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The Affair: now with Chapter 48

'I was raped.' Short, simple and direct. Like her style when she made a speech. No wasted words. No vague or slippery language, words that could mean what people wanted to hear, meanings that could be denied later.

She leaned close to Grant and whispered a name in his ear.

'No. What? That can't be? Surely not?' Grant could not believe what he had just heard. This would make Gina's career if she published this. Awards would follow. Political careers would be destroyed.

'That's what everyone says. He's so clean, so principled, the last person in the world. That's why I've never reported it, never told anyone except you.'

'So,' Grant was stunned to hear the name of so respected a politician. Respected, A statesman, 'how does this explain what happened to you?'

'He was powerful, still is, he made sure I got a post in the Government, just enough for me to have something I didn't want to lose, but never enough to give me a chance of going further. And any relationship would be nipped in the bud by a word in the right ear, by rumours spread, hints about this or that, suggestions, nothing specific of course, just enough to warn any guy off.'

Grant couldn't wait to get home to tell Gina. But Jenny had other ideas, as her lips were explaining to his cock.
Gina's arms were round his neck, pulling his head close to hers as she whispered urgently to him.

'Come on, Grant, you know what I want. Give me that black meat. Get it into deep, right to those big balls.'

'I'm in deep, deep as it can go,' he gasped, wheezing hard. How long had he been fucking her now, half an hour, longer, shorter, he didn't know, all he knew was the sensation of her hands roaming over his body, her pussy kneading his cock, as she demanded more and more. He couldn't last much longer.

'I'm cumming,' he moaned, 'I can't hold on any longer.'

'Don't you dare cum, you black bastard, I'll rip her balls off if you try.' Another voice, Jenny's voice, different hands, hands on his balls, pulling twisting, squeezing them. Pain, pain stopping him cumming, pain making his cock slacken.

'No, no, you can't do that, not now, not when I'm this close.' Gina this time.

But he couldn't stay hard. Jenny's teeth were biting now, digging hard into his scrotum.

'Keep that seed for me.'

'What?' Grant shouted out and sat up. He'd heard something. Something had disturbed his fantasy, sent his cock flaccid in an instant, lest he be caught wanking on his sofa in the middle of the afternoon.

It couldn't be Gina, she was on an assignment.

It couldn't be Jenny, she was giving a speech. He glanced at his watch – yes, right now she was on her feet, on camera delivering a speech that she hoped would attract attention and further her career.

There it was again. The doorbell. Damn.

Grant pulled up his shorts and went to the door.

'Hi, Grant, sorry to disturb you, is it OK to come in?'

But she was already inside without waiting to be invited. It was Tracey. Jenny's special adviser.

She looked down at the stain on Grant's shorts.

'Sorry, did I interrupt something?' Grant shrugged. 'We need to talk. There's something you need to know.'
Tracey settled back onto the sofa, crossed her legs, and began.

'There's something you need to know, Grant. Gina probably needs to know as well, but I'll leave that up to you.'

Grant wished the stain on his shorts was not so obvious, but Tracey was taking no notice.

'What you need to know is that Jenny is using you.'

Where had Grant heard that before? Yes, that it, in the mysterious phone message after his abortive weekend with Jenny. Had Tracey sent that message? If she had, why did she need to visit him now? And how did she know he would be alone? Probably just a coincidence. It was a common enough expression.

'The thing is, she hates journalists. All politicians do. They don't like them prying and they don't like the power they have to make or break them.'

'So Jenny is using me to get at Gina? Is that what you're saying?'

'Right,' Tracey swept on, 'that's why she fed you that rubbish about being raped. It's all made up. She wants you to tell Gina in the hope that she will go off chasing the story. And when it turns out to be untrue – which it is by the way, because the guy is gay – Gina will have made a fool of herself.'

'Why does she think I will tell Gina?' Grant was struggling to follow this line of reasoning.

'You may, that's all that matters. If you do, all well and good. And if you don't, well she wants to take you away from Gina. Which will be another victory, albeit a different one.'

'But it all fits,' Grant protested, 'the rape is the reason why she has a low level Government post and why any guy who gets close is warned off.'

Tracey shook her head.

'Guys aren't warned off. You haven't been, have you.' Grant could not deny that. 'Guys don't stay around because she is toxic and dangerous.'

'And as for the low level job, the reason is the same. She's trouble. And if someone is trouble, it's better for them to be inside your tent pissing out than outside it pissing in.'

'But,' Grant was still not convinced, 'she's not been toxic with me. Demanding, sure, but not toxic.'

'That, Grant, is how little you know. She's not on contraception. She wants to get pregnant. That way she will either get you away from Gina or at least humiliate her and ruin your relationship.'

Yes, it all made sense, in a contorted sort of way. How could politicians live their lives with all these plots swirling around them?

'So where do you fit in, Tracey?'

'Where do I fit in? I'll tell you where I don't fit in. I don't fit in at the back of the queue behind Jenny and Gina. I like my guys exclusive.'

'So why tell me all this?'

'Because,' Tracey moved closer for the first time, 'you're a decent guy caught up in this mess. That's why. Other politicians are fair game, so are journalists, But you're just a regular guy.'

She smiled and rose.

'Don't bother showing me out. You carry on with whatever you were doing when I arrived.'

Another smile and she was gone.

Leaving Grant wondering.

He didn't buy this 'decent guy' crap. Which left him wondering if this was just another strand in the plot that someone was weaving. Someone, but who? Jenny? Tracey? Someone else? But who? Gina? No, that couldn't be.

He gave up, closed his eyes and tried to return to his fantasy. This time, though, there were three women waiting for him: Gina, Jenny and Tracey.
'So what happened?'

Grant lay back, staring at the ceiling. He didn't know what to say. Beside him, Gina lay still, waiting for an answer.

'Sorry,' he said, eventually. It was all he could think to say.

'Sorry? Is that it?' Gina was trying to control her voice. 'That is not an answer to my question. That is how you feel about it.'

She was right.

What had happened? Well, at one level that was easy. Nothing. Nothing had happened. They had come to bed, but nothing had happened. He had wanted it to happen. If only she knew how much he had wanted it to happen. But it didn't.

She tried to help him – pulled all his favourite tricks – but with no effect.

She came up with a couple more she had never used before - which made him wonder how she knew them and who she had used them with – which would have made things worse, if that was possible. Which is wasn't.

'Don't you know how this makes me feel? It makes me feel like I don't excite you anymore. That you aren't interested in me anymore. That you might be interested in someone else. Like Jenny, maybe.'

Yes, Grant knew. But what about him? Didn't she understand how this made him feel? Didn't she know what it was like for a man to feel like this – a failure – impotent?

'So what happened?'

He had had to talk to someone, but who could a man talk to about something like this, except Dylan, his brother.

'I don't know, really I don't. There was just nothing there, no feeling. I knew right from the start, but I hoped it would pass, but it didn't. It still hasn't. There was this girl, right, on the tube, on the way over here. She was sitting opposite. Checked me out, smiled, flirted a bit, then opened her thighs, right there, on the seat opposite, she spread her legs for me. But I felt nothing. Just limp. Useless.'

'Bro, you've got to get this out of your head. That's where the problem is, not between your legs. The more you think about it, the worse it will get. You need to walk back in there, throw that white hoe on the bed, and shag her until she screams at you to stop. Like those twins we had once.' He nudged his brother. 'What a weekend, we couldn't tell them apart and they kept swapping clothes to confuse us.' Grant managed a weak grin.

'It's these women, all three of them. Gina, Jenny and now this Tracey. They're just messing with my head. If I didn't know better, I'd think they had got together to fuck my mind.'

Dylan wouldn't put anything past women, but this seemed a bit far fetched. He didn't know Jenny or Tracey. But he knew Gina. He'd read her right from the start. She needed cock and Grant had it in ample supply. That was why she hit on him when they first met and held on to him. And now she'd blown it by getting him involved in this scheme to make a name for herself. And that presented Dylan with an opportunity. He might not measure up to Grant, but he had one advantage over his brother, and right now it was throbbing in his jeans at the thought of having a chance with that sexy white bitch. He could see her riding him, her tits flying. It was just a question of how to arrange a meeting. Because once he did, he was sure she would be an easy lay.

On the way home, Grant thought back to what Dylan had advised, and what he hadn't. He hadn't suggested getting those magic blue tablets. No, he knew that Grant would not want to hear that suggestion. For them, and for guys like them, that would be an admission of failure – and failure was not something either of them would ever admit to, certainly not failure in bed.

And then another thought came to him. Would he be able to get hard with Jenny?
Grant arrived home to be confronted by Gina the moment he walked through the door.

'I've got a question and I need an answer, and I need it now. And it had better be true, because I'll know if you're lying to me?'

Grant shrugged, what could he say.

'OK, we both know what happened last night, or what didn't happen rather. So tell me, can you still fuck Jenny?'

Grant understood the danger of this. His brain worked feverishly to provide an answer that would satisfy Gina.

'I can still fuck, Gina, full stop. Last night was just a one-off. It wasn't about you or about Jenny or anybody. It happens sometimes, that's all. Last night just happened to be one of those sometimes.'

Gina didn't look convinced.

'Sure, it happens. It's happened twice with you. You were drunk once and you were knackered once. But that's all. You were sober last night and you weren't even tired. So what happened? Tell me.'

'I've told you, Gina, this wasn't anything about you, it just happened. That's all. End of story.'

'You knew what I was like when we got together, Grant. You now my needs and you promised you could meet them. And you did, until last night. I get offers, you know. Plenty of them. So if you can't keep up with your promise, just say so.'

'Of course you get offers,' Grant didn't like the way this conversation was going. He even wondered if one offer might have come from Dylan. 'You're are attractive woman, I see the way guys look at you.'

'So, go on, prove it to me. Show me that you're still the man I thought you were. Come on, boy, show me, right here, right now.'

Her eyes held the challenge and Dylan's words were ringing in his head. Grant grabbed Gina and pushed her against the wall, his hands clawing first at her tits, then her ass. Her hands went to his crotch and their eyes met.
At first, he thought he was not reacting. They both did.

But then he felt the first tightening as his balls pulled up into his crotch, followed by the stiffening in his dick.

Both were too slight for her to notice, but she must have caught the gleam in his eyes, because she broke into a grin and carried on working with her hand.

Soon they were ripping at each other's clothes, desperate to get flesh on flesh contact.

Looking back, it was difficult to say who took control. Did he push her against the wall and lift her leg over his hip as he thrust up into her pussy? Did she hang onto his neck and lever herself up and down his dick?

Neither knew, neither cared.

It was just a frantic scramble.

She had been so desperate after the failure of the night before and he had been so eager to show her that he could still perform that it was soon over, too soon.

Grant lifted Gina over his shoulder, carried her upstairs and dropped her onto the bed. Grant was beginning to stiffen again. Or had he never lost his hard on? Maybe he had never actually cum. All he knew was that he was on a roll and he was going to do just what Dylan had told him – shag her until she screamed for him to stop.

He began pumping, hard, fast, deep, thrusting frantically. Gina was powerless to stop him. Not that she wanted to, not at first. Grant was strong but she'd not seen him perform like this for a long time, but soon her body was aching, her pussy sore. She struggled to adjust her position, but she was pinned and unable to move. She pleaded for him to slow down, but he ignored her, maybe he didn't even hear her.

She knew what was happening, the only one of the pair, this was already borderline rape and Grant showed no sign of slowing down or even noticing her distress.

Finally, she screamed as loud as she could. 'RAPE'

That word got Grant's attention. He slowed and stared at her.

'Hold on, big boy,' she gasped with relief, 'let's have a time out.'

Grant nodded, but kept her pinned to the bed, his dick rigid inside her.

''So,' he poised over her, 'tell me about these guys who are queuing to fuck you.'

Gina knew that she had stung him with her disclosure the previous night and had to say something to appease him. She spat out a couple of names of politicians.

'Is that it, seriously, you expect me to believe that, just two guys, you can't have a queue of just two.'

Gina named some more, journalists she had worked with, editors who had commissioned her work, politicians and other public figures she had interviewed.'

Grant stared down at her.

'It's you, isn't it, you flirt with all these guys to get what you want, that's why they all want to get into your skirt, they thing you're coming on to them.'

'No,' Gina protested, although she knew there was an element of truth in what he was saying, 'no, I'm a professional, I don't need to do that, I'm good at what I do.'

Grant was silent for a while. He had to ask, he knew this was his best chance of knowing the truth, but it wasn't easy to get out the words.

'Was Dylan one of them?'

'Dylan, your brother, do you really think I would cuckold you with your own brother?'

Grant had been with Gina too long, heard her explain some of her tricks too often, not to notice what had just happened. She hadn't answered his question. All she had to do was say yes or no. She had done neither, she had protested and turned his question back on him. She had avoided answering. Now he was sure. Dylan had been sniffing around Gina. He couldn't even trust his own brother.
They agreed the affair had to stop. It was doing Grant's head in and Gina was sure it was the cause of his failure the previous night. The only question was: how to tell Jenny? If Tracey was only half right about her, Jenny would not take this quietly.

Grant insisted he tell her face-to-face. That was only fair. He had no idea what to expect, but her reaction took him by surprise.

'I'd expected better from you, but in the end you were just like all the other guys I've met.'

'I'm sorry,' Grant was at a loss for what to say but felt he couldn't just walk away.

'No, you're not sorry, Grant, you're relieved. You thought you were being the big guy having two women on the go at the same time. But in the end you couldn't hack it.'

There was no point arguing with her, what was there to argue about.

'There's no need to worry about me being pregnant, by the way. The least you could have done was impregnate me before dumping me. But you failed on that score as well. I've come on this morning. That has to be significant doesn't it. I've been hoping to get pregnant right from our first time. And with all the times we're screwed, you would have thought just one of those sperms would have made it to the finishing line. Makes you wonder. I mean, have you been checked out? You're so proud of those balls, wanting me to stroke them, lick them, suck them, but what use are they? You're firing blanks, boy. Does Gina know or is she really slow on the uptake?'

She was just being nasty, lashing out in her anger at him for dumping her. Grant had no doubt about his virility. When the moment was right, Gina would get pregnant.

'By the way, Gina had better not start writing bad stuff about me. I mean, she's done well for me this far. But she won't want word to get around about what you've been up to behind her back. Those close friends who'll sidle up to her and be oh-so-sympathetic when they are laughing behind her back that she can't keep her man. I say 'man', but you know what I mean, Grant, I mean you. No woman wants that kind of reputation. There is nothing worse than sympathy. Tell me about it. No, on reflection, don't bother. Just get the fuck out.'

Grant did as he was told, relieved to get away so easily.

Not that he believed this was the last he would hear from Jenny. One thing he was sure about, she was vengeful. He would need to watch his back, Gina too. She was certainly the mistress of fucking a guy's mind. He even thought about getting a sperm check, just to be absolutely sure. But that just showed how manipulative Jenny was. He'd know if he was sterile and he was sure he wasn't. Guys like him were among the most fertile on the planet.
Over the next few days, everyone took stock.

In private, Jenny's reaction was not as calm as it had been when Grant had delivered the news that he was ending their relationship. She stormed around her home. Things were thrown, crockery was smashed, wine was consumed in quantity. The word BASTARD was repeated over and over, obviously a reference to Grant. BITCH was also heard, although it was less clear whether this was a reference to Gina or Tracey, possibly both. But in the end, she was philosophical. Whatever happened, she could use it to her advantage.

Gina was worried. She saw danger in what had happened. If she continued to write favourable articles on Jenny, the latter could leak that she was doing so because Jenny was blackmailing her by keeping secret about Grant's affair. And if she wrote unfavourable ones, Jenny could leak that this was just revenge for the affair. Either way her reputation as an independent journalist would be in tatters. Somehow she had to extricate herself from her without incurring her wrath. She knew for sure that the information Jenny had given to Grant was not reliable, or at least she could not risk publishing it. Most of all, her biggest fear was that Grant would turn against her and reveal the plan that she had concocted to get some dirt on Jenny. She began a trawl of her texts and WhatApp messages with Grant and delete those that might incriminate her from her phone. She needed to find a way to persuade Grant to delete them as well, if he had them.

Grant took what had happened worse than anyone. He had always seen sex as simple and uncomplicated. Now he had learned to his cost that it was not. Gina knew it. His brother knew it. And worst of all, and most uncomfortable to live with, he knew it. He couldn't take his prowess for granted. Nor could Gina. Dylan, who had always admired him and hung around to pick up his cast off girlfriends, was no sniffing around in the hope that Grant would be the one cast off by Gina. Grant hoped that she would concentrate on her career and quietly forget about having a baby. She had shown no interest before the Jenny affair, so why would she bother now that was over. He hoped so, he certainly hoped so, because that was one stress he could manage better with out. He had to admire Jenny in a strange way; her remark about him shooting blanks had come off the cuff, but she had had it in her head already, even when she was whispering in his ear as he fucked her, telling him how virile he was, the best guy ever. Yeah, sure, when all the time she was thinking he was a failure.

As for Dylan, as his brother suspected, he was watching out for the main chance. He had called Gina, just touching base he had said, but she was not stupid, and he was not that subtle. He said that Grant had told him 'something of what had been going on', in a tone that suggested he had told him everything. Finally, in a mock sympathetic voice, he had told her that he was 'there for her' and would give her any 'support she needed.' She had thanked him for being so thoughtful and rung off.

But that call had set her thinking. What better way to have her revenge on Grant. And she wanted revenge. He had let her down and that had made her angry, angry because of what had happened, and angry because it could happen again. What sweet revenge it would be if his kid brother stepped up to the mark and took his place. Not on a live-in basis, no she didn't have any feelings in that direction. No, what she needed was an affair. After all, Grant had had one, so why shouldn't she? Why indeed?
'Ooooohhhhhhhh, yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, wooooooowwwwwwwww.'

Her head was bobbing, her teeth pulling at his shaft.

'Arhhhhhhhhh, argggggghhhhhhhhhh.'

She'd dug her teeth in hard, and pulled.

'Please, wait, give me a chance, Gina, please.'

But she hadn't. His plea seemed to encourage her.

'Stop, no, aaaahhhhhhh.'

He'd lost it, she'd taken him way past his endurance limit.

'Shit, no, please, just told on a minute, I can't-'

'Can't what, Dylan,' Gina paused and pulled off his cock, 'what can't you do?'

Her hand was rubbing him now, hard, twisting his shaft, pulling it down hard away from his belly.


'Are you done?'

'It looks like it, yeah, I'm done.'

'So it's your turn now.'

'My turn?'

'Yeah, weren't you listening when I told you – no condom, no penetration.'

Yes, Dylan remembered. He'd been too eager to get here when Gina rang to invite him over, in a breathless voice that had said far more than her words.

'The deal was blowjob for you, then oral for me. You had your blowjob, so now it's my time. Simple, isn't it.'

'So, how did I, I mean, how long-'

'You mean how long did you hold out compared to your brother?'

Dylan nodded sheepishly.

'He left you standing at the starting line, Dylan. You barely lasted two minutes. Grant lasted 15 once.'

'Not the first time you did him, though, and not after he's gone without sex for two weeks.'

Gina laughed.

'First time and after three months.'

Dylan stared.

'See what you've competing with. Are you sure you're man enough for this?'

Dylan pushed her back and began to work her damp crotch.
He was good. Or was it just that he was different? Would she have felt like this if she was being eaten out by some random bloke? Or was it that extra frisson knowing this was Grant's brother and how hurt he would be if he knew than if she had just dragged some passing stranger upstairs to their bed?

She lay back and assessed Dylan objectively, well as objectively as she could. Technically, yes, he knew what he was doing, no doubt about that. She failed to suppress a shudder of pleasure as he held her clit between his teeth and flicked it with his tongue. And he was streets ahead of his brother in the tits department. Grant did some work on that work, but essentially he was a thighs and ass guy. Dylan favoured the tits to the ass, in fact he'd barely touched her ass, but right now his fingers were working magic on her nipples as his teeth gnawed pussy.

'Is this OK?'

What? Gina opened her eyes to see Dylan's wet mouth.

'Is what OK? Why have you stopped?'

'I was just checking I was doing it the way you liked. All women are different, so I just wanted to be sure.'

Arrogant little prick, pumping her for praise, wanting to be told how he compared to his brother again. Well she wasn't giving him the satisfaction of knowing that he was doing well, even if she would have liked him to rim her ass a little, just to tease her with the idea that he might finger fuck her while eating her pussy.

Men had to be kept in their place. And the best place for them to be was unsure of where they were.

'You've spoilt the rhythm now, Dylan, you'll have to start over. And this time cut out the Q&A in the middle.'

He set to willingly enough, but Gina never managed to get herself back into the moment. When you starting thinking you'd be better of with a dildo, it's time to call it quits.

'OK, Dylan,' she announced abruptly. 'That's have to do for now, I've got other things to do.'

She checked his cock – still flaccid.

'Let's keep in touch,' she held the door open for him, 'and next time remember the condoms.'

As he drove away, he reflected that her final remarks gave him hope of another encounter, but he couldn't avoid the nagging feeling that he had been used.

He was so wrapped up in his own thoughts that he didn't notice that he was being observed from a car parked down the lane from Gina's home.
Tracey watched the car drive away. She'd managed to get a photo of the guy as he left the house with Gina keeping back from the door but obviously not fully clothed. And she'd got the licence plate. A friendly police officer would be able to tell her the owner in a matter of minutes, if she asked nicely, and when she wanted she was very good at asking nicely.

Something told her that this had not been an innocent visit. The expressions, the body language, Gina's lack of clothing. And, she couldn't be sure, but she had thought at first that it was Grant, so that made her wonder whether he was a brother or cousin. Put all those together and you had a right mess in the making. A mess that she could stir. Stirring was something else she was very good at.

Jenny would be amused if she knew that Gina had turned to Grant's brother, if that is what she had done, and it looked very like it to a not-so-casual observer who happened to be parked just out of sight. But Jenny would never find out. Tracey was her own woman and not exclusive to Jenny. In fact, if truth be told, the only thing Tracey would like to do for Jenny was to stick a huge dildo up her cunt and watch her squirm. Physically and metaphorically. Being her special adviser was just a step in Tracey's career.

If Tracey had been asked why she was there, she couldn't have explained. She liked the look of Grant and she liked what she'd heard from Jenny about him and it would give her a secret thrill that she had taken him from her. But like she had told him, she didn't share. If Grant ever got a whiff that his brother was shagging Gina – assuming that was what was happening – then she might have a chance to get him into her bed. But did she want that or did she just want to destroy what he had with Jenny? That was another question she could not answer if asked.

Time to go. She switched on her engine and pulled away.

Gina heard her go, wondered where the car had been parked, hoped it wasn't Grant, thought it might be Jenny, but never thought of Tracey.

To his surprise, Dylan found that he was humming happily to himself as he drove away. OK, it had not been a great success from his point of view. But Gina wanted him, she had made that clear at the end. And all that other stuff, trying to make him feel insecure, that was just her tactics. Of course, he was going to cum quick the first time. And she was really responding to his oral, however much she pretended otherwise. No, next time, and he was sure there would be a next time, and soon, everything would be different. He'd be kitted out with condoms then and she'd feel his real power where it mattered.
This was the eighth time. Eight times since that time, the time when he didn't … failed … couldn't get hard. That had been a blip. No doubt about it, just look at the straight run he had had since. He was close to ten already and might fit in the ninth later, depending on whether Gina was interested.

He'd pinned her down, hands on her shoulders, knees across her thighs, letting her have a good long look at his dick, stiff as a poker, straight as a flag pole, throbbing in front of her eyes. Not a hint of a droop. He didn't say anything, he didn't need to, she had read the message. He was telling her she was going to get shafted long and hard, like his dick, long and hard fuck, long and hard dick.

Only then did he take her, pushing her thighs wide, thrusting in, deep until his balls were banging her ass. She was sopping wet, so she had read his message and was ready and waiting, desperate to fuck despite her outward calm. If he didn't know better, if he didn't know how hot and wet her cunt was, he'd have said she was indifferent, but she wasn't, no way. She was steaming and he was rolling.

'Feel that, you bitch. You don't get a fucking like this from those pathetic white guys you used to hang around. Big man, black man, powerful guy powered by his big balls, big black balls.'

He was screaming at her as he fucked her, spitting the words between his gasps. She knew he was right. She never said these things but he knew she was thinking them. Jenny was right, all women felt the same. Like the girl on the tube the other day – she was definitely coming on to him, no doubt about it. Best not to dwell on that day, though, he had let her down that day, let himself down too.

He was stretching her, as wide as he could, going as deep as he could, fucking with as much force as he could. He wanted to show her how potent he was and he was certainly doing that. and he wanted to punish her – punish her for witnessing his lapse – yes, that was the word, his lapse – he hadn't failed, just lapsed.

'Black man fuck, white bitch cum, black man fuck, white bitch cum,' on and on he chanted in rhythm with his strokes, his eyes fixed on hers, hers gazing back.

'Black bulls full, black balls full, black balls cumming, black balls filling your cunt, back balls, cum, cum, cum.' Swift thrusts now, his balls knotting into his crotch, his dick throbbing.

'Black balls filling white pussy,' he gasped as he shuddered to a halt.

He held himself over her for a while, looking down at her as they both recovered their breath.

It was only as he slid out of her that she finally spoke.

'Yes, Grant, you are a real man and you certainly know what a woman wants.'

He smiled, but somewhere in the back of his mind was a thought, a thought that those words did not mean what they appeared to say.
He was right, of course. All those things he had said were just the things that went through her mind when they fucked. And they were powerful words, true words. But only while they remained in her head. Once they were spoken, the magic failed. And when it was the man who spoke them, everything changed between them. This was no longer how she felt, he had taken away her feelings and appropriated them for himself.

This was a defining moment in their relationship. She knew what had prompted them. He had failed. Just the once, but that was all it had taken to destroy his self-confidence. He'd tried to justify what had happened, to himself as much as to her. She had endured the long self-analysis, as he tried to find words to describe what had happened, words other than failure or impotent, words that hid the truth. And now he was trying to wipe out the memory, her memory, by showing her that he was not what he had been that night.

The sad thing was that this shouldn't matter, to either of them. Stuff like that happened to guys. It shouldn't bother them. But it did. It bothered him. And even if it didn't bother her, she remembered it, and he knew she did, and that meant things would never be the same for him. Those things he had said to her, the words he had used, they showed how he thought of himself. And the more he used them, the more often he repeated them, the plainer it became to her that he was desperately trying to regain something that had been lost forever.

She hadn't cum. Had he realised that? Probably not. He had not been interested in her really, only in proving himself. As he lay back on the bed, she picked up her clothes and walked out, downstairs to her phone, to text Dylan.

He was in the car with a packet of condoms in his pocket before she had walked back upstairs.

'I'm going out,' she told Grant in the tone she would use when she was going on an assignment.

He'd already booked a room and was watching for her from the window when she pulled into the car park. He texted her the room number and waited.

'Did he fail again?' he asked as soon as she had closed the door behind her. It was a guess, but why else would she summon him at this time of night?

'Not exactly, but let's just say he isn't the man he used to be.'

Dylan suppressed the grin and tried to look serious.

'So what can I do to help?'

She was stripping as he spoke and threw herself onto the bed.

'The first thing you can do is to pick up where you left off last time.' Which if Dylan remembered had involved him eating her out.

'Happy to oblige,' he grinned, unaware that he would be cleaning up after his brother.
Gina's legs were cartwheeling and her body was rocking as her orgasm burst. Dylan's teeth were pulling at her clit while two fingers were working her soft spongy secret spot.

'Good,' she groaned, 'good, good, good.'

Dylan rose, pushing down his jeans and fumbling for a condom.

Which was when the door opened and Grant walked in.

It had been obvious that Gina was off for a secret rendezvous and he was in his car and on her tail. The receptionist's reluctance to reveal information about guests was overcome with the transfer of cash, her refusal to provide a room number melted for a winning smile and more cash, and a further significant amount secured a room key.

'Shall I ring to let them know you're coming up?' she asked.

He showed her his now empty wallet and she passed him a pad and pen.

With his phone number in her pocket, he rushed to the lift.

'Well, well, little brother,' Grant looked at the pair in front of him, 'and little is the right word, isn't it.'

Dylan was used to this, he had had to put up with it all his life.

'You know what your girlfriends used to say about you, Grant, they said "he's big, but big isn't enough". Why do you think they didn't stay around for long?'

'I'm not just big,' Grant retorted.

'No, Grant,' Gina cut in, 'you're not just big, you're a big black guy who can't hack it any more.'

'Yeah,' Dylan followed on quickly, 'so you've got a choice, either fuck off or hang around and watch. Who knows, you may pick up some tips.'

Grant turned and stormed out, heading back to reception.
Grant arrived at reception to find the receptionist busy explaining to a couple that she could not let a room to guests with no luggage. Money would no doubt be changing hands soon, but Grant had no interest in watching her fleece them, so he tossed the key card onto the desk and walked out.

Back home, he sat fuming as he waited for Gina to return. He confronted her in the hallway as soon as she had closed the door behind her.

'What the fuck are you playing at, you bitch, making me look a fool in front of my kid brother?'

Gina's look of contempt matched her words.

'You made a fool of yourself; you didn't need any help from me.'

He pushed her back against the wall.

'What's got into you. All I had was one lapse, just once in all the time we've been together, and you behave like I've rejected you.'

'I notice you didn't have any lapses with Jenny. We're the one in a relationship, at least we were, so shouldn't she be the one you had trouble with rather than me? Or was she more important to you? If she is, you can go back to her any time you like.'

Grant could not believe he was hearing this.

'This was all your idea, remember, the affair. If I have anything else to do with Jenny, it will be to tell you that the affair was a set up for you to get some dirt on her to publish later. Once she hears about that, she'll make sure you're never trusted again.'

Gina was calm, too calm.

'My attitude to you isn't just to do with your lapse, as you've started calling it. I've been off my contraception for over a year now, trying to get pregnant, fucking you as often as I could to give me a better chance. I knew you weren't that keen on kids, so I kept it a secret until it was too late. But I'm still not pregnant, despite all the cum you've pumped into me. It's not just that famous dick of yours that doesn't work, your balls don't either. You're firing blanks, Grant, blanks. All that bragging about being bigger than your brother when you're not a man at all.'

Grant had her by her throat in an instant, pushing her into the wall, pressing against her. They both felt his cock stiffen between them.

Gina gasped, barely able to breath.

'Is this the only way you can get stiff, by trying to choke me?'

Grant relaxed his hold, but continued to pin her to the wall. He was rock hard now.

'You want to rape me, Grant? OK, go ahead if it makes you feel any better. But if you do, as soon as you're done you can clear you stuff and get the hell out of my house. Maybe Tracey will put you up, or you could kip with Dylan. It's your choice, Grant.'
Grant paused, unsure of what to do. His prick was aching to give Gina what she so richly deserved for treating him like this. But the mention of the R-word contained a threat, so he backed slowly away.

'I'll sleep on the sofa tonight and begin to clear my stuff out tomorrow.'

Gina said nothing as he turned and walked away.

He settled down on the sofa but didn't feel drowsy. He was too angry, angry with Gina and angry with Dylan. How could she seriously prefer his kid brother? He'd had a good look when he burst in on the pair in the hotel and he was a good inch longer than Dylan and thicker too. Gina was just trying to humiliate him and using Dylan to do it. That had to be it. she'd have changed her mind by tomorrow.

But she hadn't. Next morning, Grant found his clothes stacked neatly in the hallway.

He had no plan of where to go, except that it wouldn't be to Dylan or Jenny. But he had said he would leave and that was what he was going to do. He carried his clothes and put them into the back of his car. On this return to the house, Gina was standing in the hall, a bath robe loosely tied around her waist.

'I'm sorry it's come to this, Grant, I really am. I respect you for not raping me last night. I understood how you felt and I wouldn't have reported you if you had taken me. It took a lot to back off the way you did and it is just how I would expect you to react.'

Grant nodded his thanks.

'And in case you are wondering, Dylan won't be replacing you. He's good at oral, really top class, but as for the rest, well, he doesn't compare to you.'

She tugged the cord on her robe and it fell open, just enough to reveal her damp, naked body.

'Don't get any ideas, Grant. I just wanted to give you a last look at what you'll be missing.'

'Hi, Gina suggested you might need a hand moving your stuff. Anything I can do?'

Grant turned to find a tall white guy, wearing trainers, pale blue jeans and a white t-shirt standing in the doorway.

Gina smiled at him, making no attempt to cover her modesty.

'This is Steve, Grant. Like he said, he's here to help.'

Here to see me on my way before moving in, more likely, Grant thought. How long had he been on the scene, he wondered. He and Gina seemed very comfortable with each other, but he'd never heard her even mention him.

Steve moved to stand close to Gina, possessively close, Grant thought.

'No, thanks all the same, I travel light. I've got what I need for now. I'll email you when I arrange a van for the rest.'

He heard the door close behind him and a fit of giggles from inside.

Where the hell had he come from? How long had Gina known him and how well?

He had no idea, but if he had seen Tracey watching from a distance, he could have asked her.
'Thanks, Steve, it was good of you to get here so quickly.'

Steve smiled, his eyes barely glancing at Gina's exposed flesh.

'Did you expect him to cut up rough with you?'

Gina shook her head. 'No, not really, but I felt the need for some support, moral more than physical, although I'm sure you could have handled the physical stuff if you needed to.'

Steve beamed at the compliment. 'Do you think he'll come back. I can hang around if you'd like me to.'

'I don't think he will, but you're welcome to hang around if you like. We could talk about old times.'

'They weren't that long ago,' Steve reminded her as he moved closer. She did not move back.

He slipped his hands under her robe, circling her hips to caress her ass.

'Did he? I mean did you? You and him? Just for old times sake, I mean?'

Gina smiled sweetly.

'No, Steve. Check if you like.'

He obviously thought about it, but then shook his head. He lifted her off her feet and she wrapped her legs round his hips as he carried her upstairs.

Tracey watched Grant drive away and checked the tracker she had installed under the wheel arch of his car. Then she tuned into the mic she had planted in Gina's bedroom, playing what she heard through the car speakers.

She caught the footsteps as Steve carried Gina up the stairs. Then a squeal, obviously from Gina.

'I thought we were going to talk about old times.'

A man's rich laugh.

'Sure, but we can multitask. Don't you remember interviewing that Government Minister while riding me reverse cowgirl?'

'I remember you fingering my ass, trying to put me off.'

Tracey turned up the volume to hear the low moans from Gina.

'Yeah,' she sighed, 'yeah, that was what you did.'

Giggles, male and female, mingling.

Tracey tried to imagine what was happening in the bedroom. Found her finger sliding down her jeans. Felt like a creep for prying like this, as she fingered her clit. Knew she would cum soon and cursed herself for letting it happened before the couple were finished.


Gina, sounding annoyed, but then her anger subsiding.

'No, don't stop, not yet, please no.t yet.'

Tracey wished she had installed a cam, but that required time she did not have and more technical knowledge than she possessed.

There was just creaking coming over the audio now, with puffing and panting, and some muffle words that she could not catch. Her finger was working her pussy now, hard.

'SHIIITEEE' Gina howling.

'God, phowar.' Then a grunt and long sigh.

Damn, they had finished and Tracey's hand was covered in slime. She promised to find someone to instal a cam for her. She wiped her hand on her jeans and checked Grant's tracker. It had stopped a few miles away, by a motel.
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Dylan opened the door and was knocked flat on his ass by Grant's punch to his jaw. He was raising his arms to protect himself, when he saw his brother raise his foot to stomped on his crotch. He rolled quickly to his left and took the kick on his hip. 'Fuck, no, stop, bro, please, just stop.'

Grant stared down at him, his chest heaving, his fists clenched. 'How could you do that to me?' he spat through clenched teeth, as he raised his foot again. Dylan launched himself and grabbed the foot, pulling Grant off balance and toppling him to the floor. He scrambled to get on top of his brother, but Grant was faster and straddled Dylan, using his weight to pin him down as he banged his head on the floor.

'Bastard, bastard, bastard,' he cursed. 'Don't you know what that bitch did to me and you helped her. How could you do that to your own brother? How could you, how could you?' He was tiring now, both men were sobbing.

'She made fools of both of you.'

The two men stopped at the sound of a female voice and looked up at the woman standing in the doorway, watching them.

'Tracey,' Grant gasped.

'Who's Tracey?' Dylan looked puzzled.

'Why don't you introduce me?' Tracey had a mischievous smile that both men found appealing. She stepped over them and leaned against the wall.

Grant clambered to his feet.

'Dylan, this is Tracey, she's Jenny's special adviser or something like that, and if you want my opinion, she's the one who has caused all this trouble.'

Dylan was on his feet now.

'Is that so, bro, is that so?' He had closed the door and there was a hint of menace in his voice.
'That was a big load.' Gina was lying on her back while Steve played with her nipples.

'It's been a while,' Steve began to suckle her.

'Seriously? You not telling me you've been abstaining since Grant arrived on the scene.'

'No, not entirely, but lately I've been thinking and realised that you were special, the special one for me. It was just a question of waiting.'

Gina didn't know whether to believe him or not. She wanted to, but really she couldn't imagine Steve going without sex for that long.

'Waiting for what?'

'For you to get over this thing with Grant.'

'Get over what?'

'This black guy/white girl thing, this need to find out if those guys are right about what they say.'

'And what do they say?'

'That they're longer, thicker, harder, more virile, can last longer, fuck better.'

'And that's all hype? Is that what you're saying?'

She pulled his head close to hers and whispered in his ear what she was saying. Before she had finished, he was on top of her, her legs pushed wide as he rode her vigorously, viciously. He came fast, too fast for her to catch up, another load, big, but not as big as the first.

He lay collapsed on her chest, gasping. That had been her fault, she had provoked him into that performance, but that was no excuse.

'I've not cum yet,' she informed him.

He slid down and began to chew her pussy. When he looked up, his chin was dripping with his cum. 'I hope there isn't any of Grant's cum up there.' He wiped his hand across his mouth, before dipping down to carry on. She said nothing. Let him wonder, keep him guessing. It was while she was imagining Grant's cum running down Steve's throat that she came.

'You didn't answer my question,' he gasped eventually.

'I didn't hear a question.'

'Yes you did. Don't play games with me, Gina.' He took hold of a handful of her hair and twisted it, pulling it taut. 'Tell me.'

'OK, OK, just let go.' A final tug and he released her hair. 'No, you've been drinking your own cum, there was none of his up there. Happy now?'

He didn't need to answer. She could tell that it mattered to him. She had told him what he wanted to hear, what he needed to hear.
Tracey was scared. She had no one but herself to blame for getting trapped like this. For someone who was usually so savvy, this was a bad mistake.

She backed against the wall as the two brothers advanced towards her, one on each side.

'Me?' she protested, trying to sound as innocent as she could. 'Me? Gina was the one who played for both for fools and Jenny took you, Grant, like a pro.'

Grant pressed himself against her. 'Don't come the innocent with me. You knew what was happening all along and the only way you could know is if you were manipulating the situation.'

Tracey met Grant's stare and felt his dick pressing against her belly.

'And just how, pray, would I know what was happening? Are you saying Gina was briefing me about your failures in the bedroom?'

Grant's hand was on her throat in an instant, squeezing.

'Is this how you behave with women?' Tracey croaked. 'Are you trying to show your brother that you are a real man after all?'

Grant seemed surprised that she mentioned Dylan.

'Get out, Dylan,' he spat, 'this is between me and Tracey.'

Tracey was hoping that Dylan would leave. That would even up the odds and a sharp knee in the right spot would soon put Grant in his place. But Dylan was not going to be ordered about.

'Like fuck am I leaving, bro, this is my house and I'll decide who stays and goes.'

The brothers glared at each other and Tracey took her chance to get a firm grip on Grant's tackle. His hand on her throat relaxed instantly. Tracey's did not.

'He doesn't want you watching, Dylan, because he's worried you'll see him fail. It's becoming a bit of a habit lately.'

Grant was too busy trying to dislodge Tracey's hand to join in the conversation.

'In fact,' Tracey went on, 'if anyone is going to teach me a lesson, you are probably the one to do it.'

Dylan beamed and laughed in his brother's face.

'Please, Tracey, please, just stop, please.' Grant's knees were buckling. 'I'm sorry, OK? I shouldn't have threatened you like that. Just please, let go of my nuts.'

Tracey relaxed the pressure, but did not release him.

'And next time you want to suffocate me, make sure you ask me first. Understood?' A sharp squeeze of her hand brought instant agreement from Grant. Tracey released her grip and he staggered back to sink onto the stairs.

Dylan couldn't conceal his amusement.

'If there's anything you need, Tracey, I'll be happy to oblige – with your permission of course,' he added quickly. 'It looks like Grant wouldn't be performing for a while.'

'Sure,' Tracey's smile would have frozen the Sahara, 'the first thing you can do for me is to wipe that grin off your face. Unless you want a taste of what your brother just had.'

With that, she turned away, leaving the brothers watching her ass swaying as she strutted out of the house.

Dylan stared down at his brother, who was cradling his crotch and moaning quietly. For the first time in his life, he felt sorry for him.

'Shit, bro, that was way of order, treating you like that.'

Grant's only response was to double over as a spasm of pain cut into his belly.

'Can I get you anything, bro, some ice maybe?'

Grant shook his head.

Dylan waited for Grant to straighten up again.

'That was so hot, seeing you get her by the throat like that. Does that make you, you know, does that excite you doing that?'

But Grant was still not ready for conversation. Dylan squatted down beside him and waited. 'I've been thinking,' he said at last.

'Really?' Grant tried to grin, but it came out more like a grimace.

'Yeah, how does she know all this stuff, Tracey I mean, Jenny might have told her things, but Gina didn't surely.'

Grant turned and stared at his brother.

'And how did she know where to find you or me for that matter?'

'She must have followed me,' was Grant's first full sentence since Tracey had grabbed his balls.

'But how would she know where to find you to begin with. You were at Gina's any longer.'

'She must have a tracker on my car,' Grant tried to stand upright, almost made it, but then sank back onto the stairs.

'And a bug, what about that, she could have bugged your house, Gina's I mean, she could have been listening in to everything you guys said.'

'And did,' Grant added thoughtfully.

'Or couldn't do,' Dylan thought, but decided not to say it. Instead, he offered to check Grant's car for a tracker.
Nearside rear wheel arch. Classic. The easiest place to fix a tracker without attracting attention. Dylan slipped it into his pocket. He could lead Tracey a merry dance with this.

'Did you find one?' Grant was still nursing his sore balls. Dylan shook his head. 'No, she must have just followed you.' He could lead Tracey a merry dance now, once he had got rid of his brother.

'You need to rest, bro, why not go back to the motel and have a sleep, you'll feel better when you wake up.'

Grant nodded. He didn't want his brother to see him like this. He hobbled to his car and drove away. As soon as he was out of sight, Dylan set off on a long drive to a quiet spot in the country, where he could have some fun with Tracey.

When Grant walked into his bedroom at the motel, he found Tracey stretched out on the bed, now dressed in a micro skirt and tank top.

'What the hell?'

Tracey grinned. 'It just took a flash of my tits to get a copy of your key,' she smiled winningly. I think the clerk thought I was an escort.'

Grant smiled back. He could see why the clerk might have thought that, but he kept well out of reach. The dull ache between his legs reminded him that she could be dangerous up close.

She smiled again and raised her knee, exposing more thigh. Grant tried to stop his eyes drifting down to her crotch, but failed.

Another smile and she shifted her position, her legs now slightly apart. Grant's eyes dropped again and stayed this time at the sight of a thatch of dark hair.

She opened her legs wider as he gazed.

'You want some of this, Grant?'

He did, oh yes, he definitely did.

'Because if you do, you're going to have to come and get it.'

He hesitated, remembering how her hand had squeezed his nuts until it felt like she was going to crack them.

'Even a guy as big as you can't fuck me from over there.'

'How do you know I'm big?' He was playing for time.

'Women talk, Grant, you should know that. Anyway, the way you walk and hold yourself gives you away.'

She sat up and peeled off her tank top. Then dropped back onto the pillow.

'Are you afraid that I'll crush your bollocks again?' She laughed, a rich coarse laugh that made his cock twitch. 'Why would I want to do that when it would spoil our fun, spoil my fun?'

That sounded reasonable, but there was always the malicious pleasure of spite. He couldn't shake off the memory. But nor could he shake off the memory of how it had felt to hold her my the throat.

She sat up again. Her face serious. 'Grant, I am very particular about the men I allow inside me. Which is why there haven't been many. I can manage without them. So if I'm putting myself out, as I am at the moment, it is because at the moment you are worth the effort. If I had wanted a quick shag, I'd be with your brother now. But I'm not, I'm here. He is second best to you, always has been and always will be, and he knows, which is why he's enjoying himself at your expense. This is your last chance – either strip off and join me, or I'll be on my way.'
Dylan was waiting. He had driven far out in the countryside, to the edge of a park. He often brought girls here. It was a popular spot, but with plenty of quiet places to ensure he wouldn't be disturbed. He'd driven slowly, giving her time to keep up with him. But he had been here now for over half an hour and she had not pulled in. Was she watching him from a distance, teasing him, letting the tension build so that their coupling would be more explosive – he was sure it would be explosive. She couldn't have got lost, surely. And she had been interested, definitely, no doubt about that, that was obvious from the way she had looked at him, like she wanted to eat him. Not the way she had looked at Grant, that had just been contempt. So where the hell was she?

At the moment that thought was in his mind, Tracey was on her knees in front of Grant, licking his balls and slowly sucking each one in turn, taking it into her mouth, chewing it, nibbling with her teeth. All the time, her eyes were watching him. She could feel his tension, unsure still of whether he could trust her. He wanted to take control, that was obvious, because that was his character. And she would let him, but not yet. She liked the taste of scrotum with its mix of salt and sweat and cum and piss. His dick was still only at half mast, so she sucked it into her mouth, feeling it lengthen and push at the back of her throat.

Which was when she pulled away. Still on her knees, she sat back on her heels and licked her lips.

'Now do you know you can trust me? I didn't bite your balls, or make you cum, although I could have done either of those easily enough. Why don't you let rip, like you want to?'

Grant pulled her to her feet and pushed her back onto the bed. He knelt between her thighs and looked down on, rubbing the underside of cock through her forest of pubes.

'You sure you're ready for this. Have you ever had one this large before?'

'Size doesn't matter, Grant.'

'So, you've never had one this big before. You wouldn't say that if you had.'

'Do your worst, Grant.' Her eyes were challenging him, like her tone. She was taking a risk, but that's what made life worthwhile for her.

'Didn't Jenny tell you what she said the first time I took her?'

'Of course she did. She told me everything you guys did to each other.'

'Well don't say I didn't warn you.' He shifted position until the tip of his cock was pressing through her damp pubes and then pushed, forcing her open, stretching her wide, sinking deep until his balls were bouncing against her buttocks.

She lay still, her face expressionless.

Her body barely moved as Grant crashed into her, again and again.
Five minutes, ten minutes. Grant wasn't counting them and he couldn't see a clock. He was judging the passing of time by the strain on his back and the ache in his thighs as he pounded her, varying the speed, altering the power, watching Tracey for any sign of pleasure.

But she showed little reaction. Occasionally, she adjusted her position. Once or twice, she let out a small sigh. He thought he detected a small smile, like she was laughing at him, but he couldn't be sure.

Eventually, she stretched and put her arms behind her head.

'Take a break if you want, Grant. Guys often feel the need. Nothing to be embarrassed about.'

He took the chance while it was on offer. He was being tested, he knew that, compared as well, but he sensed it was better to play along with whatever game was going on than to take control.

'Like I told you, Grant, size isn't everything. I've had guys as big as you, and it's good, don't get me wrong, but I'm not going to swoon like Jenny or finger my ass like Gina.'

How did she know these things? Jenny could have told perhaps, but not Gina, those two had never met, so how could she know intimate details like that? Did she expect him to deny it?

He could have asked her how she knew, but he sensed that this was all part of a plan.

He decided to ask a question, if only to give him more time to get his breath back. He was still whacked.

'Do you like being choked?' She'd said he wasn't to do it without permission, meaning she would allow it.

'By the right man, at the right time, with my permission.'

Grant put his hand on her throat, just resting it there at first, then tightening his grip, slightly.

He began to pump again, taking his time, long and slow.

'Have you done this before?'

'Sure,' Grant grinned, 'a few times, yeah,' he added.

'With Gina or Jenny?'

Time to play her game back on her.

'I'm sure you know already.'

She smiled and closed her eyes.

He tightened his fingers slightly and changed into second gear. He rested his other hand on her tit and dug in his nails. Tracey made no attempt to pull it off.

It was when he changed up to third that she moved, pulling his hand off her throat and squirming up the bed to free her from him.

'Shit, we'll be all night at this rate. Let me show you.'
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