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Frequently Asked Questions, Answered! Please Read Before Posting

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Please refer to the Site Rules before progressing, as most questions will be answered within the rules and this FAQ.

Help! My username is grey/I can’t PM anyone/I can’t edit my threads/I can’t see some forums (Information for new users).

If you have just joined the site, you may notice that your username is grey and that your site privileges are slightly restricted. More detail can be found in this thread here, but a few basics to know are:​
  • You will need to wait twenty-four hours after joining and make three posts in the forums for your account to be automatically upgraded to full membership.​
  • Probationary/grey username members cannot view people’s profiles, start PM conversations, or edit their threads during the grey period. However you can receive PMs still. This is normal and will change when your account auto-upgrades.​
  • Posts in Forum Games do not count towards post count. To increase post count, consider posting in General Discussion, welcoming other new members in Introductions, responding to those who come to welcome you in your own introduction thread, or posting a Request Thread. Please do not spam to meet your post requirements.​
  • If your post count dips below three, even after twenty-four hours, your account will revert to grey.​
How do I change my username color?

Generally colors are only for members of the site staff. Grey names are of course for new members. If you would like a non-standard username color then blue is available for all members that support the site on its Patreon.

Does my thread belong in Questions & Suggestions or General Discussion?

As a rough guideline, any question that requires a fact as an answer or anything regarding suggestions for site functions should be posted in Questions & Suggestions, and anything that requires an opinion as an answer should be posted in General Discussion.

How do I start roleplaying? Where do I post my roleplay request thread?

After you’ve posted your Introduction thread and given the Site Rules a read, check out the guidelines for making Request Threads here, or stickied at the top of each individual forum. Request Threads are grouped by gender of character, not by gender of writer. Any roleplays you wish to write on the site should be placed in the On-site section, any that you wish to write off-site (discord, google docs, etc) should be placed in the Off-site section. The Off-site section is still grouped by gender of the character you intend to play. If you intend to play multiple characters of differing genders, that request can go under any forum under which those characters are relevant. Each forum has a stickied thread at the top that will describe what that specific forum is for. If you have a question about where your thread should be placed, please feel free to contact a staff member.

Can I reply to another user's request thread to let them know I'm interested?

RP requests should only be posted in the Request Thread forums; contacting a user regarding RP should only be done via PM or off-site methods that they list in their request thread. Please do not post on other users' profiles, mention them in chat, or solicit RP in the chat box.

What’s a bump? What’s the policy on bumping?

‘Bumping’ your thread – or posting on it to boost a thread to the top of the forum – can be done once per twenty-three hours on each thread. The times listed for each post are in your local time, you do not need to convert the time in any way. Users are to have no more than two request threads in each forum – Males, Females, and Non-Binary characters; and two more for each of those categories under the off-site section.

How do I change something about my account? How do I delete it?

If you would like to change your username, or withdraw your account entirely, please contact an Administrator. Accounts are no longer deleted on BMR, if you wish to have your account deleted it will instead be withdrawn. A user with a withdrawn account can always return to the site via contacting staff through their original e-mail.

How do I lock or delete threads?

Users are not able to lock threads, but they are able to delete their own Request Threads once they have exited the introductory period. To delete a thread, click the three dots in a horizontal line near the top right of the first post of a thread. A drop-down menu will appear, from which you can select “Delete Thread”. Users are not able to delete posts of other members. If you require a thread locked, please PM a Moderator or Officer. Locking an active roleplay thread requires the permission of the original poster. If you delete a thread accidentally and need it restored, please contact a Moderator or Officer and they will be able to assist you.

How do avatars and signatures work?

Avatars can be uploaded from your computer by clicking on your username in the top right corner of the screen and clicking on the square space next to your username. Signatures can be changed by clicking your username in the top right corner of the screen and choosing the ‘Signature’ option. You may not have access to all these features until your account leaves the grey period. Please make sure that all Signature & Avatar images are SFW (Safe for Work) per rule five.

What are the titles under people's usernames?

Custom titles can be changed on your Account Details page, right under where your avatar is set. If nothing is entered there, the title automatically reflects the number of posts a user has made in the forum. Please avoid setting a custom title that is 'possessive'; i.e. "owned by [username]", "[username]'s [blank]", or anything else similar; it sends the wrong message about what our forum is for.

A breakdown of the default titles can be found in the spoiler below:

Dust - 0 posts

Space Junk - 1 post

Mini Meteoroid - 50 posts

Solar Eclipse - 200 posts

Lunar Eclipse - 500 posts

Milky Way - 1000 posts

Collapsed Star - 1500 posts

Bonefin Galaxy - 2000 posts

Super Nova - 3500 posts

Event Horizon - 5000 posts

Singularity - 7500 posts

Big Bang - 10000 posts

Minor Demigod - 15000 posts

Member of the Pantheon - 25000 posts

Question: I think my RP partner might be ignoring me or not getting my messages!

If a member isn't responding to a PM its usually best to move on. If you both have tracking enabled, it'll show if they've read your message or not. If one of you has it turned off though, it won't work. If a user has left the conversation or otherwise ignored you, do not continue to attempt to contact that user regarding it. You are free to contact them again in the future in response to a request they post, but do not attempt to circumvent a user attempting to avoid a discussion with you.
If the sending problem persists, and you are confident that this user has not ignored you please contact any member of staff.

Question: I keep getting 'undefined'! What does that mean?

It means there is something wrong with the browser you are using and not the site. Your first step should be to clear your history/cache, remove add-ons, and restart.

I have a question that isn’t answered here, or in any of the links you provided!

If it follows the guidelines at the top of the thread, please post it as a thread here in Questions & Suggestions, with a title that accurately summarizes your question so that other users who might be wondering about your issue in the future can find it easily. Titles that just say ‘help’ or ‘question’ should be avoided, whereas ‘avatar resizing issue’ works a little bit better.​
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