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***DISCORD AND ONSITE CHAT RULES*** (updated 2/15/2021)

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Jan 26, 2010
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Click here to auto-join the General Chat, if you have not already done so.

GOLDEN RULE: Use your common sense. Treat others with respect. Staff reserves the right to kick and/or ban anyone from the chat or Discord servers who do not follow chat rules or site rules. Please be aware that rule violations in chat are logged and tracked by staff and can lead to loss of chat privileges in regards to repeated violations, to be defined under each rule.

Chat rules are as follows, with the action taken/consequence for breaking each rule directly following.

  1. Site Rules apply.

  2. Do not mention or give out any identifying information of another member (i.e. name, phone number, address, Discord screenname, etc.) nor personal information of their family members, friends, or anyone else.
    ((Kickable to bannable offense, on a case by case basis.))

  3. Do not bully or harass others. This includes bandwagoning, witch hunting, and all other rudeness towards others. If you are having a disagreement, please do so civilly. No airing dirty laundry in chat, whether directly or indirectly.
    ((Kickable to bannable offense, on a case by case basis.))

  4. Do not solicit for RP in chat. This includes (but is not limited to) posts such as "craving a roleplay about [thing]", "would love to write against [character or image]", "updated my request thread", "have room for more roleplays", and any other forms of asking for RP in chat. Requesting RP is to be done only in the Request Thread forums.
    ((Your first offense will warrant a verbal warning. Persisted and repeated instances will result in a kick or ban from chat, temporary or permanent.))

  5. Do not monopolize the chat room. Having a one-on-one conversation that others are not invited or able to jump into should be taken to PMs or Discord. Please don't tag others to let them know you are replying, that you sent them a PM, or to ask them if you can PM them. If you would like to contact a user one-on-one, please PM them. If you would like to discuss a piece of media (book/movie/TV show/video game/etc.) that has come out within the last year in detail with spoilers included, please make a thread in the Art & Entertainment forums instead of openly discussing spoilers in chat. General discussions (opinion on if a thing was good or bad, overarching plot that has already been released to the public, etc.) is fine to discuss, but spoilers are not.
    ((Your first offense will warrant a verbal warning. Persisted and repeated instances will result in a kick or ban from chat, temporary or permanent.))

  6. All roleplay chat should be taken to the Open RP room; that’s what it’s there for. To join Open RP, click “Browse Rooms” in red, and then join the Open RP channel, or you may click here to automatically join the Open RP server. One or two * action * messages are okay, but if any extended interaction occurs or if back-and-forth is sparked between specified members, please take it to PMs, private Discord, or Open RP.
    ((Your first offense will warrant a verbal warning. Persisted and repeated instances will result in a kick or ban from chat, temporary or permanent.))

  7. Do not post NSFW/Pornographic imagery in the chat. If you are linking to something, you must note before and after the link that it is NSFW.
    ((Images will be removed. Repeated offenses will result in being kicked or banned from chat.))

  8. No D/s play, including but not limited to owning, collaring, etc., in chat or in Discord.
    ((Your first offense will warrant a verbal warning. Persisted and repeated instances will result in a kick or ban from chat, temporary or permanent.))

  9. Be mindful and polite to others. If a topic gets uncomfortable, please take a step back and consider your reply before you react. This goes to anyone bringing up touchy subjects as well as those responding. Topics not allowed in chat are: religious topics, rape, molestation, and child abuse.
    ((You will receive one warning for this. A second violation will result in a 24-hour chat ban, a third violation will result in a 48-hour chat ban, and a fourth will result in you being removed from chat permanently.))


General Word of Caution: The only places staff can provide moderation is on-site and on the official BMR Discord server. Accepting private messages from another user should be done at your discretion. While we do not officially moderate off-site conversations that are not in the official BMR server, we do take egregious rule offenses seriously, so if someone is using Discord to solicit for roleplays that explicitly go against site rules (such as seeking content for characters younger than 15, etc.) please feel free to bring it to our attention. However, moderation of off-site issues that are not in the official BMR server is done at the staff’s discretion, so please be aware that your best route is to block and ignore if a user is bothering you.

Voice Chat Rules: Use at your own discretion. Since conversation cannot be logged, any incidents that are reported must provide as much evidence from all sides and from all witnesses present. Staff will err on the side of caution regarding each reported incident. All parties involved in any reported incident must respect the final decisions of staff.

How to Access the BMR Discord Server:

  1. You must be a member of BlueMoon Roleplaying. If you decide to withdraw your membership, or if you are banned on-site, you will be removed from the Discord.
  2. You must have at least 10 posts on the site’s forum boards, Forum Games not included.
  3. Once you sign up onto Discord, if your account name is not your site username, you must set your nickname for the site’s server to be your site username. This can be done by right-clicking on your username and selecting “Change Nickname”.
  4. You must have read the Site Rules as well as the Chat & Discord Rules.
  5. Our Discord Server is private – so do not share it, advertise it, or invite people; if they are members on-site, link them to this thread instead.

Upon signing up, you will start off in ‘The Lounge’ channel. You must DM an admin (in red names) to grant you access to the server, but only if the above requirements have been met. The admin will then double-check that all criteria are met before granting access, so please, be patient.

The link to our Discord Server, as well as more information that needs to be read, can be found here.


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Chat rules have been updated, namely the Golden Rule (edited for clarification) and Rules #5 and #6. However, a bump was not posted when the chat rules were completely rewritten on 12/30/2019, so if you have not read them between now and then, please read them fully at this time.

~BMR Staff
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