in the manager's office after closing the bar. She don't really remember much of what happend but when she left the place the door to the office safety box had been ripped from it's hinges and Juliane had €20,000 in a plastic bag. - the next day she packed a bag and got a plane ticket to LA.
In LA she changed her name to Julia Heart and got a job as a bartender. She even got a green card. She has had a few episodes where she displayed her enormous strenght. But she don't know what she is or what's happening to her.
Power: Enhanced strength

Character Name: Benjamin Wintergreen

Age: 25

Height: 5 9

Orientation: Straight

Power: Fear Breath- Benjamin breaths a cloud of black dust whenever someone nearby is afraid, he can manipulate the cloud as if it were solid and use for a variety of ways, mostly offensive.

Benjamin is a very cold individual, he grew up without a family and relied on the mean streets of Laredo Texas, running with gangs and getting into trouble with the law. He has no respect for authority figures except for those in the criminal underworld who could do him harm. Benjamin is also a sadist, using his Fear Breath to torture innocent people, particularly women until they are very much near death. Even though Benjamin is considered to be a monster, there is a very small part in the back of his mind that makes him want to be a better person.

Benjamin was born in a very poor area of Laredo Texas, the 3rd poorest city in America to essentially the town drunk who was once an NFL football star, and a work from home mother. Growing up, there were days when the family would go without food, or electricity, but everyday there would be domestic abuse.

It started on Ben's first birthday, when in a fight with his mother, his father shook him. This didn't affect young Ben physically, but mentally something was broken.

For the next several years, he would be the target of his father's abuse. From cigarette burns to being whipped with a belt. His mother not only stood by and watched, but during the nights that he passed out drunk, his mother, being sexually depraved for years, would "make love" to him. Unaware that it was wrong, Ben felt that since this was the only kind of affection he would get, that such dark sex was a societal norm.

By the age of 15, a group of SWAT had got wind of his father being part of the Columbian drug cartels and the two sides had a fire fight, leading to the deaths of his parents and him being taken away to live with his grandmother.

During these next few years, Ben developed into a very sick young man and attempted to rape his grandmother, in the chaos and fear, he literally puked up black smoke and strangled her with it, killing a woman who truly tried to help him., without a guardian to guide him, Benjamin began getting into all kinds of trouble and ran with many gangs.

During a robbery of a church's donations, Benjamin confronted the priest and learned about forgiveness and religion. Back when he was a baby, hi is father had shaken nearly all the good from his son, except for one tiny corner, leaving just the pure darkness and evil of a twisted human mind.

Letting the priest go, Benjamin would continue his terrible acts, but continue to search for forgiveness and a deeper understanding of religion.

One day, Ben was arrested on the streets because the priest he had let free had turned into his rat and informed the police of every evil deed he had committed and was sent to life imprisonment, it was here that he joined up with the Aryan Brotherhood. Seeing them as his new family, he tried to prove his worth in the prison system, eventually revealing his powers to the "higher-ups" of the organization who used him as a hit-man. Realizing that death and destruction was all he knew, Ben decided that he would one day take over the Brotherhood.

By the age of 21, Ben alone had instigated a prison riot of nearly 700 very dangerous inmates let loose into the world, himself among them. With the help of the Aryan Brotherhood, he crafted a new identity and became a video game clerk, using his monetary gains to stay out of the public eye and keeping the authorities off his back.

Once he was comfortable in his new life, an unexpected visitor showed up at his apartment doorstep: his mother.

It turns out that she too had a special gift, the ability of hallucinations. She gave her son one during a fight with his father had shot him dead with a gun. Finally free of his influence, she left him on the doorstep of her mother's and kept watch on him this entire time.

Using what he learned from the priest, Ben managed to forgive his mother for the abuse she had placed upon him and the emotional scarring, but things took an odd turn when they developed a romantic (for them) relationship.

And finally here we are, in a small town park, away from prying eyes with Benjamin using his powers to strangle a young woman to death, his mother beside him, a smile on her face and her hands around the small of her son's back.
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