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***THE SITE RULES*** (updated on 8/4/2021)

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Blue Moon Roleplaying Site Rules


Full participation in the site hinges on members reading, understanding, and being willing to follow the rules, so please make sure to read these in full. If the rules are updated, the title will reflect the date it was done, and a post will be made in the thread informing members of the areas of change.

If you’re a new member, welcome! The first thing to do when you’re done with the rules is to head on over to the Introductions Forum and tell us a little about yourself if you haven't done so already. The stickies at the top of that forum should give you a better idea on how the first few hours of being on the site works.

If you have any questions, feel free to message a staff member directly, or tag in one of us on your Introduction or Questions and Suggestions post by using an @ and then immediately starting to type the staff member’s username.

The rules will be presented, and then in the second post of this thread, the consequences for breaking each rule will be explained. Some things are left to a case-by-case basis, in which case staff will discuss the situation and come to a conclusion together. All appeals can be sent to our contact form.

The Rules

1. You must be at least eighteen (18) years old to join Blue Moon Roleplaying. You must also agree to adhere to the laws of the United States of America, where the website is hosted. This is mostly common sense - don't make threats, don't post pirated material. Real-life images or videos of bestiality are also illegal in many US states as they are considered animal abuse.

2. If you see a rule being broken, please report it for staff review (more information on reporting can be found here) or contact a member of staff. If you have an issue with another member, consider using the site’s ‘ignore’ function. Along with this, respect staff and their time. Trolling (i.e. acting in a purposefully incendiary way) in general is not permitted, but trolling or attacking staff for doing their jobs is additionally unacceptable. Judgment of images and written material is at staff’s discretion; if staff decides that something is breaking the rules, it is breaking the rules. Appeals may be made through the contact page, but decisions are final. Members must be able to understand and communicate in English with staff.

3. Blue Moon is a writing site. We are not a psych center, a meat market, or any other type of support/meetup group. If your issues begin to harm the site, staff will speak to you or act as necessary. If you feel a member is harassing you, please use the report function or message a member of staff for further guidance. Member safety and comfort is our first priority, and while you may feel that it isn't harmful to you, it may be behavior that is harmful to others, and we want to make sure all our users are safe and having fun on Blue Moon. Seeking real-life meetups, real-life relationships, master/slave dynamics, or asking for personal information or photos of other members is not allowed. If a member states they do not want to be contacted by you again, respect their wishes and do not contact them again.

4. Loli/shota is not permitted on Blue Moon. This includes images (real or animated), videos, writing, or linking to any material that may include loli or shota references. If such references are found on your F-List, they must be removed before posting the F-List to the site. Blue Moon’s definition of loli/shota is anything younger than fifteen (15) years old and/or is pre-pubescent or appears to be pre-pubescent whether physically, actually, or mentally. Characters involved in, witnessing, or being near erotica/sexual themes/sexually suggestive themes must be fifteen (15) years of age or older physically, actually, and mentally. If "littlespace" (i.e. age regression) is used in roleplay and the "little" is under 15, it must not be in a sexual context. Images are to staff’s discretion and staff has the final word on what is or is not appropriate for the site. All real-life images used in roleplays of a sexual nature must be of people who were at least eighteen (18) years of age at the time the photo was taken. If searching for characters under eighteen (18), members must clarify in their search that all characters will be fifteen (15) and above physically, actually, and mentally. “As site allows”/”ages of site compliance” and other vague terms are not sufficient; actual ages must be written.

5. If you would like to use NSFW (Not Safe For Work) images in any thread, you have a few options. If you would like to embed NSFW images without using spoiler tags or links, you must include the term “NSFW” in your thread title, just as it is written here. If you are using spoiler code or links (how to do so using BBCode can be found here) for NSFW images, they must be individually labeled as NSFW or have an easy-to-read disclaimer before the spoilers or links that any spoilers or links may be NSFW. The site must always be safe for members to browse. NSFW imagery is defined by staff as any image that contains visible genitalia, visible nipples on female breasts, backside spread in a way to show the anus, people or creatures (drawn, animated, or real) engaging in sexual acts, or scenes of excessive gore. These will be judged at staff discretion.

6. All avatars, signatures, profile banners, and status updates must be SFW (Suitable For Work) as defined above. Custom titles must be SFW, and 'possessive' custom titles (i.e. "[username]'s [blank], owned by [username], etc.) should be avoided.

7. No self-nudes, no posting images of other people and claiming they are you, no posting other people’s images except for public celebrities/models, and no posting of other members’ information.

8. One member is allowed up to five (5) accounts total. This includes both accounts that are active and those that have been withdrawn - once you have made 5 accounts you may not create more, no matter their status.

9. Do not necro old threads. Threads posted in the Introductions and Questions & Suggestions forums are considered “dead” and should not be posted in after 7 days. Threads in all other forums (other than your own Request Threads) are considered “dead” after one month. The only section this does not apply to is Forum Games.

10. Members are allowed two (2) active Request Threads per request section; this means a member may have 2 threads in Roleplay Requests by Males, 2 threads in Roleplay Requests by Females, and 2 threads in Roleplay Requests by Non-Binaries. Threads are considered "active" if the last post on the thread was within a month of the view date. Bumping your threads is allowed once every twenty-four (24) hours. This means that a full 24 hours must pass between posts on any request thread. Creating a request thread counts as the first post. A bump is defined as any post, whether you are just posting ‘bump’ or posting new ideas. If you have new ideas before the 24 hours is up, please edit them into your original post or into an already existing post. Deleting old bumps or threads and reposting them before the 24 hours is up is also breaking this rule. No posting in other members’ Request Threads for any reason.

11. No spamming and no soliciting. Please do not send the same message in PMs to multiple members. If you would like to contact a member about roleplaying, please do so without using the same copy/paste message for multiple members. If your message can be sent to another member with little change, it is not suitable to send. Links used for image/GIF/video references must be links to already hosted images/GIFs/videos; links that lead to downloads on other members’ devices are not permitted. Staff reserves the right to use discretion on whether spam was malicious or accidental. Please do not advertise Discord groups, other forums, or any other roleplaying sites.

Please do not post/advertise any sort of GoFundMe/money-raising links onsite. Commissions for money or services (including but not limited to art or writing) are not permitted on Blue Moon. Blue Moon takes no responsibility for any currency or goods that exchange hands even if this rule is broken and commissions are sought on-site.

12. Plagiarism (the copying of another member's content, includes writing, art, and Request Threads/plot ideas, and claiming them as your own) is not tolerated. This includes posting ideas from other members that you acknowledge are not your own, but that you do not have permission to use.

13. Keep negativity and hostility off the boards. Staff discretion on what is and is not too negative for the site is final. If you see a problem on the forums or on Discord, either hit the report button or seek assistance from an Officer or Administrator. Do not attempt to play moderator. Please note that any issues that arise on a venue other than Blue Moon Roleplaying or BMR’s Discord server (i.e. emails, Skype/Discord, phone/text) are unable to be moderated by staff. Shaming members is not allowed anywhere on-site, Request Threads and Journals included. No matter what your reasons for it are (and ‘humor’ will also not be an acceptable explanation) any shaming of members is subject to removal at any time. No shaming anyone else’s writing, kinks, preferences in regards to genre or plot, styles, or anything else.

14. Reporting emails from Blue Moon Roleplaying as spam is not permitted. This can cause issues for the site and its hosts. If you would like to stop receiving email notifications, there is a setting in your User Preferences for doing so. If you need assistance with this, please contact a staff member.

Other Links To Review

Frequently Asked Questions — A more comprehensive FAQ.
BMR Helpdesk — A resource on how to get started here on BMR.
Chat/Discord Rules — To explain the dos and don’ts of site chat and Discord.
Status Update Guidelines — A resource on what you can and cannot do with statuses and profile posts.
Reporting Guidelines — When to report, and how to do it.
Request Thread & Bumping Policy — Request Thread-specific rules and guidelines. You can find these at the top of each search thread section.


Blue Moon Roleplaying has an appeals policy for all bans. Anyone banned can contact the site via our contact form and may state their case there. All appeal decisions are discussed by staff and staff decision is final.

If you have questions about the site that are not covered here or in any of the other provided links, please feel free to contact a member of staff. We are always here to help!

Be sure to check back once in a while for updates.
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Action Policies

If a member is found to break any of the rules above and content needs to be removed or edited, the member will be messaged by staff explaining what was removed/edited and why. Below is a list of what to expect for violations of specific rules, as well as different actions taken for multiple offenses.

Please be aware that if restrictions are applied to a member's account, it will also be applied to any identified alternate accounts, both existing and future. Creating new accounts to try to get around account restrictions is considered ban evading, and will be met with a permanent ban on the new account.

Rule #1, regarding age & English communication:
Members found to be underage will be immediately banned until they turn 18 years of age. If a member is found to be unable to understand English to an extent that they cannot communicate clearly with staff, they will unfortunately have to be banned.

Rule #2, regarding trolling:
This is handled on a case-by-case basis. Members may face action such as temporary or permanent bans depending on the nature of the offense.

Rule #3, regarding meat market & harassment:
Offensive content may be removed by staff at any time. Members are afforded one warning for behavior that makes the site unsafe for others. After this, if the offending behavior continues, members may be either temporarily or permanently banned from the site.

Rule #4, regarding loli/shot, under 15, and real bestiality images:
Content will be immediately removed. Members receive one warning for anything related to loli/shota or underage content. If a member is found to be a repeat seeker of such content, they will be permanently banned from the site.

Rule #5, regarding NSFW imagery in threads:
The first two offenses will result in threads being edited to include an NSFW warning in the thread's title as well as a warning message from staff. The third offense will result in a one-week inability to post in the forums. Upon the fourth offense, members will receive a temporary one-week ban from the site. Repeat behavior after the fourth offense will result in stacking temporary bans, increasing by one week per offense.

Rule #6, regarding NSFW avatars, signatures, and banners:
The first two offenses will result in the avatar, signature, or banner being removed as well as a warning message from staff. The third offense will result in a one-week inability to post in the forums. Upon the fourth offense, members will receive a temporary one-week ban from the site. Repeat behavior after the fourth offense will result in stacking temporary bans, increasing by one week per offense which may escalate to a permanent ban depending on the number of offenses.

Rule #7, regarding self-nudes, claiming images as you, impersonation, etc.:
Suspicious content may be removed at any time. If it is proven that an image is not of the member who posted it and claimed it as them, the member may be asked to prove their identity to avoid legal issues for the site.

Rule #8, regarding multiple accounts:
If a member is found to have more than five accounts, whether active or withdrawn, the member will be contacted and asked which accounts are to be permanently banned. If no response is given, the newest accounts will be banned. Repeatedly creating accounts over the limit of five will result in temporary bans on all accounts that may escalate to permanent depending on the number of accounts and offenses.

Rule #9, regarding necros:
Necro posts will be removed and a warning message will be sent to the member.

Rule #10, regarding bumping and request threads:
For over-bumping, the first three offenses will result in the most recent bump being removed and a warning message from staff. For deleting and reposting bumps or threads, the first three offenses will result in a warning message from staff. For multi-threads, the first three offenses will result in a warning message from staff asking the member to remove a thread; if a thread is not removed, they may be removed in order to leave the member with two in each section. The fourth offense will result in the member being unable to post in the Request Thread forums for a period of two weeks. Repeated offenses after the fourth will increase the amount of time the member is unable to post in the Request Thread forums by one week per offense.

Rule #11, regarding spam:
If an account only contains malicious spam, it will be marked as a spam account and be permanently banned. Active members receive one warning for spam, in which staff will inform them what they are doing in their messages that is considered spam. If a member is found to repeat this behavior, the member will find themselves either temporarily banned from sending private messages (if the issue is spam PMs) or banned from the site for two weeks (if the behavior leans more towards malicious spam/soliciting/requesting money/etc.). Third offenses result in a permanent ban.

Rule #12, regarding plagiarism:
Plagiarized work will be removed in all instances. For the first offense, the member will receive a warning. For the second offense, the member posting plagiarized content will receive a temporary one week site ban. Repeat offenders will be permanently banned.

Rule #13, regarding negativity:
Negative content may be removed and negative threads may be locked for further reply. Members will receive a warning if their content is seen as so negative it is needing to be removed. Repeat offenses are handled on a case-by-case basis and may lead to suspension from privileges across the site (such as chat, Request Threads, OOC forums, etc. depending on where the negativity occurs), temporary, or permanent site bans depending on the severity and frequency of the offenses.

Rule #14, regarding marking emails as spam:
The member will be contacted and asked to change their settings. If they do not, the account may be temporarily or permanently banned until the emails are no longer marked as spam.
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The site rules have been updated - 1/20/2020. Modified Site Rule #10. Creating an RP request thread is the first 'Bump' to your request thread and you need to wait 24 hours before being able to bump it. Bumping is any post that brings the thread back to the top of the forum.

~ BMR Staff

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the Site Rules have been Updated as on 09/13/2020

Major changes include:
- site rules 1 & 5 combined
- users are now only allowed 5 accounts total, as opposed to 5 active accounts. Users who already have more than 5 accounts (inactive + active) at the time of this update will not be penalized.
- users posting or seeking underage content (under age 15, as per site rules) will be given only 1 warning, and receive a ban upon second offense.
- multiple rules are now clarified with staff expectations
- consequences are now in a second post, broken down by rule

Please re-read the rules to make sure you understand the changes.


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Minor update as of 12/11/2020: Clarified Rule #4. Characters must be at or above the age of 15 physically, actually, and mentally. This means that if a character regresses in age mentally or uses "littlespace", it must not be used in a sexual context. While ageplay is allowed, it must either be a) regressing to an age of 15 or older for sexual roleplay, or b) non-sexual roleplay.


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Minor update as of 12/30/2020: Updated "action policies" for Rule #12 regarding plagiarism.
First offense of plagiarism/copying from another user will result in a warning. Second offense is one week site ban. Repeat offenders will be subject to a permanent ban.
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