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Extinction: OOC

Asthmatics unite! I'm asthmatic and am on albuterol for it. In the past when it was really bad--went through a bad spurt when acclimating to where I live now--I had to be on both flo-vent and singulair. My daughter also has asthma, but she's currently not on anything for it yet. Thankfully.
My son was on albuterol, flo-vent and singulair as well, he also had to use a breathing machine at points with the liquid albuterol he hasn't had too much trouble with it as of late which I'm so happy for it gets really scary.
I've had asthma for about half my life, caught through second-hand smoking. I'm only on the ventolin inhaler.
Ok Nessa posted... Every good horror flick has the "girly girl" XD

Course she's not wearing red high heels or running upstairs but eh... Maybe later. lol.
Gotta figure out where to drop Laila in... expect her to enter things at some point. I'll post for her and then again for Jenna later. For now, must run. Damn you, real life! *shakes fist*
Mind if I drop Laila in the mall? Perhaps she almost gets run over by the car..... while trying to run away. Could be a fun and dramatic entrance. :)
I gotta say .. this is one of the easiest times I've had playing a guy.

Also rare for one to end up with two attractive girls in a matter of seconds. I consider him lucky [even if JC prefers women, not like he knows IC] =P
I definitely love this so far also.

Err ... Angel? Did you wanna post up first in Bridle Trails? Or for that matter did anyone have a preference on who goes first or not?
Awesome. Guess I'll let darkangel make a post before I make my next one.
Hey guys, this is my first group RP on BMR. I would love to hear any criticisms regarding my RP writing, positive or negative (especially negative, because you can't improve if you don't know what you're doing wrong). I especially don't want to god mod or appear OP, so please please PLEASE tell me if I appear so. I'm always willing to change or edit a post to make it more reasonable/acceptable.
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