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Extinction: OOC

Thanks darkangel! I guess we're ready to move away from the pharmacy after a few more posts. I probably won't be able to post until much later tonight. Cheers!
Hello everyone. I just wanted to say sorry I kinda vanished yesterday. Seems mine and lynnies son decided he was coming out to the world.
Congrats, Kiric! :)

And I apologize for my recent delays. Just have had a slew going on and then both a migraine and illness hit. I hope to get posts in for my characters today at some point though. So, thanks for your patience! *hugs*
@Spinning Spider- feel free to send me a character sheet for approval :)

@Everyone- Sorry for my disappearance went to my girl's for the weekend and didn't get the chance to let everyone know I'd be away
I'm trying to wait for darkangel to get back first. But if the order doesn't matter, I can get back ASAP ... probably after I have to head AFK for a bit.
no need to apologize DA RL comes first hon, I loved your posts by the way :) I was thinking of bringing JC to the survivor camp before Dax gets back if you and Lady are all right with that :D
I am okay with that idea, yes.

And yeah, Angel. Don't worry on it. Hugs DA

I've been dealing with my new kitten which is essentially like a child in certain ways. He's sweet and all but lord does he keep me busy @.@
We're all wrapped up at the pharmacy! Ready for the next location.
GM Announcement
First off I would like to check in and make sure everyone is still interested in the group. A few people haven't posted in a bit and I just wanted to make sure everyone was still with me :) I have heard from a few who haven't posted in a while and understand the slow responses. Please if you are going to be absent for more then 3 days, notify the rest of the group in the absences thread. I'm going to be bumping the request thread for this group in hopes of gaining a few more members. I also would like to talk to everyone about a possible time jump in the near future to help move things along a bit. If you are still interested in the group please post here and if you're not shoot me a PM so I can put your characters on hold or inactive.​

Thank you for your time :)
I'm willing to post in the Survivor Camp if anyone is down to RP a little over the weekend.
I'm willing to RP a bit :) my posts are probably only gonna be on weekends from now on until I get my internet on in my new apartment but I will post as often as possible
Hey all. I am so so sorry it has been so long. Unfortunately I am having major muse issues and have been unable to write anything at all for the last month or so. I had a major change in life that has kinda taken priority.
Well we all know that real life comes first Kiric, so don't worry about that. Thank you for letting us know though. Appreciate it. Hope everything works out for you. *hugz nd kisses*
This kind of RP is my jaaammmmm I'm really interested in reading through what's currently going on and maybe sliding in somewhere because this shit is my fav
Ohhhhh, puh-LEASE tell me this isn't locked. I've been looking for an excuse to get back into actually writing something for once (in 2 years) and this is not only right up my alley, its the most well-constructed RP in the group area at the time of this writing (i.e. it's interesting, and there are no major spelling or grammatical mistakes that completely turn me away from the premise)

Any chance I could shoot a Character Profile?
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